Was the force strong with The Last Jedi? Critics say yes, but fans seem to be sharply divided on the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise.

On Tuesday’s show, Pat and Jeffy talked about The Last Jedi and other standout movies in 2017. Pat pointed out that The Last Jedi has a surprising Rotten Tomatoes score that splits movie reviewers and fans. Critics score the movie as 91 percent “fresh,” but the audience score is just 50 percent.

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Fans and critics were much more united for The Force Awakens, which was rated 93 percent fresh by reviewers and enjoyed by 88 percent of its audience.

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PAT: I actually liked this one. My family mostly did not.

JEFFY: Oh, really. Wow.

PAT: Yeah. Most people in mean family was like, yeah, that was terrible. But I came out of it, and I loved it.

JEFFY: Most of the Star Wars people that we ran into, liked it. And I know you’re a Star Wars guy.

PAT: Yeah. I will say this, loved Star Wars. Always have. This one is actually interesting. If you look at Rotten Tomatoes, it got huge — great reviews from critics. Ninety percent of critics gave it thumbs up, whereas the audience is only about — I think it was 52 or 54 percent. Which is really low, especially for Star Wars.

JEFFY: Yeah.

PAT: And it’s the opposite of what a Star Wars movie usually is.

JEFFY: But what’s good about the Star Wars movie is it hasn’t made any money at all.

PAT: $517 million domestically. It’s over a billion worldwide.

JEFFY: Yeah. Unbelievable.

PAT: It was number one over the weekend. And I think for the four days, it brought in 68 million, which is pretty good in week three. But it’s on a slower pace than the Force Awakens by quite a bit. At this point, the Force Awakens was at 750 million. This one is at 517 or 530, or something like that.

JEFFY: Oh, wow.

PAT: Yeah. So it’s lagging behind. But still, I mean, it’s still huge.

JEFFY: No kidding. But it’s lagging behind probably because more people feel like your family. They’re not going back again.

PAT: I think so. And there are some problems with it. And I won’t explain my problem with it, in case you haven’t seen it. Because it would give away some things. And I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it.

JEFFY: No go ahead.

PAT: But I liked it the best since Return of the Jedi.

JEFFY: That was a long time. Wow.

PAT: Yeah. So that was number one. Jumanji was number two, the reboot with The Rock.

JEFFY: That guy cannot do wrong, man.

PAT: He really can’t. Pitch Perfect was number three. Greatest Showman. And then Ferdinand.

JEFFY: I have to see the Showman. I really want to see that. I was told that was really good.

PAT: Really? Isn’t that about Barnum?