Off The Record with Sean Hannity

Over the last several months, Glenn has emphasized the importance of bringing together individuals who share the same goals and unifying principles so that we can learn from one another. is working to fulfill that goal by sitting down with some of the most interesting minds to give you an inside look at who they are and what they are working on.

We begin our series with conservative radio and TV personality Sean Hannity, who spoke with assistant editor Meg Storm about the “most anti-capitalist thing” he’s ever said, what he really thinks of the GOP (HINT: They are “timid” and “weak”), and what he has planned for 2014.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Thank you so much for hopping on a call with us! We are running a new interview series in the Glenn Beck Newsletter that features interesting people –-

So you want me to give you a list!?

You actually make the list!

Oh, okay.

So I heard you have had some odd jobs over the years…

You know, I have. It’s actually the best thing that’s ever happened to me that I’ve done all these crazy jobs. I have a pretty strong blue-collar background.

I had my first job when I was 8 years old. It was a paper route. You had to be 12 to have the paper route, so we put it in my older sister’s name instead. I never liked it because I hated collecting, which probably is the most anti-capitalist thing I’ve ever said because that’s when you get paid and get your tips. But that was the hard part of the job.

When I was 12 years old, I got a job washing dishes in a place in West Hempstead, Long Island called the Norwood Inn. It was a pretty busy pub restaurant, and I would go there on Friday nights after school. They didn’t clean one thing all week long, so there were piles and piles. It was hard work. We would work until 2 o’clock in the morning. And this was kind of illegal, but we would then get a St. Pauli Girl beer and go home.

A year later, when I was 13, the chef walked out one Thanksgiving, and the owner threw me the apron and said, “You’re in.” I got promoted to be a short order cook. I still love to cook. I cook shrimp scampi, lobster tails, steak, fettuccini.

Then I worked as a busboy at the Merry Pedlar in Floral Park. On my 17th birthday they let me be a bartender, so I tended bar there and at Salisbury on the Green in Eisenhower Park. It was like a wedding factory. They would have five weddings on Friday, five in the afternoon on Saturday, five Saturday night, five Sunday mid-day, five Sunday night. I would work all those weddings, and I made a fortune. It was great.

I was paying for my own college, so all that money I made all those years went to the first year of college. One year I went to Adelphi. One year I went to New York University. Then I got into construction. I started painting houses. I did a small apprenticeship for a builder. And then I went to building school – actual college to learn how to be a contractor. I did everything in contracting you can imagine. I kind of specialized in finish work because I have a good eye.

It’s funny because my kids know me for radio and TV. My daughter recently said she wanted to paint her room. And I said I would do it, but everyone in my family is rolling their eyes like I can’t do it. One day about a month ago, I went out and bought all the materials, and two hours later, it was done perfectly. They are like, “How did you do this?” And I was like, “I used to do it for a living! What are you guys talking about?” They just didn’t know it that way. It was pretty funny.

The one constant – and this kind of ties into how I got into radio – is since I was a teenager I was listening to talk radio everyday. I would be on ladders, and I started calling talk radio shows. And I guess that is what kind of led me into talk radio in 1986 or ‘87 out in California.

Did you ever think you would end up in radio?

No, I had no intention of getting into journalism or news. I had a double major in college of economics and political science. I was really interested in politics and really interested in radio. My parents never came in and said, “Turn off the TV.” They said, “Shut that stupid radio off.”

In California was when the radio stuff started. At that point, I had built a pretty good business in Rhode Island doing rehab and finish work. There was this Rhode Island tech college that I went to, and the whole point was that I wanted to build houses. On one hand, I made a lot of money and had some pretty big contracts. I did pretty well, but it wasn’t my passion in life.

Like the Glenn Beck Radio Program, the Sean Hannity Show premiered nationally just before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

My show began day the before September 11 – September 10, 2001. It’s kind of hard because I can never say, “This is my anniversary.” It’s just not what we expected.

What was it like to be on air that day?

We couldn’t get into Manhattan to do the show that day. We ended up going to WLIR in Garden City, Long Island. It was amazing because I think they were able to wire in and get four other radio stations on the air at the same time. The amazing thing was you would walk in the halls and there were wires everywhere, but everyone got on the air and everyone got listened to that day. It was amazing.

