A Christmas Message from Glenn

It’s hard to believe that we are only a few days away from Christmas. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s starting to become unrecognizable. As I spent my last few days in New York City I saw the streets lined with shoppers at all hours of the day. A few weeks ago I saw people fighting over waffle makers and toasters. It seems like people are more focused on “me” and “mine” rather than on the true meaning of the season.

Whether or not you believe there is a “War on Christmas”, you can’t deny that the real meaning of December 25th is being forgotten. Atheist billboards are replacing nativity scenes and our President is lighting a Menorah as just an excuse for a “good party”. I’m sorry, but if you’re lighting a candle just because it’s that time of year then you are missing the point – that miracles can happen and that God is here to light the way in the darkness.

If you are celebrating next to a “Holiday Tree” and all you care about is shopping and presents then you are missing the transformative nature of Christmas. It’s an idea that is repeated in every story this time of year from A Christmas Carol to Miracle on 34th Street – the idea that we can believe in powers greater than ourselves and we can be fundamentally transformed. The themes of redemption, selflessness and transformation go all the way back to The Bible with the birth of a baby in a manger in Bethlehem.

With our obsession over “stuff” we are missing out on the good things in life – the gifts that don’t need to be wrapped. It’s not about waffle makers or toasters, the true power and meaning of Christmas is about doing the right thing and helping each other. And it’s not supposed to be contained to a two-week season and then forgotten. We are supposed to take these gifts with us throughout the whole year.

I hope you spend the next few days with your family and friends and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. I hope you reach out to others in need and offer a helping hand, and I hope you get to celebrate the season free from oppression, judgment, or “Holiday Trees”. And finally, I hope you find the transformative power of this miraculous season.

Laos Deo,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FUNFYH4UN2C4VRTDFNMQ2HJTYY Craig

    Surprised that no one has rattled your chain yet about the spelling of Laus Deo. God bless you Glenn for all you do. Blessings on your family, as well.
    Merry Christmas 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000185954750 Mary Sebranek Bonkoski

    Dear Mr. Beck,  I received an email from you with the above Christmas wish attached.  I must say that is the most beautiful Christmas wish I have ever read.  I wish for you and yours, the most wonderful things God has to offer.  Thank you

  • http://profiles.google.com/teresaanderson6 Teresa Anderson

    Beautiful message, Glenn.  Thank you for all you do.  Have a very Merry Christmas with your family!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Larsen/1430965420 Ron Larsen

    Thanks Glenn…Have a very Merry Christmas…

  • Anonymous
  • astds

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanuka.

    The only way to to defeat darkness is to turn on the light.  The light is love and unity.

    Happy new year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nestacal Nesta Callahan

    Have you ever been to a Catholic Church?  If you came to Montgomery, AL to a Catholic church you might get a glimpse of the Tree.  The reason for the symbolization of the tree is that it symbolizes the church.  There are many branches in a tree.  Some very Good branches and a few that need to be trimmed from the tree in order to make it perfect.  We generally have a tree at our church but underneath it is a wooden stable Mary, the mother of God, St Joseph, his foster Father, and the little manger which HE chose to be brought into this world in.  There are candles that are lit.  There are FOUR Candles which are lit one by one every week leading up to Christmas Day.  Jesus Christ is our Light in the Darkness of this world.  There are other candles in our church.  One is stationed by Tabernacle which remains always lit, because in the Tabernacle of the church is The Blessed Sacrament.  There were animals in the stable where the Christ child was born.  Even the cows knew that this was not an ordinary child!  And the shepherds brought their sheep, and the Three Wise men brought their camels along with their Gold, Frankincense and Myrre.   My father was a priest in the Mormon religion.  My mother dated my father when she was working at this store.  My mother was allowed to date but she use to always have to double date and she had to date a different person on another day of the week.  When my father started to get serious about my mama she told him that she wanted to marry a Catholic.  My father took lessons, as did his brother and they both became two of the strongest bright lights for me. 

