How does chewing gum change your appearance?

This shows us how little things that don’t matter, matter. I may never not chew gum again.


An age-old social stigma says that chewing gum gives a bad impression. But is that true? Beldent debunks this myth and offers proof using a real-life experiment, in a new and unique campaign conceived by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi.


  • landofaahs

    Because like the Federal Reserve it allows you to blow constant bubbles until they pop and constantly creating angst until there is nothing left to blow into a bubble. Blowing bubbles make you look stupid.

    • Sunset Rider

      I agree! For me, I find chewing gum and blowing/popping bubbles distasteful and annoying.

      • landofaahs

        Especially when they put the bubble in their mouth and pop it between their teeth like clueless teenagers.

        • Linda Murray

          land & sunset… all one has to do is make the CHOICE… NOT to blow bubbles or pop.

          Chewing gum does not automatically mean that one MUST blow or pop! 😀

      • zemla

        I chew sap

  • PTbminor

    What in God’s name does this have to do with the Fed? This video has to do with debunking the societal stereotypes we set for each other in this world. I personally believe the point is to show us it’s time we as a Human Race stop setting boundaries for each other and start embracing ourselves as the Children of this Earth, and of God that we are… Oh, and since I know this is gonna spark mass accusation of me being a liberal, I’ll clear it up right now: I’m a happy-with-my-life, openly gay, raging Conservative. Mostly Libertarian, but definitely more Fiscally conservative than the party I’m registered with necessarily stands for. 😛

  • Joanna Kline

    I think it was more significant that the non-chewing twin had a somber expression. I believe the results would have been significantly different had the non-chewer been smiling.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Exactly what I was thinking. Actually to be fair, they should have both been smiling. One chewing and the other not.

    • Linda Murray

      EGGS-ACTLY! That’s the point of the experiment. If neither were chewing the NON-smiling would have been on both faces. The action of chewing CAUSES the face to look like it’s smiling… ergo friendlier.

      That’s why you start out with both not smiling instead of smiling. To show what the action causes the face to do.

      • Sally Penfold

        Thats what I was thinking. The tiny smile motion as they chew makes them appear happier.

    • Steve

      I would have agree I do not think it any thing to do with chewing gum it who looks more relax and pleasant

    • Mark Steele

      I thought the same thing!

      • Joan Perot

        This is sooooooooooo obvious & totally STUPID!! A 3rd grader would see through this… ROFL!! Really detracts from the brand’s credibility. I won’t be buyiing Trident anytime soon. Hate faker/liars.

        • Paul Rowden

          Pretty sure the people pushing the buttons
          were’nt told it was Trident.

          • Joy Mackey

            I’m with you on this one… back when school was interesting, we did “psych” tests, similar to this, and it amazed me what people see and what is missed. People are so interesting.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing. This ‘research’ was funded by the chewing gum company (product placement) and was skewed towards them.

    • Anonymous

      Neither smiled.

  • Michelle G

    Which one will an employer be more likely to hire?

    • Curtis Reed

      Lol well obviously you don’t chew gum in an interview!

    • Julie N

      I agree with you. It’s the nature of the questions. It makes a person appear more approachable, but not more authoritative. It’s all based on what sort of impression you want others to have of you.

  • patrick quinn

    Now ask both twins to smile and give the same test…Jeesh

  • Gladius Maximus

    Very misleading “study.” By simply having the non-gum-chewing twin SMILE (instead of the frown each had) the results would have been dramatically different.

    • Tracy A. Goode

      They weren’t frowning, per se–their faces were relaxed, and the way most people’s look when not engaged in interactions.

  • Amanda Howell

    Maybe if the one on the left had been allowed to look friendly? Instead of sitting there like a stone statue….ugh. Let’s see “would you pick the statue, or the human being as the friendly one?” Gosh. I say this experiment is skeeeeeewweeeed.

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    I have never seen anyone chew gum like that since I was a very young girl, people who chew gum now look like cows chewing there cud.

  • Anonymous

    They didnt ask which one you trust. or
    Which one is more arrogant. or
    Which one is the slob.
    Case in point. It is all about the questions.

