I am in the final phase of a massive transformation

I am once again on a plane chasing the sun.

I am listening to Patty Griffin’s ‘Up to the Mountain’ as I stare out the window admiring Gods handiwork as the sun slips slowly under the curvature of our earthy home.

Sometimes when we are flying late at night, most of my team is asleep and I have time to sit quietly and think.

We don’t have enough time anymore just to ponder.

My grandfather used to have one of those old push mowers (remember the old wooden handle and the round blades between the wheels?). When I was really small I can remember seeing him push it, stop and take his hankie out and mop his brow.

What was he thinking? I now ponder.

Later he got himself a riding mower. By then I was old enough to cut the lawn but he never would let me. I always thought he insisted on doing it was because by then grandma had taken the keys of the truck from him (it involved a plate glass window and the front of a Denny’s but that is a different story :)  ).

But, now, I’m convinced he wanted time to think. Time alone, quiet time to ponder.

As I worked the farm on my tractor this past summer, cutting the alfalfa I hypothesized: farmers of the past must have been either 1) the most well balanced people or 2) raging alcoholics.

So much time and so much silence. You had no place to run from your thoughts.

How many of us can really spend time with ourselves and our thoughts? How many of us need music, talk radio or books on tape? Anything except silence and our own internal voice.

A voice that questions, condemns or emboldens with truth.

The sun sinks a little lower and the sky grows from deep orange to dark blue at the horizon and space grows black above.

I turn the music off.

I am in the final phase, I think, of a massive transformation. One that will take me to rough terrain, uncharted landscape and lonely woods. This may end up being the biggest and most important challenge of my life.

Lead by that still small voice always and simply, questioning, condemning and empowering with love and truth. I have challenged myself to let go of my anger and hurt and instead see others pain, need, confusion and hurt.

I want to be a better man. A much better man.

It is hard.

Sometimes it’s too hard, because I hurt or I am tired or honestly, sometimes I just want to be angry.

“I have a right!” I think to myself.

The country I love is washing ashore in bits and pieces. Dashed intentionally on the rocks by fools and knaves. The flames of hate rages. Fires started by those who just want power or money. Only to have the flames fanned by those of us who were sometimes duped, sometimes trusting “our side” and honestly, sometimes too tired, lazy or unwilling to challenge what we WANT to believe because it allows us to escape that condemning voice about the role we played.

I want to be a better man. A better husband, father and friend.

Life moves so fast. So many fires. I try to put one out and three more appear.

“How Lord? Why Lord?” I pray/wrestle. “I want to do what you want me to do, but I am not smart enough to figure out how to get from here to there.”

“Tell me! What do you want me to do! I will do it, but just tell me!”

Deep down, if I am quiet enough, I know He doesn’t work that way.

He doesn’t want the power.
He wants to empower us.

“Figure it out yourself” the voice whispers. “You have all you need. You always have and if you just trust Me completely and take the leap you will see.”

My mind cannot grasp the eternal.
My eyes cannot see what He sees.
He is right.

For all the worry and panic, trouble and white-knuckle events of my life, I have always had everything I really needed and everything worked out in the end.

It will again.
For all of us.

The stars begin to shine brighter, the sound of the air blowing through the cabin. The quiet conversations from the back of the plane and the empowering voice whispers again.

“It is the simple things that makes a man great. The way he treats his wife, his children and those who CANNOT help him advance in his career or goals. It is the simple repeated act of choosing love over anger, peace instead of hate, forgiveness over revenge and courage over comfort.”

“Most of all”, He whispers, “A great man mows his lawn and is eager for the challenge of silence.”

I turn off the light, smile at the thought of my grandpa. I gaze out my window. I am no longer able to make out the curve of the earth.

I close my eyes comfortable with the knowledge that what is coming, just over the horizon, is a new day and everything we need is already being warmed by tomorrow’s sun.

  • landofaahs

    It’s why I quit listening to your show Glenn for these reasons. You allow no callers to dispute you which shows cowardice. and frankly it is becoming a “Glenn’s therapy session”. I deal with enough nutcases as it is, I don’t need more exposure. But I do like commenting on some of your articles.

  • http://daveposh.org/ Dave Posh

    what a wonderful post. You are already in rough terrain, uncharted landscape and lonely woods. You won’t know it until you are past it. You want to be a better man, a better husband, father and friend. Remember, it is not the destination, it is the journey. You are doing what you are meant to be doing as long as you are being yourself and listing to Him. You are accomplishing much more than what is evident. You are guiding and mentoring by example and that is making a bigger difference that you can see. The stars are beginning to shine brighter.

  • ken.

    glenn, if you want to become a preacher just fill out the form, pay the fee and fill your studio with followers and have your services. you don’t have to keep pretending anymore, if it’s what you want then do it already. take the leap! i’m not attacking you, just encouraging you. this trying to play both sides of the fence really isn’t working.

  • cmontjoy

    You are an inspiration. I love reading your thoughts. I love your heart for God and for things that are true, righteous and good. Keep following after the heart and mind of God. He will lead you. He will continue to lead all of us. Thank you for what you are doing!

  • Robert Starkand

    Thank you Glenn.

  • Alaena Wright

    Sounds like you are seeking God. What about Sanctification? Not that progressive stuff that is so often preached, but the good, Old Fashion doctrine that was based on the Word of God, where a man bows on his knees, and asked God to take away the desire for sin, and give you to power to resist temptation. The power to live like Christ.

    You see a portrait of this in the lives of many people. Benjamin Carson is portrayed as getting this sanctification in the movie “The Gifted Hands,” and marriage book writer, Gary Chapman (5 Love Languages) who prays for sanctification and attributes it to the change of his life and marriage. What if it is not found in us, but found in what the Lord bought on the Cross? What if He provided a way to be transformed in this Second, defitite work of grace? Its simple enough to give it a try.

  • Orlandocon

    Glenn and crew mocking a caller for saying a Christian should not marry a non believer, I guess the Bible making it very clear this should NEVER happen is mock worthy too. Go mow the lawn Glenn, get out of the weeds.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really glad Glenn and Limbaugh don’t do ‘combat radio’ that you reference and apparently want, where people call in to disagree. It’s often not enlightening, rarely adds to the discussion, and really doesn’t fit into the style of radio hosts who are philosophical thinkers.

  • BlueMN

    After years of trying to get politicians elected who’ll cut taxes for him and his rich buddies, looks like Beck finally figured out that religion is the mother of all tax-free scams.

  • 308btsp

    I can’t keep up with your “transformations”, your new positions, your news organization, check that, opinion organization. Trying to be all things to all people assures that you will become nothing to nobody. I hate to say it, but you are fast becoming just like all the politicians out there.

  • landofaahs

    I don’t agree with you either.

  • landofaahs

    I might agree with you somewhat if Glenn did not claim that “Truth lives here”. If you are so filled with truth you do not avoid being challenged. But if you like group think then this show is for you. By the way, you seem to not mind disagreeing banter in the postings here.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, can’t buy your argument. Even the greatest thinkers to live often chose the times they would interact vs when they spoke to crowds. I have no doubt that Glenn talks with those who disagree on a regular basis, but chooses not to make that a regular part of the show.

    That being said, when I hear someone I really disagree with I often have the same feeling, of wanting to challenge what they are saying. What you said for example, I didn’t agree, so I challenge it. This format is suited for discussion and we can choose to do it here. Time and place for everything.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of a classic ‘warning’ from someone who’s not a fan and trying to insert themselves, kind of like the mainstream media giving advice to the Republican party. Glenn does some soul-searching and he’s ‘warned’ that his followers won’t like it.

    Glenn’s show is really the only big outlet that combines real political discussion with religion. Fair to say, his audience does include a decent number of people of faith who do pray, and introspect, and evaluate and value this kind of discussion. But then again, what’s all that matter to a troll?

  • landofaahs

    I don’t care what you buy or what you listen to. That’s your business. But it wastes my time just like you’re doing now. Bye.

  • Anonymous

    Pat Robertson did that already. It’s not just non-fans criticizing. Fans have been stating they’re leaving Beck especially since the Bundy indecent.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I love the direction you’ve been moving in over the past few months. It’s wondered if your diet has something to do with your new attitude. People say a person is what he/she eats so maybe by getting all the junk food and preservatives out of your life(wouldn’t it be weird if it got found out that anger is really just allergic reactions to food) and are eating the way God intended for people to you’re noticing things that were always around.

