Did Dick Morris really deliberately mislead people about the potential of a Romney landslide?

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The below text is taken from Glenn’s monologue from the second hour of today’s radio show

I was wrong about the election big‑time, big‑time wrong about the election. I’m always wrong on politics. You shouldn’t listen to me on politics.  I don’t get it. Quite honestly that’s Rush’s bag, that’s Sean’s bag. I can’t tell you what to do on politics. I don’t know why. I always feel good about my predictions and they’re always wrong. And as I said last hour, I know about as much on politics as I do on salads. Not a lot. However, revolutionaries and things that are over the horizon I’m pretty darn good on. Knowing dirtbags, pretty good. I’m a trusting guy, believe it or not. I generally look for the good in people and that’s what I generally see first, the good in people. And then I’m disappointed.

I want to talk to you about the truth and if it even matters in America anymore. For a lot of people it doesn’t matter. They will say it matters but they don’t want to look into it. They’ve lost their ability to think critically and to weigh things themselves. They will just be spoon‑fed something. That’s the thing that anybody who’s ‑‑ you know, I would like to invite members of the media to go ahead and do my job for a day. You do talk radio. I don’t ‑‑ television, please. Television you sit in a big empty box by yourself surrounded by people who are producers who may agree or disagree with you but that’s pretty much it. Talk radio, you have to face the music. Talk radio you’re one on one: I’m talking to you, you’re talking to me. You call me, write me, and I have to face the music. And I have to do it for three hours a day and I have to defend myself for three hours a day. I have to talk off the top of my head. I’m not reading a TelePrompTer. I’m telling you what I think. It’s, this is the hardest job in all of media. Bar none. Quite honestly if I wanted to make my life a lot easier, I would quit radio. Because this is the hardest job. And I believe this is the hardest job not just that I do but in all of media. It’s very difficult.

And the reason why it’s difficult is because you cannot lie for three hours a day. You are who you are. And people see it. People see it. But you can lie in sound bites. But do people care about the truth? Or are we just spoon‑fed things?

For instance, do I just spoon‑feed you your opinions? If I do, please don’t ever call yourself a fan of mine. I want you to think for yourself. I want you to see what I see and then say, “Well, I agree with that or I “I disagree with that” or “I don’t know if that’s even true. That can’t be true.” And you go and you research it yourself.

When I miss, I miss honestly. Now, I want you to listen to this whole monologue because I want you to understand what I’m saying about Dick Morris. Dick Morris as you probably know, he predicted pretty much the same thing that I predicted, but he was wrong. I was wrong. But I was wrong, and I believed it.

Last night I read a story on Politico that when Morris was asked about this, he told, he told the truth about why he predicted a Romney landslide. And I read it yesterday afternoon on the way home and I was ‑‑ it was disturbing. Stu and I were on the phone immediately, look at this. Look at this. And I gave him a long list of things that I said, I have to ‑‑ we have to talk to the American people about this. Moore said according to Politico that he only predicted a landslide because he wanted to help Romney.

There was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory, and I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said… – Dick Morris

Got it?  That’s shocking.  He thought it was his duty to go out and say what he said because people didn’t believe that Romney could win.  I’m reading the story from Politico and I cannot believe it.  He just wanted to help Romney?  It’s one thing to be wrong.  It’s another thing to knowingly lie to your audience.  It’s another thing ‑‑ that is the opposite of TheBlaze.  The truth has no agenda.  I thought it was my duty to say these things.  Stay with me to the end of this monologue.

Now this is not the first time that I’ve seen major media figures admit that they will not tell the truth to their own audiences. I was told by a very well known and respected financial expert that he would not talk to me about financial collapse because, quote, it would make it more likely, even though he believed much of the stuff that I said was going to happen, he said we had a responsibility to never have that conversation on the air. I said, well, what happens if it does? You’re telling people that it’s okay, that everything’s going to be all right, they won’t be prepared. “Yes, but if we have that conversation, because we have credibility, then it’s more likely that it will happen.” Well, what are you talking about? Are you preparing? Are you bat nipping down the hatches? Are you being more cautious? Well, of course. Oh, but you want to go on the air and tell everybody, don’t worry. We’ve seen this before.

I had another executive tell me that despite the fact that we all knew that what I was saying was true, quote: We have a responsibility to not tell the American people the truth. A responsibility to not tell the truth? Man, I’m ‑‑ I’m sorry. I seem to recall, I was told by somebody else that I have a responsibility to not lie. How was that worded to me? I think it was ‑‑ oh, yeah. Quote: Thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not lie. I don’t care how big of an executive you are. I can guarantee the guy who wrote those ten safety tips has a bigger title than you do. Another big media mogul said to me, “Glenn, please. Let’s stop playing this game. We both love the Constitution but we both know that sometimes you have to do what you have to do, end quote. No. What you have to do at all times is tell the truth. Trust your audience. Trust the American people to have some intelligence. Stop treating them like imbiciles because you’re creating imbiciles. And loving the Constitution means always working to strengthen and honor the Constitution. Look, we all honor our marriage certificate, but sometimes guys do what they have to do. It strengthens the marriage.” No, it doesn’t.

