Over the course of a week, nine musical artists of different styles, backgrounds, and faiths were invited by Glenn Beck to compose, arrange, and record as a unit. Glenn Beck’s vision of a traditional Christmas collides with a relevant sound, rooted in the spirit of Christmas. The album features a few traditional arrangements in "Oh Holy Night" and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", as well as dramatic resets to other Christmas classics. Three new original Christmas tunes are also featured. Believe Again is sure to have you dancing and crying in the same sitting.  



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TheBlaze’s Believe Again special is an unexpected look at Glenn Beck’s first attempt in curating an album of Christmas favorites. Follow nine musicians from diverse ideological and musical backgrounds as they share a house and attempt to record a Christmas album in only four days. The two-night event will premiere Tuesday December 10th at 8pm ET with Part II airing Wednesday December 11th.

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