Glenn reviews Captain America: “Great movie and truly a uniting message”

I have NEVER seen a Hollywood blockbuster with a “message” that A: worked and B: I agreed with, until Captain America. I saw it last night. What a great way to show how foolish we are to allow a government to protect us by collect data, build war machines, grow “homeland security”, secrecy and most of all allow a handful of people decide who lives and who dies based on data killed by drones.

Great movie and truly a uniting message. I can’t imagine the American that doesn’t see this movie and then hear those like Rand Paul and not understand the clear and present danger we are a country and a world from elites in the name of security.

It is fun AND TRUE. See it. Rarely are sequels as good as the first movie. This may even be better! All my friends are saying the same thing. Rarely do I receive so many notes from friends: “Glenn, you HAVE TO SEE THIS!”

Thanks Hollywood, you have made up for Noah.

  • Sean

    Best Marvel movie to date. The parallels between real world events were obvious but not preachy – well done Marvel for getting the balance right. Maybe somebody should get the Marvel guys to do a Noah movie – lol.

  • Crassus

    Looks like Glenn will do anything to get in a plug for his buddy Rand Paul.

  • christimacc

    Agree! Great movie. It would be an excellent movie; however, a few scenes were downright silly in the context of the general film. Overall, I highly recommend it.

  • Kathy William

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    ❥❥❥ �❥❥❥ ❥❥❥ ❥❥�❥ ❥❥❥It is fun AND TRUE. See it. Rarely are sequels as good as the first movie.

  • Libertarian Thinker

    This review makes me wanna see it now.

  • Coming Apart

    Absolutely agree!

  • Ship4brains

    I may actually spend some money at the theater !!

  • Patrick Ploof

    However, Captain America wears a uniform more like Puerto Rico. Single star in a triangle and red and white stripes on front.

  • Regina

    That is the same thing I was thinking. It’s scary to think that out government could and would eliminate us because we didn’t agree with them. That is why America was founded in the first place. To be able to live life with freedoms most countries don’t have. Religious freedom and freedom of speech to name a couple. It actually scared me to watch thinking this could be us. Other countries have tried the same thing. This is a call to action and prayer. With God for us who can be against us. Open up your eyes America. I am very thankful we have people who will stand up against evil. God bless America!!!

  • Christa Mahoney

    My Husband and I watched it this weekend as well. the first thing I thought wow it’s scary how real this is. I SO recommend this movie it was very entertaining an in a way paralleled what is going on in our world today also what could happen if we don’t stand up for our beliefs and convictions. We as Americans should control the government not the other way around.

  • Fred Glidden

    Refreshing to see Captain AMERICA after Super Man gave up his American citizenship and became a citizen of the world. LOL

  • Anonymous

    It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in some time. Saw it twice over the weekend actually.

  • Brendan Smith

    Last time I checked, Puerto Rico was a territory of the United States. Also, his uniform in the movie does not have a triangle with the point facing the stripes. It curves slightly upward towards the star, but it’s almost straight across. If it resembles any flag, it’s Texas.

  • Brendan Smith

    It’s worth it. I saw it last night as well. Lots of cool little Easter eggs for big Marvel fans too. Someone may have name dropped Dr. Stephen Strange for example.

  • Brendan Smith

    Did you catch all of the Easter Eggs? Did you stay for the scene after the credits?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, a white star on a blue field is the symbol for states rights. :)

  • Scott Shapland


  • Todd Clemmer

    Bath salts.

  • Scott Shapland

    Obama is Hydra

  • Kelly Campagna

    There were 2

  • Anonymous

    Yes indeed. Good stuff.

  • Brandon Roumph

    Actually loved the movie “Noah”… mostly because of Russell Crowe. Great actor. Would love to have seen a Mel Gibson directed remake of the same film showing more scenes with dialogue with God. Was still surprised and Atheist director made as many references towards God as he did!

  • Obama Zombie Killer

    Easter isn’t for 2 more weeks.

