Guess who is now on Instagram?

I love pictures. In fact, there are over 14,000 photographs stored on my iPad.

A few months ago I went to Rome. Every moment of the trip was full of beauty and history and all I could think of was sharing it with my friends and listeners. So I took pictures. Members of my team took pictures. My friends and family who joined me on that trip took pictures.

Some of them you’ve seen, and some of them have sat safely on a hard drive. But I’ve always wanted a way to share these beautiful moments with you as quickly and easily as possible – and today I’m trying something new.

At the urging on some of my social media savvy staff members, I set up an Instagram account to start sharing these moments with you as they happen. My personal Instagram tag is Glennbeck1791.

I hope you’ll see this as a new, easy way for us to connect as I pull back the curtain on everything my team and I are doing. You’ll see photos from me, as well as some from my family, friends, and staff that are a huge part of my life.  We will be posting these on Twitter, Facebook,, and more!

You might also get to see my beautiful wife and some of my favorite things and places.




  • RJ Payne

    oh know Glenn…. not you to…. instagram is more potent then heroin…. once its got you…. there is no turning back!

    • Cindy Zemble Stewart

      what is instagram???

      • Anonymous

         It is a photo sharing outlet just recently purchased by Facebook. You can share photos with anyone. If you go the Wikipedia, it will explain all.

      • Kris Snow

         Don’t worry Maam, all this newfangled technology (like Google, which you could have easily searched instead of asking this asinine question) is probably just a phase and pretty soon we’ll be back to good American values like musket loading rifles, no TP, and widespread venarial diseases.

    • Kris Snow

       I heard Glenn already uses heroin so it’s right up his alley.

      • Anonymous

        you stil hooked man-I can still get you some 

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck I love you and what you are doing…..its just wonderful.  But, please stay away from saying words like “you must” “You have to”  Unfortunately there wasn’t a blog with one of your emails on pledging and getting a card.   So am making a comment here.  All my life especially with my religion background.  I saw a lot of guilt being used to make someone behave or believe.  I do not believe that our heavenly father would want you or anyone else to make someone feel quilty about not doing something.  I think that is his job and Jesus’ job.  Your job (please bare with me) is to put the word out there……let people hear what they want to hear and move on…..kind of like Jesus did when he was on earth.  try not to make people feel guilty about your program if they chose not to participate or even making them feel quilty that they participate.    These types of people will end up resenting you which makes me sad. 
    and then in your presentation to making (my opinion) feel quilty you ask for money for mercury one……oh me
    Just wanted to point this out to you…….like I said Glen love you and what you are doing for our Country and I hope to see you in Dallas

    Mona Callender
    Waukee, Iowa

    • Anonymous

      He is trying to get people to get up and take action. Pretty please and amen isn’t going to cut it. Sorry. Give him some slack and try not to be so uptight. Just sayin

    • Kris Snow

       I mean come on monacle be reasonable. Glenn isn’t just going to be all wishy washy about it, he has to keep the fire up, otherwise if his brainwashed followers cool off they might start to think about how ridiculous his media empire is and how many lies he tells. Any idiot can look at fact check sources like politifact and see that he is an abject liar, but since most of his viewers are deeply religious and often Mormon like him he knows that he can control them if he keeps them focused with hip pictures and direct, commanding language. Me, I think Beck should be the next president, then we could finally get rid of all the blacks, gays and liberals that are ruining AMURICA!

  • Will

    Dear Mr Huff and Puff. Yes, that is what I call you…all air, no action. You appear to be attractive to the Christian right wing nuts because you say what they want to hear. But you do not do anything beyond that. Your influence in midstream America has waned to nothing. The recent immigration amnesty announcement is pie in your face. Why aren’t you encouraging Lamar Smith to push his constitutional ammendment to insure that babies born to illegal aliens do not become automatic US citizens? No influence anymore?

  • Anonymous

    glenn dont you think that the first “arab spring” was really fast and furious in mexico?
    ?  I have a friend who flew into each of the zones you predicted in africa  -please contact me cencom@juno:disqus .com  now imagine dropping 747-400’s full of ammo and ak’s into tunisia from bulgaria by our state dept.  imagine that glen -Im telling you this in no fear for my life .. Im free/.

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