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Glenn talks refugee rescue efforts, demagoguery and Trump with Megyn Kelly

A group of Muslim refugees was caught attempting to enter a sanctuary country by posing as Christians, Glenn told Megyn Kelly during Fox News’ The Kelly File Thursday night, expressing disdain for the poor vetting process for refugees “being jammed down everybody’s throat in the West.” He explained the way team vets persecuted Christians from […]

Ask yourself these four questions to reveal your level of preparedness

Think for a moment about the last time you experienced an emergency situation such as a winter storm or a power outage. How prepared were you? Now consider a bigger problem such as a large-scale food shortage or water contamination incident. What if a disaster forced you to leave your home for days or even […]

What the hell is going on?

“We don’t see things anymore. Because if we see things, it requires us to do something. And too many of us don’t know what to do. “

Why the hate? Glenn responds to negative reaction on ‘Army of Compassion’

On [Tuesday’s] TV show, I spoke about an army of compassion. To wake our churches. That, if we don’t care about those in Palmyra Syria, instead we only care about the artifacts, not the 70,000 now on the run from Isis we are indeed lost as a country. I spoke of those who say the root […]

What is really happening in Baltimore?

What happened to Freddie Gray? Every hour there seems to be a new story that contradicts the “facts” that everyone accepted the hour previous. Freddie Gray was beaten by police officers on his way to jail. No, Freddie Gray threw himself against the wall of the police van, damaging his own spine. Wait, that may […]