  • Chris F

    I used to love Glenn when he focused on current events. Now he sounds more like a whiney preacher. Glenn, your mantra is “question with boldness”. I implore you to do this concerning the origins of your church. I am qualified to say this because my family history is CLOSELY tied to your first prophet. So much so that there is a street in Nauvoo named after my family. I suggest this out of love. It is possible to pray to and worship a false god. Study Dr. Walter Martin.

  • http://www.foodrebelle.com/ lynda thompson

    Get some rest Glenn, take care of yourself and get some sleep. We’re concerned about you.

  • Anonymous

    “Tell me! What do you want me to do! I will do it, but just tell me!”

    Read J. R. Rushdooney’s, “Institutes of Biblical Law”.

  • http://greencorruption.blogspot.com/ Christine Lakatos

    Sadly, Beck’s so-called transformation is a self-indulgent, self-serving path. Too bad, because when he was on Fox, I watched almost everyday! Even started my research based on some of his shows: The Green Corruption Files http://greencorruption.blogspot.com/2014/06/clean-energy-dirty-money-green.html#.U5tFIKh0Ek8

  • http://crazyladyadvicecolumn.weebly.com TheCrazyLady3

    Love, love, loved that

  • oldandtired

    I think Glenn just wants us to listen. Maybe it’s something that comes with age.

  • Ann hamilton

    Enjoyed this and yes I agree! We are flooded by all the commotion! We desperately need those times that we let that still little voice come in!!

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    If that means you’re quitting on America… on US… now that you’re financially secure beyond your wildest imaginings, while most of us are not… SHAME ON YOU! If not, please explain. A LOT of us have a LOT invested in you, sir. I’ll look forward to an answer.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what you think? You obviously think your voice should be heard over others, including Beck. I’m willing to bet you are just as narcissistic in every other aspect of your life, which necessarily means that you are a waste of time for every person in your life. You only have time for yourself and your own grandiosity. Buh-Bye.

  • Patti Sullivan Brasga Radovich

    really with the anti Mormon stuff? LET IT GO..They aren’t hurting you or anyone else!!

  • Anonymous

    Patience grasshopper.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting Glenn. I agree with you.

    5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart

    and lean not on your own understanding;

    6 in all your ways submit to him,

    and he will make your paths straight. (NIV 2011)

  • Anonymous

    And there he goes! Lando stated, “If you are so filled with truth you do not avoid being challenged” He’s avoiding being challenged because of an intelligent, polite response in the area where debate is encouraged. Atlanta Guy just went up in my book. Can’t say the same for lando.

  • Carolyn Golden

    Simply beautiful. God Bless and keep His protective hand over you and your family. Much love.

  • 10walde

    I want the old Glenn back. I appreciate that you’re trying to show us examples of folks that are making a difference in their own ways. Make that a show unto itself. I count on you to guide us to the real truth by exposing our government for what it has become. Do this and I will continue to be a loyal fan.

  • Patti Sullivan Brasga Radovich

    Glenn, what exactly do you believe now? I sincerely don’t know if we’re on the same page anymore. And if I could make one suggestion, stop cursing-it makes you part of the problem. My kids always say to turn the radio off when you start swearing

  • Chris F

    They are hurting themselves. Open your mind, step back, and “question with boldness”. I love Mormons, please don’t misunderstand my purpose. I want to see them in heaven. I am not trying to attack, but to save.

  • Hannah

    Thanks for sharing that. It is very encouraging and made me reflect on my attitude. Very inspirational.

  • Patti Sullivan Brasga Radovich

    Totally agree. I just don’t know where he is on the stuff that matters anymore

  • Anonymous

    This would be a wee bit more believable if Beck didn’t feel the need to ANNOUNCE it. This is the kind of thing that is supposed to be between the individual and God, and if you talk about it, you do not do it when you’re supposedly in the midst of cogitating. The way this is written, it sounds like he’s going to be evolving into another life form.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn your anguish problem has a name: neurosis.

    You are hallucinating talks, that’s okay… but please take a good psychological treatment because your obsession is uninteresting.
    Funny after exposing our narcissistic self centered president psychopathy, you adopt that same horrific syndrome!
    The problem is: it does not need a subscription… is simply boring.
    Stop man!
    Forget your bellybutton and look for other issues, if you want to continue your success.
    Yes… you are a good boy…and Mom loves you.

  • Anonymous

    “You obviously think your voice should be heard over others, including Beck. ”

    Actually, what he said concerning Beck was “You allow no callers to dispute you which shows cowardice.”

    How does what he wrote indicate that he thinks his voice should be heard “over” Beck’s? It seems plain that he simply wants Beck to entertain dissenting voices.

    “I’m willing to bet you are just as narcissistic in every other aspect of your life…”

    Of course you are. It’s your stock substitute for rational discourse.

  • Paul

    Glenn, I haven’t been following you since you left the Fox News Network, but I have to say that everything that you predicted, everything you said was going to happen has happened. I don’t care what these other bloggers have to say about you. You have done your duty by informing the uninformed & some of these people are just down right rude. Don’t pay any attention to them & just keep focused on enlightening the folks that care to listen and want to know the truth. Best of luck in all your endeavors & keep on fighting the good fight. To hell with these other assholes!

  • Trish

    We love you Glenn and pray for your team! My husband has read the Circle of Prayer by Mark Batterson. Also we love the fact that you pray before your daily meetings.
    Everything you are doing is just an encouragement to your audience that we all need.
    Anyway, thank you Glenn. God is blessing your life in everyway! You can truly say that Provs. 3:5-6 is working in your life.

  • Carolyn Golden

    He is providing what you are asking for via TheBlaze, For The Record, Real News, and others…he cannot do this all himself, he has to delegate. He has health issues that complicate things. Be patient and watch the other avenues of information that he provides.

  • Anonymous

    Well said, Glenn.

  • http://redcapsalescoaching.com/ Hugh Liddle

    To those of you who are spewing the negative crap about Glenn’s show, viewpoints, financial success and religion: This article deals with Glenn’s introspection about growing in every area of his life and relationships. If Glenn’s show, viewpoints about politics or anything else, way of practicing his religion, wealth and success bother you, then stop reading his articles and don’t listen to his broadcasts and go away. No one is forcing you to listen to him. You won’t be missed. You’re obviously enjoying taking potshots at someone who’s famous and successful. That indicates the need for introspection and change and growth on your part. Glenn’s working on it. How ’bout you?

  • PennsCurse

    Less complaining. Appreciate our blessings. Always try to be better for those who look up to us. Stand for truth and the right thing.
    Be the change we want to see in the world. I get it.

  • Anonymous

    Spak for yourself. I’m happy to listen to his messages. Thanks Glenn. Keep giving us the Good Word.

  • Jamie Boyer

    You are being the voice of many

  • Jon

    Exactly. Glenn has implored us many times that first and foremost, Mercury is a business and businesses exist to turn a profit–and himself, by extension. There is nothing wrong with that but he tends to try to hide or at least minimize this aspect of himself.

  • Amanda

    Glenn, I want to first off apologize for all the hateful responses you seem to have recieved. Your post was very encouraging and somehow enlightening. I have struggled with Bipolar disorder for the last two and half years. And as it’s getting worse I seem to find myself immersed in anger and hatred towards other people. Somehow your post has enlightened me to the prospect that while I do have a legitimate and diagnosed excuse for my anger, that still does not give me the right to hold on to anger. You mention wanting to become a better man, and I think we all feel that at some point or another. I thank you for your post and for leading me, as accidental as it was, into becoming a better person myself.

  • Anonymous

    Well said; and, I agree. Change is eternal.

  • Chris F

    I disagree. I think Glenn’s heart is in the right place. He digs deep in rooting out the truth in so many ways…he just needs to take another step.

  • Dan Sailers

    In the measure to which I think and speak
    Not from my own individual convictions
    But merely repeating what is thought and said,

    My life ceases to be my own.
    I cease being the supremely individual person that I am
    and I act on societies account.

    If we expect to add something worth while to the conversation we should be willing to accept ownership and responsibility for our words and actions. To me it is better to debate the ideas and philosophy, and principles than to go after the individual with accusation/labels.

    We can vote our convictions, add our voice & work to those candidates we believe in and trust God to do what he has promised.

