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  • Anonymous

    One concept might be a bumper sticker or sign saying “This schoo is a Gun-Free Zone.  All nuts, criminals, and miscreants with illegal weapons are welcome to display your shooting skills onsite.  Children targets are provided at no cost to the shooters.”

    Another concept could picture rows of children lined up in a shooting gallery booth (like at a fair) labelled PS 42 Gun-Free Zone, with a nutty looking perp having several holstered pistols on his waist while starting to draw one of them out of its holster, but being treatened by an armed guard holding a large pistol that is pointed directly at the perp.  The caption could read “This experienced and trained armed guard could be all that stands between school safety and this lunatic winning one of your cupie dolls!” 

    Another could show a group of innocent children faced by a mean looking armed (holstered guns) bad guy, with a very large armed guard standing solidly between them with his feet firmly planted and his arms crossed, with the caption saying “Parents – This experienced trained armed guard might be the only thing protecting your children from this bad guy in their Gun Free school today.”

  • Anonymous

    The NRA has a mascot, Eddie Eagle, that is geared toward children. I “found Eddie” and a full program for educating young children on gun safety and other issues. There is a parent guide as well as a teacher packet of instruction and all materials can be purchased inexpensively through the NRA website. I ordered some of their materials (including coloring books and stickers) and I donated them to one of three local gun stores. Not one person, out of 100+ attendees at the Gun Apperciation Rally a few months ago had ever heard of Eddie Eagle. The NRA actually has an Eddie Eagle full suit Costume that you buy for group presentations. There are stickers that you can use as “rewards” for any purpose you choose once a program that you select is completed. I could not find a suitable poster, so I crafted my own by taking the “sticker” to Staples and have is enlarged and then I mounted it on poster board. It looks fabulous and is now in a prominent place in the Gun Shop. A stack of color books was dropped off as well and the owner can hand them out to children who exhibit an understanding of gun safety principles.
    Ask the NRA to expand the Eddie Eagle program and as the responder before me suggested….Have bumper stickers made with the Eddie Eagle logo…….it goes along the lines of the message of awareness message used after 911…..”if you see something; say something”. Go to the NRA website and you will find the exact quote that is very “catchy” 
    The point I want to make is that we keep trying to “reinvent the wheel” when we already have ideas and programs that noone is using  Why….? Glenn, please have someone on your staff follow up with your contacts over at the NRA!!!!Have Wayne send over one of the costumes and you, Pat or Stu can promote Eddie Eagle on your show and add it to regular programing on The Liberty Tree house. By the way, I watch that program and as a grandmother, I love it and pass along ideas to their mothers! Meanwhile I see what else I can stir up! and I’ll be sure to post it soon.

  • Dianne Becker

    I get so tired of the same people promoting abortion and then fighting our 2nd Ammendment rights while saying they are protecting children. What about an ad comparing the number of children killed by gun violence in 2012 to the number of babies killed by abortions in 2012-which is over a million!

  • Huss Family

    I like the picture I saw on FB a while back – a mom, and her child, holding a sign saying, Mom is my first responder….something with moms and kids.  I am a Mama Grizzly about protecting my kids.  And that’s who needs to speak up.  Moms making the statement that it is JUST BECAUSE of my children that I know how to use a gun and exercise my right to bear one.  Show Moms (or Dads) with their kids, making that statement.   Or show pictures of kids who have been killed, ala the above ad, in Chicago, or other locations with gun control in place.  Whose parents couldn’t defend them.

  • Dianne Becker

    Another idea is one I actually suggested to my son and daughter in law, who is a teacher, after the Newtown shootings. I asked him, if it were your wife and daughter in school at the mercy of Adam Lanza, wouldnt you want someone besides the gunman to have a gun?

  • Anonymous

    How about the side view of a house, with open wall. Bad guy trying to kick the door in he has a gun. View on inside of the door showing the whole family (adults & kids of various ages) standing there with all their different types of guns and parent saying “We Are Armed” and lolice are on the way.

  • Anonymous

    A middle age woman holding a 1911 in her right hand out in front of her and pushing a 10 year old child back behind her with her left hand and arm . The caption reads : I will not be a victim … Or It could say :  My child will not be a victim …. Or : My family will not be victims  .. The woman you use should be Jessie Duff …

  • Anonymous

    Dianne Becker and the Huss family have brought up great ideas regarding the posters. If anyone has access to facebook, there is an application on it that is called something like “Pinterest” where you post photo’s and misc items. If you go to that site you will find and endless file of posters that cover almost any topic you can think of. There are at least a dozen posters that relate to the message of the “Mom is My First Responder” poster etc. I spent over two hours one Saturday doing a clip and search and made up at least 8 posters using the messages I found. I am certain if obtained permission from the owners of the materials on this site we could have them professional made up or available for download….and at a considerable discount than the prices shown on “Pinterest” disclosure section.
    As I stated in my original post……about reinventing the wheel when there is already a lot of ideas already “out there”….let’s harness the efforts!