So when I’m ‑‑ I’m thinking about all these things when I’m first reading the Politico. The latest example from Dick Morris, I read that quote and I thought to myself, “We’re all wrong sometimes,” and I can handle him being wrong. But what he’s telling me here is that he knowingly lied to make me feel better and to help Romney. Thank God this guy’s not an oncologist. We’d all be dead of cancer. We cannot tolerate this anymore. We must be able to trust the news, which brings me to my last point. Where I really stand on Dick Morris.

Again, here’s the clip from Politico that we played a minute ago.

There was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory.  And I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said. 

That’s what the Politico ran.  But listen to what the Politico didn’t run immediately before and immediately after when we started to do our homework, we didn’t take it from the Politico, just like you shouldn’t take it just from me.  You should go back and look because apparently you can’t trust anybody.  Listen to what Dick Morris actually said.

I called it as I saw it from the polling, and I did the best I could – and I also worked very hard for Romney. … I spoke about what I believed, and I think that there was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory. And I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said. And at the time that I said it, I believe I was right. – Dick Morris, full quote

And at the time I said it, I believed I was right. There is no scandal here. Dick Morris is not lying to you. Dick Morris does not need, nor probably does he want me depending him. But what Politico did is absolutely inexcusable. You didn’t have to take homework, you didn’t have to stitch three speeches together. He said it before and he said it immediately after. You had to intentionally go in and try to –  you literally razor blade everything else out. You had to go in and tightly edit to be able to make him sound like he was saying something he wasn’t saying.

Yesterday I called my business partner Chris Balfe who works for me and he runs ‑‑ he’s my Roy Disney. He’s the guy who is building the company. Walt had the ideas, but it was Roy that knew how to build the company. And I called him up and I said, how are you doing? He’s up in New York. And he said, Glenn, I’m pushing the biggest damn rock up a hill I’ve ever tried to pull ‑‑ push. I said, we’ll make it. He said, I know. What you’ve given me a task to do is you’ve said take a five‑year plan and collapse it to a one‑year plan. I don’t know how to do that, Glenn. I know we could make it in five years and we’re going to get to the end of this next year and we’re going to say, damn it, we did it again. He said, but right now it’s a heavy rock. I know. I know.

The reason why I’ve asked him to push that rock up, the reason why I’ve been asking you for your help and your tolerance and quite honestly the tolerance of talk radio stations is I believe this country is in real trouble and we’re in trouble because the truth is not being reported. It’s important. What you do every day is important. Your word is important. What you look into yourself is important.

You know there’s a lot of ‑‑ there’s a lot of program directors and a lot of people in the media and all over that think, “Oh, well, you know what? It’s entertainment and we’re here for ratings, we’re here for money.” The hell we are. The hell we are. If there isn’t a reason for us to live at this time right now, if you don’t understand what’s happening to freedom right now, if you don’t know what’s happening in our country, “Oh, well, it’s always been this way,” I’m sorry. It hasn’t been. I’m sorry. It hasn’t been. Tonight I’m going to show you how it all ends. Tonight at 5:00 on TheBlaze I’ll show you how it all ends and I’ll show it to you with history in an episode you won’t soon forget. 5:00 tonight.

We do these things because we believe in them. If you don’t, that’s fine. You can listen to us for the laughs or entertainment or whatever. That’s fine. But we believe in it. And there are too many people in this industry that don’t believe in it. They don’t care. They’re lazy, they’re jaded. I don’t know what it is. I’ll just tell you this: TheBlaze wouldn’t have half the success it’s had so far if the media didn’t hand‑deliver so many opportunities to show how easy it is to win when the truth is told. It’s not that hard. The media is destroying itself and they are destroying our country and our children’s future at the same time. You cannot exist as a free people if you cannot reason for yourself. You cannot exist as a free people if you don’t know how to critically think. You cannot exist as a free people if you have a corrupt press. You cannot. It doesn’t work.

The media is destroying itself on all fronts. It’s on fire. But that’s why this is called TheBlaze. It’s a purifying fire. Stand in the flames of the truth. It will purify. And what is real will stand. What is not will burn itself out. We’re happy to pick up the smoldering pieces and dust them off, after they’ve been purified and put them all back together. I know I’m wrong on politics. I’m not wrong on the direction of many things.

  • landofaahs

    The only reason he left the Clinton’s is because Dick is an opportunistic hack. Milk that DC cow.

    • Anonymous

      Did you not listen to Glenn’s entire video? Politico edited the piece making Morris sound like a liar. Go back and listen to the entire video. I was ready to tune off and then decided to continue…..I am glad I did! See, this is what we do; We only listen to every other word and get the message wrong. I say we, because I too am guilty of doing the same.

