What happened?

S.E. Cupp and Angela Rye clashed during a discussion on CNN after host Brooke Baldwin asked if they agreed with President Donald Trump’s proposed measures for increased gun control.

Baldwin listed possible changes to gun laws, including raising the minimum age to purchase an AR-15 and banning bump stocks, devices that allow a semi-automatic gun to operate like an automatic one.

What did Cupp and Rye say?

Cupp agreed with Trump’s proposed measures, saying, “There are lots of things that law-abiding gun owners want to consider.”

“How many people have to die before we truly do something?” Rye objected. “These little piecemeal solutions won’t work. That means there are going to be gaping holes in the policy.”

Rye claimed that “tangible things” can be done to stop gun violence. When Cupp asked why Democrats didn’t pass this “tangible” solution when they held the White House, the House and the Senate, Rye pointed the finger at the NRA.

“I can tell you why,” she said. “Three letters. NRA. Far too much control.”

Glenn’s take:

On today’s show, Glenn and Stu listened to this clip and talked about what the National Rifle Association truly represents: everyday Americans who make up its membership. The NRA doesn’t get any votes and can’t directly affect legislation, but it does provide a voice for responsible gun owners.

“It’s not the NRA’s money,” Glenn said. “It is the NRA’s membership, people who own guns, who are law-abiding citizens, who take gun safety more seriously than anyone on television.”

Listen to the podcast above to hear more.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.