Did you grab the $375 Antifa-inspired jacket while Barneys was selling it? If not, you won’t be protesting in the trendiest gear.

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A company called Alpha Industries released an “Antifa-influenced M-65 Anarchy Cotton-Blend Field Jacket” that was being sold on the Barneys website. (The page now says it’s “currently unavailable.”)

Glenn and Stu talked about this hilarious fashion story on today’s show, reading some of the messages written on the jacket.

“I like this one because it’s so in touch with the kids today: ‘Drop acid, not bombs,’” Glenn said.

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GLENN: Welcome to the program. We’re so glad that you’re here.

There’s — there’s some amazing stuff going on. We’re doing — we’re doing a special this week on TheBlaze.com.

My TV show at 5 o’clock a four-part series on Antifa and what — what Antifa really is. What are they really for? What’s their history. We’ve dug into it and had our researchers put together a chalkboard on Antifa. And it is really quite stunning. And we’ve tried to make it so your kids or, you know, college students are going to be able to listen to that and say, “Okay. Well, he’s not just rejecting it out of hand.” And I’m trying to approach this so you can share it with somebody, who is kind of falling for it, and trying to present the message to them so it will help you out. So you will be able to learn something and you will be able to share it we friend or a loved one that might be going in the wrong direction. The history of Antifa coming up.

We have to — do we have time? Now, we have to share this jacket. I think we have time now. This thing is unbelievable. This — this is a new designer jacket. And it is for the Antifa and anarchist movement. It is a — you know, it’s an army jacket, if you will. And the designer took a sharpie and wrote all kinds of things on them. For instance, on one pocket, it says no borders. And protect what you love. The other side, it says, they’ve tried to burn us. They didn’t know where we were seeds. It says revolution, off to the side.

I like this one because it’s so in touch with the kids today: Drop acid, not bombs.

Oh, my gosh. On the other sleeve, if you look on the other sleeve, it says, a bombing for peace is like (bleep) for virginity. But my favorite is underneath that sleeve, that same sleeve, could you read that for me, Stu? This is — if this doesn’t say everything.

STU: It says, I am valuable.

STU: I am powerful.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: I am deserving.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

Okay. So now here’s the —

STU: This too, did you notice on the back of the collar? It just says New World Order.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

So here’s the thing about this jacket: This jacket is sold at Barney’s for $400 in New York. So they’re selling an Antifa anarchist jacket for $400. What? So you can — you can throw a mazel tov cocktail in the Barney’s window on the way out?