      • landofaahs

        I’ve heard Morris shoot off his mouth before. I no longer listen to people who BS me once. Mine is a blanket accumulative statement.

  • landofaahs

    He’s just another lying Dick.

  • landofaahs

    No no no, it was really just “Morris code”.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Our nation for the most part has gotten used to ‘hyper news’ and ‘hyper information’ in which most such snippets are summed up in 30 seconds to a minute or two at most and only half heard and understood by most people in their own hectic lives.

    Its not that people are uncaring about the truth, we have become jaded and cynical about the government and the media; who use sensationalism and have been discredited completely in their own efforts – which is why most people no longer trust them.

    Truth builds trust, one portion at a time, and with trust comes credibility and respectability. 

    Dick Morris has sold his honor, credibility and all respect down the river by refusing to tell the truth – willing and deliberately selling it out.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    A question to those in the government, media, economics and societies leaders: what do you think will be your fates when the people find out who has deceived them? 

    All people have an inherit responsibility to TELL THE TRUTH, false witness is a deliberate slaying of the truth for personal agendas. Which in the end is more important, to hold onto your integrity and tell the truth; or to lie and know eternal shame?

    So it is the old saying fulfilled: for want of knowledge the people perish.

    For those who willingly lies, and for those who know the truth and deceive the masses or follow a lie willingly, may God have mercy on your souls.

    • Kittyhane

      Watch the Video and Comment: Video: Breaking Up With The Mainstream Media

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    He is rewriting history to save his own flaming tushie; one more who sold out his integrity for the   false glory of the world.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MUSQ5FB74RSOL6LROKVW3HRX6U David Dean Jr

    This is what I told my friends back when Clinton lied.  No one cares about the truth.  It’s hard impressing the importance of truth on my children when the world around them can take it or leave it.  I only hope I can instill the personal honor and integrity in them that my parents and grandparents gave me.  Nothing is more important to me than to be known as having integrity.  Thanks for speaking to this Mr Beck.

  • Take 2

    I thought, I heard that the exit Polls indicated that the impact on Chris Christi and Sandy was a huge swing for Obama. Most ‘all’ polls had Obama down 2% to 3%… God watched over perhaps a HUGE storm for his good purpose. Can’t wait to see the Obama miscue out! Interesting part of history. good or bad.

    • Kittyhane


  • Anonymous

    Politico and the rest are worthless, propagandist, One-World-Order shill, communist scum. I do want to say about Dick Morris that in the email flier from here, the blurb says he makes incredibly wrong predictions “ALL the time..” Funny, because until this election — which everyone and their brother was wrong (fraud tends to do that to what you’re expecting…) — Dick Morris has been right on the money for the 2010 elections, until this one. He was one of, if not the only one, predicting over 60 seats gained in the House, and he sure was right on that one. I haven’t seen any other prediction he’s been “incredibly wrong” on since, again save this (stolen) one here in 2012.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AZNJZ75T6EV6G2XREUR4JR5BIM Rob

    It’s not what the truth is, but what you can get people to believe.

  • Anonymous

    Beck, Morris, Limbaugh, even Mittens, were shellshocked at last week’s election results. That’s because the conservative media juggernaut that is Fox News–the EIB network–the Blaze–are all part of an echo chamber that has little relation to reality or, dare I say it, facts. Had you all not been so afraid to step out of your bubble and actually read what legit poll analysts–not Dick Morris and Karl Rove, but the people who actually do the heavy lifting of crunching numbers and analyzing poll aggregates, etc, and who are much more worried about their professional reputations as statisticians than reelecting liberals–you would have known that by early November, before election day, Obama basically had it locked up. I know, I know, reading something like the NY Times borders on treason in certain circles, but had you let curiosity get the best of you, if only for a minute, you may have come across the fivethirtyeight blog by statistician and moneyball-basbeball-genius-type Nate Silver, which would have provided you with a date with evidence, with hard sociological and politically scientific data. But who needs data when you have Glenn Beck saying “I just feel it, folks, Romney is going to run away with it.”  

    There is no way Beck really believed Romney was going to secure 300+ votes. He was doing exactly what Morris claims not to have been doing: lying to give his audience hope. Lying to feed into the narrative. 

    You all are either fighting a losing battle, a losing war, or you’re engaged in a one-sided conflict with a mythical enemy: A socialist Muslim in the White House; Terrorist-Jihadist in the state department; puppets of the New World Order running the United Nations and coercively spreading their environmental agenda globally, etc. 

    If only the Republicans had realized how insightful Eastwood’s convention rant really was. The chair was empty. You were fighting an opponent that didn’t exist. Does not exist. 

