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If you are like me, watching the news or reading the paper can be an exercise in exasperation. It’s so hard to find a place that helps me make sense of the world I see.

Too many important stories are overlooked. And too many times we see mainstream media outlets distorting facts to fit rigid agendas. Not that you’ve ever heard me complain about the media before. Okay, maybe once or twice.

But there comes a time when you have to stop complaining and do something. And so we decided to hire some actual journalists to launch a new website — The Blaze. And we moved fast. We built the team and the site in just two months.

We want this to be a place where you can find breaking news, original reporting, insightful opinions and engaging videos about the stories that matter most.

The Blaze will be about current news — and more. It’s not just politics and policy. It’s looking for insight wherever we find it. We’ll examine our culture, deal with matters of faith and family, and we won’t be afraid of a history lesson.

The image of flame is powerful. It has long stood for a burning truth. A truth that is not consumed. The Blaze will pursue truth. Of course we will make mistakes. Honest mistakes. And we’ll be quick with corrections. We intend to earn your trust and keep it day in and day out with hard work and a lot of transparency.

And don’t expect everything to be deadly serious. Boring is bad. We intend to have plenty of fun.

We’ve put together a solid team of writers and reporters. I intend to keep them busy by sending a zillion story ideas at all hours.

We’re also counting on you. Your comments. Your feedback. Your tips! You will help us build and shape The Blaze.

Thank you in advance.

Glenn Beck


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  • Patrick O’Brien

    Glenn you and your staff are doing wonderful reporting. We have a network similar work…call us: 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you had me roaring with laughter while describing your hotel room in Tallahassee as some kind of gay bordello. I had heard about that room in a popular boutique hotel with it’s cool rooftop lounge. When I briefly met you at one of the book signings, I called it the “Barack Obama suite” for a reason. You see, I believe the evidence is beginning to converge regarding the down-low sexual life of our president. Here it is in a nutshell: As a boy in Indonesia, Barack’s nanny was a cross-dressing homosexual who later became a famous street mime personality in Jakarta. Next, after abandonment by his father and mother, he is placed with Frank Marshall Davis as his Hawai’ian mentor by his custodial grandfather (who had communist leanings by the way). Davis was a black poet, union organizer, and sexual pervert by his own words. He set forth his interests in bisexuality and pedophilia in a pen-named novel he later admitted was his and truly set forth his actual sexual history. Frank was mentioned more than any non-family member in Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father. Bill Ayers had a hand in that book, as outined in Deconstructing Obama. Obama’s Pakistani roommate at Columbia can be seen in a photo of the two smiling as they sit on a sofa.  That photo starts to look creepy in the absence of ANY social life or female relations at Columbia. Apparently there are records of Obama’s membership at Mens’ Country, a Chicago area gay bathouse, where former ballet dancer Rahm Emmanuel also belonged. There is zero evidence of a flesh and blood girlfriend, date, or finacee’ before he met Michelle at 28 or 29. Surely ONE woman would come forward with anecdotal stories of his shyness, tenderness, or  humor. Then there is the Larry Sinclair story that Axelrod and company fought tooth and nail to discredit. The actual lie detector results were NEVER submitted. They are fighting distribution of his book, replete with receipts, boarding passes, etc. Sinclair even sent a detailed description of Obama’s penis to Michelle by certified mail, but no response was made. Let’s let Beck do a new lie detector analysis of Larry, live on the air at GBTV. Now that would be cool! There was talk of his down-low relationship with the openly gay choir director at Rev Wright’s Chicago church. The man’s mother was aware of the relationship and now fears for her safety since her son was murdered in 2007, the eve of the election. Now we hear his personal assistants (plural) had some gay history. Most recently, assistant Reggie Love, former Duke basketball player, was another guy without a girl, and had homosexual history off campus. There is a photo of a frat boy lowering his testicles toward Reggie at a UNC party. In his defense, Reggie appeared passed out. Reggie left the White House abruptly in early November, supposedly to attend the Wharton School of Business at Penn, but the MBA program starts in a fall academic cycle. Why quit the job now, nine months before classes start? Could it have been related to investigations at Penn State and Syracuse, which stimulated retrospective examination of many sports programs and potential sex scandal liability. Much of this sexual history has appeared in tabloids with no respose from the MSM, almost identical to the John Edwards affair and love child with new age Rielle Hunter. Have the big media outlets been scooped again?  I suppose most people don’t care much about sexual orientation in 2011. They do care about hidden histories that can lead to blackmailing or excessive control by his corrupt handlers, including the Big One, George Soros. Makes me wonder yet again, who is this man Barack Obama?