    Have you seen it yet?  The Catholics Come Home (television commercial).  Between Dec 16 and January 8th, the Catholic Church is having a huge family reunion – an invitation to ‘come home!”  In case you missed the T.V. spots, please visit http://www.catholicscomehome.org and watch!  Join us for Mass this Advent season.  We miss you and we would love to welcome you home to the Catholic Church!  I love you Glenn and I love your wife and all of your children. 

  • Anonymous

    God will treat You as you treat Jesus!

    They had to do an emergency delivery when I had my son and when he cut me, it was several inches long, veins or artery, not sure what is down there, was cut.   They did not tie anything off or do any thing to stop the bleeding. From hemorrhaging! They kept checking me and cleaning the blood up, finally a few nurses came in and pulled on my stomach and pushed. Out flew blood clots and what little blood was left after bleeding for 3 hours. I went limp, my head tilted to the right and my spirit went out of my body. I was now looking down at my body and the team in there was trying to save my life. They were scooping up the blood clots and putting them in containers to measure, my Doctor that I had seen every month for high risk pregnancy was in the door way, next to her was the doctor that delivered my son and security was escorting him away. I could see the nurses station and the girl calling my family to tell them about what was happening. She happened to be the daughter of my mothers neighbor. The other nurses out by the desk, were talking about “that poor baby”, “what are we going to do with him?”, I could not figure out why they said that. Why is every one so upset, so worried? why is that doctor being taken away, and hey, that is my true doctor in the door way, she finally showed up. I had been in the hospital for over 24 hrs it and had been over 27 hrs since my water broke to when they finally were able to deliver my baby. I was 4 plus weeks over due and they were all scared and my own Doctor did not care, she had someone not qualified to deliver. He had never delivered a baby before. I did not know any of that till months later. I looked down at myself and said aloud; I don’t know what everyone is so worried about, I am not in pain…I am just resting. I think I am asleep. I was just watching everything that was going on and , then…I knew something was not right. The way I felt…not normal…after taking in a quick inventory ( yet I can actually see it go by, like in slow motion but not quite) of what was going on, still I had no clue, and who was all there, over 9 people in the room. I then noticed something around me….oh my..it was nothing I have ever felt or heard of before. I was not sure what this was, it was so overwhelming, so consuming in a good way. it was all around me, all over me, in side me, like in every pore in my skin. in my hair, my whole being was washed in and through all this LOVE. Peace, peace I never knew what peace really was till then. The feelings we have here on earth, not anything like I felt ever. The only Love and sorrow that could ever even be compared to what I felt, and in a tiny tiny way yet is the only thing on earth to help you to understand it… was when I had my children, the birth of my children and the loss of my father. He died from complications from a car and semi truck(flat bed) accident. My father raised me most of my life, and I love him so much! He died 21 1/2 yrs ago. but I will never forget and the sorrow I still have is overwhelming at times. Those two feelings, when you give birth and when you lose a child or a loved one, that sorrow is so consuming. That is how God’s LOVE is, His…PEACE, JOY, REST, HAPPINESS, LAUGHTER, IS JUST ON A MUCH, MUCH, MUCH GREATER scale. ALL the LOVE and PEACE that was all around me, oh, my…(I have tears running down my face right now) It was the MOST INCREDIBLE feeling I have ever had. It is nothing that one could even dream of or explain properly. The LOVE, PEACE, JOY and the REST, that we talk about and hear preachers talk about ..I got to FEEL IT!! The JOY was so over whelming, there are no words on earth to even begin to describe any of it. You could feel the LOVE, CALM, PEACE, REST AND JOY RIGHT IN THE AIR! ! In the air! It was all around me, I cry every time I think about it or talk about it. It is so awesome, and that has helped me through these past 20 yrs . The Love in the air was like when I saw those miracles where limbs grew. The AIR, had VIBRATIONS in the air. You could see the POWER OF GOD WORKING right there before my eyes! I COULD FEEL God’s LOVE IN THE AIR!! Praise God, I exalt you Jesus. Thank You Lord for being able to feel YOUR POWER, each time I think about that morning. The Doctor who took me to surgery told me there was no blood left in my body. He did not know how or why I lived, I should not have made it to the elevators. He put back in me, the full amount of blood that my body held. there was not any blood left in me. That is what I remember, and he was the Doctor to the lady next to me. He felt bad that no one was going to do anything. they were just going to let me die and they were trying to figure out what they were going to tell my family and what to do with my baby was what worried them. Had it not been for God, had I not prayed the entire labor, had ?????, there are so many what if’s. The only thing that really matter’s is God is in control and was there with me back in march of 1978. He is here with me right this minute and will be with me for each of my tomorrow’s! Praise God, The manner in which you treat Jesus, is the same in which God will treat you! Love an trust, his word!! There is POWER in EVERYTHING!!!