Glenn talks about how much that experience changed his outlook. Do you feel the same way?

It changed my life in this way: I really think the world needs to understand radical Islamists. I think in the year 2014 we have let out guard down. There was a story in the Daily Caller late last week about how people with limited terrorist ties can still get into the country – as long as they’re ‘limited’. When you think of it – the people that did it that day are still at war with us, and they are still plotting and would like nothing better than to hit us again.

You also have your nightly program on Fox News. Do you prefer one medium to the other?

It’s not a preference. I love doing it all. I feel lucky to be doing it all. I’ve been at Fox since the beginning. They are really just great to me. I enjoy doing the show every night. We have fun; we talk about serious topics; we cover the issues. I am very fortunate to have the platform.

Are there differences between the way you cover a topic on radio versus the way you cover it on TV?

On TV you are always running out of time. What’s great is I go through this cathartic experience where I have gotten everything I want to say out – and more importantly, I fine-tune my argument on radio. After I go through a 20-minute monologue, I can reduce it to a specific question. And it actually really helps. It is really preparation in a way. They fit together perfectly.

You can do things on TV you can’t do on radio – make a face, shake my head, use a video. All of that helps you make your points versus explaining everything. Radio is the theater of the mind.

Between your radio and television programs and prepping for the two, what is a typical day like for you?

Today is probably pretty typical. I got up around 7am to say goodbye to kids before they head off to school. I like to start slow, and I don’t like to start with email right away. I usually start with headlines. I get early delivery of the New York Post, Daily News, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. I don’t get the New York Times anymore – I can’t stand it.

Then I move to the Internet and start answering email. I begin meetings with radio and TV – usually have a few email exchanges before we get to the actual meeting part, which is somewhere between 9 and 10 o’clock. If I have interviews that morning, I will do those. I get into hard prep after that.

I have an hour’s ride in, so I usually read and answer emails, and then I usually like to do some writing. I don’t write anything script-wise, but I like notes. I have files – a security file, an ‘other’ file. I do this news and information overload hour on radio, and it’s just to bring up topics that maybe aren’t the top stories of the day. And then I go for the top story of the day.

Once I finish radio, I do TV. Then I get home, hang out until my kids go to sleep, and I start all over again in bed with my iPad.

In the wake of Andrew Cuomo’s comments about ‘extreme conservatives’ in New York, you were vocal about your willingness to leave the state. I know Glenn would love to have you in Texas. Are you still considering a move?

The way the media played it, they said, “Oh look, he is not really leaving because he is not gone tomorrow.” I don’t know what universe they live in. The idea that I have well over 100 people on radio and TV that count on me for jobs – they have mortgages to pay, and kids in college, and car payments, and apartments. The idea that I am just going to say, “See ya” and walk away from people – I am not an irresponsible person. Number one.

Number two: I have contractual obligations that take me well through the 2016 elections. It doesn’t mean I am leaving radio or TV either. It’s just my wife and I have decided we want to leave New York. High taxes is one of the reasons. I also feel the government just takes and takes and takes too much money.

Apparently other people think so too because New York was the number one state people left in the last census – 3.5 million people left the state. New Jersey lost $70 billion worth in wealth leaving the state in a 4-year period. Liberals have destroyed the state. I don’t know if it can be fixed. It probably could, if the right person was in office. But I think people have been so conditioned to get government stuff, I am not sure if that battle can be won anymore.

Are you looking anyplace in particular?

When my son graduates high school, yeah, we are looking at Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee. My wife is originally from Alabama. States like that. I have to say, Florida and Texas are the leading two candidates in my mind.

Glenn is open about how fed up he is with the establishment GOP and what he describes as the progressive element of the Republican Party —

Me too.

Do you have similar frustrations?

I am fed up too. There is a group of about 40 conservatives that are in the Republican Party that are fed up with us, but that’s it. I would argue they are timid. They are weak. They are too focused on their own power, their own reelections. They are uninspiring, and they don’t have an agenda that is going to help solve this country’s problems.