  • David Andrews

    So, imagine Glen Beck sitting on the floor of a library with an AK-47, grenades, 2 sidearms and bandoliers.  Next to him is a Senator holding Senate Bill S.649.
    Now, caption it “which of these two is really protecting your life and liberty?”

  • Anonymous

    Two scenarios of two homes being invaded.  (The stories are interwoven.)  Both show a woman calling the police reporting an intruder in their house.  Both show the police arriving.  Both show rescue squads removing a body.  One shows the body of the intruder (who was shot by the gun owner.)  The other shows the body of the home owner who was killed by the intruder.  The closing message is.  “In America, law abiding citizens have the right to decide how to best protect themselves.  Protect a woman’s right to choose.”

  • Anonymous

    Tell the true stories of “children” who have used firearms to protect themselves at home.

  • Anonymous

    Show real stastics of gun violence in 1) the U.S. cities with the most restrictive gun laws compared with other countries, 2) the rest of the U.S. (without those dangerous cities) compared with other countries.   3) How difficult it is to acquire a weapon in Mexico and how much gun violence is there (yes, point Mexico out individually and specifially…)

  • Jo Ann Rebane

    The Second Amendment is about the people having recourse against a rogue government.  Caption: Can it happen here?.    Visual: Children gathered around and behind parents as storm troopers (Nazi look a likes) burst in.  Alternate visual: gov’t inspectors pouring milk in gutter as thirsty children watch in amazement. 

  • Charles Cochran

    How about a pioneer roasting a carrot or a cabbage over a fire on a spit while the sheriff is carrying his gun away. All the hungry wife and children are cowering in a corner..

  • Jason Mcafee

    Try submitting this story. Obama and his goones in or gov. is try to take or guns away and leave us helpless so when they move in to take over they well have no trouble. Know revert back to the 1800’s when the gov. disarmed the Native Americans they were forced to move onto reservation and just like our gov. now they eventually took away there way of life!

  • Chris Olson

    pic of nancy pelosi
    caption: let us take your guns first, then you can see how safe your…
    cartoon pic of:
        husband and wife with hands in the air
        gun totting thief climbing in the window
        cps man carrying off a child
        irs man carrying off a stack of money
        slipper wearing storm trooper watching t.v. in background
        nancy pelosi exiting room with void stamped constitution
        2016 calandar on wall with pregnancy dr. appt showing

  • Anonymous

    Show some old films of NAZI’s or brown shirts rampaging in the streets of Germany and Nancy Pelosi invoking/projecting the image of brown shirts for comparison to ??? Restoring Honor???

  • Anonymous

    Have a picture of Obama or one of the democratic candidates ready to sign the Senate Bill S.649. and then have a picture of one of the many founding Children with a rifle who fought for this to become a free nation (with or without their Father, or Whole Family with Rifles)   Ask the question, “which one of these fought for Liberty and Freedom for America’s citizens?  One makes Citizens…. the other makes “workers/ or “slaves.”  You decide.  Do you value the Freedom that was paid for with their blood?

  • Anonymous

    Ordinary people (dressed in all types of attire) – lined up against building with blind folds on, hands in position of surrender.

    Caption: “We only spoke for freedom”

    Firing Squad in front of them. Guns aimed. A few from firing squad with guns lowered – heads turned to look behind them.

    A line of ordinary people behind the firiing squad – guns pointed at them.

    Caption: “And we’re here to stand up for them”

  • Anonymous

    A young boy and girl in modern dress and a boy and girl in colonial dress are kneeling on opposite seats of a picnic table, playing a board game. Standing behind them is a Minuteman and a modern man, both holding arms in crook of their arms.

    The upper caption, “Since 1776 the future of our youth has been protected..” Bottom caption states, “We see no reason to stop now.”

  • Mike Edson

    Laws do not protect anyone, never will. Laws only state the results taken for certain activities. You want protection it is up to you. Me I want superior power on my side. Just like the Government says is needed to be free from outside forces.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    Present a picture of Benjamin Franklin using the quote, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Then show 2 lists of reasons to tighten gun bans vs. reasons to not tighten gun bans.  I could be wrong but I believe he was known for these kind of lists.

