The Blue Dog Democrats have become a rare species, and anti-abortion rights are at the heart of the issue.

In 1978, there were 125 anti-abortion Democrats in the House of Representatives. By 1996, that number had dropped significantly to 70. Then again in 2007, when it was 32. As of yesterday, it was three, nearly two, if not for Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski’s narrow victory.

Rep. Lipinski co-chairs the Blue Dog Coalition.

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Many people assumed Lipinski, the last of a dying breed of conservative Democrats, couldn’t make it this far.

In part, because he stands by his beliefs. He voted against Obamacare, the only Illinois Democrat to do so, and has supported over 50 bills that target Planned Parenthood. He was one of only six Democratic Representatives to vote in 2013 on abortion after 20 weeks.

“In an era of hysteria and polarization, politicians like Rep. Lipinski are needed.”

As such, Lipinkski has been a target of various progressive groups: Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, EMILY’s List, the Human Rights Campaign, and the SEIU.

In an era of hysteria and polarization, politicians like Rep. Lipinski are needed.

The Democrat who won the Primary was all but promised a seat in the house — their Republican counterpart is a white supremacist Neo-Nazi holocaust denier who’d been disavowed by his own party.

All it takes for the Democrats to do the same, it would appear — to elicit the disfavor of their own party — is have slightly conservative values.

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