This morning, I woke up to the news that Republicans are going to leave open the debt ceiling. They do not want to fight on the debt ceiling debate. They originally were going to fight on the issue of the Keystone Pipeline or bailing out Obamacare, and now they are going to leave the debt ceiling open until March 2015. So it is no longer $17 trillion in debt. It is whatever this President decides until then.

To me, if they want to be the party of limited government. They have to fight to be the party of limited government. What they need to say is: We are the party that is going to stop robbing from our children. I have put a list of these things on my website. It is called the Conservative Solutions Caucus 2014. What is wrong with the penny plan, baseline budgeting, having a balanced budget amendment, and explaining to people you don’t want to steal from your children anymore? It seems like common sense.

Editor’s Note: You can learn more about the Conservative Solutions Caucus 2014 HERE.

Switching topics a bit, you broadcasted your radio show from TheBlaze’s New York studios last fall.

I miss my Liberty Treehouse friends!

They miss you too! I know I speak on behalf of all TheBlaze staff when I say thank you for the delicious pizza lunches. The way to our hearts is definitely through our stomachs.

I have learned that is a very common trait in radio and TV. It was just my way of saying thanks.

How was it broadcasting at TheBlaze?

Glenn was very gracious. He not only gave me the studio, while they were rebuilding mine, but he gave me his office with a view of the Empire State Building. I just got to know everybody there. I saw some old friends, made some new friends, and everybody couldn’t have been more gracious to me.

You obviously have a very busy schedule, but do you have anything you like to do in your free time?

I try to shut down as much as I can over the weekend. My kids play in a lot of national tennis tournaments, so we are traveling all over the place. When you enter the tennis world, it is a total escape.

I am not a big golfer, but I will play occasionally. I play a lot of tennis. And I try to work out as much as I can. Running and the elliptical – stuff like that.

I like to go to concerts. I love country music. I saw Florida Georgia Line recently. Brad Paisley is playing at Nassau Coliseum this week, so I might go out and try to see him.

Is there anything people would be surprised to learn about you?

Yes, but I won’t tell you.


Just kidding!

Most of my private life is pretty boring. I like to read. I don’t have enough time though. I am just doing typical dad stuff.

I like to be private. I never go to dinners. I never go to Washington. I never do anything like that. I prefer anonymity. It’s silly, considering the profession I am in, but if you see me, I am going to be in sweatpants or jeans, a t-shirt, baseball hat, and glasses. By the way, I have worn that since I was little. Same outfit. Same shirt even – if I can save it, I save it.

Do you have any big plans for 2014?

I am just looking for the best people, the best candidates I can support. I don’t like that Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee are sort of outcasts within their own party. So I am looking for other people like that, and if they show up, hopefully we can get them elected.

Okay, I am going to ask you a few ‘lightening round’ questions, so one word answers will do.

Go for it.

What’s your favorite book?

Well, I have to say the Bible because that’s the one I read the most. That is your roadmap for life.

What’s your favorite movie?

Okay, it is a tie: Gladiator, Brave Heart, and the Passion of the Christ.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Hannity on the Fox News Channel at 10pm ET. Just kidding. I love sports and Duck Dynasty. I am a big Duck Dynasty fan.

What’s your favorite food?


What’s your favorite place to visit?

Anyplace warm

Who is your favorite artist?

I would have to say Garth because he got me into country music. I am a big Garth Brooks fan.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us!


Hannity airs weeknights at 10pm ET on the Fox News Channel.

  • wordcreator

    Hannity is the only program I watch on Fox. So glad that he and Glenn are standing together in trying to take back our country.

    • Take 2


    • KJinAZ

      Megan Kelly is much easier to look at, and does a better show.

      They all tow the corporate line though.

      • Anonymous

        Just a word for Mrs Kelly. Good looking , smart, feisty, educated best eye candy in the news business. Please ,don’t hold that against her. If your old man wont defend you there are a lot of us guys that will ,just say’n.

      • MormonYoYoMan

        Why does KJin think “They All” are pulling some corporate line somewhere?

      • Sinsonta

        Although I like Megan Kelly, I have to say that I love the courage of Hannity. He has spoken the truth about the GOP Establishment and for some reason Megan can not say that openly like Hannity.