  • With Fortitude

    BS. Beck does nothing but piss and moan about his dog and his family. Why he thinks we want to hear this is beyond me. I liked him when he started out but now his career has obviously interfered with his life and he uses his audience for therapy.
    Beck claimed Billy Graham was part of his inspiration for leaving fox news today on the radio. It would be nice if Graham was alert enough to back it up. Just the idea that he would share this with his audience now shows how low he will go for ratings…

  • Anonymous

    One you never looked at the front of the Mormon church that says, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. You can claim he is a false god if you want but we don’t. Second if you knew anything about the LDS church you would know it does not have paid preachers. Everyone is a volunteer and people take turns in various positions. It is one thing to try and save one with love and encouragement. Quite another to try and save someone by slamming who they are and what they believe.

  • Diane Brewer

    What a beautiful post. When you speak of helping others, you already have. You have helped me to want to be better and to do better. Glenn, you have helped so very many people already. You scare the heck out of me at times and inspire me at other times. You speak truth and that can be a very scary thing but it also helps us to grow in many ways. I first saw you on CNN and I thought how awesome your message was. I have been with you ever since so I want to thank you for being you and I hope the truth always lives wherever you are. Thanks again for all that you do for so many!

  • Anonymous

    I feel the same hard motion to change like being on a large rolling sea. It rolls under my feet over and over again. Restless. I am listening but perhaps not enough to God’s loving voice. I see many around me fearful of changes and changes in America. I do not feel that fear except wonder what to do next to help us all and my family.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t claim to be a prophet.

  • http://www.ccturnouts.com Glen Thomas

    As Peter states in the Bible, “Be Submissive”. Submit to all the evil doer, because Jesus will have the Last Word. God Bless you and may you succeed in whatever ventures you create to make this a better World.
    Glen Thomas
    Waukesha, WI

  • Lance

    I’m certain Glenn doesn’t read or care about these comments… he implores ‘us’ to question even the very existence of God, as Jefferson did, but if you come to the reasonable conclusion that its all a fairy tale then you got that wrong… I like Glenn, building that network is amazing, and he’s my voice out there doing the work while I listen, but the religious stuff is such a put off… take God out of it, if he existed, and was our ‘Father’ I’d put myself up for adoption… if God is to be praised for the good then you have to blame him for the evil. And yes Glenn, you are very mental, but at least you’re on our side.

  • http://relaxyougotthis.com Cathy

    Glenn, everything you said resonates with me. Especially meaningful was the truth you’ve come to realize: “You have all you need.” This one came to me at a point in my life where I felt like I was fighting the good fight for God and was getting weary looking around for more resources, more time, more colleagues and fellow workers. And God whispered “Relax. you have all you need.” An entirely new world opened up to me and new challenges were achieved. I’ve carried this message to others and seen how they also have gone way beyond their own imaginations. So I get it. Don’t let the naysayers here or elsewhere get to you — but somehow I know on that I’m preachin’ to the choir.

  • Munchkin

    I agree with carol. Where is the humble Glenn we all loved? Big business and big money makes you just like the rest of the Wall Street Fat Cats. I just can’t stomach his out of touch ravings anymore. Lost me with his latest life threatning illness ploy. Shame on him! God is watching!

  • Anonymous

    He has never said he is a prophet. He follows a prophet, believes in prophets but never said he was one.

  • Lance

    You realize he can’t dispute callers all day… he has a message.. I agree with you that the religion part of that message is distracting from his otherwise informed opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe…but, on the other hand, choosing to not believe something does not make it false.

  • Chris F

    I’m sorry if you feel I am “slamming” Glenn, but I did not do that. The name of the church or who gets paid for each position has nothing to do with it’s foundational doctrines. I know a great deal about the LDS church. Please don’t think you have the market cornered on knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    “This may end up being the biggest and most important challenge of my life.” Does anyone really care about your life when you refuse to get out in front of Supporting Bundy in his time in need. Or your bashing of Operation American Spring. You said there would be violence and there was none. I haven’t heard an apology from you. You hurt OAS by telling your members to don’t go. If you had gotten the message out then maybe more people would have shown up. But being the egotistical person you are it went against your nature to support something you had no hand in organizing. All you care about are the dollar signs in your head. A true cause you will not support. Marching on DC in support of the Constitution that you supposedly support is a true cause. You once said to your audience that they should chain themselves to the IRS building in civil disobedience after the IRS scandal broke. A person that has your influence telling his listener audience to go out and do civil disobedience without leading it is a coward. It’s ok for them to get arrested as you sit in your cozy studio. You try to stir things up then you just sit back and watch what happens. Glenn why don’t you lead a civil disobedience movement. Your always praising MLK. He at least acted on his words. He got arrested. He Marched. He preached and he acted. You just Preach. Big difference. Put some skin in the game Glen. You missed your chance when you bashed Operation American Spring. You should have supported OAS. You still can, but your ego will get in the way. You would have to admit your wrong and apologize to Colonel Riley. Colonel Riley is in his 70′s and he is out in DC while your at home making money off people who believe that you are sincere in what you do, other then making money.

  • Anonymous

    A fool runs from his thoughts. The best times are mowing the yard, sitting in a deer stand in the freezing cold, shoveling the snow. Times where no one is interrupting your thoughts or your quiet. Where your thoughts are not someone elses.

  • Lance

    P.S. If God is so in control, and everything will work out as God has planned… then ‘f’ the network, just grow Alfalfa. God’s got it.

  • Anonymous

    Silence is nothing to be afraid of, but to be embraced. That’s when God can speak with us, when we finally shut up and want to hear what He has to say. If we are steady in His Word, He will lead us and guide us through whatever it is we must go through. He doesn’t take us through these things without our best intent to prune us and change our hearts to be more like His; to see truth, to see and feel compassion, as well as justice and righteousness. The biggest problem we face in our nation right now, be it my perspective, is 2Chron 7:14…”if my people…”. When we as believers do what we are supposed to be doing, God will heal our land. From a believers perspective, there will be no other solution. Try as we might, we cannot do this in our own strength, only obedience to God’s Word. I only speak for myself…I cannot speak for an unbeliever.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! You live your life according to what Glenn wants….

  • Anonymous

    who was it again that Forced you to read it?
    you have the choice to not have the bother of what he thinks by not reading it. But to imply he doesn’t have the right to speak it…you accuse yourself with your own words and will be held to the same account you hold others.
    Why you would say what you said “is beyond me” and it seems you are using this for your therapy. It goes to show how low you would go to get people to acknowledge you.

  • Hank Agostini

    I often pray,”…make me a better man, a better husband, father, employee, servant, disciple,..”. 6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

  • Charlotte Crosswhite

    I love those quiet moments. I left the corporate world years ago and started working for myself. I work alone and have a lot time during the work time to be alone with my thoughts. When I raised my two oldest children, I realized they were so busy that not having a date/friend to do something with on a Friday night was a major catastrophe. I swore when my three younger children came along they would be comfortable in their own company. It’s great they are good being alone. They aren’t following the herd. They are just as comfortable doing something alone as doing something with others. So, when their friends are getting into questionable situations they just come home. The older children hung around because they didn’t want to spend the evening alone or, “well everyone else was staying”. Go sit/lay on a mountain top and watch clouds float by for an afternoon. Life will look better for it. And, problems/questions will get answered. I know not where you are going. But, I’ll be interested in the journey. Because the Lord won’t let you down.

  • Anonymous

    provide link – or transcript please

  • Anonymous

    John 16:33-These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    Glenn, not now Sir, not now!! you said not so long ago on one of your shows “America, just when you think it’s all over we are on the verge of Victory” I’m holding you to this buddy, read whats above, that verse kept me alive when I was ready to let it all go, but I will not go down without a fight, Hell no, I won’t.
    Cowboy Up Man!! and lead those of us who are just holding on by faith alone.
    I’ll stand with you.

  • Anonymous

    who Forced you to read something that was ‘mind numbing’ – you had the choice to stop, right? What’s funny is – your comments have absolutely nothing to do with the piece that was written. How very tolerant and inclusive of you ….

  • http://nbcfund.com/ slcraig

    So, Glenn’s going to announce his Candidacy for some Elected Office….???

  • Anonymous

    this applies to this article how?

  • Anonymous

    so his grandpa didn’t really mow the lawn?! dangit! I knew something was up.

  • Anonymous

    Chris you are 100% correct. I listened to Glenn when he exposed the likes of Soros,Van Jones and the like. He has turned from being a defender of the Constitution to a preacher. His bashing the Operation American Spring hurt it immensely. Instead of supporting it and covering it he did the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    Landree, excellent observation. I agree.

  • Anonymous

    He also said:

    “I don’t care what you buy or what you listen to. That’s your business. But it wastes my time just like you’re doing now. Bye.”

    First of all, no one is wasting any of his time. He’s wasting his own by reading someone’s post and then responding. Got it, genius?