    • Anonymous

      You are pretty much right on your analysis, however, when Glenn says “I feel it” he generally qualifies such statements by noting that it is his personal opinion, not necessarily based upon research but anticipation of future events. And this is Glenn’s genius — looking into the future, not necessarily statistically, as polls and such are wont to do, but upon an inspired “feeling” that is akin to, if not the same as, prophecy. This concept, that takes on a quasi-religious element, is precisely the thing that leads his detractors to detract so vehemently. They can’t stand anything that may smack of religion, let alone the truth from whatever quarter.

      And this quality is precisely why I look to Glenn Beck for informed opinion.

      Laus Deo

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough. But as someone who tunes into the show and checks out the website regularly, I find nothing “prophetic” in Beck’s predictive capacity. A simple grasp of recent history and current events explains Beck’s “accurate” predictions. And if you explore the websites of the even more nuttier Beck-types you’ll find many of them “predicting” many of the same things, and before Beck. Also, Beck’s prophecy reproduces the age old debate around fate-divine intervention-determinism and coincidence-radomness, etc. Beck has been wrong many more times than right, but wen he nails it, or almost nails it, it seems profound, indeed, as you say, prophetic. When he is wrong, it’s glossed over, forgiven, chalked up to the limits of human intuition, or, overlooked entirely. People pray and pray and pray for things that never happen. But when something does happen, when it appears a prayer has been answered, even if it is one in a million, people want to believe prayer works. When you think about an old friend and then they call ten minutes later. Happens to us all right? But what about all the times you thought of them, or some other old friend, and nothing happened. People tend not to register that. 
        But, Tracy, we all try to make sense of this craziness the best way we can. I respect your opinion. Cheers.  

    • Anonymous

      I don’t need radio personalities or anyone else to coerce me to believe we have a muslim sympathizing marxist as pofus. I came to this conclusion before he was elected the first time and believe he will say and do things to further substantiate that claim in this term.

      • Anonymous

        “came to this conclusion before he was elected…” I wonder where you got those ideas from. 

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/LS2PQ4BN26IQCPN6WVHHAOBU6Q ThinkBro

          HayMrkt and StanleyKo, I’m not sure how awakenTexas made their decision before the marxist was first elected, but I’ll tell you how I decided not to vote for him before he was 1st elected — I read “Dreams From My Father” and checked his Senate voting record.  He voted for partial birth abortions, which is clearly murder.  As a Black man I was excited that a brotha was running for President again (Alan Keyes had run a few years ago), but after looking into his background, did not give him my vote.  Any thinking person who looks at Obama’s record would not vote for him.  People voted for him based on either white guilt or pure racism.  It wasn’t for the good of our nation and we’re not better for him being in office.

        • Anonymous

          I came to my biased opinion on barry by doing the crazy thing of reading excerpts from his autobiography, Dreams from my father, listening to barry give his two cents on America’s founders and our US Constitution and on abortion during his first pofus campaign. I believe, after being interested in politics since my teens, that when a man is considered the most liberal senator in our history that he is actually a marxist. For, there are admitted socialists to his right on the political spectrum…liberal is code for leftist. I don’t agree with the others just to his right either, for that matter. I was in my 20’s when we suffered thru the overt socialist leaning clinton/gore admins. We saw a police state impIemented domestically b/c the media would not say anything against their 1st babyboomin, coke sniffin, pot smokin, rocknrollin, hippy come of age, feminist movement suporting, sax playing, womanizing president. A republican pres would never get away with all the crap that billy pulled. I was college-aged then but not a liberal, high taxation, big gov. supporter of social welfare programs anymore than I am now. The gov. should protect the citizens, secure our borders, provide police and fire/ems and create a robust economic environment for the citizens to thrive based on the individual’s ability. Beyond this short list, they should be seen and not heard like bratty children. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. So to speak. I may not know a lot but I didn’t get into this b/c we got a dem for pres again….

        • Anonymous

          I came to my biased opinion on barry by doing the crazy thing of reading excerpts from his autobiography, Dreams from my father, listening to barry give his two cents on America’s founders and our US Constitution and on abortion during his first pofus campaign. I believe, after being interested in politics since my teens, that when a man is considered the most liberal senator in our history that he is actually a marxist. For, there are admitted socialists to his right on the political spectrum…liberal is code for leftist. I don’t agree with the others just to his right either, for that matter. I was in my 20’s when we suffered thru the overt socialist leaning clinton/gore admins. We saw a police state impIemented domestically b/c the media would not say anything against their 1st babyboomin, coke sniffin, pot smokin, rocknrollin, hippy come of age, feminist movement suporting, sax playing, womanizing president. A republican pres would never get away with all the crap that billy pulled. I was college-aged then but not a liberal, high taxation, big gov. supporter of social welfare programs anymore than I am now. The gov. should protect the citizens, secure our borders, provide police and fire/ems and create a robust economic environment for the citizens to thrive based on the individual’s ability. Beyond this short list, they should be seen and not heard like bratty children. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. So to speak. I may not know a lot but I didn’t get into this b/c we got a dem for pres again….

