Glenn Isn’t Going Away From Radio Anytime Soon

Some of Glenn’s long-time listeners have recently been making the comment, “Glenn, you don’t seem happy.”

And they’re right. Glenn confirmed this on his radio program Wednesday when he admitted the past several years have been difficult “for a myriad of reasons,” but he’s not throwing in the towel yet.

“Some things have happened in my personal life have made getting up every morning and do this really difficult. And my perspective has changed. And I’m not a businessman,” Glenn said. “And I have been struggling for a very long time with trying to have a vision of something and then having other people execute it.”

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About eight months ago, Glenn said he really began learning his own business and discovering where changes needed to be made. Over the summer, he began implementing these changes, which affected programming in subtle but significant ways.

Then, while on vacation, Glenn said he spent time talking with his family about what’s most important.

“I had some people that wanted to buy everything and my contract was coming to an end for radio,” Glenn said. “My contract ends on January 1st. And I hadn’t renewed my contract.”

So, he made a list of everything he wanted to do and didn’t want to do and what was important to him, Glenn explained.

“I had to decide that week whether I was going to retire and go to the woods or if I was going to really make changes in my life in a myriad of areas. Today, I can announce a press release was just sent out.”

The press release describes a renewed and extended agreement between Premiere Networks and Mercury Radio Arts to syndicate The Glenn Beck Program.

Premiere Networks and Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multimedia production company, announced today a renewed and extended agreement to syndicate The Glenn Beck Program, one of America’s leading talk radio programs. Featuring Beck’s unique blend of modern-day storytelling and insightful views on current events, The Glenn Beck Program celebrates its 15-year anniversary in national syndication this year and its audience of millions continues to grow across radio, digital and podcasting platforms.  The program has experienced year-over-year audience gains in markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Columbus, Norfolk and Memphis.

“I’ve just signed another five-year contract to do this radio program,” Glenn said. “And I made a commitment to myself in September that I was only going to do the things that I am good at and that my company is only going to do the things that we’re good at.”

Read the press release in its entirety here.