    • Carrie

      Which one is smarter, more mature, distracted easily etc

  • fausto

    Ask yourself……….do u want your surgeon chewing gum……….or hey!! even your president………..I hate gum chewers.

  • jakie fishead

    brought to you by… THE CHEWING GUM COMPANY!!!! idiots.

  • TomS

    Seems likely that an experiment paid for by chewing gum company would show that chewing gum makes you more popular. Kind of like cigarette commercials that showed smokers looking cool and getting the girls.

  • Kenna Rohrenback

    It portrays a “fun, party-like lifestyle” with lots of friends and they seem more carefree. But honestly, if you go to a JOB INTERVIEW, and are chewing gum, they get that exact same impression of you. It isn’t bad, just unprofessional.

  • Bryan Bliss

    but as soon as someone starts making noise with their gum, it removes all doubt as to who the ignorant, rude one is and the gum smacker makes a worse impression.

    • zemla

      Bet the rude obnoxious gum smacker gets more play….

  • Southwest Metal Detecting

    Until you get someone who smacks it around their mouth well it’s open…

  • Bart Bartlett

    The test was flawed. The non-chewing twin “looked” unhappy. The setup was skewed to achieve the desired result.

  • Chuck L

    It wasn’t the gum chewing. Someone showing any type of animation is going to receive more positive responses than someone sitting there like a statue.

  • David Newton

    I can see they did not have the person not chewing gum not smile and act as a normal person. I come from the medical field and feel that chewing gum in front of patents would not show your professional side. That is needed to maitrain trust.

  • Dave Posh

    Bullcrap. How many times did the twin without the gum smile? Zero.

    • DarleneD

      How many times did the twin with gum smile? Zero. They never smiled, simply chewed the gum.

  • Dan

    I know if I walk into a store, or a professional environment, and I have the choice between the guy chewing gum and the guy not chewing gum, I’ll go to the guy not chewing gum every time.

    This video means nothing to me. I people who chew gum give a bad impression to me personally.

  • Dharmapaalini Nithyananda

    Woah, hope the person on the left isn’t always the gum chewing person! Could be a left/right issue. HHhhmmmm…..

  • Anonymous

    Interesting experiment, but I see some problems with the hypothesis that ONLY chewing gum made the difference. I agree with Joanna Kline that the somber expression was much more imposing and threatening than the gum chewing was positive. I think the gum chewing was simply a “less negative” expression. It is clear that the gum chewer appeared more approachable, given the alternative. But compared to a smiling person would the response be the same? This experiment MUST be done to TRULY test ONLY for gum chewing.

    Also, some of the questions might ask which one was more intelligent, or which one was more trustworthy to get a job done. The questions asked were of a social nature. What about other questions which test reliability, trustworthiness, intelligence, ability, work ethic?

    One CANNOT draw the conclusion from this experiment that ONLY gum chewing was the factor being tested. The experiment only tested whether a gum chewer was preferred to a somber expression. I DO like the controlling factors of Police, bosses, teens and females. But are the questions asked identical for all 4 couples? I doubt it. MUCH more work needs to be done before the hypothesis of this experiment is demonstrated and proven.

  • John Garrett

    The study was skewed since the non chewing gum twin looked as somber as possible. Plus they didn’t have the gum chewing twin crack the gum which makes them more irritating.

  • Rob Reeve

    Geez, ever take Statistics and Sociology 101? It’s a bs experiment It would have been better done with a large cross section of individuals who don’t look alike, alternatively chewing or not chewing. Being identical skews the results because the participants obviously reason out that it’s the chewing being tested – I would. Identical unique individuals done one at a time would eliminate that. Next.

  • Anonymous

    Which brings to mind this little poem. The gum chewing girl and the cud chewing cow are somewhat alike yet different somehow. And what is the difference? I think I know now. It’s the clear thoughtful look on the face of the cow.

