Glenn goes to the gun range

  • Anonymous

    Glenn can’t get his penis hard, so he does this instead

    • Anonymous

      Unlike you at least he has one…

    • Robert Gonzales

      Hi/1peice of dung!1

    • Anonymous

      Uh-oh. One of our single digit IQ types here? I guess everyone can’t be lucky enough to have a poster of Stretch Pelosi over the bed with little cowboys on it in the basement of their mommy’s house, now can they? But it’s ok, we don’t think less of you for it (snicker, guffaw)! Did your mommy also give you your name “dimples” when you moved back at 28 and stayed for the past 15 years?

    • Tracy Bee


  • Anonymous

    Always happy to see someone exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights……If Glenn ever wants to shoot cannons and machineguns when he visits Virginia he should get in touch with me and I can get it set up, Gun owners should invite their non gunowning liberal friends to the range for a little positive experience shooting firearms…. Informed people even liberals may change their mind about our use of firearms and discover they are not evil scary things…..

  • Ric Coder

    Nice O’l Henry there Glen.  Saving up for one.  Better not wait to long with these clowns running things.


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