    PS/ The book was a great read. Bought three.

  • Anonymous

    I read this and was wondering if there is any truth to this story?Wow, this is really scary, This goes along with the bill that was just passed that the language said if you have more then a 7 day supply of food, you can be considered a potential terrorist, or if you have a lot of guns and ammo you are considered a potential terrorist. This is just down right scary.Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency foodwww.naturalnews.comFederal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food

  • Anonymous

    Gov. Johnson announced he is running on the libertarian ticket—if Ron Paul doesn’t take
     the rep. primary will Johnson take the Ron Paul crazies, thereby killing our chance to beat Obama?  Suppose Soros is behind this through his countless orgs. Might be good to investigate where Johnson is getting money!!


    of course


    Sorry chops,
    nickak is a drone give him a break! lol’s
    eat more bullets!.


    Remember there is alway’s Jesus The Christ.
    I like Glenn a lot but wisdom comes from GOD Jehovah who gives wisdom to those who ask.
    Tea Party USA

  • B J Zeagler

    What in the world are you talking about? Perry for open borders, what a joke. He has been fighting the border issues for years and years with no help from the federal government. Had he been our nominee he would have closed those borders by the end of  2013. He is the toughest one on the borders. He has been helping  the Governor of Arizona with her border issues.  In the end we are going to be sorry he left the process.

  • Anonymous

    Not about this article, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced not being able to get on the blaze website.  I clicked on a story about Obama and it sent me to verizon search engine.  And now any search engine I use on my computer will not let me get back to the blaze website.

    • Anonymous

       I have been having the same problem for the last to days myself. No matter where I click to I wind up at OpenDNS. Even if I click down 3 layers I wind up at the same site.

    • Anonymous

        I just got on the web and found on it on BING that is all I ever use.  good luck as its a great info. network……….irma b. garza

  • Dianna

    I have insurance experience.  All hospitals, doctors, er’s, ambulances, etc SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CHARGE OUTRAGEOUS PRICES making all people pay for the people that don’t pay.  A bandaid should NOT COST $10. There should be no deductions for Medicare or Medicaid the cost should be controlled by the providers!  No one ever mentions the fact that the INSURANCE COMPANIES are the biggest businesses in the World!  Insurance Co. are betting you won’t have a claim – and you buy it JUST IN CASE U MIGHT NEED IT.  Its almost like they are the mofia.  Their is NO REASON for BONUS CHECKS TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF A HOSPITAL TO BE GIVEN?!?  The COST CUTTING should be from the Doctors, Hospitals, Er’s, Ambulances, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Obama advocates for illegals first because when they get on a list, Affirmative action throws your children under the buss

  • Staci Centini

     Yeah Why hasn’t anyone in Government seen this simple answer.  Man you must be the smartest person ever… Or maybe there all the dumbest people ever.

    • America Wants Justice

      Rice….this wasn’t her first “benGhazi” Rice’s actions in the wake
      of two terrorist attacks against American interests in 1998 are highly
      noteworthy. In the spring of that year, the U.S. ambassador to Kenya,
      Prudence Bushnell, sent an urgent letter to Secretary of State Madeleine
      Albright begging for additional security at the embassy, in light of
      growing terrorist threats and a warning that
      she (Bushnell) herself was the target of an assassination plot. The
      State Department denied this request, as well as a number of previous
      ones, on grounds that beefed-up security measures would be too costly. A
      few months later, on August 7, 1998, Islamic terrorists simultaneously
      blew up the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania with car bombs,
      killing more than 200 people. Within 24 hours, Rice appeared on PBS as a
      Clinton administration spokesperson and falsely claimed that the
      administration had “maintain[ed] a high degree of security at all of our
      embassies at all times.” In addition, she stated that there had been
      “no telephone warning or call of any sort like that, that might have
      alerted either embassy just prior to the blast.”