  • Obama Zombie Killer

    I got lost when Samuel L Jackson hired pirates to take over a ship so he could then send in Capt America to recover a thumb-drive that was hiding a secret algorithm that was programmed by an intelligent computer from the 1950s that was hidden in an abandoned bunker but still had electrical power but no guards. *cross-eyed*

  • Connor

    If I were to call Obama anything I would call him Loki because they got one thing in common both seemed to master mind control.

  • Connor

    I want to see this movie.

  • Kandi Bauer

    Glen As a kid growing up I loved what Captain American stood for and it’s about time that they gave me my hero I grew up with. I was really proud of my hero in the movie that is the Steve Rogers I knew as a girl growing up reading Captain America comics.

  • Anonymous

    Just saw it! Great movie with a strong message! Anyone who’s paying attention should ‘get’ it!

  • Deckard426

    I’m waiting for something with a more relevant social message, like “Escape From New York”.

  • Heather Cummings

    Glenn you are talking about rewatching the 1st Captain America film, because having just seen both 1 and 2 at a special Double Feature that Cinemark put on prior to the opening of The Winter Soldier – I can NOT in all honesty believe that you would recommend that people would go and see this piece of junk! As my 14 year old, very intelligent, film going son put it (BORING) It wasn’t even filmed in 3-D it was converted (unlike the 1st one). And foul! And Violent! Gone is the charm of the 1st Captain America film where it was a throw back to the fun serials of the 1930′s and 40′s (and you could take the whole family). And the Winter Soldier isn’t redeemed in the end – he’s still trying to kill Captain America! (and everyone else). Skip it and find out if your local Cinemark is one of the ones that has the CLASSICS SERIES – they’re playing Cecil B DeMille’s “The 10 Commandments” (1956) on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and the Following Wednesday. Others include “Gladiator”, “Ben-Hur” (1959), “Titanic”, “Spartacus” with Kirk Douglas (1960). Everyone’s always saying they don’t ever get to see the great old Hollywood epics on the Big Screen anymore. Well here’s they’re chance! They normally run Sundays at 2PM and the following Wednesday at 2PM and 7PM. Glenn, I’m not connected with Cinemark in any way, just a lover of film and of trying to get people out there to see films on the BIG SCREEN – the way they were meant to be seen!


    What film did these two see? It was hands down the best
    Marvel picture to date. All my Marvel comic Book friends agree its the best!
    Boring? Maybe the material requires one to think a bit! And what
    Non stop action !!

  • Crassus

    Or perhaps Escape from Detroit. That would seem more timely.

  • Heather Cummings

    Actually there were 3 of us who went, and we go to films ( well can’t call them films any more for the new releases as nobody is using that medium any longer, so movies) several times a week – sometimes everyday and seeing more than 1 per day. Seeing everything from silent films of the 1800′s to the newest releases (and seeing it on film preferably). This newest Marvel film was nothing but mindless drivel that one could have tried cooking a 7 course dinner during and still known what was going on. Also it in no way held up to the quality of the 1st Captain America film. The whole thing was poorly made, poorly written (had 2 directors for crying out loud – not usually a good sign), 3-d was horrid, etc, etc, etc. By the way, we’ve seen all the Marvel films – oh and everyone else in the theatre hated it too! (But that could be because we’d all just watched the EXCELLENT 1st one that couldn’t be topped)

  • Heather Cummings

    Actually that movie just came out (twice this Spring) by the titles of Need for Speed (highly recommend – great throwback to the car movies of the 1970′s and cool Drive-In at the beginning) and the remake of Robocop! (Please insert sarcasm here…lol :-) )

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely a great movie…..I must have been distracted when being a Patriot became a bad thing

  • Jared Barney

    That’s giving him to much credit conner…..Soros is hydra

  • kay


  • Anonymous

    New Campaign Slogan for Obama and The Democrats: Hail Hydra! :)