        • http://twitter.com/just222 Michael Dahle

           Tell me how you came to any conclusion Obama was qualified.  Every thing prior to his appointment was hidden from most eyes.  He even managed to have no votes in the Congress while serving his time there.   He is a was a puppet.   MANUFACTURED. 
          The bubble that exists today is the complete media bias that questions nothing this President and his cohorts do.   One mindset.   My God even the man who broke Watergate is questioning the lack of journalism today.
          I don’t hate….I am not Fox drone, but I expect  media to do its job and not fall in love with a personality. 
          Think about George Stephanopoulos….Clinton’s man …Now a Journalist?   How about Gibbs he’s now infiltrated the works of Facebook.   Yes, I have many questions….
          We are being sweetly pickled in our own stupidity.   

          AP press ….Reuter’s both bought in the 1800s by a man who knew that controlling our money was controlling our lives.   He’s done a good job of controlling all we see and hear? 

          • Anonymous


            I agree, investigative journalism–journalism in general–has been on the decline for some time. And it’s not simply a product of the internet age. If journalists had been doing their jobs the last thirty or so years, I believe, people would still be reading and buying newsprint. The 24-hr. cable news phenomenon–Fox, MSNBC, and their ilk– has helped in the destruction. News has become entertainment. Fox and MSNBC will do whatever they need to do to garner viewers and attract advertising revenue. In turn, they have become extensions of the two-party system and are now wholly complicit in the creation and perpetuation of political narratives. 

            But the problem goes much deeper than 24-hr. news networks and bloggers. “Truth”–the meta narrative–no longer exists. Since the late 1960s our country has sociologically fractured into little platoons. Black, white, Latino/a, Asian, gay, straight, pro-choice, pro-life, etc. For many, gender no longer means what it used to. Globalization and its attendant post-Fordist forms of capital accumulation have torn the modernist assumptions of “reality” asunder. Truth has been relegated to a social construct, pliable and destabilized. There is no truth, only truths. 

            As for Obama, I’ve never voted for the man. In an attempt to dispel the unsubstantiated conspiracy theories Beck proposes, or at least to point out how idiotic they are, I end up sounding like an Obama apologist. Obama is not a Muslim, not a communist, and he doesn’t hate America. He’s a neoliberal pawn of the establishment as much as the rest of them. I know you all don’t want to hear any of this: forcing consumers to buy from a private company (Obamacare) isn’t socialism. Yes, he has done “socialistic” things, like bail out the auto industry and the banks. But he hasn’t done anything unprecedented. Reagan bailed out the savings and loan industry in the 1980s. Yes, he has circumvented the constitution to engage in warlike acts without declaring war. Gulf of Tonkin ring a bell? Invasion of Afghanistan? I know, congress approved it, but there was never an official declaration of war, which, at least according to the constitution, is a pretty big deal. In fact, the only significant way Obama has been any different than Bush II was in the tone and tenor he has gone about doing essentially what Bush did. Spend money, bomb and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, defy national sovereignties at will, detain people indefinitely, and line the pockets of the people who got him elected. (Although, considering Halliburton’s Iraqi/Afghan windfall, Bush may have played the crony capitalist role a bit better. Don’t say Solyndra, please.) As for being a radical–what I can tell you? A black intellectual growing up in the late 1970s and 1980s, attending the world’s best educational institutions, is going to meet, pal around with, be inspired by, radical thinkers. You know what happened to so many in the 1960s counterculture–they grew up, got jobs, and, in many cases, became Republicans. So what! My father is now an arch conservative, but he worked for the McGovern campaign in 1972 and has spent many a sleepless nights reading Capital. Should we call his contemporary conservatism into question? While Bush was blowing coke off strippers’ asses in his fraternity house, Obama was passing around a joint amongst a group talking postcolonial theory. So what. 

            Of course, with regards to my second paragraph, what do I know. One cannot say there is no truth and claim to be accurate. right?

      • Anonymous

         and how did you come to that conclusion?  what was your decision based on.

      • Anonymous

         Proof positive Texas is a back ass state in great need of a rectal exam..(rectal=ass  case you didnt know, pad-na!”

        • Anonymous

          thank you for your service to our wonderful country, sir. We don’t have to agree on anything politically for me to respect your military service. I’m not from Texas but do not consider it a haven for backward minded imbeciles anymore than any another state in comparison. We are home to an extensive petro-chemical complex employing many degreed people notably chemical, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers and skilled labor. We have the Texas Medical Center in Houston which is home to multiple world class hospitals/wellness centers specializing in various types of cancer treatments as well blood, brain, liver and heart specialists. We have another industry you may be familiar with, aero-space. NASA has a sprawling campus here, although, it’s funding has been slashed by the current pofus. He said, “NASA should be a tool for reaching out to the muslim world.” But, he’s not muslim. right. Well, he’s not Christian either…even Rev.Wright let that slip out. We’re not all on horseback or illegal immigrants from central America. I know what rectal and rectum mean. I don’t vote demcrat, I’ve got a wife, not a partner.

