George Washington would be so proud.

The George Washington University, in our nation’s capital, has been molding minds for almost two centuries. It is one of the most prestigious and highest-ranked institutions in America. But every student who has graced the hallowed halls of GWU has come away with a deficiency in their expensive education. Until now.

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Finally, one brave professor at GWU is stepping up to do something about this deficiency. He’s tackling one of the most troubling problems of our time. He’s leading a life-changing seminar on “Christian Privilege” in America.

Finally, someone said it. This has been the non-GOP elephant in the room since America’s founding — that Christians get all the privileges. The Founders set it up that way in the Constitution, you know. It’s in the Bill of Rights. Look it up.

“White privilege was so five minutes ago. Now it’s Christian privilege that keeps everyone down.”

White privilege was so five minutes ago. Now it’s Christian Privilege that keeps everyone down. Actually, white privilege is still a thing, because it’s also mentioned under the seminar’s “Learning Objectives.” But I guess white privilege kind of goes hand in hand with Christian privilege. Tomato, tom-ah-to.

Professor Timothy Kane plans to explore “how Christians in the USA experience life in an easier way than non-Christians.” I’m sure he will include a full analysis of the way Christians in Sutherland Springs, Texas have experienced life in an easier way since last November.

In his seminar description, Professor Kane asks: “Even with the separation of Church and State, are there places where Christians have built-in advantages over non-Christians?”

Of course there are — magical places like California. I assume he’ll discuss the special Christian privilege of the California café owners who get to play their Christian music whenever they want to in their privately-owned business. No, hold on, I think I got that backward.

They actually don’t enjoy that special privilege. They were actually singled out because they were Christian, and are about to be evicted from the building where they’ve run their business for eleven years.

If Professor Kane honestly thinks Christian privilege exists in America — much less the world — he doesn’t get outside his college bubble very much. A more enlightening seminar might be one on “Progressive University Privilege,” to help us understand how professors like Kane get paid to come up with this crap.

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