The Duke: Forget the News for a Few Minutes, Here’s 90 Seconds of Pure Awesomeness

Need a break from the news? This 90-second video is for you (especially if you’re a guy who’s feeling his testosterone levels drop as you’re being drug from mall to mall for your Christmas shopping).

Rtech Fabrications in Idaho takes old trucks apart and inject them with steroids and mini-monsters emerge. Take the Duke for example: it started as a 1972 Chevy K50 crew cab and ended up a complete work of art.

Take a few minutes to browse the other custom rides on the Rtech Fabrications website and tell us about your favorites in the comments section below. You can listen to Glenn’s interview with Randall Robertson, the owner of Rtech Fabrications at the top of the post and hear what the hefty price tag is for the Duke.

Oh, and you’re welcome.