          • Anonymous

            Sure, Texas has chemical plants, hospitals, and NASA – that doesn’t mean three-fourths of the population isn’t a bunch of brain-dead Goobers with no grasp on reality….

          • Anonymous

            brain dead goobers? come on this is Texas not Ohio..and I’ve lived in both…

    • Anonymous

       Obviously, Glenn was wrong.  I’m sure you’ve never been wrong before in your life.  Although clearly you have been, since you voted for the prez……….

    • Anonymous

      “The chair was empty. You were fighting an opponent that didn’t exist. Does not exist.”

      There is probably more truth to your statement than YOU realize. People do not refer to him as an EMPTY SUIT for no reason. He seems to be what is known in some psychological circles as an IMAGO, someone that acts as a CONTAINER for people’s (unconscious) PROJECTIONS.

      Imago defined: (Psychoanalysis) – An idealized image of another person acquired in childhood and carried in the unconscious in later life.

    • r carousel

      What Dick Morris and others forgot was that no one in their daily routine sees an effect on their lives with the national debt, unfunded pensions and trillion dollar budgets. Most people wake up in the morning make their coffee, have breakfast and (if they have a job) leave for work and come home. Retirement checks still arrive at the doorstep and life goes on. Then we have Obama saying on Letterman the national debt is no big deal in the short term and it was Bush’s fault. Combine those two together and guess what? People call Republicans alarmists and do not care. I have experienced people voting for major school bond issues because they think the government pays for the cost and it is for the kids. I have actually had people stand up in meetings and say they do not care about property taxes because they are renters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.canady.33 Pamela Canady

      Would he have won without the Unions and voter fraud? Absolutely not. Since when does the far left report anything accurately? They as so sold out for your president.

    • Anonymous

      HayMrkt, you are mostly correct – you identify all the traits of the average Romney voter, but I do think Beck and Morris and Limbaugh thought Mittens would win…that’s because their buddy Karl Rove told them the fix was in, but that went bust, leaving Rove, and the rest of them, crying. 

    • Anonymous

      Hay it is u who is in the Coc.These OPEN ELECTIONS with electronics of the hardware & software plus the OWNERS of the companies that run the hardware & software who R THE VOTERS! It is also UR ridiculous posting that allows this to continue! If the PEOPLE EVER UNITE it would be the END OF CORRUPTION in the Gov’t. KEEP DIVIDING HayMrkt 

      • Anonymous

        I’m not really sure what any of that said. So the answer is to “unite?” You’ve tapped the fundamental problem social movement organizers face: Unite around what? 

        If the elections are rigged, what good would uniting do? 

        It’s not the rigging of elections and “voter fraud” that’s the problem. By the time we head to the polls “Big Money” has already bought and paid for our two candidates. Two friggin candidates!! Call that choice? Buddy Romer and Gary Johnson couldn’t even get into the debates. We have a choice between neoliberal candidate A who is in bed with the banks and Wall Street and neoliberal candidate B who is bed with big business and, well, the banks and Wall St. Look, and this also goes for Pamela Candy’s post below, the losing side always claims they were cheated by voter fraud. Remember 2000? Remember 2004 when Kerry claimed Bush stole Ohio? Is kerry’s claim any more or less valid than Romney’s?

        Besides, as we get farther away from the election and the real electoral totals emerge, Obama’s margin of victory keeps widening. And he even won without Florida, whose governor did everything he could to purge the voting rolls. It’s okay, though, in four years we’ll do it all again. Unless, that is, Snowleopard’s apocalyptic predictions actually come true this time around.  

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Obama is the precursor to the Anti-Christ. He has met the Anti-Christ.  The Anti-Christ is a man whom when he comes on the scene people will adulate, praise and adore, even more than the Obama worshipers who put halos on him and had thrills run up their legs.  God let Obama win because after seeing the hearts of man and how evil he has become, God is ready for this corrupt world to end.  Mockers and scoffers will soon find out how serious this election really was – but by that time it will be too late for them.  We will have lost our country and most of all the world will have lost God.  

  • BentGhazi

    I’m no big fan of Mr. Morris, but what these dorks at Politico did was typical left wing character assassination. Purposely misleading their audience by dissecting the man’s statements in answer to their questions is underhanded and dishonest. Unfortunately it is also all too common with today’s (what passes for) media.

    • Anonymous

      This is payback for Mr. Morris…… Bill & Hillary style

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    mr. morris was wrong in that it would be a landslide.  romney actually won.

    politico is a mouthpiece for pharaoh who did not want his slaves educated.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YB27KDRIAL6ABU2NMBAD7N5UEU Stephen

    If you believe you have THE truth, it usually follows that you think it is ethical to lie to prevent a greater evil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robin-Rockne/100003309937272 Robin Rockne

    The Problem is that not enough people know that the Gift of the Constitution is inspired of God as well as the men who wrote it. The Gift of the Constitution is Priceless. The Gift of Freedom is priceless.

