Sarah Palin Bikini Pictures


Are you kidding me?

Sarah Palin is not your little Maxim pin-up girl.  She’s managing a twelve billion dollar budget while raising five children and running for vice president.  There are no pictures here.  The other ones you might have seen aren’t real either.  Click here for the truth on that:

Despite all of her accomplishments—what are people searching for?

From Wired:

Of course, since relatively few of the electorate knew who Palin was before last Friday, it makes sense that the top search term for Palin was simply the vice presidential candidate’s name. But the second and third top searches, …were "Vogue Magazine," and "Photos," according to Hitwise…

Other popular searches …are "hot photos," "Sarah Palin Bikini Photos," "Sarah Palin Nude," and "Sarah Palin Naked."searches for Palin blew way past the search terms "Britney Spears," "Paris Hilton," "Michael Phelps," and "Barack Obama," combined.

Instead of looking for Sarah Palin in a bikini, in some green screen video, or kissing Madonna on MTV, perhaps you should read one, or more, of these:

Palin Bashing Press Keeps Swinging and Missing

Experience = 132 Days

The Libertarian Case for Palin

Sarah Palin: Snakecharmer

Or watch these:

Sarah Palin’s Speech at the RNC with transcript

Glenn Beck interviews Gov Palin

The true story of Gov Palin’s family

Megyn Kelly of Fox News exposes the truth of the tabloid rumors

If you want to forward this to your friends to see if they’re as deranged as you are, and spread the real truth about Sarah Palin, click here, ya sick freaks.

All of that being said…she is hot.

  • Randy M

    I want a president that is a MILF and who looks great in a bikini.  That isn’t sick, just a wonderous combination of good things.  I love her mind, her accomplishments, her ambition and yes, I love her body too and want to see it in a bikini as often as possible. 

  • Danbogator

    I feel as if Glenn Beck just lied to me. If he is misleading in matters as trivial as Sarah Palin in a bikini, why should I trust him on more serious issues such as the economy? Now every negative thing he says about a democrat will just make me feel as if he is lying by not telling the whole truth…

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