Meanwhile, in Israel, Palestinians rage on.

In the past week, they’ve continually instigated fighting in what the media has called “peaceful protests.” They’ve burned tires in protest — thousands of tires — in an effort to cloak Palestinian terrorists at the border.

They burned so many tires they ran out. And, of course, they immediately asked Israel if they could borrow some more tires, like a child who tips over a candle and, as the house burns to the ground, blames his parents for ruining playtime. Only “playtime” in this case carries a far darker connotation.

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None other than the New York Times editorial board took the opportunity to bemoan the Israeli boogeyman for attacking the defenseless Palestinians, or, as the headline reads, “Israel’s Violent Response to Nonviolent Protests.” The article examines the death of a Palestinian “journalist,” who has since been identified as having links to HAMAS.

Here’s a preview of the article’s heavy-handedness:

Ordinary Palestinians have few defenders, and much of the world has been shockingly mute about what’s happening in Gaza. Journalists have a right to work, and people have a right to demonstrate peacefully — and to assume that responsible authorities will ensure that they can do so without being shot.

To get a taste of the cognitive dissonance required of an article that would consider Palestinians’ response to Israel in any way peaceful, here’s a sentence from earlier in the article:

At times, some of the younger protesters have moved close to the border’s no-go zone, burning tires and throwing rocks at the fence. Israel has said some Gazans have tried to toss crude explosives, shoot weapons and breach the barrier.

That’s like saying, “It’s not right for those poor defenseless people to be stopped from killing, maiming, and attacking people.” And demonizing Israel for reacting is like chastising a boxer for recoiling after taking an uppercut to the chin.