  • Anonymous

    My feelings about a Romney win was wishful thinking on my part. I truly believe Morris thought Romney would win, and so made it his duty to share that belief. I wrote this before I heard the second part to this story. Dick Morris was right, Romney did win but his votes were stolen in Obamas favor.

  • Charles Chase

    Learn the truth about Glenn on the Alex Jones Show. Glen is a fraud, a weak and pathetic specimen. I used to respect you, Glen, but you are a little man with only a fraction of goodness in you. Release the demons and repent, brother. Come out of your spiritual closet.

    • Anonymous

      I met Alex 14 years ago in Austin, Tx. (more than once) where he started his public tv show on cable access. He tends (even then) to get off into the hedges, so to speak. Although well intentioned, there isn’t a conspiracy theory he is not willing to embrace.  

      • Anonymous

        Let’s just say Alex Jones is O U T    THERE!!!!!!!!!!   kookoo unh kookoo unh kookoo

  • Anonymous

    My opinion is that these people who have more to gain financialy from an obama win pumped the Romeny landslide thing so people wouldn’t vote.

    I reality more people would stay home if they thought it was in the bag.

    If you really wanted to help romney you would have pushed how close it was and how important is was to get out and vote.

    They make more money with obama in office

  • Anonymous

    As the mother of 4 I have to admit I have never held up a politician, commentator, celebrity, or any other “talking head” as an example of honesty that my kids should emulate. When teaching them about truth, integrity, honesty, and loyalty I go back to the originator of these attributes; God. Period. End of story. Who in their right minds would look to our President or representatives to be pinnacles of virtue anymore? That is where our troubles in this country have begun and have continued their downward spiral; when we rever a mere mortal man or woman as a role model or savior instead of God. Our society has turned its back on God and is now feeling the effects. Parents who weren’t raised to revere God have taught their children their own apathy and have in turn created a worse creature; an enemy of God. This is not a new story. Look in the Bible, it has several examples of this very thing. The father who feared God had the son who was apathetic towards God who in turn produced a son who was in enmity with God and only when the family, nation, tribe, or people hit rock bottom did some brilliant source stand up and say “Hey! Our Great-Grandparents had it good! What are we doing wrong and our lives stink?” Light the proverbiel light bulb here as they figured out that it was the good relationship with God that brought about peace and prosperity, freedom and liberty, they repented, got “right with God” and everything was better. Liberty and prosperity restored.

    Our country was based on godly values that we have, as well as the generations before us, allowed to be stripped from us one at a time. With each cut as a nation we said “It’s okay, it’s just one small concession. It’s not worth fighting over.” Take prayer out of schools; “That’s alright, it’s just separation of church and state.” Legalize abortion “Well, that’s a woman’s choice to sin after all. We can allow that.” The Patriot Act “There are terrorists in our country. We have to give the government the right to bend the constitution so they can be found!” Refusal to uphold immigration laws, “It would be unpopular of us to kick out illegals back to their crummy country. How mean and heartless!” So on, and so on, and so on. If you can come up with more examples please reply to this post!

    Why are we so surprised that now you can’t trust a single word you here on t.v., in the newspaper, or all other media outlets? This is what has been sown for the last 50 years at least (with one last shining moment as Reagan held office but I was only a kid during that time so I only see the good) and now we get to reap the “benefits” of all our predecessors “progressive, forward thinking”.

    The answer, my beloved fellow American, is simple; get right with God in your heart and then we will see the change we looked to Romney for. NOTHING is getting better until that one FUNDAMENTAL change happens first.

    • Anonymous


  • James Zablocki

    I used to watch Glenn when he was on Fox news. Of course he’s singing a different tune these days. Back then there was no FEMA camps, no new world order (NWO), etc… Funny, even though he DENIED these things when he was PAID to DENY these things, now he seems to be embracing these TRUTHS. I’m capping these specific words so that all the Beck worshippers can follow. As I stated, I used to watch Beck on Fox, but then a funny thing happened. I started listening to ALEX JONES, and I grew up!! Beck is about 10-15 years behind Alex Jones, and pretty much gets ALL of his information from infowars.com. My suggestion; get it from the horses mouth. Glenn Beck followers are way behind the curve when it comes to reality, and isn’t that why you even watch/listen to Glenn to begin with? Alex Jones isn’t a flip-flopper, he just reports the facts! Keep listening to Glenn if you want to be 10 years behind us, your choice!! Alexs’ audience is growing exponetially, come find out why. Listen to just one of his 3 hour daily radio broadcasts and you’ll know why Glenn Beck tries to duplicate him, but ends up “playing it safe” and only giving his audience half-truths, at best. You may be able to convince complete morons that you know what’s really going on in the world listening to Glenn, but you’ll always be a rank amateur when compared to Alex Jones listeners/watchers. Come on, be one of the truly informed.

