These are a few of Glenn’s favorite things…

Glenn tried to name all of the favorite things on TV tonight, but he couldn’t fit it all into an hour of TV. Rather than shorten the list and go with his FAVORITE favorite things, he wanted to make sure he included everything. So here’s the list. Favorite Mexican restaurant? It’s there. Best place to buy gear in case the economy collapses in 2011? There’s TWO! But Glenn also lists some of his favorite books, family board games, dear friends and mentors. Check out the full list below.

Glenn Gift Guide

- Glenn Beck Gift Guide


- Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure
- 8/28 Miracle on the Mall (Photo Book)
- 5,000 Year Leap & The Real George Washington
- Falcon Shield – Knights of Right
- The Christmas Jar
- The Chronicles of Narnia (and movies)


- Vince Flynn
- Brad Thor


- Urban Survival Playing Cards


- Rosa Mexicano
- Rice to Riches
- Carlo’s Bakery of Cake Boss
- Enstrom Toffee
- Hershey’s


- Jon Huntsman

Music / Entertainment

- Michael Buble
- John Rich
- Andy Williams
- Billy Elliot

Games / More

- Zobmondo!! Would You Rather
- Backyard Drills
  • teddy

    Personally, I’ve tried only the urban survival playing cards and it’s definitely helps people to prepare themselves. It’s also a wonderful way to spend time while learning many valuable things.