        • Watch it

          I tried to respond to your comment, but for some strange reason my post is ” waiting to be approved by Glenn Beck.”
          I find that odd since he stopped providing a comments section on new material. He must have an automatic filter on.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    What I like most about Sean Hannity is that he doesn’t back down to anyone or anything…the Establishment GOP or Liberals. My favorite Hannity guest is David Webb. He has become my new hero next to Dr. Benjamin Carson.

    • Anonymous

      Love Hannity for the same reasons. I get almost “giddy” when David Webb is on any show! He is so smart & has more common sense in his pinky than most do in their entire bodies! I like Dr. Carson & also Lt. Col. West. I wish any one of those 3 had been our first REAL black president!

      • Jayne Nielsen

        Liberal Blacks couldn’t handle Dr. Carson, Lt. Col. West, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, or even David Webb, Deneen Borelli, or Condoleezza Rice because they would “force” them off the plantations they (the Liberal Blacks) enjoy staying on!

    • Crassus

      For years, Hannity did nothing but lick the boots of the GOP establishment. He had Karl Rove on his show so many times it should have been re-named “Hannity and Rove.” Finally, after the 2012 electoral debacle, Hannity had his come to Jesus moment and figured out that the Republican establishment was no good. Welcome to the party, Sean. It only took you 15 years to get here.

      • Jayne Nielsen

        That MAY BE the case, Crassus, but in defense of Sean Hannity I also believed in the Establishment GOP thinking they were standing firm to the traditional values this country was founded on. But in the last few years I realized and saw they (Boehner, McCain, McConnell, etc) have gotten so cemented in their Establishment ways they can’t move forward. So now it’s time for us to move the Good ‘ol Boys out and take back what has been stolen from us by the Liberal Loons because of limp wristed POLITICIANS. These guys (Boehner, McCain, McConnell, etc) are not fighting to take back America. They’re fighting to keep their jobs. Look at what Boehner just voted for…to raise the debt ceiling. Obviously Boehner’s word is just as trustworthy as Obama’s.

  • The Reader

    I have done two interviews with Sean Hannity-I must say he and his staff are the nicest people and they really are interested in what a person has to say. G-d Bless him.

  • Anonymous

    The GOP Leadership is a total disgrace. I’m happy to see that Sean decided to put them in evidence. Another Patriot united in a common goal, to save America.

    • Anonymous

      I just wish Rush would come out in the open and join with guys he says are his good friends. It’s long past time for “professional considerations” to come ahead of presenting a united front, especially in light of what has come into our attention about “monitors” in the newsrooms this week.

      • Anonymous

        I believe that Rush take their mask every day during his show and call them exactly by what they are. However, It will be a good leader to present a common and united front with us but, for that we need to organize and ask all of them. Dr M L King March, he didn’t to along. He made a chain of patriots and he put himself in the middle. That is what we need. Then, all in one march for Freedom.

        • landofaahs

          Marches will make no difference. They only work with people of conscience and integrity. Sadly, that leaves all democrats out. But go ahead and walk your legs off if you like. I am sick of the Ho and only want a divorce from the adulterers.

      • Crassus

        Never gonna happen. Rush is too self-centered to ever join with anyone else.

        • landofaahs

          No. Rush has his own tactics and style. He’s not part of the right wing collective but the individual.

    • melissa


  • Anonymous

    RINOs are the enemy of the Republican Party!

  • Anonymous

    The basic proposition of the Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives is to balance the Federal Budget, reducing the size of government, and quit robbing our children by borrowing and spending. For standing strong on this they are castigated by establishment democrats and republican alike (all of whom are Statists who believe in redistribution of wealth to some degree). They want loyalty going one way– to them.

    • mspatdev

      There is some people that are very good in both of the Senate and House. What we need to do get rid of the demo’s in Nov. so obammy doesn’t ruin this country more. Because he will do more damage then what he has done. Then we can take care of the other people in the GOP that aren’t doing their jobs.

