Arrrgh… #ShiverMeToombers!

Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride is getting the feminist makeover no one was clamoring for.

You know the scene on the ride where the animatronic females are being auctioned off as brides to some male pirates? And there’s a voluptuous red-haired lady who seems unenthused about getting married? Disney says that sent a very “sexist” message, so it’s going away.

Instead, the scene will be altered to depict the red-haired lady leading a group of female pirates in looting a town. I guess looting takes the moral high ground in pirate culture.

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One Disney fan said, “It’s uncomfortable even for me to see women being sold into bondage and human trafficking. I can’t even imagine what little girls think about this.”

I’m pretty sure little girls have never thought much about it at all, since it is make-believe. They’re animatronic pirates. And it’s a ride at a theme park. Oh, and the ride’s only been open for 51 years.

Disney first announced this change last summer at a fan convention, and the audience started booing. That didn’t seem to matter, because the company is shutting down the ride for the next two months while they make the alterations.

“They could’ve saved themselves the expense.”

I’m glad Disney executives will finally be able to sleep at night after making this change. But if they had actually asked their paying customers, I bet they could’ve saved themselves the expense.

It may be time for Disney to take a hard look at some of their other attractions too. Dumbo the Flying Elephant? Animal cruelty. Tarzan’s Treehouse? Objectification of males — he scampers around in nothing but his underpants.

While they’re at it, they’re going to edit out all the scenes where women are harassed and objectified in the five Pirates of the Caribbean movies, right?

What about Beauty and the Beast? That whole movie is about a female held hostage by a verbally abusive male. Or how ‘bout the child neglect and endangerment in Peter Pan?

Disney can obviously do what it wants with its own business. But there’s such a 1950s-communist-witch-hunt-vibe in our current culture to “morally” sanitize things — but only certain things that the Left approves.

As for a true culprit in the objectification and abuse of women, something like, say, the porn industry? Totally fine — leave that alone.

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