    I see you’re still smarting from myself, and others, identifying your narcissistic propensities. Too bad. It’s true. As for identifying narcissism in this country, there has never been a better time to do it. This nation has sunk into a tar pit of self-indulgence and delusions of self-importance. Telling Beck he’s a coward because he doesn’t want this self-important blowhard yammering at him is an example.

    That you think you are the arbiter of rational discourse is yet another indicator of your rampant narcisissim, which, if you have a history on this site, most people have already noticed. You certainly haven’t made many friends on Frontpage with your arrogance and dishonesty-by-obfuscation.

    I’ll see you on Frontpage, Hiernonymouse. Unfortunately.

  • Tanya Handel Walls

    I love my husband and recently mentioned that i think he needs to get away. He is taking a camping vacation alone to be in his thoughts and this won’t be easy for him. He is passionate about his country and wants to know everything but I told him I think it would be good to hear what needs to be said in his own mind. He has ADHD and this won’t be easy. Please pray for him and his own journey to be the best be can be. I love him so much.

  • George Wallot

    Don’t be anti mormon. They have most of it right and you don’t know it yet.

  • Hank Agostini

    Lets not be too hard on those who’ve blinded themselves. They’re trapped in their paradigm and won’t take the rose colored glasses off.

  • david bird

    As time goes on for all of us, I think that we all need to listen to that silence that is so rare in our lives. More importantly, we need to listen for that small voice. We need the guidance from a spiritual plane. Thanks Glenn.

  • raisinhell

    Glenn, thank you for sharing your thoughts, hopes and prayers with us. It’s up to us to read and agree or disagree, both as to your content and to your expressions of your faith.

    I appreciate both the content and the sharing of your faith, but if I disagreed with anything, I’d merely follow an old adage “Take what you like and leave the rest”. That approach works for me and even though I have my thoughts on how it may work for others, that’s simply none of my business since I have a full time job “keeping my side of the street clean”.

    I urge you to keep sharing your insights, your struggles, your realizations and your faith with us…it’s each person’s choice to read it or not, and to agree or disagree, but for me, I look forward to it as I struggle with many of the same issues and in my quest to be a better man, it is always good to know one is not alone in that quest.

    May God bless you, Glenn, and all of those with whom you share your stories.

  • don ellsworth

    you were never noticed when you left

  • Twaddlefree

    Listen to today’s radio show.

  • don ellsworth

    your time is not worth much an probly never will be

  • Sara

    Glenn, there are many, many men in all walks of life dealing with the same issues, and quite honestly, God has chosen you as a Godly leader for these men. I’m gonna keep you in my prayers that you will have the strength (the joy of The Lord is our strength) to do what this simple pharmacist prescribes: Repeat OUT LOUD, “I trust YOU GOD” three times daily. Thank you for serving this country in a very special capacity in such a time as this.

  • dianne anderson

    What I ponder: I have often wondered why the Tea Party isn’t doing what the left has always done and that is change their name to something more inclusive. For instance, couldn’t Freedom Works, Tea Party and all other conservatives come together under a new title called Freedom Party or Patriot Party and each may remain the same entity but work under an umbrella of one name for the greater good?

  • richard schlinder

    Glenn. You are touching on what I have learned after retiring to my farm. I have found the original religion. I have found life and the celebration of life all around me.The original religion sees beauty in all things.Plants ,trees ,animals,rocks each having a life of it’s own. Each having it’s place with me and for me.Oh how lucky I am to finally see life and it’s meaning.Tithing started by the original religion. You harvest your crop but you save some seeds and only the best seeds for replanting. You plan and plant and fertilize . You work to keep it all right and the plants start to come up.You work some more and have faith. Faith in the fertilizer,the rains ,the sun and with what you believe is right.
    You invest your best seeds,you work,doing what you think is right and you have faith.
    This is the original religion. 10,000 years ago,they had the time you wish for.They had no distractions only the beauty of life around them and they learned how it works and they became fruitful. I tell my friends try to see what you are looking at. Flower is more then a flower,same with a tree or rabbit. I love my chickens because they are chickens.I watch them grow and fight and care for each other. I see the cycle of life and death is just a part of it.When you plant or build a barn or make roosts for the chickens ,you are investing in life.It all starts with faith and it carries you all the way through.I have observed on of the strongest forces in the universe,the will to live.I have seen plants and animals survive the toughest elements .They did not give up,they did not quit.They took the pain not knowing what will come but they hung on. Is this not life? Everyday I say gracais a Dios.
    You are a man of study. Study the original religion. It will become crystal clear how man has distorted life and it’s meaning since thousands of years ago. Faith.

  • P White

    I am so moved by the thoughts you just shared with the world. I have someone in my life who also has such similar thoughts and dreams as you do that he could be your twin brother (in mind not looks)… We love to listen to you and your thoughts and ideas on The Blaze… It is an inspiration that someone else has the views we do and the courage to speak the truth.. God Bless you Glenn Beck… and thank you

  • don ellsworth

    genius he ain’t

  • Nora Ray

    Glenn is right read your Bible or maybe you don’t have one I don’t no ?

  • don ellsworth

    your full of your self

  • Chris F

    Unfortunately “mostly right” doesn’t cut it. Mormonism is polytheistic at it’s core. Christianity is monotheistic. They share many similar terms and expressions, but once you peel off the veneer they are very different.

  • Stephen

    I suggest, The Path by Rick Joyner. Book one of the fire on the mountain series. You will enjoy it:)

  • raisinhell

    Well said, Hugh. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing and even the doubters and haters are free to exercise it that freedom. I pray they find peace and contentment in their lives so they don’t feel the need to bash others, perhaps to feel better in some way?

  • Twaddlefree

    Beck’s article is about “transformation,” and, as usual, he tells us nothing….we have no idea what he’s talking about. That’s the way it’s been five years, now….teaser and after teaser, only to be pretty much disappointed. Christine was saying that SHE was transformed by the FORMER Beck.
    Who appointed you the monitor of this site?

  • don ellsworth

    i to liked the old glenn going to miss him

  • Anonymous

    Praying that you get to be the better man you hope to become. Also praying today for the souls around the world that are suffering at the hands of the wonton hosts of evil. May HE protect them in this hour of their need.

  • Anonymous

    Your opinions on the foundational doctrines are meaningless. Why should anyone care about who you are and what your opinions on the foundational doctrines are. You don’t have the market cornered on knowledge either.

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    I don’t think Glen has a cowardly bone in his body. People tune in to enjoy his ideas, a conservatism rarely expressed by the pundits too really cowardly to say what they really feel for fear of retribution Washington carefully aims and fires at anyone not agreeing that the emperor has a marvelous wardrobe.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you need to take a step too. Forward or backward, who knows?

  • Anonymous

    Our foundational doctrine is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that because of His love and sacrifice for us, salvation is possible. Without Him, nothing would matter. We would all be lost forever. Whatever else you have read or heard about us, know that He is at the center of everything we believe.

  • don ellsworth

    i loved the defender

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, blessings my brother! We met backstage in Phoenix in 2012 when you signed my Bible. You had previously educated my wife and I on air especially at Fox with your visual presentations. My friend it appears as if we do not have much time left, although with God anything is possible. Because of the preserved need to be better prepaired for the potential Financial or political waterfall ahead, I would shift your time on air to include more educational items like you used to. I also sense the current time calling ALL conservative talk show folks to get together more and support things on a massive scale instead of each talk show host or Tea party or 9-1-2 group, going and taking a following down 50,000 slightly different path’s. Brat’s win over Cantor was a HUGE blessing even though he did not get much support from Freedomworks or the National Tea party groups which is sad. Aren’t we all on the same team? What would have happened had you or others supported OAS? There was not a united front and that hurts our progress and growth when the other side gathers together no matter what! We are the winning side and we should do better connecting and letting slight differences GO, but we don’t. IN AZ we traveled the state to get donations from fellow Americans to assist the other Americans that went to DC, that we did not know. I felt it inexcusable to expect my fellow Americans to absorb the cost of freedom themselves without assisting them. So when they went we supplied Gas, food and prayer to get them there and back home. The effort was noble and those that gave up their family, life and income to try to save this country will always have a hero’s spot in my heart, they suited up and showed up even when others ignored or worse discouraged those hard working Americans that went that gave up a lot to come to the aid of their country that they love. The Conservative wagons need to circle, with a Spirit of unity and forgiveness and Quite time maybe together in prayer asking for God’s Will, His timing and His forgiveness, SOON! Then the America that God blessed us with will successfully put Our Lord back on the Throne again.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    Glenn, I hope that comfort can be shared. I read your words and I cry. A grown man crying like a child with crocodile tears running down my cheeks. I cannot see a future of the surviuval of my beloved country. Reading your thought pushes me into tearful prayer, with an anguished tremble in my voice that keeps me from speaking out loud.

