I love pictures. In fact, there are over 14,000 photographs stored on my iPad.

A few months ago I went to Rome. Every moment of the trip was full of beauty and history and all I could think of was sharing it with my friends and listeners. So I took pictures. Members of my team took pictures. My friends and family who joined me on that trip took pictures.

Some of them you’ve seen, and some of them have sat safely on a hard drive. But I’ve always wanted a way to share these beautiful moments with you as quickly and easily as possible – and today I’m trying something new.

At the urging on some of my social media savvy staff members, I set up an Instagram account to start sharing these moments with you as they happen. My personal Instagram tag is Glennbeck1791.

I hope you’ll see this as a new, easy way for us to connect as I pull back the curtain on everything my team and I are doing. You’ll see photos from me, as well as some from my family, friends, and staff that are a huge part of my life.  We will be posting these on Twitter, Facebook, GlennBeck.com, and more!

You might also get to see my beautiful wife and some of my favorite things and places.