The Left dreams of a world without the Second Amendment, but I wonder if any of them have actually stopped to consider what that might really look like.

It just so happens we don’t need a crystal ball or Doc Brown’s Delorean to get a glimpse of what this post-Second Amendment, progressive utopia would look like. All you have to do is look at how our cousins are doing across the Atlantic.

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If you find yourself somewhere in London anytime soon, flip on the TV. You might see a public service announcement discussing the dangerous rise of teen knife attacks. The government has launched a $1.6 million ad campaign in a Hail Mary to try and stop 10 to 21-year-olds from stabbing each other.

Knife attacks are out of control in England. The murder rate in London is now higher than that of New York City. When describing knife attacks and violent crime, British officials are using the words “virus” and “epidemic” to describe what they’re seeing.

“While the number of firearms continues to rise in the United States, violent crime is going down.”

But the differences between London and New York tell only a small fraction of this story. While the number of firearms continues to rise in the United States, violent crime is going down. Overall, violent crime is down nearly 1 percent. Rape is down over 2 percent, robbery is down over 2 percent.

Aggravated assault, property crime, burglary, theft and even arson are all down multiple percentage points. The Left wants to take our firearms away, even though crime and violent crime is on an escalator heading downwards.

Now, let’s look at England and Wales. Our cousins outlawed guns back in the late 90s following a school shooting and cries to “DO SOMETHING!” Violent crime and sex offenses are now hitting catastrophic levels. Want to know the increases from just the past year alone? Robbery is up 29 percent. Sex offenses are up 23 percent. Knife attacks and violent crime are up over 21 percent.

Guns are banned in the UK, but that didn’t stop nearly 7,000 crimes from being committed last year with a firearm. One thing is certain — guns are harder to find — but that’s not stopping bad guys from committing violent crimes in record numbers. Last year, over 37,000 crimes involving knives took place in just England and Wales alone.

“If you ban guns, crime increases.”

It makes you wonder, is Piers Morgan lighting up the airwaves calling for a ban on assault knives all across the UK? Is everyone blaming the knives for the rise in crime or are they blaming the people wielding the knives? You can bet one thing for sure… You won’t hear a single progressive or anti-Second Amendment crusader make this point: If you ban guns, crime increases.

The wolves are the only ones that benefit. Thankfully we live in a country of sheepdogs.