    I apologize to God for my neglect in letting my country get pulled away from the path that He inspired our Founding Fathers to create. I pray for forgiveness for all of us who have not followed the clear path they outlined in their inspired writings.

    At times in conversation with my son, who nears completion of school and will soon embark on the career path for which he has prepared, I apologize to him for the harder life he may have due to my generation’s neglect and failure to maintain the liberty and freedom bestowed on us by God and acknowledged in our Constitution.

    I can only hope that your perceived salvation, if that is what it is, includes us all.

  • Nora Ray

    you are so right Atlanta there is still a lot of Bible believing people here I am not gung ho with all of Glenn’s tactics but at least he is not NBC,ABC , He is Glenn”

  • jazzedj

    Sounds like someone is going through a mid-life crisis! Been there done that.

  • Anonymous

    As a Christian I believe in the biblical prophecy. I confess to getting angry, paranoid,
    depressed… every emotion possible over the affairs of our country and the
    world. It’s been a slow process but I think I’m coming around to what Glenn is experiencing. Yes, we all need to fight the good moral fight, but still realize that the end times will not be pleasant. In fact, we only have pyric victories ahead of us as we are destined to lose the war before the Lord returns. Be good to your fellow
    man and serve the Lord well and all will be fine. Our presence on this Earth is but a test- never forget that.

  • Mike Waters

    Glenn, may the Hand of Providence be upon you. May the Almighty smile upon you. And may the efforts of the Enemy be thwarted at every attempt to cast doubt or hinder you. I have told you this on air, you are a Re-Founding Father of our Republic. I stand along side you brother, with my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor.

  • Ric Thayer

    As with most LDS detractors, you pick and choose from what people in their church have said, and judge and condemn them to Hell without provocation, reason, nor even justification from God. Jesus said that it is not for you to judge, in plain language, even in the Greek. You break the commandments of the true God to ridicule something you don’t begin to understand. Sit down and shut up.

  • Chris F

    Thank you for your testimony. Let me ask you 2 questions:
    1) Do you believe that Joseph Smith’s first vision told him that all the other Christian sects were wrong and they had fallen away, and that the plates were given to him to “restore” the church?
    2) Do you believe that God was once a man like us, and that you can become a God once you die, in order to procreate eternally?

  • Chris F

    Sorry Chad, I never claimed to.

  • Nora Ray

    Thank you Hugh, you said it right “

  • Chris F

    Wow…that doesn’t even deserve a comment. You don’t sound like any of my Mormon friends.

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    Great post..one which we can truly relate to. It is hard not to be emotional about Obama and his march-in-step step minions who are dismantling everything sacred and precious and Divinely unique about America from its very inception. How a man who has never had to sweat over making a profit, never wore a US uniform, smirked when his wife complained at his last inauguration of making such a “fuss over that d–n flag” would ever end up President is indeed maddening and beyond belief!

  • Frankie Berkley Newberg


  • Chris F

    Chad…so much hate. Why are you angry?

  • toody

    It’s pretty oblivious he is a deep thinker. Maybe that’s why he is a Mormon .

  • landofaahs

    Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You have not been posting here telling Glenn what he should do? What did I reply to?

  • landofaahs

    Are my eyes really blue?

  • Anonymous

    May I recommend you attend a Sunday school class at the LDS church as this year is the study of the old testament. Like all christian faiths we study the bible. Right now we are in Samuel. As with the name of the Church the doctrine is based on his teachings. I live near Liberty University. Hardly a Mormon hotbed but yet Glen have been invited there more than once and I have friends of that faith who when we discuss religion we can agree on most things. So while many love to slam LDS doctrine saying its a cult or its not a Christian faith there are many Christians of other church’s that think otherwise.

  • Chris F

    Have you ever listened to one of his broadcasts? I wonder. Every day he tells us “Don’t take my word for it…do your own homework.” That’s exactly what I did, and I’m asking him to do the same thing. My ancestors are closely tied to the Mormon church, that’s mainly why I was curious.

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    That’s going a little too far. A man’s religion is part of who he is, and just like eating at a great restaurant, you want to share it’s address and great menu with others. What’s wrong with that?

  • toody

    Really? What a load. Depending on the church-all you have to do is accept Jesus into your heart or repent and be baptized or repent and be baptized and accept the Holy Ghost or be sprinkled when you are a baby-which is it, dude?

  • Anonymous

    That doesn’t make him a prophet. He does not claim to speak for God or be a spokesman for God, which is what a prophet does.

  • Carle W Riley

    I cannot add to that post except to say you are not alone Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    How is “Tea Party” or “Freedom Works” not inclusive? There is nothing partisan about either one.

  • landofaahs

    Actually I bounce between 2 computers because I do business on one and I do research and pass the time between trades attempting to enlighten people since I am such a big narcissist. It’s okay though. It’s just another of my many sins God forgives me of. He knows as I do that I am a flawed individual and He still loves me anyway. But thanks for reminding me of my faults. I don’t take it personally. Gotta go and make some money, be back in a few minutes.

  • Anonymous

    This just shows your misunderstanding of LDS theology.

  • Anonymous

    Hate? What hate? I am not angry at all. Why are YOU angry inside?

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    Glad you love Mormons, and hopefully Catholics, Baptists..and the list goes on. You can’t love someone and cut down something as dear to them as their religious beliefs.

  • Chris F

    Chad, I’ll ask you the same questions:

    1) Do you believe that Joseph Smith’s first vision told him that all the other Christian sects were wrong and they had fallen away, and that the plates were given to him to “restore” the church?
    2) Do you believe that God was once a man like us, and that you can become a God once you die, in order to procreate eternally?

  • Dianne Blake

    Glenn is allowed to ponder deeper truths. I personally like the fact that he is spending more time with God. I am not a Mormon – but Glenn is reflecting my own attitude about wanting to grow through the journey to become more like Jesus, through the help of the Holy Spirit.

    Glenn is hitting upon the fact that we need to join together on things we have in common instead of back-biting on the things we don’t – and that I believe also includes our relationship with God. When I see the angry words written in response to Glenn’s reflections, I see that we have a long way to go.

    So, I encourage the attitude of joining together in peace, finding common ground and moving our lives forward in positive ways. If people who visit this post find us unwilling to take another’s personal journey in peace, then what message are we sending to those visitors?

    Thank you Glenn for sharing. I too know the challenge of trying to move forward in my life, waiting on God, and understanding that things are in His timing and in His ways. (For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, my ways, saith the LORD. – Isaiah 55:8) It is best that I always keep this in mind – especially when the world all around me is in chaos.

  • toody

    All because of the Nicene Creed. Why don’t you other Christians do some research on that.

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    Glad you know a “great deal about the Mormon Church”, keep working on that…you never know what might happen! Saul who became Paul found out…

  • Anonymous

    Did Glenn claim that Rev. Graham inspired him or instructed him personally? Perhaps he meant he was inspired by something Rev. Graham’s said or wrote, not that they had a personal consultation.

  • Johnathan Read

    How pathetically sad and lonely your life must be Landree.

    You spend your time on here criticizing Glenn and those that are trying to make a difference.

    You fail at this miserably.

    You and others like you troll sites like this to attack those working for a better tomorrow.

    Most likely because most sites reject or ban you.

    Why? Because you offer no alternative or constructive criticism.

    Your comments here tell us that Glenn must be doing something right.

  • Gigip

    It’s your thoughts such as these I miss so much. I poder these things also, being only one person and no way to share the depth of those thoughts.
    Take comfort Glen none of us is perfect and can only strive to be so. But, you have the admiration and respect of so many, hopefully knowing that brings some peace and comfort.
    Stay true to your values and all else works itself out.
    Bless you and your family always.

  • landofaahs

    Really? I didn’t notice. Shalom.

  • Anonymous

    Heard a story of a catholic priest once who said to a Mormon. Either your right or we are right. It can’t be any other way. He proceeded to explain that all the other christian church’s are break always from the catholic church and that if the Catholic church is wrong then all the break away church’s are wrong and the LDS church must be right because they are the only one that did not evolve from the catholic church. On the subject of God having a body of flesh and blood. Did he not send his only begotten son to come to this earth to fulfil all that he said he would through his prophets including the obtaining of a body of flesh and blood. If Christ said the father and I are one, in purpose would the father also not have obtained that body of flesh and blood.

