What do you do when you’ve run out of believable excuses? It’s easy. Blame the Jews!

That’s what Vladimir Putin did on Saturday in a bizarre interview with Megyn Kelly. When answering a question regarding who was responsible for interfering in the US election, Putin stated:

Maybe they’re not even Russians. Maybe they’re Ukrainian, Tatars, Jews — just with Russian citizenship.

For a man trained in subterfuge by the KGB, Putin’s remarks were surprisingly open. Notice who he groups as non-Russian, but living within his borders.

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  1. Ukrainians, which makes sense due to the current conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine.
  2. Tatars, who are the country’s second-largest ethnic group, BUT have a long, complicated history with the Russian government. Many Russians blame the Tartars for the Mongol invasions in the 13th century. It’s considered the darkest time in their history.
  3. Jews.

Okay, so Putin assigned blame to a modern-day scapegoat — Ukraine — and to a historical Russian enemy —the Tatars.

So why did he add Jews to the list?

The truth is, Russians have been using Jews as the ultimate scapegoat for over a century.

Before Hitler was writing Mein Kampf, an unknown Russian, or group of Russians, wrote “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Written in 1903, its contents claim to document a meeting between Jewish leaders discussing their plans to take over the world.

How? Tell me if this sounds familiar… By controlling the world’s economies and controlling the press. The book was proven to be a complete fabrication and a lie, but that hasn’t stopped its propaganda being preached all over the world for over 100 years. Everyone from the alt-right to Louis Farrakhan still makes the same accusations and arguments pulled straight out of this ridiculous, debunked book.

“We’re being manipulated by hate.”

I mentioned before that Putin’s statement was surprising, not because he showed antisemitism, but because he seemed to reveal it by mistake. Putin was trained by the KGB.

He knew exactly what he was doing. He never says things to the media without purpose. Everything Russia is doing right now, whether it’s with the far-right in Europe, the alt-right here in the US or with his own people in his own country, everything revolves around the same tactic… focusing rage. In the EU, it’s all about taking advantage of the immigrant crisis and stoking hatred.

Here at home, they’re doing the same thing to us through immigration and racial tension. In Russia, it’s all about blaming current and historical enemies and — of course — the age-old “Jewish question.”

The last time antisemitism came out of Russia, a man named Adolf Hitler rose up channeling rage the likes of which the world had never seen before. The world is being primed — RIGHT NOW — in a very similar way.

We’re being manipulated by hate. Putin’s comments reveal the Russian playbook.

The entire world needs to rise up to stop it.