      • Anonymous

        If I thought that the establishment republicans would take the necessary actions without regard to “fear of being criticized by the media” I would whole heartily support them. I believe they are more interested in keeping power for themselves. Evidence of this is the lack of a strong prosecution of the IRS scandal regarding the Tea Party groups seeking the same tax status which “Media Matters” on the left has. In the last election you had a popular establishment governor of NJ, Chris Christy, fail to support and campaign for conservatives. The governorship of Virginia was winnable and he stood idly by and didn’t help. There is an unwritten rule in the republican establishment. Support us and shut up. How do they treat Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. I agree we need to win. Bold colors are needed, not bland pastels. We need to articulate a simple message: “Stop Robbing from our children”. Vote for us– we need to a balanced budget amendment to protect our children.

        • mspatdev

          That is so true. I think the problem with Christy and the bridge is because of obammy and his crooks. Too bad that the No. East weather had to mess up N.J. before the 2012 elections, but then it showed who Christy was really for obammy. You can be friends with obammy as long as you don’t show him up. obammy only went to N.Y. and N.J. during the flood and the weather was for A PHOTO-OPT FOR THE ALMIGHTY VOTE.

          • Anonymous

            Well, it didn’t really show that, it showed that Christie is all about having friends in high places because the sad truth is that the states can no longer handle the financial distress that an event like Katrina puts on them, and are every bit as dependent upon federal funds as is the most unemployable lout on indeterminate length unemployment.

          • mspatdev

            I agree, but he didn’t need to google all over obammy. obammy was making a lot of fun over that Christie was his and he would win the election. It was a bad time for Katrina’s flooding mess to happen.

          • Anonymous

            But, Christy did not have to kiss up to this president. In my eyes he lost face when he did that.

    • Anonymous

      I would say even more basic than that, the Tea Party mantra would be: “Hey, Federal Government, you have to obey the laws that govern you the same way the rest of us have to obey the laws that govern us.” And we should be trumpeting this every chance we get, because without the Fed-Gov obeying its charter, we don’t have the Republic. And the Republic, the idea of individual liberty and state sovereignty with consent to have a uniting central government that obeys the limitations placed on it, is ALL that has kept this land from becoming a totalitarian dictatorship.

      • Anonymous

        How much longer, I ask, with this administration in power?

      • Anonymous

        I believe a really good start is petitioning/passing legislation that ANY politician MUST be accountable to any and all laws that they pass, just as the ordinary citizens are.
        I would also like to see a thorough investigation into the financial dealings of ALL those in political office.
        I believe Dianne Feinstein and her Billionaire husband would be one of the first to fall, with Pelosi and Harry Reed closely following.

    • Anonymous

      But, hopefully not on the back of our military or the retired people. Cutting the military or taking away their benefits is weakening our nation, because those young men and women need our support. They are on the front lines to defend our nation The old have worked hard all their lives so that our nation may prosper and paid their taxes They should not be discarded into poverty. Why not take care of our own before we waste money on foreign aid, cut the pork, and get rid of waste and fraught. We have to reverse course, no more free stuff to those who are just wanting a hand-out instead of a hand-up!

  • isis5551

    Nice interview. Hope you’ll do one with Mark Levin soon. I watch Hannity, but have one problem with him. I do not think he is that personable. Lacking a bit in the “manners” department. If you watch him when he’s done with an interview, he turns his back, or sideways to his guest, and is only interested in throwing that darned football. Sometimes I think he should have been an athlete or a radio announcer for sports. And sometimes I think he can be downright rude. Dick Morris is NOT the enemy. However, he should be taking a much closer look at Karl Rove. He’s a snake.
    Gee….other than that, glad your all becoming friendlier and realizing that together, Beck, Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh make the best team on radio or the internet or tv. ~Best of luck to all of you~

  • Walter Flatt

    I wish someone would tell the fact about being able to get a birth certificate in Hawaii after living their for 2 years. Good way for the Radicals to get into this country. Or one to be made President.

    • mspatdev

      obammy wasn’t born in Hawaii. His grandparents tried all kinds of ways to have his birth certificate registered, but they wouldn’t. Remember the 7 seater airplane that went down in Hawaii, there was only one person that was killed or died. She would not have obammy’s birth certificate registered.

      • Finch

        If you really believe that, you’re what a Brit would call “a mental
        case”. Have a nice day!