  • landofaahs

    I’ll repeat myself. I don’t care what you or others buy or listen to. I merely stated why I was no longer listening to Glenn. If you enjoy it, more power to ya.

  • JC Rogers

    Dear Glenn,
    This is one of your best commentaries ever! It spoke to me so deeply – many of your comments and concerns co-inside with mine – and you crafted your words in such a reassuring way that reminded me (once again) to keep listening to that small still voice within me that keeps saying that our country, our world, and our humanity will survive and be alive again. Thank you! -

  • landofaahs

    He suffers from wealth envy. It’s quite common now.

  • Anonymous

    Guest, I would like to know what lies you are referring to? Just because you say Beck has been lying over the years, doesn’t make it true what you say. He does do his homework. Since you know all about him, you have to do read a lot of his writings. Ha,ha. You must enjoy something about what he says.

  • Judith Vodopia

    You’re a ray of light in a cold,dark world. God blessed you with strong voice and a faith in Him to see you through life’s waves! In so doing you help all of us that doubt him. Than you!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Most of the LDS I know have done their homework too. And I am pretty sure Glenn has done his as well, which is why he is where he is at in his progression.

  • Anonymous

    EJ sorry your life is so empty that you send out pleas to be noticed. you have been noticed and forgiven. Hope your day brings you one spark of happiness.

  • Anonymous

    Meg903, the word “do” should not be in the sentence

  • landofaahs

    I don’t mind him pointing out his religious beliefs but he leaves out the ones that most people would be shocked to hear. But he could at least have some calling in that might disagree. Liberals have never been served well by their group think attitude where only socialist thought is allowed

  • Anonymous

    A curious event took place in the pages of the bible…Hezekiah, when given a few more years than was allotted, failed his master. The prince of Persia sent gifts and letters of flattery to Hezekiah and then the King of Judah invited him to tour the hall of God’s treasures. God’s treasures…those brought to the tabernacle from every tribe…spoons bowls, platters and such in wagons and ceremony to the priest to set in the Tabernacle for God’s remembrances.

    Seemed like a small thing; an insignificant gesture that leaned the wrong way, but it actually was an indicator of a lack of both knowledge and respect for the “feelings” of God.

    Your message tells me, a pastor, that you sense the lost values that go beyond the issues of culture. The root of America ripped out and burned before anyone truly noticed…”in God we trust.”

    God has turned His eyes from our plight, but we still hold the line to the drapes…keep pulling our friend…His eyes may come in vengeance, or judgment, or mercy, but they are still His eyes that we trust and hold.

    God commanded Hezekiah’s sons to be eunuchs in the courts of the Prince of Persia, another message for another time, so we face many powerless young men for the force of change. But we can affect our beloved nation, and our own world.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is still focused on current events. It’s just that when he isn’t doing political and world current events he’s doing events that shows what he believes in when he isn’t working. That’s just as current as any other event and maybe more since he’s personally involved at a cellular level.

  • toody

    I want to see them in heaven? I guess has judged himself there already. Pretty bold.

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    Glad you know a “great deal about the Mormon Church”, keep working on that…you never know what might happen! Saul who became Paul found out…

  • Ted Doe

    Glenn, totally understand the essence of your inner feelings. I have written to you before about the ideas you expressed. Please remember this comment, because I will be reaching out for your help later this summer. Ted

  • Anonymous

    I had a professor in my undergraduate program who once asked, “Do you all have time to just think?” We looked at her as though we didn’t understand the question. “Just think?” But in the years since, I’ve come to understand her wisdom. We’re too busy producing things to consider the big questions–do, make, create, produce…But without the time to think, how do any of us know that the “work” we do has any real value.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I also feel that I am going through a change as well I lost my Grandmother a year and 3 months ago and her birthday is approaching next month. She told me things about growing up on the farm and how to farm as well. This really speaks to me and I wish you the very best Glenn. Thank you and your staff for the hard work that you have all done. God is good Amen!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn,

    If you want a constructive view of God’s challenge to help the poor feed themselves, ask me to send one picture to an e-mail that you can see! Ask tryontechnologyATme.com

  • Coll

    “Figure it out yourself” the voice whispers. That is what Glenn hears as the ‘voice of God’?
    1 Samuel 15:22
    So Samuel said:
    “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices,
    As in obeying the voice of the Lord?
    Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,
    And to heed than the fat of rams.

    Rather than figuring it out myself, I’d be better to seek God and obey His voice.
    Thanks anyway, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    1) The plate were not given to “restore” the church. That was a much more involved process. But yes, man had fallen into apostasy. And not for the first time.
    2) Man can inherit all that God hath. But man is always subject to God and God is always God to man, whatever end state man ends up at.

    Again, your homework seems to have been based on misunderstanding of LDS theology and the Bible.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly Glenn, I think you will find that the final stage of this transformation is just the completion of another step on the road of life because every step on the road transforms us.
    Maybe you spent a lot of time climbing and finally you are on the downside side of the mountain but sometimes it’s as hard to go down hill as it is to go up.
    Good luck and God Bless You on your journey.

  • gregg

    Why does this newsletter let these work ads show all of the DAMN time? IT’S GOOGLE FRAUD!

  • Jeo Ten

    Well they do pay the vast majority of taxes (not disputable).

    If everyone paid in, everyone could lay claim. But they don’t.

    Complain about those making more than you all you want. But it’s an old story that doesn’t really mean anything except to liberals who use it for their gain.

  • Anonymous

    It’s God’s plan you work at being a better person, grow and learn and try for the right paths, it’s the least you can do and not always appreciated……

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    Good words for Obama! Send him that post…chances are it won’t ever be read! Things have really changed…when I sent a letter to Jimmy Carter, as President, I received a personal letter back, and call from the Secretary of the Treasury. Right or Left, he at least cared about his constituents.

  • Denise Quiros Nobs

    I think y’all are missing the point Beck is trying to make, that we should be eager to foster silence- in that we can reflect and even get answers from those holy silences. Seems like most of you ‘commentators’ would simply benefit from SHUTTING UP!

  • Linda Sills

    As I am lds myself, I understand his thoughts completely. I know his heart and his desires and have him in my prayers as he has a small piece of a platform. He wants only the best for this country and his citizens. He needs our support as he is the idea man. God bless his endeavors. p.s. and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • http://www.artgalleriesdaytonabeachfl.com Jeannette Dedek

    Thank you very much for this deeply emotional message. My husband, a Marine Corps Veteran, passed away one year ago June 10th. I found it very consoling

  • Chris F

    Question 2…yes or no? The olde English confuses me. :)

  • Anonymous

    You are A great, spirit, Glenn Beck, full of kindness, you have a willingness to seek the truth and to spread that truth to whom ever will listen. I believe GOD has a purpose for you and you are fulfilling that purpose, right now. You have helped me in so many ways and have turned my life around for the good of man. I believe you have saved me from the darkness of this world and the only way I can thank You (since I’m on S.S. and I don’t have much money) is to share your kindness, and willingness to seek and find the truth and spread that truth to others; and in turn, Praise and Honor Our LORD and Savior. This is what you have done for me. Thank You young man You are after-all,are an “Earth Angel” Your Sister in Christ Jesus, Connie.

  • Anonymous

    Because all doctrine is sound doctrine, because every faith tradition stands in truth although mutually exclusive right? Thats illogical sir. Some are complete lies, some contain various degrees of truth. The standard for truth is the Word of God, where authority lies. Earthly institutions and men are corruptable. Please stop with the “everyone can be correct” nonsense. Thats just not the reality. If you dont understand the concept of loving correction, rebuking then you have much more to learn.

    Why cant we just leave folks alone? Bc souls are at stake, and I will continue doing what I am doing seizing the opportunity to cut down imitators and counterfeits. Why? Because I hate? No because I love. I do not create my own standards concerning the law, sin, salvation, God has established these truths in his Word and I stand in its authority. Did Paul take the opportunity to cut down false teachers and heretical teaching? You bet! Read the Epistles.

  • David Nathan Viger Jr

    That’s a positive comment. There never should be cursing on the TV or anywhere. If Glenn is guilty of that weakness, I hope he reads it, appreciates it (which I would think he would), and changes it.

  • Bev Jordi

    Thank you Glenn. That was beautiful! When overcome by challenges, we need to
    surrender it to God, stay calm and listen to that still, small voice and follow the guidance received. I love the work that you do. I have a deep respect for your courage and honesty. Thank you for taking a stand on so many important issues today. All the best to you and your family. You are in my prayers.

