One thousand.

That’s how many children’s lives have been destroyed by a sex slavery ring in the UK.

Reports are surfacing now that this pedophile ring operated with little confrontation for 10 years, despite the police being aware of the situation.

The police knew. The community knew. And yet little was done.

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In police reports, it’s clear that the community treated these children like prostitutes, rather than helpless victims.

11, 14, and 15-year-old girls were labeled “prostitutes” by their own community. These aren’t prostitutes. These are children who were drugged, beaten and raped multiple times a day.

Why was this horrible epidemic allowed to claim so many victims?


The police were afraid they would be called racists for going after abusers of Asian descent.

A British paper, the Sunday Mirror, spoke with a dozen victims who named more than 70 abusers.

One victim explained that the police tried to prevent her from discovering why her abuser was not jailed because they feared she would share her story with the press.

Well, the world knows now.

Not to stop this pervasive evil because someone is afraid of being labeled “racist” is evil itself.

“Not to speak is to speak.”

That’s the thing about evil. It comes in every shape, size and color.

We must be brave and call evil out wherever we see it, without thinking twice about what the consequences are.

Not to speak is to speak.

This week, remember to be courageous and make your voice heard.

Jack Taylor/Getty Images