At this rate, we will soon have a Constitutional amendment with “inclusion riders.”

There is an ugly, hypocritical side to this prolonged cultural moment America is having regarding issues of gender and race. That is, a growing hostility to a specific group of people, even as inclusion for every other group is preached.

It’s becoming so absurd that even a nerdy conference for history professors at Stanford is attacked as being “too white and too male.”

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Last week, a female history professor at Howard University tweeted screenshots of several of the speakers at the conference and wrote: “ALL-MALE HISTORY CONFERENCE. This goes for the GUINNESS BOOK of the century! A team of 30 white male historians will discuss Applied History at Stanford. What a shame.”

She does not mean it’s a shame that they’re getting together to discuss history. She thinks it’s a shame that this group of 30 are white men. She repeated this sentiment over several days, calling the gathering “shameful” — as if it was a KKK history conference.

Other female professor critics agreed until finally, the brow-beating affected the conference director, Niall Ferguson. He apologized, saying they discussed the diversity issue ahead of time and had invited several women who were unable to attend. He added that they “must redouble our efforts to represent diverse viewpoints in future conferences.” As if 30 men, regardless of race, don’t have diverse viewpoints. That only reinforces the stereotypes being lobbed at the conference by critics.

“Are we really so bored and self-absorbed, that we now must find white privilege villainy in every nook and cranny of culture?”

Yet, in the current cultural climate, Ferguson had to say something like that for self-preservation. Are we really so bored and self-absorbed, that we now must find white privilege villainy in every nook and cranny of culture?

Diversity is not a virtue, it’s just a naturally occurring reality of life on earth. But progressives have done a masterful job of turning diversity into their highest virtue. And now that they’ve achieved that, they’re working overtime to make diversity a demand placed on every American without regard for your individual beliefs.

This diversity policing by citizen cops on social media is a real danger to a free society. Of all people, you would think smart professors would recognize such a threat.