  • Patricia Leath

    These hnorable men and women  were shellshocked because they played by the rules and they didn’t calculate the dispicable distorted voting fraud.  We might as well be in Russia.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, there was no voter fraud.  You are simply wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if Dick Morris lied to anyone but himself, but he probably lied to himself.  People beieve what they want to believe and are often blind to reality.  That pretty much describes a lot of the Republicans and Glenn Beck,  They are so consumed with hatred of Obama and liberals that they will believe anything, including a liar like Romney.  Fortunately, 51% of the people were not so blind,  Just goes to show, you can fool almost half the people all the time. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.canady.33 Pamela Canady

    I have been seeing so much about voter fraud and did in the pre-voting as well. I was literally sick the night of the election because the stats before hand were very positive for Romney. Is anyone Republican, Conservative fighting against a botched election beside Allen West? I was protesting (for the first time in my life) in Washington on 9/12/2009. What can be done?

    • Anonymous

      There was no voter fraud, only republican frauds selling a fraudulent story of voter fraud.  The funny thing is that the only people who even attempted voter fraud in the presidential election were republicans trying to prove how easy it was, and they were caught!

  • Anonymous

    I still believe that Obama’s people “stole” the election. More people voted for Romney than Obama. there were too many pretend (from non-existent ballots) votes and dead people who voted and non-citizen residents. look at the map of counties that went for Romney, not even counting the ones that had more than 100% voting for Obama, which is impossible.

    • Anonymous

      You, sir or ma’am, are simply crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks awakenTexas!  As a former leftist myself and having been in real leftist groups years ago before I grew up I can tell everyone including you leftists who are in major denial.  I cannot say 100% that Obama is a Muslim.  However here is what I can say…for those of you who believe or pretend that Obama is moderate…I just heard that today  – 11/19/12.  Let me stress very emphatically.  Obama is not moderate, not conservative.  To reiterate…as a former leftist myself I can tell you Obama is to the left of Kruschev, Lenin, Stalin, Putin, and Karl Marx himself.  The United States of America as we knew it is not only in a state of decline.  The former United States of America is on the brink of political, economic, civil, and social collapse, anarchy, and primarily disaster like the world has never seen before.  Get ready Armageddon is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And it’s because or you leftists!!!!!!!  This is coming from a FORMER leftist.

  • http://twitter.com/smokeshifter maggies

    Glen Beck you are so silly. You know what you know and Others know what they Know. Just ask them.  People don’t need to be “informed” anymore.  You’re too slow. Thousands of pieces of news and information are provided from everywhere and everyone. People are able to process it to determine what’s true and not true, and if it matters. It was obvious that Mr. Morris was playin games and trying to boost morale for Repubs…I’m surprised you couldn’t see that, since you seems to “know” so much about things.So please stop trying to save us with what you know as the truth. When you can’t understand the truth.  Got a gig though…too bad its so silly.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZSFU7XGHU6D3OHW47RSELL5YOQ Kristin

    WAIT! Did you read the next paragraph (In the link you provided above http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2012/11/14/politico-pushes-smear-dick-morris)??

    It Says:

    There’s just one problem.  As Professor William Jacobson has pointed out at Legal Insurrection, Politico–and Taegan Goddard at Political Wire whom Politico cites for its quote– conveniently omitted the final part of Morris’s statement, in which he said “And at the time that I said it, I believe I was right.”  In other words, Morris had not, contrary to Politico’s claim, “deliberately misled” viewers. He believed what he was saying.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2012/11/14/politico-pushes-smear-dick-morris#ixzz2DIGskL4t

    You just did what they did! You left out the most important part, and you are skewering Dick Morris based on a lie!

    Man up Beck. You embarked on this screed against Morris which is untrue. Where is YOUR credibility? Hmmm?

    I’m a conservative voter. Always have been. I’m not anti-truth. But please check your facts. Every one on our side of the aisle is very upset over the election. I get up every morning with a lump in my gut over our predicament. We’re looking for someone to blame. Do not let your anger cloud the truth. You want to blame someone? Blame Karl Rove and his buddies. Heck, as far as I know, Soros is the king maker here. All of them should be relegated to the trash heap for what they’ve done. And Hannity gave Rove way too much air time. It all became about Rove’s EGO. 

  • Anonymous

    My god you Beck accolades are so clueless.  The entire republican establishment, and almost every member of the media sold the “too close to call” story on the election simply because they care more about the horse race aspect than what really was going on.  There were a number of reputable sources that accurately predicted the outcome.

    Now, it’s clear you folks don’t like that, but it doesn’t mean there was fraud or it was fixed.  What it means is that the overwhelming majority of people in this country simply do no subscribe to the same sort of looney views that you hold.  I totally understand that that is a difficult thing to accept, and that it’s causing some of you to lose it, but that is the truth, plain and simple.

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