Yossi Gallo of Myrtle Beach, SC experienced the harsh reality of the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” at a local McDonald’s.

Gallo saw a homeless man who was later identified as James Davis, and offered to buy him a meal, but McDonald’s took a page from Burger King’s old jingle and wanted to have it their way instead. The employees of McDonald’s asked Davis to leave and not come back. That just didn’t sit well with Gallo.

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As a police officer and a McDonald’s manager tried to get the homeless man to leave, Gallo took a stand in defense of his new friend and filmed the entire exchange:

Here’s the transcript:

Gallo: He didn’t even ask me for food, I brought him from outside. You guys suck for giving a trespass.

Cop: I didn’t do anything.

Gallo: Yes you did, you suck.

Manager: Sir, Calm your voice.

Gallo: This is how I talk I talk loud if the officer has a problem with that, the officer’s going to arrest me.

Manager: Sir, you’re being disorderly.

Gallo: I’m not being disorderly. The guy he didn’t ask me for food. I saw him across the street and I brought him over here and I bought him food.

Cop: OK, we’re here because apparently he’s asked multiple people OK multiple people have complained so it’s not just you. If management has asked you to quiet down. Quiet down.

Manager: I don’t even know what’s going on here but you’re yelling.

Gallo: What’s going on is you suck. I brought him over as soon I saw him, nah nah he’s not getting food, I paid for his food he’s getting food.

Manager: Sir calm down. I understand your compassion for others I do but you do not have the right to talk that way.

Here’s what the owner of the fast-food franchise had to say:

At my restaurant, the goal is to provide our customers with a positive and welcoming experience each time they visit. Unfortunately, the individual in this video has a history of disruptive behavior and has been asked to leave by management and police on several occasions.

“Sometimes I hate the world,” Gallo said to the local ABC 11 station.

Surely Gallo isn’t alone on this one. If we forget how to have compassion, we’ll quickly lose our humanity as a society.

We can make a difference by helping those around us, no matter who stands in our way.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images