Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sustained six broken ribs last year after allegedly being assaulted by his neighbor in a bizarre attack.

Rene Boucher, the neighbor accused of attacking Paul on his own front lawn last November, has agreed to plead guilty. Federal prosecutors are pursuing a sentence of 21 months of jail time.

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Details about the alarming incident have been slowly trickling out, and Kentucky authorities on Monday released audio of Paul’s 911 call after the attack. Listen to the clip (embedded above) to hear the call along with Glenn’s comments on the story.

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GLENN: So the 911 call that Rand Paul made after he was attacked has finally been released. At least a portion of it. And I want you to hear because there’s two things that stick out to me that are missing in this call.

Here it is.

VOICE: 911, what is your emergency?

RAND: I was assaulted by my neighbor. And I just — it’s not life-or-death thing, but I’d like to have a police car come by.

VOICE: Okay. Where are you?

Okay. Let me put you through the state police. Stay on the line. Okay?

RAND: All right. You’re going to send somebody?

VOICE: I got to put you through the state police. Stay on the line, okay?

RAND: All right.

VOICE: 911, what is your emergency?

RAND: I was assaulted by a neighbor. And I’d like the police to come and investigate and talk to the neighbor.

VOICE: Okay. Where did the assault happen at?

RAND: In my yard, while I was mowing the grass.

VOICE: What’s your name, sir?

RAND: Rand. Randall Paul.

GLENN: Okay. Here are two things that are missing. One, I don’t know how the guy is standing. I would be calling for the police. But I would also be, can you also send an ambulance? He has six broken ribs. He was severely hurt, and he’s not calling for an ambulance.

Knowing Rand Paul, he just got into the car and his wife or maybe he even drove himself.

The other thing that is missing, which I think is really telling in a good way, what else is missing from there? Did you notice? One word.


STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Never did he say, I’m a US senator.

STU: Don’t you know who I am? None of that.

GLENN: Yes. There was no — I’m an average person, I was mowing my lawn. My neighbor attacked me. What’s your name? Randall Paul. Not, you may know me as Senator Rand Paul or anything. Just a regular citizen.

STU: And he certainly doesn’t try to play up the drama of the situation. He said, that’s not a life-or-death thing. I just want a police officer to come by.

GLENN: Nope. He’s got six broken ribs. It’s not a life or death thing. You hear my — I would be ashamed if I was in that situation.

STU: Please come and help me.

GLENN: Okay. I mean, that’s not — that’s —

STU: I’m hurt. I have a boo-boo! I have a boo-boo!