    • Anonymous

      the players in this battle of words, ideas,[ideology] are formidable. They will defend their own to the bitter end until they can quietly knock the mud off their boots and wait for the opportune time to sweep the dirt out the side door….. then they just wait a decade [a few years]wash them white as snow, little paint & spackle; the new and humble “person x” – here to help! So what if they made a little mistake of geography, come on…. just forgive him, what’s the big deal, we don’t think its a big deal?! This is the mentality with no one holding their feet to the fire.
      This is the tolerant & normed Progressive system of product extension.

  • believe

    Congratulation , Now we have so far 2 smart men that respect the truth, not a popular word in DC .
    Good luck on your move. I am happy for you as I was for Glenn.
    Now things will get real again.

  • mspatdev

    I have tired to listen to Glenn Beck and Hannity. I enjoy their being honest and wholesome. Sometimes I get upset with Hannnity’s guest, but then he is giving two points of view. I am thankful the both of them. They are like my fresh aire in the the truth of this nation. I have agreed with them both as I have the same view, but I also search out on other view points. Thank-you to both of you.

    • Anonymous

      It’s all part of Fox’s “fair and balanced” BS. I don’t want fair and balanced! I want the TRUTH. That is what sets us free, not fair, not balanced. Fox is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    You people that are condeming the Republicans as not conservative or RINOs, you are either dems or not thinking because you are doing harm to the Republican party. We need Republicans to be elected in order to do the things you want Republicans to do and all of this belitting and calling names is harming the party and dems will continue to be elected.

    • Anonymous

      I have a 2 & 1/2 acre Pre Ocean Front property available for only 5.5 million dollars. . . . . . . Interested ?

      Probably no more interested than WE are in continuing to elect Republicans who cower when confronted and sell us out at every turn. But folks like you probably don’t mind being CONNED over and over again by the same old politicians with their same old B/S.

      Please, please, please . . . . wise up . . . . or as history has shown time and again the day will be upon us all to Rise-up and throw off the shackles of tyranny ! A simple viewing of current world news, History-in-the-making, of people around the world doing just that, should prompt you to comprehend what is right in front of your own eyes. Keep in mind that when a ostrich sticks his/her head in the sand it is their back-side that becomes the vulnerable target.

      • Anonymous

        You are the one with his head in the sand, by dividing and fighting in the party is making sure that dems keep getting elected, you think that not compromising is a noble feat, that is absolute bull. Our founding fathers knew that you had to compromise in order to have progress and to keep our country together. By all of this infighting we lost the last election, tell me what did all of your craping about RINOs and real conservatives get you.

        • Anonymous

          The continual compromising with evil makes one evil bit by bit. Although, you can always claim you’re NOT-AS-EVIL as the guys you compromised with, if that make you feel better, but acceptance of evil will Never defeat it.
          But you go right ahead and feel free to consume what they’re shoveling while you justify you beliefs with the delusions promoted by those who take you for granted .

          BTW our founding fathers were smart enough to divide power three ways because they knew ithat was the best way to minimize the speed and spread of corruption while simultaneously serving the people. That’s why they envisioned small Govt. with limited power/reach. As long as money was scarce, sharing three (figuratively speaking)ways wasn’t viable and the Odd-Men-Out would always resent and obstruct the corruption which didn’t benefit them adequately. Hence the members of the House of Representatives were appointed to control the country’s purse strings as they had the greatest number of members with which to split the loot. The creation of Fiat currency and an uncontrolled Central Bank, a.k.a. Federal Reserve, changed all that.
          That’s how the unintended consequences of compromise keep mankind repeating history and why empires rise, become corrupt, and eventually fail time and time again.

          • Take 2

            Sure, God made both good and evil for Gods own good purpose. The problem is when the Executive Branch is Progressive – Communist dictator and Full House of Congress heads are both of same taken over Party i.e. Life Time Taxation – massive Unemployment – followed by War and rise in handouts to control future voting. The purse is spent like mad men and each time the GOP is voted back in to trickle down booming home sales – jobs – and then Bush II and 9-11 with a Progressive VP = Phoney Mr. Barry Dunham or Davis gets in for basically for 8 years unchecked – vetting discarded over race and a free ride to transformation occurs out of sequence.

