Mercury One Facilitates Rescue of Two More ISIS Sex Slaves: Here’s How You Can Get Involved

On his radio program Monday, Glenn announced his nonprofit, Mercury One, successfully funded the rescue of two young women in the Middle East over the weekend. Both women were in their twenties.

Glenn said he couldn’t get into details of the rescue missions yet, but hopes to soon.

“We are hopefully going to announce something I think this week, perhaps at the M1 Ball,” Glenn said. “A new partnership. and a very aggressive goal for saving these Christians in the Middle East. And I think we’re running out of time. In fact, I know we are.”


With the addition of these last two rescues, Mercury One has now successfully funded a total of 93 captive ISIS sex slaves, Glenn said, calling it a remarkable achievement made possible by the donations of his giving audience.

“I believe you will be remembered in the book of life for what you have done,” he said. “Seven thousand people now have been moved out of the area. Christians that were marked for death, they have been moved out of the region now into other countries. No other organization has done that, that I know of. That’s more than some countries have done. This audience alone has done that. And we are really grateful.”

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There are opportunities to rescue more slaves, but Mercury One relies on donor support to continue its mission.

“As soon as I get the green light, we are going to take on ISIS and the slave trade in remarkable, literally miraculous ways,” Glenn said. “But we need your help. So every year, we do something that is called the M1 Ball.”

The purpose of the M1 Ball is to keep the lights on at the nonprofit and to ensure Mercury One can devote 100 percent of funds raised for specific projects (such as the Nazarene Fund) to fully support those projects.

Glenn said there are still a few seats left for those who would like to attend the event, which will take place in Dallas, Texas on November 18, 2017.

“We’re going to be there. Aaron Watson is going to be performing live. Chuck Norris is going to be there. We would love to have you in attendance,” Glenn said.

For those unable to attend, there are several ways to get involved.

1. Buy a raffle ticket.

Mercury One is raffling a brand-new GMC truck. Raffle tickets are $100 each. You don’t need to be present to win. Buy tickets here.

2. Buy or bid on auction items.

Mercury One is holding an auction with dozens of prizes you can bid on or buy outright. Popular prizes include an AR gun, Glenn Beck original artwork, a round-trip Dancing With the Stars experience, a Liberty Safe, autographed book sets and more. You don’t have to be present to participate. Buy or bid here.

3. Join the armadillo races.

Mercury One will hold a tournament at the M1 Ball, where Glenn, Pat, Stu, Jeffy, Doc and Brad will compete in a series of armadillo races. You can donate to Mercury One to support your favorite contestant. Jeffy is currently in the lead. Find out more here.

Join us for the M1 Ball. Visit for more information.