Glenn gives you the details on ‘Under God: Indivisible’ and hints to the amazing history you’ll see at Restoring Love

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  • Anonymous

    Looking for cheap hotel in Arlington, Texas – (right between Dallas & Ft Worth with airport trans) for the Restoring Love Event? We just found a full sevice hotel within 3 miles of the event with many nice amenities-(big rooms/ 3 pools for 69.00 4 people). Go to for info. The Admiral Hotel is also right there at Six Flags, etc, if making this a mini vaca. With low rates there’s no excuse not to be there in person – perhaps the event of a lifetime!

  • Anonymous

    Until inauguration day 1-20-2013, we are all political prisoners, let’s stick together and figh the left until then!

    • Anonymous

      prisioners..slaves..sheeple…all from forty years in the desert of Liberalism!

  • Gary

    Glenn, You are a Bright Lite in predicting the future.
    I am concerned that Obama is so committed to winning, that he will stop the elections and proclaim himself permanent dictator. What can we do?
    What do you think? 

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Thats What I Say All The Time!!Dictator-in-Chief if reElected! Get All People Back To God,True Love For HE Will Be The Only One To Save US! Glenn Beck Is Our Modern Day Prophet as Hussein- Obama is The Profit! …Where Is Your Heart With God Or Money? where your heart is..

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone seen the movie the koch brothers exposed?

    • Anonymous

      wake up vacmancan…get out of you’re liberal thinking….and see what hussein-obama is taking US not the koch bro’s they use their money for good hussein-obama using his money for his own selfish agenda….read Ameritopia and Fool Me Twice and Cowards!!
      by Levin,Klein and Beck! to get a clue of whats happening!

  • virginia

    Keep your eyes on Christ’s glory Mr Beck. : )
    Jesus Wins.

  • G Ashleigh Moody III

    Many Americans now know less about accurate American history regarding Forrest thanks to your program of misinformation linked below.  I’d suggest that you brush up on your history lessons because it is obvious someone/your history teacher failed you concerning honest American history on the subject and because you looked quite silly putting out such hog-wash.  “‎”Political Correctness has replaced Witch Trials and Communist hearings as a preferred way to torment our fellow countrymen!” — Sharen McCrumb, Ghost Riders.”  

  • G Ashleigh Moody III
  • Lindsay

    Mr.beck,im am 14 years old. and i just want to let you know that your spreading truth to all who will listen,and that includes teenagers. your doing a great thing,furthermore i enjoy listining to all of your brilliant ideas.i am doing my job to show the youth whats right.i am leading by example.You have shown me sooooo much, and for that i thank you.

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