  • Gina Duvall

    Cute little girl, upscale neighborhood.  “I was playing in the living room with Sarah.”  Holds up doll and hugs her.”  The door busted open and the bad man ran in.  He look right at me and started to come and get me and he had a gun and Daddy came down the stairs and yelled and he turned around and started to get Daddy and Daddy shot him and he fell down.  The police came and said he was a real bad man.”  Looks up at Daddy in three piece suit.  “I love you, Daddy.”  Cut to picture of man with aggravated sexual assault on a child, convicted, behind bars.  Back to little girl.  “Thank-you, Daddy.  You’re MY HERO!”

  • Anonymous

    Visual:  Proud Father and Son with hunting trophy split screen with father and son in shackles and chains being taken to jail. 
    Next Image: Law enforcement officer being honored with award split screen to same man being arrested by Obama military or UN…
    Next image: Proud Soldier in Full Dress Uniform Smiling split screen with beaten down Military man in shackles and chains with taped mouth…

    Caption: There is only one truth about Gun Control.

  • Timothy Roesch

    Quick and common ads providing audio of 9-1-1 calls where someone is being attacked but is armed and defending themselves. People need to hear these calls to drown out the constant drumbeat of negative ads. The point is to make them short so that you can afford to present the ads multiple times (cheaper and fast).

  • Timothy Roesch
    Get permission to use this video and intersperse it with shootings where people do not have the ability to defend themselves. Compare a ‘girl’ taught to take care of herself and people waiting for help that will not come in time. Use the ‘timer’ to suggest how long it takes, on average for the police to arrive.

  • Dawn VanVleet

    1 split picture:
    1. A gang of ‘bad guys’,  Bad guys holding their guns, like the do, sideways like idiots. moms with kids hiding. 

    2. a family. A dad with a gun strapped to his belt (or mom with one). Little kids at the families feet, not hiding. 

  • Anonymous

    I would post a picture of children from the concentration camps in Poland after they were disarmed. 
    “History can only repeat itself when we forget that evil does exist and that it can happen here if we become complacent and let the government take our Rights and Freedoms away”
    “this will be your children and families if we let the government keep taking away our rights bit by bit. Defend the 2nd Amendment,  Say No to Laws that chip away at your freedoms”
    “With the 2nd Amendment on the lips, a Bible in hand and a Gun on the hip My children and family will never have to live through a holocaust.  We Defend Our Nation Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights,”
    I would post a picture of children playing and smiling in a school
    With a sign that says this school is protected by Smith and Wesson.
    a sign that says no criminals allowed like the drug sign with our teachers pack heat.
     2 pics side by side one with a school room full of dead children the other with a gun on the Teachers hip and the children laughing and playing.  Caption ” 2nd Amendment protects and deters evil from happening here”

  • Dawn VanVleet

    Show a woman target practicing, show her out for a jog, show her getting attacked & fighting back with a gun. Call it “Women’s healthcare”

  • Anonymous

    Upshot of gun barrel directly pointed into the camera, held by a man in a UN helmet standing in an open door.
    “Got guns?”

  • Anonymous

    Remake on the closeup of the “angry caveman with a club” storyboard style (like the evolutionary models): in the first pic all you see is the caveman head on snarling and ready to attack – “obviously a bad man”; 2nd picture is the first + widened to show a beast coming at him – “well, maybe not so bad”; the third then further opens onto the whole scene in which he’s seen standing in front of a frightened mother holding 2 children behind her – “for sure, a good man”. The pictures then each morph into a modern scene man with firearm, with something simple in the final caption – I leave it to those who are pithy.

  • Anonymous

    Idea: If Guns kill people then pencils misspell words.

    The setting is a typical classroom

    Other kids are in the room working on projects, just enough
    to know the students are there.

    Have a teacher and a student 
    sitting at a large work desk.  

    There is a automatic pencil sharpener on the desk and  a basket of #2 pencils.

    A  garbage can is
    visible on the floor next to the desk.

    The teacher is helping the student with her spelling work.

    The student is having trouble spelling the word hypocrite or

    The student miss spells the word; Or did she?

    The teacher is a bit annoyed, but no at the student .

    The teacher begins to scold the pencil and gives a warning
    to try harder or it will be sharpened extensively: then to give the pencil

    The student tries again to spell the word hypocrite or gullible.

    The pencil fails again, so into the sharpener and its grinded
    down to a stub.

    The student tries again to spell the word hypocrite or gullible.