  • Kozmo

    Doesn’t follow the Scientific Method… no control group and completely biased evidence designed to illicit a specific outcome. Worst “Experiment” ever…

  • dtownprof

    The questions asked suggest which of the people is more laid back(likely to give a speeding ticket, fire you, etc). I wonder what would happen if they asked “which of these people is more productive” or “better at their job”. Plus the gum chewer is almost always smiling, while the other person is seems to be frowning or making an odd face, which changes the way they are perceived.

    As others have stated, this is a pretty ill-conceived experiment, it appears to be more of an advertisement than an experiment.

  • CS

    Interesting. I was recently out doing some grocery shopping and when I noticed the cashier chewing gum I automatically remembered how the part-time jobs I had in my younger days forbade employees to chew gum. (Not to mention the fact that I have, at least 4 times in this past week, seen employees of various stores actively talking or texting on their cell phones while they were working). It just looks unprofessional to me. Am I old-fashioned or is this just not as big of a deal as I personally consider it to be?

    • zemla

      Pretty much both. Easter sunday people wore jeans, shorts, flipflops, fiddled with their phones…im just a 20 something and I asked both of the questions you did. (I went with old fashioned, like I was raised, because I believe in standards)

  • James

    This “experiment” was rigged from the start to elicit the desired result. Poor, poor example of an academic experiment. No scientific method employed. The non-chewers appear to have been instructed to NOT smile, even though that may be their normal look. And the biggest controversy about gum isn’t chewing it — it’s what people do when they are done with it. There is a reason gum is outlawed in Singapore, and it’s not about how people look.

  • Michael Cardinale

    Try chewing gum on a job interview. You won’t be seen in a positive way. Now, if both subjects had been smiling, the test may have come out very differently. :)

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone chews gum with their mouth closed. In any event it’s not the gum’s fault it’s the person who uses it. #Gumrights

  • Curtis Reed

    I chew gum. I like it. I know I have frsh breath and it calms my nerves. Compare a clean cut and fresh smelling gum chewer to a smoker. Which one is better to have stand with you in an elevator?

    • Anonymous

      What if the smoker is chewing gum to clean his/her breath?

  • Iris Maldonado

    They didn’t show a person that is a loud chewer, chews with their mouth open, or frequently pops their gum. These are things that when I’m around somebody doing it; it drives me nuts and I can’t focus, and I think that person is gross and inconsiderate. Use Violet Beauregarde from “Charlie and the chocolate factory” as an example, everyone hates her.

  • Lyle Tolhurst

    What is with chewing gum and twins?

  • CaliGirlG

    Snap and pop your gum and all bets are off – then you’re just obnoxious! : )

  • Jordan Sorensen

    Interesting. But, I think I’ll just wear a bit of a smile more often–cheaper than Beldent gum(less sugar, too). All you have to do is nurture more gratitude and a cheery disposition. It takes less than a millimeter of a face-lift to look more approachable.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t a fair poll. The dead pan faces worked against them.

  • Anonymous

    Who sponsored this? A gum company?

  • ServosT

    The non-chewers just had frozen expressions while the chewers looked like they might have been smiling a little. It’s almost like a gum company did this experiment.

  • Krista L

    All of the questions were skewed toward the social and were quite insignificant — “who likes giving you a ticket”??? Who cares? Especially if you deserve getting a ticket? What about, “which one would you trust with a secret?” “who turned their homework in on time?” “whose house is cleaner?” “who arrives early to work?” Just because a person is friendlier doesn’t mean they are “better”

  • Anonymous

    This is not true. I saw a video of Obama chewing gum the other day and it made me dislike him even more, made him look disrespectful and arrogant.

    • Anonymous

      That POS was at a Memorial Service. he’s a scum bag chewing gum or not.

  • Anonymous

    Two observations. First, I have never thought chewing gum itself was a problem, it is smacking gum with the manners of a pig that generally puts people off. Second, a flaw in the experiment (at least from the portions we see in the video) is that all of the gum chewers are sitting on the participant’s right. For all we know, people were preferring the twin on the right without regard to the gum chewing.

