Friday’s mystery shoot for the Man in the Moon

  • Anonymous

    This is going to suck harder than Ted Haggard

  • Anonymous

    Looks like someone splooged on Glenn’s face!!!

    • Michelle Becker

      and someone on all of us….look towards DC.

  • Terri K

    Tickets are sold out for this except for the $ 1250.  $700. or  $350.00 per person seats.  I think I would rather see the Stones for that kind of money.  Beck..I love  you, but come on, only the rich can afford to see you..!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    The mask makes Beck look like his average viewer: old, OLD, OLD. There will always be a handful of reactionaries around gullible to the message of a huckster, but Beck’s primary demographic is dying off with the WWII vets.

    • Sam Fisher

      Oh look an old bald angry white guy raging at Beck again. Are you trying to win the irony reward Victor Baby Tiffany?

    • Anonymous

      Do you mock your impending doom thus!  It is that generation you mock who have provided you the freedom to be an idiot!

      • Michelle Becker

        No, he is but the mirror to your own idiocy.

        • Anonymous

          and how do you know Guest is a HE?  at least the mirror isn’t hidden with smoke…get it?  BTW why are you calling Orthocite an idiot when he is supportive of our WWII veterans?

          • Michelle Becker

            I’m afraid there’s been a total miscommunication here. The “he” to whom I was referring was Beck. I was absolutely NOT calling Orthocite an idiot! To clarify, I was agreeing with Orthocite and was upset about what “Guest” said.

        • Michelle Becker

          I’m sorry. I mistyped! Should have read to “HIS” own….uhboy. Sorry about that!

    • Myles Standish

      Give us your name oh brave name-caller….the m.o. of all liberals. Make statements as if they have some actual truth behind them. Trouble is, liberals don’t care about truth (or facts) unless they are self-serving ONLY. Mean, name-calling types have no business on a TRUTH site except to disrupt. Please correct me if I’m wrong on a single, solitary point.

    • Michelle Becker

      I’m 47 years old. My son is 6 years old. Granted, my OLD husband is 50 years of age. All three of us salute to the flag, believe in GOD, and love our country. Stick that it YOUR old, fogie, wrinkled, old CRAW you MORON!

    • Anonymous

      Reply to NONAME guest:  I respect freedom of speech… therefore: “YOU sir/madame are a BIGOTED jerk!” Have a nice day in la la land.

  • GoatExpress


  • Anonymous

    Where would we be without you, Glenn? You’re a national treasure.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Spilling your secrets before showtime is going to come back to bite you Wouldn’t it be better to have a holographic moon instead of one than makes all this look like a grammer school presentation? We DO have the technology for it, no need for masks. Even WITH the green screen.

    • Andrew Bettilyon

      Technology smecktology.  When your talking about art, it is of no use to criticize somebody for using one technique over about 50 billion others.  Perhaps he chose a particular technique to remind us of something …. hmm … what could that something be?
      “Man on the moon” …. hmmm, what does that remind us of?  Hmmmm.  Well, I don’t know.  Too bad, I guess your right after all.

  • MudPuddleBunny

     I know that its passionate and bold, but please read…we’ve got to stop this sickness; together with God’s help.

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