    • Anonymous

      The left hates the middle class because they traditionally oppose socialism. They hate the rich too but the middle class represents a greater threat to their socialist agenda and their power. Its not a matter of who is dumb or smart, its a matter of who supports or opposes the middle class. The left opposes energy independence and economic prosperity because it will raise our standard of living and increases the size of America’s middle class. And yes it’s that simple!

      Certainly you aren’t foolish enough to believe Obama and the demoncrats are actually concerned about the welfare of middle class Americans!

  • Anonymous

    I watch you as much as I can. I do not never go onto face book
    or twitter. I am first and foremost an AMERICAN and a member of “The
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. I truly believe in food
    storage, But something is really bothering me, I do not understand why
    with all this that you tell people about this freeze dried food storage
    that you don’t tell them that it takes twice the water storage to keep
    you alive if all you do is the freeze dried stuff. This stuff is great
    and it taste good also but with out the water storage it can kill you
    faster if you don’t have the water to go with it. Please pass this
    information on to your listener. I do care. I don’t even know if you
    will even get this but thanks for letting me vent.             Karen

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I would like you to see a video of a song I wrote called “Cowards of the Country.”  It’s about the US Congress and can be found on  Thank you, Doc  

  • Anonymous

    Should be  no “n,”  sorry.  Doc 

  • Joe Lipiec

    Fact check needed!  Did Obama really write in his two books that as a child he came back to the US on month long vacations etc.  That doesn’t sound like he grew up in poverty

  • Julie Baumgrotz Swanson

    please post the ONE LONG SENTENCE STATEMENT YOUR WIFE TOLD YOU ABOUT. YOU PLAYED IT AROUND 11:30 on 9-13-12 radio show.

  • Anonymous

    Could we please just Vote Out the Globalists and Vote In the American Exceptionalism Believers?

  • mikey

    hey all, I know that Glen is not on 640am any longer, what’s happened?

  • Anonymous

    Todays show reminds me of a book I read years ago.  James Clavell’s books The Children’s Story.  It is a quick read and reminds us of the power teachers in cahoots with the government have.  SPH

  • Jeremy Veal

    I think u guys will be surprised about michigan we are Romney wait and see

  • Jeremy Veal

    all iam seeing and talking to people it is Romney people are ready for a better america

  • Jeremy Veal

    and a better michigan

  • Anonymous

    I am a Vietnam Vet and I am disgusted with the way my fellow Americans follow a liar such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama like blind sheep. I am in NC and voted early so I could avoid the long lines and nonsense. There is Rev. Barber ( NAACA ) screaming about trailers with hangman neuses on them parked outside voting stations but fails to mention the Panthers.

  • Robert Rhinehart

    tell fat basterd to photo op with the sign in front off fema office in NJ today

  • Anonymous

    I am 14 years old and my dad loves the blaze and GBTV. We watch it every night, and i had some very important questions. What will Obama do to our Constution, The Declaration of Independence, and our rights now that he got a second term? Will he revoke/get rid of our 1st and 2nd ammendments?(Freedom of speech, and Right to bear arms). Not only will he raise our debt at home, he will also raise our debt with China. Our great country was not founded on food stamps, obama care, health care, etc. I dont even reconize this country anymore, WE ARE better than this! We deserve better than Obama! Unfortunatly many believe the lies that Obama has told us all; I thought we would all be smart enough to not let him get a second term, after what happened during his 1st term. FORWARD- to move forward, shouldn’t we look to the past. To study and learn from it, so we will NOT make the same mistakes that we did in the past! Obama also doesn’t deserve to take credit for killing Osama Bin Laden. The military killed him, not Obama! Support our troops! And most importantly SUPPORT THE REAL AMERICA! Stand for Freedom, and dont let  ANYONE take your freedom away! Believe that we can be great like we once were, believe, believe in the real america. I stand for freedom, and i stand behind, and support Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Why would people not want to be energy efficient?
    Why would the want to pay more for gas?Why would they want Obamacare?
    I believe this election was stolen, much like AL Gore tried. Military cargo plane burns with ballots inside. Republican judges kicked out of poling places. Ohio voters told they had already voted through absentee ballots.  Can we fight this? Nothing more than Chicago style. First media covers for him then all these plan Bs. We never had a chance.

  • Anonymous

    why not elect based upon the popular vote??? (other than it was crafted that way) and what would it take to change from election by electoral vote to popular vote???