  • Taraveah

    I think this is a lame experiment for several reasons: 1) Chewing the gum only made the person chewing it appear like they were smiling. 2) The other participant must have been instructed to remain sober. If they were smiling, the outcome’s would of most likely been different. 3) They were chewing their gum with their mouths closed and they were chewing it very slowly, which is not how I observe people to normally chew their gum. Just goes to show that you can achieve almost any desired outcome in tests like these when it is in a controlled setting.

  • Jerome

    Maybe legit, but not in a classroom.

  • Rosa Brand

    Studies like this make science a joke. I noticed the controlled questions and behavior, as well as the targeted audience, which elicits a specific response from the viewer. Pathetic.

  • JulieU

    In addition to the differences in expression – it appeared that the twins were not posed the same way (i.e. one twin had her legs crossed)

    The only difference between them should have been that one was chewing gum and one was not.

    The gum chewing does not make anyone look like they are smiling and if that is the argument, then the twin not chewing gum should have had the same expression.
    In truth – gum chewing does not make anyone look professional or friendly.

    Gum chewing is often associated with characters like the waitress on “Mel’s Place.”

  • Anonymous

    I think this experience was in response to all the press over the pres chewing gum during certain recent attendance.

    • Douglas Klinker

      Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  • Cyndy Gongaware

    You’ll notice they didn’t have a cook chewing gum…negative results await there.

  • Anonymous

    This is stupid and irrelevant. No, chewing bubblegum in public isn’t considered a “social stigma”. Chewing bublegum when you’re the POTUS and doing it at a Memorial for D-Day veterans most certainly is.

  • Anonymous

    If have a choice I will do business with a non gum chewer. Gum snapping, slurping, is distracting. Open mouth where I can see gum— I no like.If a mouth is moving it should be talking or politely eating food. Chewing gum is a way to show aloofness or I just don’t care. Bad breath? well to me I just smell the bad breath and the gum. I tip less, buy less, when spending money on a product, or I may just walk away, if the one representing the vendor is chewing gum. Insist on chewing gum, then give me a hefty discount for the product. If possible I will scan through eating and gum chewing scenes. Now that I reflect some, I stopped watching the video as soon as I figured out that I was supposed to watch gum chewing. I first viewed the video over on Kim Kommandos site.

  • Tac AudioVideo

    Not an accurate social experiment. Anything moving vs not moving, would be favorable in any situation especially to an animal rather than a human. Which leads me to believe its instinct.. Movement stimulates the mind. As a business owner, if I’m giving an interview to someone who is chewing gum, It would be a distraction, not a favor. But, yes!….It would be noticeable and get my attention.

  • Anonymous

    This experiment is stupid. Where are the questions like, which one would you trust more to hire for an important position? Which one, if you were trying to have a serious conversation with, would you think is giving you their full attention? Wasn’t Obama chewing gum during something important recently? Bad impression. As for the experiment they are socially loaded questions based on an idea of “fun” and the gum gives a much more cavalier, relaxed impression.

  • bliss west

    which one would vote for hillary

  • Anonymous

    Those were idiotic and irrelevant questions, given in a somber setting, skewing the results. If you were interviewing any of the two, and say they were of the same personality, education and experience, which one would you hire? Which one would you want to hold a conversation with, the gum chewer, slobbering and snapping all the while with their mouth hanging open, as most gum chewers do, or the non chewer, or as I see them, the one with manners. Which one do you want to be setting next to in a movie, trying to hear? I detest gum chewing, rank it right up there just under tobacco chewing. If someone came into an interview I was handling chewing gum, it would be a very short interview.

  • alwaysright69 .

    I call BS! If you look at each group of twins, the girls chewing gum had more definition in their face, aka makeup (a little). And were generally more attractive. Did you notice that the guy chewing gum had a little smile going on? That nearly always makes one more attractive. The guy on the left looks like a robot. The girl not chewing gum looks more plain. That’s marketing for ya. If either were in an interview, the twin NOT chewing gum would get the job EVERY time.

