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  • Monte Leonova

    If anyone should become President, it should be you or Hannity. Those are my two choices. 

    • John Eitzen

      Hannity could not handle it … Glenn is the man!

  • Anonymous

    What were the results of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe’s visit to Hawaii? I heard he has declared the  birth certificate that Obama sobmitted just a few short months ago as a forgery. Any truth to it?

  • Anonymous

    Our Financial System is based on John Maynard Keynes, the
    biggest liar in history!  I have talked
    to numerous Senators aids, and none of them have ever heard of Ludwig Von Mises,
    but have been schooled in the Keynes theory of economics.  Until people are educated as to how economics
    really works, they will believe all lies they’ve been told!

  • Patty Childs

    Please let us purchase Restoring Honor, and all three of the Restoring events for my libriary.  It is something that I look at and gives me hope.

  • Patty Childs

    Thank you Glen for helping America be Restored and learning our true history!!!!

  • Patty Childs

    I will be watching, but hate like everything I can’t attend in person.

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