  • thenana

    The first step is the easy one to take, but you have done it.
    Prayers go with you!

  • Anonymous

    “He also said:

    “I don’t care what you buy or what you listen to. That’s your business. But it wastes my time just like you’re doing now. Bye.””

    Yes, he did. But you chose to highlight the comment to Beck, and you mischaracterized what he said.

    “I see you’re still smarting from myself, and others, identifying your narcissistic propensities. ”

    I’ve noted that it seems important to you to think so, and I’ve noted that you may someday come to grips with that. Meanwhile, suffice to note that the accusation of “narcissism” is appearing with a frequency that suggests a verbal tic or habit, rather than rational thought. It’s not a particularly creative or high-order line of thought that attributes to one’s opponents some mental disorder. It’s more revealing that you think it rational or persuasive.

    “That you think you are the arbiter of rational discourse…”

    Let’s ignore the irony implicit in the way you entered this thread for the moment, and deal with the surface meaning. I feel free to offer my thoughts, and will continue to do so. That you see me as an arbiter suggests more about how you see me than about how I see myself. The frequency with which your conversations are including me as a subject, rather than as simply a participant, also suggests that you are getting a bit obsessed with interpersonal relationships rather than substantive topics. It suggests to me that it’s probably not productive to continue to indulge you on these meta conversational digressions.

    “You certainly haven’t made many friends on Frontpage with your arrogance and dishonesty-by-obfuscation.”

    I’m not here to make friends. I have plenty of those. I’m here to talk about subjects that interest me and to enjoy stimulating and challenging conversation. There are people on here with whom I find that, even if I strongly disagree with some or most of their positions and approaches. Where I see second-rate thinking attached to topics I care about, I point that out. When I see second-rate thought defended, not by rational argument, but attempts to discredit the speaker, that attracts my attention in a special way. That bothers you, and Daniel. That’s good. You need to be bothered about that. If it causes you to think more carefully about what you write, that is a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    My ancestors were likewise closely tied to Joseph Smith and I have a different view than you. A family connection to Church history does not one an expert make. Leave a doctrinal discussion for another place.

    Glenn’s musing had nothing to do with doctrine but rather what we all ought to be doing to be better human beings.

  • Arlene Schuch Wangsness

    Thank you, Glenn. My dad is a retired farmer (in fact, I come from a family that has farmed for over 130 years!) My dad says his happiest times were out on the tractor-this is before tractors had radios, air conditioning, etc. True peace comes only as we sit and listen to The Lord, as you do. Keep on keepin’ on, Glenn and God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    hahahah – the same person that appointed you official troll.

  • Anonymous

    The writers are expressing 1. their gratitude for Glenns words and/or 2. their benefits from silent reflection.
    Either way I doubt Glenn was encouraging anyone to shut up.

  • Debi Hatfield

    This is my first time posting. I am appalled at what I have read to the point I had to say something about this. WHAT in the world is wrong with some of you people ? We are all on our own journey through this oh so temporary life. I’m glad that Glen makes it possible to let some of us know that we are not alone on our journey. Thanks Glen ! I want thank Aunt Erma as well…! I am sick to death of who’s opinion is right or who’s opinion is wrong. One mans truth is another mans lie! Some people only want to hear everybody’s opinion so they can have something to argue about. Personally, I seek not your approval or validation. Know-it-alls, Don’t tread on me! Fight for what you believe, right or wrong, but don’t you judge me. It’s not your job. As far as which Church doctrine is true or false or which preacher is right or wrong. There is NO building (Church) and NO man that can SAVE anyone.. it is for God only to judge and save, that’s his JOB. We are not judged according to groups, but as individuals. I thank God for that !

  • toody

    Ha ha nailed his butt to the wall. Lol.

  • Ben Snyder

    Glenn- I have been with you since the first day you came to Philly radio, when you arrived from Tampa. You said to stick with you for 3 weeks and you will appreciate your format. I did. I was with you through the ADHD days, the U of Penn psychiatrist, etc. I am writing to tell you to be more cautious than you usually are in whom you befriend. There are some acquaintences who are causing you to be depressed. Your tone, written and spoken has changed. You are less focused than you used to be. You are leww lighthearted. I realize that the communist who is president and his communist running mates have set in place schemes which will bring the country down, if fully implemented. I think that coming elections might cut some of this off at the knees. That’s allwe can do-work and hope. All I am saying is to really closely evaluate those who are close to you (not your family or your mates on the air!).

  • S Hall

    We LOVE you, Glenn!! Keep moving forward following Proverbs 3:5-6 and you will be fine as long as you allow Him to direct your path!!

    (5 ¶Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  • Anonymous

    Sham on you ! I don’t care who you are or where you claim you are from, GOD says ” If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, don;t say anything at all.

  • toody

    Sounds like a socialist rearing his ugly head.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Glenn sounds MORE focused than he use to be. Outside of his rants about the government the way every other talk host does he’s probably more relaxed than he has been in the history of forever.

  • Chris F

    I never claimed my family history made me an expert. It just spurred me to research it. I am free to discuss doctrinal matters in this forum, correct? Were there some rules posted somewhere that I missed?

  • Anonymous

    I answered #2. If you don’t like the answer, do some more homework. (hint, read your Bible).

  • Sunshine43

    Such beautiful thoughts Glenn! My admiration for you grows daily. You are an inspiration to us all in many ways, probably more than you realize! God most assuredly has chosen you because you are already the best in every way. Don’t count yourself short my friend.

  • Chris F

    Huh? The questions were pretty straight forward, or so I thought.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot save, Only GOD can, and if the person is willing to be save. he will. Who do you think you are anyway, Glenn is a wonderful young Spirit, will to help (not ridicule ) people. why dont you go somewhere else, we don’t need your criticism.

  • Sunshine43

    Herculean advice! Thanks for expressing this!!!

  • http://newstatesrights.com richard fitch

    Glenn: The reason for your consternation is your failure to be honest with your audience. You failed to communicate the problem & its solution to our nation’s problem. You knew the answer would destroy your future earnings, so you joined the power & greed leadership of this nation.

  • toody

    You must be talking about D.c.! Hollywood, the kennedys, blumenthals, Chicago politicians , and of course, the community organizers and lets not forget the Clinton s

  • Anonymous

    Haha. The “judge not” comes out. He did not condemn anyone to hell, physically stone anyone, or make a hypocritical judgement. He is confronting doctrine that is incongruous with Scripture. Did you know that exhortation is a Spritual Gift? Rom12. So is the discerning of spirits. 1Cor12. Did you know that Paul was a fierce opponent of heretical church teaching as were all of the Apostles?

    There is so much about recognizing false teachers, false doctrine, offering loving correction and calling the sinner to repentance in Scripture its hard to know even where to begin. Its all over heres a starter.

    Eph5:11, John7:24, 2Cor11:12, Mat7:15, Rom16:17, 1John4:1, 2Tim4:2, 1Tim5:20, James5:20,

    My hope is that you Glenn and as many as possible have a right relationship with God through his Son. In the context of a short discussion like this its unclear. I do admire some of Glenns work. God bless. Much love. Keep it holy!

  • Chris F

    So, “Man can inherit all that God hath”, as in omnipotence and omnipresence. I’ll mark that as a yes. That means you believe in many gods, thus polytheism.

  • Anonymous

    “Figure it out yourself” the voice whispers.
    The voice of God? Direction of the Spirit? You decide.
    1John 4:1

  • toody

    Excellent. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Anonymous

    Stay focused, Glenn. Please. The things you say when you go all what other people say is “new-agey” is worth the price of all the rest of the time you do the usual “interchangeable commentator” political talking points. Silence, relaxing in “the one” and nature is what God is all about.

  • Linda Gentry

    Yes if we get quiet GOD will talk to us in our spirit just like you know in your knower it is him talking. We have to meditate and read GOD’S HOLY WORD. He speaks to us when we are quiet and we listen!

  • Denise Quiros Nobs

    Dear heart, folks were complaining about beck and harping about all manner of issues. I feel they’re missing the point Glenn was trying to make. Thus My remark that they could benefit from practicing silence as well. Beck wasnt telling anyone to shut up. I was…

  • Luckygirl

    But…who do you Glenn, say who I Am?

  • Jeo Ten

    In other words … you’re a human living on Earth.

  • Anonymous

    Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and alike have made themselves millionaires at criticizing the left. By your logic, the left must be spot on.