  • Leann

    Lol. Could Be because the one chewing gum has scowl on face. Somehow I don’t this was a very unbiased “experiment.” Here is a good question to add — get a person who is popping their gum or blowing bubbles then sucking in. Ask, “which person would you rather sit by?” One of my biggest peeves is the person who sits next to me popping their gum and making noises like a cow stuck in the mud. Gah.

  • Joan

    Oh, yeah. The ones that were chewing looked like cows with their cud. The others were holding such grim expressions they looked mean and evil. Nothing like a good old double blind test with neither being the blind.

    • Anonymous

      Advertising scheme by Beldent. Most of those twins have natural facial features that are slightly dour or stern so the one chewing gum seems less strident just because of face movement. Other observations: The chewers faces seem thinner. The non chewing gal’s eyes were half shut while her twins were wide open. And in the last cop clip, the non chewer had a sneer on his face.

  • Mike Johnson

    The zygomaticus major muscle (which is used when laughing and smiling) is also used in chewing gum and imparts or conveys a positive emotion. This is also evident is speech. Word that have hard “I”s such as ‘Like” are positively charged. Words with long “O”s such as ‘Alone’ are negatively charged. See

  • Anonymous

    Why is this pro-gum video being highlighted now? Does it have anything to do with ‘commander-in-chief’ Obama chomping away during the solemn D-Day ceremony? A major faux pas no matter who you are.

    In the military, chewing gum in formation is failure to maintain military bearing. Another no-no is walking or standing with your hands in your pockets.

    Field Manual – FM 3-21.5 (Military Drill and Ceremony). Chapter 4-1 requires: “Remain silent and do not move unless otherwise directed”. It says what it means and means what it says.

    That’s why it is so offensive to real Soldiers and vets when the commander-in-chief chomped at gum at funerals and during the somber D-Day ceremony and walks around with his hands in his pockets. During his entire presidency, Obama has done everything he can to demoralize the military through his actions and unsophisticated bearing.

  • Anonymous

    Phew! Good thing I don’t have an identical twin!

  • bamagal

    Chewing gum in private is fine, but in public is annoying, especially if they smack or pop it. I do not agree with the video, they most likely told the one not chewing to look mad or serious.

  • Anonymous

    No credibility – the non-chewing twin (as the others have mentioned) looked dull. The twins chewing tend to have a smile. Regardless, chewing gum in public is rude. So many people insist on keeping their mouths open too – it’s not a pretty sight.

  • suz

    this is not an experiment. it’s an exspeariment. IT’S A COMMERCIAL FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD.

  • Sargonarhes

    Probably already been said…
    What if I was here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum?

    What’s the impression then?

  • Spectacle

    This is funny. It does bring about a curious question of how is impression more important than substance? unfortunately it is true. The reason why our country is in many a mess is that we choose marketing, a good feeling and how we feel about an image or ideology rather than the true substance of the person or ideology at hand. We never get below skin deep assumptions and are constantly disappointed in the outcome we receive. Too deep? Well it is true. People are constantly not satisfied because we often make choices that are uninformed because we don’t look further than the nose between our eyes. Just food for thought.

  • Anonymous

    Chewing is a guttural, nasty, habit, especially when the chewer smacks, blows, and chews with his/her mouth open.

  • Anonymous

    The questions were not quite right. If they asked who was more nervous, who had less confidence, who was a liar, who was lazy, who thought fun was more important than work, etc… They would have probably picked the gum chewer.

  • Anonymous

    they don’t even know how to make gum anymore..gum just dissolves today you cant chew it!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t watch the video because I, already, have my opinion of chewing gum. When I watch someone chew gum, I see a cow chewing cud. I think it is rude. If it is a “bad breath” problem, then go to a dentist. It is no less rude than chewing with your mouth open or smacking when you eat. Parents need to teach their kids etiquette, once again. Manners are becoming a lost art.

  • James T. Strong

    C’mon, folks. It’s an ADVERTISEMENT for Beldent!

  • AlexisJaime

    Don’t lie, you bought a 1982 Yugo for $75, and you still believe you paid too much.

  • Natalie

    Then troll, you should pay for a better font on your pc, and pay someone to teach you how to write. What a troll.

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