Glenn tweets photos and updates from vacation

Shooting on the ranch:

Working on the tractor:

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is a cocksmoker!

    • Anonymous

      you have personal knowledge of that?

    • Randy Hansen

      Come back and post again when you get out of 7th grade.

      • Ron Langevin

        Careful, he is about a literate as the hog that tried to speak as a “star witness” in the attempt to railroad George! 

  • cab

    Glenn, I thought only my husband had a swather that old! ;-}

  • Marjy Chamberlin

    Glad you had a good roll in the hay on your vacation, Glenn!

  • Randy Hansen

    Nothing like seeing a pudgy white boy doing the work Americans just won’t do.

    • Anonymous

      That was ugly!  It’s a bummer being JEALOUS of other people, huh?  Loser.

      • Beverly Reed

         It was a joke, people.

        • Randy Hansen

          Thanks Beverly, I was starting to get worried that we all are taking things so serious that people can’t recognize humor.

          • Jaamoose

            You are on a site with conservatives who think Beck is a sound voice instead of a charlatan – it’s important to speak slooowwwly…

      • Randy Hansen

        It was a joke about the illegal aliens doing the work us pudgy white boys won’t do.

    • Ron Langevin

      In North and South Dakota (the states that are in the black, Whites of all shapes work every dam day just like this, get a brain or a life.

      • Randy Hansen

        Ron, I was mocking the immigration crap that the illegals are only doing the work us pudgy white boys won’t do. Everything is not always an attack.

        • Serilda

          People just don’t get sarcasm anymore!

    • Anonymous

      Sucking cocks?

  • Edward Hammel

    Glen, its nice to see I’m not the only guy that spends more time on the ground farming then in a tractor seat.

  • Anonymous

    nice crop your not dry farming.  Be sure to turn the tractor completely off don’t just disengage the PTO you would  be asking for trouble.  Best working days of my life were summers on my father in laws farm

  • Terri K

    So Glenn,
    Are you going to manufacture alfalfa tablets with your crop?  It does prevent colds.

  • Anonymous

    Picture perfect…providing shooting instructions to a young man with the American Flag grandly billowing in the background.  A real American moment.  May God bless you and your family.  

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty rural just like I live few neighbors some most likely good people the others may be neighbors but you don’t have to be neighborly just like in the movie Chisum  !
    Enjoy Glenn and crew and God speed . 

  • Anonymous

    Takes me back to my youth when Dad had a small farm to provide chores for me and to provide milk and butter for us. Alfalfa was cut with a mower mounted on back of the Farmall, hay was then raked with a dump rake that I rode in back of the tractor, then folded into a “flake” by hand with a pitchfork. Flakes then piled on a wagon, while I positioned them to knit the load together. Hauled to the barn, and a trained horse pulled it up and into the barn, where I called out where to dump it, then I repositioned it again by hand.

    All very down to earth work, dust-making at the end, but very satisfying.

    Then, of course, feeding and milking a few cows, twice a day, no holidays off. But skimming the rich cream, and churning the butter, made it all worth it. Real buttermilk to drink, too. Occasionally Bestema (Danish Grandma) would make buttermilk soup, a sweet tart pudding. I make it now, myself, occasionally, in remembrance.

    Ah, the memories from over half a century ago.

    Thanks, Glenn, for the triggering of memories. Oh, and heed the warning about turning the tractor off before working on it.  Cheers!

    Laus Deo

  • Terri K

    Imagine Hank Kimball from  Green Acres entering the picture 

     “Hey Mr. Beck…need a hand with that?”  Well maybe not a hand … ugh maybe you ought to remember not to buy anything from Mr. Haney again.   If you need to make  a phone call you can climb up on Mr Douglas’ roof and use his..      Nice alfalfa…

  • canibeyourfriend


    On Thursday, July 18 his show had a NYC “New Castrati” fill in host.  Who the hell wants to listen to a NEW CASTRATI on radio?  After a minute of him I turned off the  program and all those advertisers lost out.

    • Tammy Thompson

      Mr can I….the difference is Beck pays for his vacations, we pay for Obama’s.  I’ll bet you Beck hasn’t taken one vacation that costs a million dollars on someone elses dime

  • canibeyourfriend


    I know of two men who lost fingers or hands while trying to fix one of those grinders. Is that machine  approved by the USDA?  Be careful Glen.

  • Anonymous

    One thing for sure – there are NO fire ants there with all that lying in the grass.

  • Gert Kaiser

    And then when you come in to listen to the news, you probably wished you had stayed outside longer. the news these days has not been that great !!!!!  Agree with your wife,  does seem funny seeing you at work. But hope you were enjoying every bit of it.   God bless you

  • Anonymous

    good job Glenn beck. if i was out their i would be doing the same thing.

  • Beckaboo

    Hey Glenn – you can’t milk a machine. Better stick to what you know:defaming, libeling and slandering innocent people.

    • Tammy Thompson

      Beckaboob.  You are the one doing all the defaming, labeling and slandering a decent man.  His biggest mistake is caring about this country and worrying about people, even people like you  Haters need to go to your favorite hate page

    • Anonymous

      @ Science (!) Works: It is obvious that you have never been around a dairy farm; I guess that you think milk comes in bottles, without understanding how the milk got into that bottle. Tu pendejo!

  • Anonymous

    bless your little heart, glenn!   I want to thank you for creating the blaze…it’s about the only place I can get news, good news, uplifting info and a better perspective on what’s going on.  ignore the detractors as they’re just like yapping dogs snapping at your ankles…there’s lots of us who truly admire what you’re doing!  keep on keeping-on!  xx

  • Susan M. Noegel

    Glen  you a man after my heart .I worked on a Dairy  farm since  I was  born.  I did this until I  was  32.  I t was lots of fun and a good learning experience. I had no trouble driving as I had learned on the Tractors and trucks. Plus I had 7 siblings showing me the ropes.

  • Darrell Lynd

    Farming is a great part of the Blood, Sweat & Tears this Great Nation was founded upon. God Bless you for making a go of it.

  • Anonymous

    Please just disconnect the power to the machine before you place your hands in it. oh boy – pucker time.

  • moosehaven3

    Plenty of “white boys” do this kind of work all day all year round! where have you been hiding pal?!

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