    The pencil fails again, so the teacher grabs the pencil and  slams it  into the trash all while muttering under her
    breath something about incompetent pencils.

    The teacher  grabs
    another pencil and hands it to the equally frustrated student. The Student tries
    again to spell the word hypocrite or gullible.

    Again the pencil fails again, so the teacher in utter discuss
    grabs the pencil, snaps it in half and slams it in the garbage.

    The  teacher and the
    student both slump and hang their heads in disgust.

    The commentator comes on and says;  Think that is ridiculous and absurd that pencils
    misspell words.

    The narrative that “Guns Kill People” is even more

    If Guns kill people then pencils misspell words.


    Other s

    Parodies on: If Guns kill people then Cars make people drive

    My favorite, : If Guns kill people then forks and spoons
    make people fat.

  • Anonymous

    Show a picture of a hand gun and one of a Planned Parenthood sign. Caption: “Which saves more lives?”

  • Anonymous

    How about a dad, one arm holding his daughter behind him, the other pointing a gun forward – the phrase “You will not harm my sons or daughters”  Could be changed to a mom standing in front of all of her kids to protect them.  Or use two pictures, one of an WW II Nazi grabbing a kid from behind his mother, another one with the armed mother as described above.

  • Dennis Dean Steinhour

    FACTS the media wants you to ignore; Firearm-related homicides declined 39%, from 18,253 in1993 to 11,101 in 2011.
    Nonfatal firearm crimes declined 69%, from 1.5 millionvictimizations in 1993 to 467,300 victimizations in 2011.With this decrease; the population of the United States grew some 60 million people during the same period.Concealed-carry laws have increased dramatically over the last 20 years, going from 16 states in 1993 to 43 now.Just keep putting the FACTS out there, over and over.

  • Anonymous

    An idea as part of a larger add… but just be sure to include the barbaric act of USING victims of gun violence to push a political agenda.  USING the death of children to advance their cause before the bodies are even buried.  Show the hypocracy and complete lack of decency of the progressive machine for what it is.

  • Anonymous

    @jjensenba… Yes, you reminded me of the drunk driving comparison I always use.  Do we blame the alcohol OR the car when a drunk driver kills another motorist?  No, that would be silly.  We blame the drunk, even though a drunk is in fact influenced by alcohol when they cause the accident!

  • Anonymous

    A mother and her little boy are boarding a train. There is a long line of people behind them and two SS/ObamaGuards flanking the line. The little boy is crying and asks, “Mama, why do we have to go?”. His mother looks to the guards and replies, “Because they are the only ones with the guns.”

  • Anonymous

    Show a young *woman alone, possibly on a college campus, in a scary situation (dark alley or street, parking garage, etc.)  In contrast, show one or more liberals/elitists/Hollywood types/politicians with their armed bodyguards.  The armed bodyguards might not be visible to the public, but could be pointed out in the photo.  Punchline: something about “Who’s looking out for you,” or “They’ve got your back,” or, more literally, “They don’t want you to be able to defend yourself,” etc.
    *More women favor gun control than men, and, imo, they need to wake up to the danger they are in.


    what about some well known activists of the revolutionary war carrying a whistle instead of a musket and the british carrying guns at the top half of a  page and at the bottom of the page, a modern setting with a store owner defending his property or a father defending his family from intruders or violence [break-in, rape, theft] armed .  The caption to read-which of these 2 settings do you consider more realistic and in which scenario would you feel safer?      or something to get across the idea 0f ” you cross this line there are severe consequences.  do you want defense or do you want ideas that should work?”

  • Anonymous

    How about a constant column or a program regarding all the “Armed Citizen Stories” that the NRA has in their magazine. We rarely hear of the number of lives saved by guns in the RIGHT hands. Let’s hear the ‘rest of the story’ as the great Paul Harvey used to say.

  • Natalie Dominguez

    How about the Caption “Life with gun control” and a pic of a large mean looking man headed towards a woman holding an infant with a small child holding her hand. Next to the man post his criminal history ie aggravated rape, murder, sodomy. Have “victim” stamped on the forehead of the woman and children. Maybe put a rape whistle in the womans mouth with large fearful tear feared eyes. That is my biggest fear for my daughter w/ her toddler and 7 yr old. No gun and no chance for protecting my precious family against a monster.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    People who believe in Gun Control feel that a woman who is raped and strangled to death with her own panty hose is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to the authorities how her dead assailant got that way.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh, Yes, We Do”
    Photos of “everyday” and the people (who are adult), are all wearing some kind of weapon….just in case.  Normal/ Norman Rockwell w/ personal protection interwoven & very natural.  Maybe a “dancing w/the stars”-type couple with sidearms. Soccer ref w/shoulder holster….scenes we see every day in life & in the media, only armed….and polite. 

