Glenn wins Freedom of Speech award at Talkers 2013

During the Talkers New York 2013 conference today, Glenn was the recipient of the Freedom of Speech award. With

Glenn opened the speech talking about the importance of the first amendment, saying that the only speech that needs to be protected is speech that is found offensive. No one is calling for unoffensive speech to be censored, only when someone disagrees. Glenn also welcomed progressive voices onto talk radio, saying that it was important for all sides of debate to be in the the discussion so that all views can be understood.

In typical Glenn fashion, he also used historical artifacts to make his point. He brought out a newspaper cartoon mocking the Prophet Muhammad that ignited outrage overseas. While Glenn didn’t agree with the cartoon, he didn’t think it should be censored.

“Muhammad is not my prophet, Allah is not my God. But this is wrong. But do they have a right to do it? Yes. Should they be silenced, should we have laws to stop them? No. Should we print those things as individuals? No. We should have respect for each other.”

“But should you have the right to do it? Yes. But this society focuses on rights and not responsibilities. We have a responsibility to be better. We have a responsibility to speak out and speak up if we think something is wrong.”

He said that everyone has a responsibility in shaping the future, and to do so there needs to be an open and honest debate between people of all viewpoints.

“The world is in dynamic change right now,” he explained, “and if you try and hold it – the harder you hold the worse things get.”

Glenn emphasized that he is happy to live in a time when he is given the opportunity to be heard on the air.

“I appreciate CNN for putting me on the air. I appreciate the Fox News channel for putting me on the air. I am thrilled to live in a time to be associated with Premiere and Clear Channel.”

Glenn ended the talk by acknowledging that he has at times been divisive, and while he doesn’t regret the truths that were said he did regret how some of his arguments were made.

“Any role that I have played in dividing, I wish I could take it back — I don’t wish I could take back the truth that was spoken, but [many] times I could’ve said it differently,” he said. “We are now living in a completely new era, and there is profound opportunity and profound light on the horizon ready to dawn, a world that none of us could understand or even design if we tried, because the possibilities are endless. But so are the nightmares.”

“It will require all of us to recognize what time we are living in. To recognize we have a profound responsibility because of the rights that we have. And stand an protect those rights – not of those people we agreed with – but protect the rights of those we vehemently disagree with,” he said. “You stand with those people. And that’s what will heal our country.”

  • Lisa Renee’ Jones

    Congratulations!  You are THE Leader of free speech and reporting true and real news.

  • Anonymous

    Liberal Troll assignation squad erupting on this article in 3….2…..1….

  • Anonymous

    Glenns children should be so proud of their dad. They may not understand now BUT someday they will and they  will carry his torch with pride !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t hide this speech here. Please put this video on The Blaze

  •!/zerses Zerses

    Freedom of speech is almost gone.

    Thanks Glenn, without you and a few others, we’d not know about many of the abuses our government has perpetrated in our names.

  • Anonymous

    Truth appears to be a commodity in today’s society that bears little resemblance to the actual definition of truth.  Other words such as honor and integrity fall into the same category. Truth today is manipulated by those who are able to turn a phrase, a comment through artifice that deflect the verbiage of bias, intention,out and out prevarication, and/or ideology.  We definitely know of one person in the government who has developed this fact into an art form.  So artful is he that he has beguiled so many Americans no less than the pied piper leading the children. Today it is adults who wear the blinders and discriminate hearing that propagate their blighted sense of entitlement.  Power corrupts absolutely (quote paraphrased).  These elites will eventually find their demise when truth is spoken and recognized by the many who have the courage to stand.  Glenn is one of these people and it appears a great number of people are also rising–pray it becomes a tsunami that cleanses our Nation and renews/strengthens the Founding Fathers intent. In God we trust.  

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations  You deserve so much 

  • Debra Reilly Killips

    Congrats! Well deserved, praying for you and your family’s safety to allow you to keep up the good fight!!

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June  11, 2013,  Everyone  should  IMPEACH  Obama  Right  Now  because  if  we  let  Obama  get  away  with  all  of  the  EVILS  that  he  has  done  then  that  only  shows  that  persons  have  a  Lack  of  FAITH  in  the  POWER  of  GOD….  I  know  that  GOD  and  His  SON  Christ  Jesus  can  wipe  the  floor  with  Obama  and  we  shouldn’t  Doubt  GOD  for  one  tiny  second……Because  Hitler  got  away  with  Murdering  Millions  of  Jews  should  show  us  that  Obama  is  the  Person  Now  that  has  to  be  taken  OUT!!!!!  Either  we  force  Obama  to  RESIGN  and  still  do  our  part  to  continue  to  make  an  effort  to  IMPEACH  Obama!!!!!!!!!   ………..Obama Impeachment Campaign…………..fhu………….Sign  the  Petition  to  get  Obama  to  RESIGN!!!!!!!!!  And  then  still  go  around  your  neighborhood  and  ask  people  to  sign  Petitions  to  IMPEACH  Obama  Right  Now!!!!!!!!………….infowars……………/Bilderberg……………..GOD  Bless………

  • Anonymous


    By Edie Boudreau


    Is it time to
    come home, Lord?  Have I done all that I can?

    You gave me the
    voice.  You gave me the drive.

    But no one will
    listen.  They are blind if they thrive.

    They don’t sense
    the Evil that gives toys and drugs minds.


    Young people are
    covetous; they want more; yet even when poor, they are idle.

    They want others
    to supply their needs—to grant them their desires.

    Young women kill
    babies in their womb; they want pleasure—not the pain.

    They don’t
    understand their loss—don’t know how much they’d obtain.


    Corruption rules
    this world now—through envy, hate, and greed.

    Our leaders
    flaunt their power, while their hungry cry and plead.

    Supremacy is
    their motive, o’er the people, and for fame.

    They’re Almighty
    in their mirrors—sashaying with evil gain.


    Each country is
    in chaos.  Mobs destroy—blood runs in streets.

    Despots bomb and
    kill those who protest, to maintain their dominance.

    The poor want
    equal wealth as those who worked and toiled for years.

    If not, greedy
    leaders will steal it—and make poor and rich simply peers.


    Earthly crises
    are mounting too, Lord—are they reprimands for our sins?

    tornadoes, floods and volcanoes—do they warn of a fiery end?

    We’ve been told
    of these horrors before, Lord, but many doubt Your Holy Birth.

    They’d have to forego self-indulgence, and
    honor You as their Savior borne.


    We must fall to
    our knees and pray, Lord—acknowledge we are Your creations.

    “Revelations” in
    the Holy Bible, the Mayans, and Nostradamus, too,

    Told of plagues
    and fiery monsters to come.  They’ll destroy those who won’t repent.

    Those who don’t
    admit their guilt or sins will soon reap what they have sown.


  • JCNY

    Nobody works harder and tries harder to find the truth and present it like Beck.  He’s a good guy and I will always be grateful that he was the first person to encourage me to read, learn and grow.  Only people who have not spent the time listening to this great man put him down.  Glenn Beck is a hero.

  • Mayra Barreiro

    “congratulations” GLENN” you always speak the truth end care for your Country.
    May GOD Bless you end your Family.

  • Mayra Barreiro

    Congratulations. GLENN you always speak the truth, end care for this country,
    May “GOD” Bless you end your Family. 

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