  • Tom Kline

    If you can turn an aircraft carrier task force on a dime then I will believe that you can turn our $15-$16 trillion economy on a dime. Right. You have been drinking the sugar water again. Haven’t you?

  • Anonymous

    because some people would say that its unfair, and the stupi people would believe obama when he says “its bad this and its bad that”. @marieresh to answer your question about obamacare; some of the people who want it are people who are a bit lazy and dont want to work as hard to get something, and there are some (alot) who want in this generation things handed to them on a silver patter for free. I would rather work fo something and be proud to say that i did this with no help. ya know?

  • LeeVonHart

    I never liked thinking that the average person in America was not bright, but the reactions to the A21 shocked me.  What on earth.  Anyway, using the delphi technique in that fashion was just right.   

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to turn on the tv and see a daily update on on all the executive orders ,the status of adgenda 21,cap and trade,what he is doing every day.Make the real news the real news.We all need to know.enough preaching and useless chit chat..

  • Janet Register Sundt

    Mr. Beck, you are right on, in respects to the top commanders going down. I FB Mr. Hannity. I stated last week I was worried who would be next? And the Commander of the 6th Fleet of the Navy also strayed and was relieved of command ( not Billy Clinton!),  Gen. Allen, Gen. Ward of Africom was relieved in the summer, and he is a black general! Now all of these guys have strayed…interesting. Remember Stalin just shot them all at the table. Then he had someone wet behind the ears lead the military… just saying.

  • Janet Register Sundt

    Send the UN to Geneva. Let them give them 20 billion a year. And take all the spy’s with them

  • Anonymous

    i agree, we all need to be told the truth. i wish whenever someone asks something important we (The American people) actually get told the truth. “The truth lives here” I LOVE The Blaze.

  • Angie Coleman

    I would love to have the copy to the poem you read about the “Joy of an Old Dog” I had tears as you were reading.

  • Terry Griffing

    16The highest heavens belong to the Lord,
    but the earth he has given to man.

  • Anonymous

    As for the killing of pure life, the young kids in Newtown, I feel for the parents I am one. 
    Bur this nut bustered would have killed with gun or anything he could find. His mom did him no favors. He should have been locked in to an insane asylum without telling him.
    His mom told him and he killed her. Guns and Gun laws have nothing to do with this.

  • citizenUSA

    Alex Jones and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh HAVE THE ANSWERS 

  • Robert Romo


  • Hey, pull my finger

    On the radio show 01/24.
    2nd Amendment is for “responsible” people only? A bit Elitist isn’t it?
    Guess that “mental health” requirement is Constitutional too?
    As a recovering alcoholic and bankrupt, according to Glenn, he shouldn’t have a gun.
    He then qualifies his restrictions to accomodate his particular circumstances.
    Follow the Constitution or AMEND IT, No picking and choosing.
    Sorry Glenn, you’re losing me a bit more each day.
    What is it about “Shall not be infringed” do you not understand?
    ANY qualification will be abused. Remember the libtards see Conservatism as a mental illness.
    “Constitutional Carry” is the way to go
    A “Birther”

  • ThomasG

    Heard Glenn conclude that a 3rd party is the answer a couple of weeks ago on the radio.  I couldn’t agree more.  Would love to see him set up a site for people to “register” as ready to join a new Conservative Party so that we could show the truly conservative elected officials out there that they will have the base (and money) needed to leave the Republican Party.   We need to mobilize sooner rather than later.  Success will not happen over night, we need to have a long term view.  If we look at it as a three phase plan, we can patiently build it right without compromise knowing that slow progress is success:  First – take control of one house of Congress.  This will prevent any more bad legislature from being enacted (i.e. Stop the bleeding).  Second – control of both houses so that we would be in position to repeal poor legislure and bring sanity back to the economy, taxation, immigration, energy independence, etc.   Third phase – Presidency.  I think the thought of a third party has been rejected by many of us in the past because we correctly understood that we would split the vote and lose the presidency.  We need to recognize that if we have a truly conservative congress (or even one house), a President like we have today would be an impotent leader.

  • Jerry Sutton

    How about someone researching all of the murderer’s to see how many have been on drug’s legal and illegal.  If someone has committed suicide, violently attacked someone, or been committed as a danger to the public, the persons medical record should be released.  After listening to the side effects of prescription medicines as stated on T.V. no one should be using them.