        • Anonymous

          Go tell that to the RINOs leading the Republican Party! I would rather lose standing on our principles than win compromising them.

      • Anonymous

        But, I believe kinabru is right. We should voice our opinion but if we split the party the DEMS will win and that will be the death of the Republic for sure. The Republican party needs new blood, young people with new ideas and new voices. It has nothing to do with being an ostrich but everything with having the eagle of freedom soar once
        more. Just because its wings had been clipped, the eagle is not dead.

      • Take 2

        I’m a global humanitarian? In 99% Islamist zones? Surrounded and attacked – possible kidnapped – Russia to Africa – Europe to Mexico Medical clinics and hospital systems? I have traveled the entire WW II path of destruction? I totally support the new age of Politician that is of the Party of George Washington.

        Send me the details on your 2.60 acres of Ocean Front! I have experience in selling high end properties.

  • Anonymous

    I like Mr. Hannity…. good, even-keeled guy….. Florida…. nah….. Texas, TEXAS!!
    Keep up the fight Sean…. and keep looking up!!

  • Anonymous

    So now we know why the radical Islamists chose to hit New York: they were trying to get Glenn and Sean! Of course, they couldn’t figure out which building their two infidel enemies were broadcasting from so they went for the biggest one in hopes that they would get lucky. Sean is right on when he says that a lot of us are fed up with the “politics as usual” bunch that runs the Republican Party. I left the party last year and I doubt that i will return.

    • Take 2

      I vote for the lessor of two evils and Pray to God that the other two Main branch heads are not Communist – Islamist and or some hidden goths i.e. shadow party inbred.

  • Take 2

    No Brown Vote if not for Rush Glenn Sean supporting Tea Vote etc., Obama gets Jobs bill past with his own personal (so called) fully funded infrustructure bank & (as did Hitler) – sends Congreess home for good. Thank God for Brave Men…!

    GOP needs to make the 2/3 DNC vote to remove under God VERY CLEAR…!

    • mtman2

      Don’t forget the brave women -Greta, Ann, Michelle-B, Sarah, Michelle-M, Rose, Laura, Dineen, Dana-P, Kim, Andrea, Brigitte, Dana-L, Lila, + many more -all the time.

      • Take 2

        Agreed (note etc.,)

  • Bonnie Somer

    Sean, Glenn, Rush and the rest come out and give speeches at events but need to join w/us in DC on may 16th and get their hands dirty I am sure they have worked hard and that is great today that is demonized by the msm and liberal Dem marxists. Dr Carson, Allen West they r ones who can reach out to the black community and Rand Paul did just that we need that. They r ostricized b/c they know the right thing not just the samethings. WE THE PEOPLE are fed up and ready to pounce and tell DC CUT THE CRAP AND LISTEN . THE TIME IS NEAR I ALSO LIKE M SAVAGE HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS

    • Crassus

      Rush, Sean, and Glenn will be too busy playing golf that day to actually join with the people. The same goes for Savage.

  • Anonymous


  • landofaahs

    Head banger interviews wall banger.

  • livefreeordie

    Please come to Texas!

  • Anonymous

    I love Sean Hannity. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2004 in NYC when I was a delegate to the Republican National Convention. Because of mutual friends, I was able to go to the Fox studio and watch Hannity and Colmes on the air in the studio. Sean is as gracious in person as he seems to be on the radio and TV. He is a blessing to our side.

  • Steve Leonard

    THE BLITZ IS ON, GET EDUCATED!! #CBD sponsor # 9296659

  • Anonymous

    im glad to see Hannity accepting Glenn! Now I wish They Would Bring On Fox–Aaron Klein!

  • bucketnutz

    Ask Bob Beckle about Sean Hannity and his humanity. Bob has said any time that Sean has helped him and that he is a great friend. If that isn’t the lion and the lamb story, nothing is.

  • Anonymous

    great article. thats the difference between republicans and demoncrats, republicans work hard and demoncrats rely on celebrity for their cash

  • raybbr

    LOL Hannity pass up a chance to talk about himself? Not a shot….

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