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Excerpt from the book

It’s not a coincidence that the more the federal government has inserted itself into public education over the years, the worse our kids have fared.  Washington dangles millions of dollars in front of states and then tells them what they have to do to get it. It’s backdoor nationalization of education—and it’s leading us to ruin.

In CONFORM, Glenn Beck presents a well-reasoned, fact-based analysis that proves it’s not more money our schools need—it’s a complete refocusing of their priorities and a total restructuring of their relationship with the federal government. In the process, he dismantles many of the common myths and talking points that are often heard by those who either want to protect the status quo.

Critics of the current system are just ‘TEACHER BASHERS’ . . . Teachers’ unions put KIDS FIRST . . . Homeschooled kids SUFFER both ACADEMICALLY and SOCIALLY . . . ‘LOCAL CONTROL’ is an excuse to protect MEDIOCRITY . . . COMMON CORE is ‘RIGOROUS’ and ‘STATE LED’ . . . Critics of Common Core are just CONSPIRACY THEORISTS . . . Elementary school teachers need TENURE . . . We CAN’T REFORM schools until we ERADICATE POVERTY . . . SCHOOL CHOICE takes money away from PUBLIC SCHOOLS . . . CHARTER SCHOOLS perform poorly relative to public schools.

There is no issue more important to America’s future than education. The fact that we’ve yielded control over it to powerful unions and ideologically driven elitists is inexcusable. We are failing ourselves, our children, and our country. CONFORM gives parents the facts they need to take back the debate and help usher in a new era of education built around the common sense principles of choice, freedom and accountability.

CONFORM is an indispensable resource for every family fighting against progressive meddlers in education. With iron-clad facts and unbending reason, Glenn Beck debunks the most oft-repeated smears and lies propagated by the "controllists." CONFORM takes on the big money and big government special interests who have profited from the Common Core racket, attacked homeschoolers, and exploited public school classrooms to enrich teachers’ unions and spread poisonous social justice propaganda.

This book is a handy reference guide and, more importantly, a call to arms. We the Parents are our kids’ best advocates and primary educational providers. Not the "experts." Not the D.C. lobbyists. Not the educrats. Taking back power and control over our children’s lives and minds starts with each and every one of us.

Michelle Malkin, homeschooling mom, daughter of a public school teacher, author, and #stopcommoncore blogger