  • Jlynn Warner

    We all need to love these sweet babies an kids!!!
    DSNetwork | Down Syndrome Network Arizonadsnetworkaz.orgOur mission at DSNetwork is to educate, support and advocate for those in our community impacted by Down syndrome. DSNetwork will achieve this goal through an open, supportive and collaborative network that will connect individuals and families with needed resources

  • Anonymous

    Glen needs to research the relationship between Property Assessments, municipal budgets, taxes and tax rates.  If a municipality has not done a reassessment for a long time then it is possible for a property’s value to double. In such a case normally all property in the area would either double or nearly double. If the municipality’s budget did not double but remained the same then the property owner’s taxas would not double.  His or her “Tax Rate” would be lowered and the actual tax amount would remain the same as before.

  • Anonymous

    In 1887
    Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the 

    University of Edinburgh, had this
    to say about the fall of the 

    Athenian Republic some 2,000 years
    prior: “A democracy is always 

    temporary in nature; it simply
    cannot exist as a permanent 

    form of government. A democracy
    will continue to exist up until 

    the time that voters discover that
    they can vote themselves generous 

    gifts from the public treasury.
    From that moment on, the majority 

    always votes for the candidates
    who promise the most benefits from 

    the public treasury, with the
    result that every democracy will finally 

    collapse over loose fiscal policy,
    (which is) always followed by a 


    average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the 

    beginning of history, has been
    about 200 years. During those 200 

    years, these nations always
    progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to
    spiritual faith;

    From spiritual faith to great courage;

    courage to liberty;

    From liberty to abundance;

    From abundance to

    From complacency to apathy;

    From apathy to

    From dependence back into bondage.”

    The Obituary

    Born 1776, Died 2012

    It doesn’t hurt to read this
    several times.

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of
    Law in

    St. Paul, Minnesota, points out
    some interesting facts concerning 

    the last Presidential election:

    Number of States won by: Obama: 19 Romney: 29

    Square miles of
    land won by: Obama: 580,000 Romney: 2,427,000

    Population of counties
    won by: Obama: 127 million Romney: 143 million

    Murder rate per 100,000
    residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 Romney: 2.1

    Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory 

    Romney won was mostly the land
    owned by the taxpaying citizens 

    of the country.

    Obama territory mostly
    encompassed those citizens living in low 

    income tenements and living off
    various forms of government 


    Olson believes the United
    States is now somewhere between the

    “complacency and apathy” phase of
    Professor Tyler’s definition of 

    democracy, with some forty percent
    of the nation’s population 

    already having reached the
    “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and
    citizenship to twenty million 

    criminal invaders called illegals –
    and they vote – then we can say 

    goodbye to the USA in fewer than
    five years.  Thought this article was pretty intresting.  Also take a look at “The Harbinger,” a book by Johnathan Cahn.

  • howard weatherly

    Who is censoring Glenn Beck with test patterns? What was said on 3/27 show during the 30+ seconds which were censored? I thought this was cable and free from this nonsense!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Democratic & Republican Party’s that have been leading our country, have been leading us down this path of taking our freedom’s away.Is it true that a few know what is best for the rest???? Are we kidding ourselfs to belive they care about the USA staying a free country.
    NO we are not capabily.. Really!!! I think we are.
    Common Core to CSCOPE…. LOOK into America’s education system – Scary Very Scary
    MRI scanning really …isn’t that just like gathering our medical records or even aiport scanners……
    (By the way I asked to be body searched DID NOT GO INTO THE Whole Body scanner in Denver) Why is it that “they” have to have a image of my body? Why the extra radation? NOPE can’t do it.”Top down, bottom up, inside out. It’s a strategy that’s been going for a hundred years that progressives have used to accomplish their agenda. The elites like Mike Bloomberg and George Soros believe they know best and they are doing whatever they can to take advantage of crisises in America and across the globe to push their plans.” GBDon’t fall for the “marriage debate”Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn: Please keep up the good work. Use all the attacts you receive to strenghten your resolve. You must not weaken under the presssure. You are our voice. Terry Taylor

  • Forrest Ecklund

    Just watched GB on April 15th and want to say its about time that abortion has the light of truth shown on it!  When people are appalled that twenty kids died at Sandy Hook School but look the other way at 3,500 children every day being terminated in this country by abortion.
    Forrest Ecklund
    Bismarck, ND

