Wherever the blame is to be placed, whether on politicians, the media, social media or anything else, most Americans can agree the partisan divide is killing us. So what do we do about it? Justine Lee and Tria Chang are co-creators of Make America Dinner Again, and they have a novel idea at tackling this issue.

As Hillary Clinton voters from the San Fransisco Bay Area, Justine and Tria were shocked after Donald Trump’s surprising win, and they couldn’t understand exactly what had happened. They didn’t even know any Trump voters, let alone understand them, so they set out to try and bridge the divide.

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They launched Make America Dinner Again to bring voters from both sides of the aisle together in small groups of 8 for dinner parties where they could talk about the issues. It’s easy to hide behind a keyboard and spew hate, but face to face, people make amazing connections that surprise even themselves.

The success of these dinner parties has become contagious and is spreading out of the Bay Area and all across the country.

Watch their video below and see how two people are attempting to start conversations and enjoy good food and start to heal the partisan divide.

Interested in getting involved or hosting a dinner of your own? Download the guide PDF or visit MakeAmericaDinnerAgain.com to learn more.