  • Anonymous

    As usual, you have hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head!  As one who lights REAL candles for REAL reasons, I get your point.  Jesus was, from the day of his birth until the day of his death a devout Jew who did all he could to keep G-d’s message alive in a time when so many gave only lip service and believed in killing anyone who  wouldn;’t ‘Toe the party line!”  Perhaps Jesus was the first true maverick — telling it like it is even if it meant giveing up his life for what he believed.  There are many paths to G-d and he offered a path that has survived for over 2000 years.  I have always revered Him for what he was and still is and I too celebrate his birth and morn his death along w/my Christian bretheren.  Also, I have just finished readying your “The Overton Windiw: & still shaking my head that you have so mny talents.  And this from a life-long Dem who disagrees w.you on so many issues (I did vote for Reagan, though) yet will fight to the death for you to have your opinions & give them wherever you darn please.  There is also much with which I DO agree as well.  I espeically commend you on your stand on Israel which, while not yet the perfect state, has beentrying  valiantly to become a light to the world in a part of the world that is often sio dark.  It’s people like you, Glenn, who will keep the Menorah burning for a truly besieged and valient people.  G-d bless you and yours and give nyou the merriest of Christmases and happiest of all New Years.  May your voice continue to be heard throughout the world where people appreciate someone who makes them think!  Your true fan, Mort Ginsberg

  • Anonymous

    Just an apology for the poor editing of the typos in my last posting.  Moer

  • Jerry – Tampa

    Merry Christmas, Glenn and Tonya and families.  Same goes for all Mercury One employees and your families.  May God Bless each and everyone of you.  May your holidays be filled with happiness, peace and love.  Happy New Year!  I can hardly wait until next Monday, when you return.. – Jerry, Tampa

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Glenn Beck!   And would LOVE to meet him personally … I listen to him every day if I can. I am a CNA for hospice, so I can only catch him between patients while I’m driving. I have the utmost respect for him and what he says.  I love how he boldly and openly speaks about God … he is amazing …. wish more people were like him … I love you Glenn !!!!  Joanna

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know where to go to find out a few things about the government. 
    Was it the;  Congress or Senate that “We The People” had to pay for their bounced checks? 
    Did they ever re=pay it back?  What was the final bill onthat?
    Why haven’t we put a pay freeze on our government? 
    How much have the government “borrowed from Social Security” and have they really evre paid any of it back. 
    If so, when and how much?
    What is the “Real Story” about the US Post office, is the government robbing Peter to pay Paul AGAIN? What is the real issue with the government having it’s hands in those pockets and HOW much? When did this start?
    Obama..needs to stop whinning and just put a sweater on like the rest of us!!!
    Where would one go for these things??  any one with ihfo ..please email me
    Thanks So Much!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1155231038 Michelle Pander


  • Anonymous

    a guy who whores out every product imaginable and wipes his butt with the flag. Glenn the Moneychanger

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Glenn i actually don’t wonder about how you know some of the stuff you know.  God rewards those who work hard.

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