  • historyguy48

    On Wednesday nights show it appears that Glenn has figured out what many of us have known for some time.
    There will be no changing what is coming, what these maniac’s are intent on doing to us because they have eliminated every peaceful avenue for change leaving only the far less desirable avenue. They have also constructed very careful preparations for anyone who has the temerity to use the only avenue left.
    After looking at last Novembers so called election numbers they reminded me of the aftermath of every other totalitarian election conducted throughout my long lifetime. The statement “Never in history has a communist every voluntarily ceded power to a non-communist” is still dead-on accurate.
    We won’t be getting rid of these jerks anytime soon. It’s only going to get worse, far worse when they bring the majority of the world under their sway with a worldwide economic collapse.
    The truth is that the worlds Kings and Princes have hated what America was throughout the time she lived so they have worked diligently to kill her.  They have succeeded and all that remains to be seen is what type of totalitarian we will be allowed.
    There is an out, but the out is far worse than their plans for us. If they fail to maintain control, or make a mistake, is the basis for Nathan Hale’s excellent series of novels that begins with “Death of Civilization; the Apocalypse Begins”. It is both the most brutal and best books I’ve ever seen in the SHTF genre. Take a look at the Preface, it reads like tomorrows headlines.

  • Anonymous

    I say let’s call Obama to the carpet, FACE THE NATION, publically force him to let the American people ask questions in an open forum without having to pre-screen the questions. If he says he can not answer do to whatever so be it, but have a lottery of citizens that get a face to face on TV interview. I would think if someone like the Blaze or someone even bigger were to really want to put this SOB on the carpet then make it public and pose the question to our supposedly transparent government, all questions welcome, again they do not get to pre-screen he has to answer to the best of his ability.
    Somebody has to do something and honestly I am not sure I should be blaming Obama, but it is time the public gets to ask questions without the media involved. If you just did something like a front page headline “President Has Been Asked To Face The Nation, Will He Do It Or Is He To Scared” and just wait for the response. If I knew how I would try it on Facebook or Twitter but I do not even know how to use them.
    Please think about it, you all say you want us to do something and get involved but we need your help to do it.
    Kenton Lorenz
    President Small Company and extremely worried about our fate.

  • ChestyPuller

    I agree, we have hit the jackpot in the Dakota’s and now Obummer will not let it happen, Also the pipeline from Canada…Even if we found some sort of wonderful new way of supply our great country with energy, it would take a few decades to implement it .
       What Obama does not understand , or maybe he does..we cannot survive with out oil..I do not want to depend on our enemies for our supply.

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI,
    I live in NAMPA, IDAHO… I tune into the Blaze website and click LISTEN LIVE at about 5AM…Everything works fine till 7AM when Glenn comes on air. From that time forward the show cuts out every few minutes, sometimes it will come back on but most of the time I have to close the player out and reinitiate it from the web page… I have no idea if the problem is at your end in the stream or if it is downstream from the broadcast source…I couldn’t find a regular contact email for your studio, so I entered this here… Hopefully your techs will see it…

  • Jacqueline Manley

    Would you folks check into this story about a town in upstate New York. Is it a credible news story? It’s about a Islamic group owning land in the Catskill Mountains  and declaring it their own country. Thank you,

  • Jacqueline Manley

    I had a conversation with a Minister the other day, and he told me that his son has reenlisted in the Army and is headed for his fifth deployment overseas. The young man was requested to fill out some paper work and on the forms he was asked if he could ever turn his weapon on a fellow American. I then heard similar stories from two other people. That’s pretty scary in my book. What’s up with that. The young mans father said it was the first time that question was ever asked of him.

  • Barbara Bergan
  • Anonymous

      Mon, May 27, 2013 at 8:09 AM
    8:09 AM

    Message starred
    FROM Danna Rayton TO You + 1 More
    Fw: can you find out if this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG whats going on………………d
    Show Details
    From Danna Rayton To Terry Paul Migues  

    — On Sun, 5/26/13, wrote:From: Subject: can you find out if this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG whats going on………………dTo:
    “Senator Richard Burr” , “NC
    Political Beat Daily Headlines”
    , “The Daily
    Iberian” , “CNN Breaking News”
    , “Bill O’Reilly”
    , “UASTODAY” Date: Sunday, May 26, 2013, 9:27 PM

