A conversation with a man who proves ‘conservative’ is now the rebel voice

This should be a very interesting conversation with someone who is making a difference. He is plastering his art everywhere in Hollywood.

He is an artist that refuses to comply or conform.

Will you agree or disagree? Artist or vandal? Free speech or “hate speech”? Brilliant or reckless?

He is on the side of uber freedom – conservative and radical.

Not sure how much we will agree on, but I will say this: He is the first who I think really recognizes that the conservative is now the rebel voice. That we are no longer in the same game. Instead, we are now the revolutionary, and the former leftist revolutionaries are now “the man.” Just as the left has no idea how to govern, the right has no idea how to make their point to the mainstream – especially the youth.

I will be having a fascinating conversation Monday night at 5pm ET with the rebel artist SABO.

Due to his work and at his request, his face will be disguised for his protection.

Unvarnished, unapologetic, and real. Don’t miss my conversation with SABO Monday at 5pm on TheBlaze TV.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    So this guy is basically a lame Bansky wannabe? I love how Glenn exaggerates his work to make it seem like anyone actually cares about him. Banksy is way more original, influential, and important to street art.

    • BlueMN

      Beck’s war on art continues.

      • Red

        If you think that presenting someone’s artwork is a “war on art” then you have some real problems my friend.

  • Red

    Thank You Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    thank you Glenn for your Truth Which Lives Here! For To Know Truth You Know God and BHO has No Truth cuz He Has No God!

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