  • Anonymous

    Those of us that know the truth realize that law abiding gun owners are aware of the responsibilities and potentially deadly ramifications of the weapons we own and carry. I don’t want this to sound or look like a bumper sticker (Today 100,000,000 law abiding gun owners killed no one)  but I when I see the anchor on the evening news reporting on another shooting I always wonder these questions: where is the gun? did it have serial numbers on it? how did the shooter get that gun? was it stolen? and so on. That information, while not always available immediately, is just as much a part of the story as the who, what, where and when. The NRA has “The Armed Citizen” which is reports of citizens defending themselves. I would like to see an ad that makes it clear that most guns that are used in crimes are obtained illegally and will make people realize that the laws that are already in effect are not being enforced or are not effective in stopping criminals from getting their hands on guns. While I realize that no law could possibly stop criminals from getting guns every time it would be a lot more difficult if the current laws were being more stringently enforced. I would also like to see the NRA post information similar to the “Armed Citizen” regarding the weapons that are used in crimes; ie on such n such date at this or that location so n so, a 3 time felon did this or that with a gun that had no serial numbers on it. I would also like to see an ad like the one that is on TV here in Maine which depicts a private gun owner selling his weapon in the classifieds taking the prospective buyer to a dealer to have the ATF background check done, something I have done before.

    The Constitution is not an instrument of the government to restrain the people it is an instrument of the people to restrain the government     Patrick Henry  

  • Dianne Becker

    Patrick Henry, a perfect definition of the Constitution!

  • Anonymous

    The government says you have a right to a cell phone, a right to a TV, a right to computers and pays for it – we have the right to bear arms so why won’t the government pay for those weapons and classes to train everyone to responsibly protect their families and homes? Knowledge and guns are power!

  • Pat Stark-Waltamath

    Boston Marathon killers did not use guns did they?  On 911 they did not use guns, did they. The old saying, “Guns don’t kill people, people do,” is so true. I was on a jury one time where a 16 year old bought an Uzi for $25.00. Do you think he was going to register that? Tougher laws on killers is the way to go.

  • Chris Jacobs

    High Res File Available by Request.
    ©chrisjacobsphotography, Inc.

  • Chasadyah Martinez

    Perhaps a graduated timeline story with a read over of Pastor Marcus Niemollers famous speech, ‘First they came for’ along with the story told by a Holocaust survivor of how his father kept telling him that things couldn’t get any worse and the last thing he heard from his father as he was a loader of the trains to Auschwitz and loaded his own father onto the train, was ‘Things can’t possibly get any worse’ Perhaps a graduated line showing how that regime and this regime are following the same time table, punctuated by the older story and a more modern version of the fathers of each timeline saying, ‘It couldn’t possibly get any worse’ the Pastors sermon would come as the pictures roll of each and be punctuated by the fathers’ question, the end question being, ‘Can it get any worse than this?’ Or instead of the Nazis perhaps stories of the founders prepping for the revolution punctuated with the sermon heard round the world and the underlying question of ‘When have we had enough?’

  • Anonymous

    Police officer takes notes as he interviews elderly lady. Crime scene: her home with broken door. Overlay words similar to: Ski mask – $5.99. Crowbar – $12.37. Handgun to save your life – Priceless.

  • Anonymous

    Pray you don’t have to use it.
    (Image of gun in safe on night stand beside Bible)
    But if you do, thank God you prepared.

  • Sharon Curran

    Home being invaded with a mother and small child looking scared. The mother is holding a gun pointing it at the criminal. Then caption is ” Guns are used 2.5 million times a year to save lives”
    Keep the right to protect your family From Sharon Curran Paso Robles CA

  • Sharon Curran

    Home being invaded with a mother and small child looking scared. The mother is holding a gun pointing it at the criminal. Then caption is ” Guns are used 2.5 million times a year to save lives”
    Keep the right to protect your family
     From Sharon Curran Paso Robles CA

  • Craig Crockett

    i just heard an intelligent young mom tell me (as we played with water
    guns) “dont do that, shes gonna end up shooting up some school”.   i
    believe that showing an ad of some liberal promoting gun bans,,, being
    interupted by a shot in the face from a water gun held by a laughing
    perfectly innocent young girl,,, would be funny, and would show america
    that all that crap they are talking,,, is just restricting us from what
    is truly important to us.   just a thought

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