    —– Forwarded Message —– From: “”
    Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 12:42 AM
    Subject: (no subject)

    Foreign Troops And Armored Vehicles Spotted In NH, FL, WV – :
    Foreign Troops And Armored Vehicles Spotted In NH, FL, WV
    Breaking News | May 25, 2013 | 4 Comments
    (Yulia Zamanskaya)
     As Nashua, NH, residents witness armored vehicles patrolling the
    streets of their usually peaceful town, blogger Pamela Rae Schuffert
    reports getting numerous
    phone calls from West Virginia, Florida, and Georgia regarding military
    transport jets landing in numerous cities across the country.
    Is America preparing for a military operation within its borders?
    Today, the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition released
    the photos of an armored vehicle and the accompanying helmeted
    personnel riding with them in an area of Nashua. Judging by the stamp on
    the photos, these were taken late Friday morning, May 17, by the city
    resident who the NHTPC claim to know personally.
    NHTPS also reported a local resident calling the
    Nashua Police Department to get some answers as to who these individuals
    were and why they were roaming the streets in this armored tank-like
    The concerned citizen did not get any conclusive answers to his questions. In the meanwhile, blogger Pamela Rae Schuffert claims
    she was getting numerous calls from West Virginia, Jacksonville, and
    Camp Atterbury regarding unusually heavy air-traffic in those regions.
    People reported seeing huge military transport
    jets landing in military bases all over the country. “Just had a phone
    call from a man in Jacksonville Florida who lives right on the flight
    path of the Naval Air station there who advised that starting early
    yesterday morning there has been a constant flow of huge unmarked
    military transport planes landing non-stop since.
    thinks they’re C130′s and C17′s. He said he’s never in all the years
    there seen more than a dozen per day. These jets are silver and plain,
    no tail markings”, writes Schuffert in her blog. ”I had several high
    level militia members call me with Intel which confirmed on UN soldiers
    being flown into Indiana on 130’s and C17’s, being issued US army name
    tapes and ranks, and being put under order of DHS on top of
    that multiple armed swat raids being led by IRS in Texas, Florida,
    Mississippi and Georgia,” she continues. Schuffert also adds that when
    soldiers ask their military command about incoming flights, they are
    told “you did not see what you thought you saw”.
    this point, one might only wonder why the US flies in foreign troops
    and puts heavily armored vehicles on the streets without making any
    formal announcements on the issue. Are these developments a part of US
    police militarization campaign or does US prepare for a civil war?
    Schuffert suggests foreign troops and armored vehicles can soon be used
    under martial law in the US. “The reason is,” she writes, “that under
    martial law, the foreign troops will perform the dirty work that US
    troops don’t really want to do against their fellow Americans.”

  • Anonymous

    We have been silent; we have trusted our political leaders;we trusted our banks;we trusted that America would always be great if we did right and worked hard.  We saved for the rainy day so we would not be a financial burden on society, we believed we were the “melting pot” of the world, and welcomed those from other cultures—WE DID IT RIGHT–and look what happened.

  • Pamela Parten
  • Pamela Parten
  • jessica lockwood

    Obama does not want our economy to fix itself or prosper, he is out to destroy our country. He wants us to live exactly like his brother who lives in swallows of Africa on less than a dollar a day. Whenever we decide to come to this belief the quicker we will understand everything he is doing. The new amnesty bill… this is nothing more than an attempt to collapse the economy, think about it if we add 10 million more people to the welfare roles, it WILL COLLAPSE!! This is the goal, OBAMA IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MUSLIM ON A PERSONAL JIHAD AGAINST CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

