A wonderful Sunday morning with the family

With Cheyenne at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City

  • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

    Wow that place is so much bigger than my church. 

  • Anonymous

    “With Cheyenne at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City”

    Shouldn’t that read “With Cheyenne at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City”?

    The Choir is the folks in the gowns. the tabernacle is the building, right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=528683209 Carol Cheshire Wagner

      Yep!  The choir’s official name is The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Every Sunday morning they do a radio/tv show called Music & The Spoken Word in the Tabernacle. :) 

  • mjwcook

    It probably should have said “With Cheyenne at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast in Salt Lake City.” That would make more sense.

  • kevmo

    GB, While I can appreciate good music and magnificent buildings I can’t get with Mormonism.
    As an African-American who’s a politically and theologically conservative Christian, and I like GB. However, I CANNOT comprehend how ANY thoughtful black person can embrace Mormonism’s indisputably and insurmountably racist theology and history. Furthermore I CANNOT understand how ANYONE, black or otherwise can embrace a religion whose fantastical claims have been soundly, repeatedly and overwhelmingly discredited by legitimate scholars as an authentic Christian faith. Now back to GB. I admire your keen political investigative mind, and your ability to parse the finest nuances of a given topic, but yet remain blind as a bat to Mormonism’s incredulous, dare I say ridiculous historical and theological claims! I can see the average Mormon not “getting it”, but not you. GB, if Mormonism is your sincere heartfelt religion, then I challenge you to objectively and dispassionately examine it’s claims. If you claim to have researched Mormonism, then I’ll continue to pray for you. Most Mormon’s I’ve ever met are absolutely wonderful people, but wonderful doesn’t merit eternal life, which is only obtained through a proper biblical understanding of who Christ is, accepting his FREE gift of salvation by grace alone through faith alone. My hope is that the Mormonism erroneous practice of progressive revelation will work (like two negatives cancelling out each other) to self-correct and progressively shed itself of it’s mythological theology and error-filled teachings to one day fully embrace Christian orthodoxy and find the light and love of Christ. So, while we, Christians and Mormons do share common political and social values, we do not however, share the same theology and faith.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Mormon either. In fact, I am an American Wiccan. However, I love that Glen Beck loves his family and his faith. Faith is nothing if it doesn’t move you and fill your heart with joy and hope. America is nothing if we can’t celebrate the freedom to worship in a loving and positive way. (I only qualify because there are some religions that hurt others.)  Wiccans believe in the dualistic god-head, both mother& father/ God & Goddess, and nearly nobody is comfortable with us, but we teach preach and practice “prefect love & perfect trust. To be able to celebrate joy and love and our faith with our families is one of the many things I cherish about being an American! 

    Blessed be to you and your family, Glen Beck!

    AND blessed be to you and your family Mr. Kevmo! My prayer for you is that you love much more than you are loved, accept and forgive more in others than they accept and forgive in you, that you open your heart to peace and community, that you celebrate your faith in Christ by being more like him, and that you embody our miraculous Constitution and allow others to worship God in a way that fulfills their heart and enlightens their soul, no matter how silly it seems to you.

    Oh, and Mr Kevmo- don’t you trust God? Believe in god’s plan? Let God do God. You do “you.”

  • Anonymous

    My God, the grammar police are everywhere!  What difference does it
    make how it ‘should’ read?!  The point is “wonderful Sunday morning with
    the family”.

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