  • Wayne Rose

    RACISM”… Is hiding in plain sight as the Leftist use the Black and
    Hispanic people as “NOTHING BUT VOTER PAWNS”. The very ones who play the
    Race Card at each and every opportunity are the same ones who create
    Racism for self-serving gain. If I were Black or Hispanic I would never
    tune in to CNN or any of the Lame Scream Media because they have all
    proven to be Racist and Perverted. You don’t have to be a geniu.s. to
    understand the operations of Social Psychology. God’s Word teaches “From
    the abundance of the Heart the mouth speaks” and “We shall know them by
    the fruits of their labor”. The DemoNcratic Party’s use of what I call
    Social Slychology is the main t@@l that put a Tyrant in office two times
    and is the reason EACH AND EVERY WORD spoken by Oba.m.a. is carefully
    scripted on a teleprompter to fulfill their deceptions against the
    dumb-masses of all races. w.m.rose < THE GREAT B@@K OF DEUTERONOMY Chapter 17 Verse 15: 15 ~ Thou shalt
    in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose:
    one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest
    not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother. "WHICH IS NOT THY BROTHER"… "WHICH IS NOT THY BROTHER"… "WHICH IS NOT THY BROTHER"…… Any more questions?
    We have known from BEFORE the start Oba.m.a. is Anti-Judeo-Christian,
    Anti-American, Anti-Israel and is an Islamic Cultist well documented by
    his words and deeds of perversion and hatred toward anything righteou.s.
    HE IS A STRANGER… His ways are not our ways. His god is not our God.
    He's a POT-HEAD bent on self-serving power using ill-gotten gains to
    rule the dumb-masses. He has purposely wasted enough tax-payer money on
    vacations that would have fed, clothed and housed the most needy across
    our land. He will pay an awesome price. The only thing keeping him from
    being another Saddam Hussein is "We The People" and THAT'S why he
    targets U.S. ALL. All his supporters and followers trash their Lives
    today and their Eternity to come through a f@@lish notion of Hope and
    Change by one of the biggest losers in HIStory. (In the original
    Manuscript Language the word Brother had no reference to gender or race.
    It simply means Brethren or those together in Spirit). w.m.rose <

  • Justo Matos

    I’ve been hearing you on the radio here in North Carolina 570am, and I’ve been reading something on the EU Times about Russia. Russia is telling the Saudis that they will attack them if any one from the west attacks Syria. And they also talk about a pipe line that there building right now that runs from Iran to Syria.

  • Anonymous

     Simple, : your country is take it by the nose by  the zionist entity of israhell. Its government is in Tel Aviv ,not in Washington. There in Washington ,the puppet in the White House, obey directions dictated from the AIPAC and THEY doesn´t care about the american people and their problems. The AIPAC follow an imperialistic agenda and the american taxpayers are paying for this. That´s why the “foreign countries” hate what the USA represent. Not its People. Wake Up and have a nice day.

  • Freight ShakerXL


  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck
    I think Twitter is censoring my free speech with their policies. I’d like to have someone with your background help me explore this further. I can’t be the only Conservative that can’t have an opinion on Twitter. Every time I discuss Conservative politics and policies Twitter suspends my account, directing me to their vague [arbitrary and conspicuous] rules. When I ask they never provide any details. Need help!

    Steve Duffie

  • shane harris

    My brother served a mission in florida and says glenn beck was at this time a decent man looks like the money has corrupted his head because he stands for tyranny today sorry to hear he is s corrupted as the other mormon in this story Dirty Harry Reid those protesters are not patriots they are domestic terrorists the tyranny is government agents threatening the lives of very great americans standing for freedom!!! ” we wont be gravelling to the feds- glen beck you are pathetic”

  • Lorraine Jensen

    Too much, Glen. I am a faithful listener and watcher and I appreciate your insights very much even though they scare the hell out of me sometimes. Your refusal to put your hand on your heart and pledge allegiance TO THE FLAG OF The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is way, way over the top. I love seeing my flag pass in front of me and putting my hand on my heart and pledging allegiance TO MY COUNTRY. It doesn’t matter to me or any one else how it was started. It matters what it is now. Our pledge to our country. It doesn’t even sound like the original. QUIT IT!!!!

  • Gail Brandt

    Glenn mentioned how A I (artificial intelligence) is scary. Watch the old file The Corbin Project. Everything he mentioned has already been thought of, and we thought it was Sci-Fi

  • John Gouker

    Bob is spot on right !We’re keeping everyone else fat n’ hap hap happy but ourselves ! We’re bolstering the Saudis while digging ourselves deeper in debt.

  • John Gouker

    We’re connected to them because we’re solidly connected to their oil !

  • Hope Clever

    Hi Glenn, of course, I enjoy your show. How to have arguments with liberals very interesting today. It does seem like it is impossible to get viewpoints across because everyone is set in their ways. I think a theory that helps explain this behavior is Cognitive Dissonance. Check it out:

    Sincerely, Hope C. Clever, PhD

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