  • Anonymous

    Keep spinning. It’s what you do best. I don’t expect a narcissist to accept the truth about themselves. They never do. Obama is another example of narcissism run amok, which, as I recall, was what got you all worked up about diagnosing people as narcissists. Again, too bad. The truth hurts, especially when you are narcissistic.

    “It’s not a particularly creative or high-order line of thought that attributes to one’s opponents some mental disorder. It’s more revealing that you think it rational or persuasive.”

    You’re projecting your own self-aggrandizing agenda with that drivel. I’m not worried about appearing creative or high-minded when identifying the traits of mental disorders in opponents. I’m only interested in the truth. Identifying these traits is instructive since it puts a context to the opponents bias.

    Creativity has nothing to do with truth, but it is essential for effectively lying or obscuring the truth. That was a serious slip-up on your part. Who but a liar thinks truth is a creative endeavor? As for “high-minded” lines of thought, you flatter yourself if you think your pretentiousness and ostentation are high-minded, but I suppose it does satisfy your grandiose self-image. I’ve always been of the opinion that expressing the truth is the highest-minded, even when it annoys narcissists.

    You see everyone who doesn’t share your ideology as a second rate thinker. You tried to defend Americana’s idiotic theories about Benghazi being the fault of the Joint Chiefs, even going so far as to defend her saying that the Joint Chiefs have autonomy in the chain of command. You’ve been trying to walk it back ever since.

    You also vigorously tried to assert that the Taliban had nothing to do with Al Qaeda’s 9/11 plot. Of course, you contradicted yourself at least once, and squirmed, parsed, and quibbled to avoid admitting you were wrong. Well here is a little gift for you:


    Let the convoluted denial begin.

  • Anonymous

    This leave me wondering what is coming next? You seem to have total trust in God in all your life. That is hard to do because of our humanness but it is what sustains us.

  • Chris F

    How much unbelief exists in the minds of the Latter-day Saints in regard to one particular doctrine which I revealed to them, and which God revealed to me—namely that Adam is our father and God.
    “ ‘Well,’ says one, ‘Why was Adam called Adam?’ He was the first man on the earth, and its framer and maker. He with the help of his brethren brought it into existence. Then he said, ‘I want my children who are in the spirit world to come and live here. I once dwelt upon an earth something like this, in a mortal state. I was faithful, I received my crown and exaltation’ ”(Brigham Young, Deseret News, June 18, 1873, 308)

  • LP in AK

    I perceive that we hear the same Voice and are remarkably on the same path. We look within, where He dwells and strive to make it a clean habitation. We look without to see the course of all mankind, and with Him, we grieve and we rejoice. We look forward and understand where mankind’s course will take us all, that our personal journey is one step at a time, that obedience or selfishness change our world but does not change His, and we steel ourselves to remember that in the midst of Grace or Judgment that we must STAND, clothed in the armor. And mercifully, we look up, remembering that He IS and through it all, He is clothed in majesty and He will not be moved.

  • Anonymous

    That statement is an anomaly. No one is sure if the secretary or transcriptionist who was writing that day miswrote or mistranscribed it, but it is not consistent with our beliefs about God the Father and is NOT doctrine.

  • Chris F

    How about this?

    When our father Adam came into the garden of Eden, he came into it with a celestial body, and brought Eve, one of his wives, with him. He helped to make and organized this world. He is MICHAEL, the Archangel, the ANCIENT OF DAYS! about whom holy men have written and spoken—HE is our FATHER and our GOD, and the only God with whom we have to do” (Brigham Young, in the Journal of Discourses, 1:50).

  • Chris F

    Yes Chad, it is that simple. Either you believe that God is the alpha and omega, and there shall be no other God, or you believe there are many gods, including you someday. The latter is not a Christian teaching.

  • Anonymous

    I have sent you a couple of video recordings of songs that I think fit exactly what you were talking about this AM> I hope you get them. They were sent as a gift.

  • Guest

    You’re really a jerk.

  • Anonymous

    You are really a child of Satan, aren’t you?

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic! These to articles are identical, no doubt orchestrated by the left, AND they are 4 years old. They simply have a different take on Glenn’s report, they don’t refute anything.

  • With Fortitude

    No dear your implying that I am saying he doesn’t have the right to speak it. You telling me not to read it shows you think like a child. You make no sense Calee ! The very reason the boards are here is for opinion. Nothing you said addresses my point!
    Beck’s rise was because he addressed the real problems. The problems of political correctness our country is choking on. Now his shows are all about him and full of drama. I’m disappointed Calee because with a platform like Becks he might have made a difference. I believe now all he is doing is justifying his existence on radio by pretending it’s his calling over broadcast television ! Very sad!

  • JR

    Jesus isn’t trying to empower us; HE is the power and wants us to surrender to him and accept His holy spirit. He entered Jerusalem on a donkey as the Lamb of God the first time, but the next time the world sees Him He will be on a white horse in the thunder; triumphant. He saves the world from the destruction of the progressives, not us. . . . And no, we do not have all we need, only God can save the world from the nuclear annihilation that lays in wait. Glenn, I love you bro, but you need to build a bunker and get a radio with a really, really big antenna.

  • Anonymous

    “You see everyone who doesn’t share your ideology as a second rate thinker.”

    Not at all. Apart from the question of what you imagine my “ideology” to be, there are some people on these forums with whom I strongly disagree, and whose tactics I’ve even questioned, who are nonetheless capable of making strong and clear arguments and supporting them. Objrctivefactsmatter and AZ pop immediately to mind. Texas Patriot is one of the more independent-minded and capable thinkers on the boards. I disagree strongly with his evaluation of Islam, but he clearly has thought out his positions, supports them well, and is open to contrary points of view.

    Let’s look at what your article says. It leads off by reiterating “Mohammad Fazl, who served as the Taliban’s army chief of staff and deputy defense minister prior to his detention at Guantánamo, did not have a hand in planning the actual 9/11 hijackings. “. That rather reinforces my position.

    The article then goes on to state that AQ made itself indispensable to Taliban attempts to overcome Northern Alliance resistance so that, after 9/11, the Taliban would be more likely to continue to support AQ.

    Now think about that for a moment. That entire thought process strongly reinforces what I have said all along: namely, that nothing we gave learned so far suggests that the Taliban knew about 9/11 beforehand. Your own article tells us that the assassination of Massoud and the subsequent offensive was designed to insulate AQ against possible blowback when the Taliban discovered the extent of AQ’s activities.

    No need to argue. The article you provided is excellent evidence exactly as presented. Thanks.

  • With Fortitude

    Beck said it was in his presence. Beck told Graham that G-d was telling him to leave Fox . Beck said there were others in the room and that one of them reminded Graham that Beck is a Mormon. Implying that maybe it wasn’t G-d directing Beck. Beck said that Graham stated that he was aware of Becks faith and believed the message to be from G-d to leave Fox.

  • Anonymous

    Hiernonymouse likes toadies. You’ll do just fine. With a “ha ha” and an “LoL,” you have qualified for his coterie of “rational thinkers.” Birds of a feather.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t serve two masters.

  • JamesJinSC

    Glenn your ADD is making ME go nuts. Show constantly changing direction, your definition of right vs. wrong in constant flux… I stay in confusion as to who you are and what you stand for right now vs. 8 hours ago vs. 6 weeks ago, etc. etc.

  • https://www.facebook.com/TXSpottedHorseRealty Sharon

    Recognizing the destination is most of the battle. Realizing that you want to be a better person for those around you should be everyone’s destination. Sadly, most don’t ever recognize this. Keep the vision of those you love in your heart and you will have a wonderful journey. Enjoy the memories and the silence.

  • Anonymous

    It’s almost time to start your own country, Glenn.

  • Robert

    Glenn I have followed you for a long time. I see how close you are to a tough
    reality, one that is not popular, is not left of right. I know your fight because I have fought it, and fight it, everyday too.

    The fact is that we worship the gifts and not the giver, so we cherish America and the flag but we do not make the connection that these are just the return address, the signature, of the One who gives. In and of itself it is worthless and nothing is
    anything except that God gives it. God gave America to the world, that is what makes it great, not the men that received the gift or that abuse the gift.

    George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, whoever else, they are all flawed men of corrupt character who knew that God was the one of pure character. They knew because they knew themselves better than anyone. Their glory is that God choose to use them. If you look close you can see that is the case, for they all have their flaws to the very end.

    In the end all is vanity, as it says:

    “Again I saw that under the sun the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all.”

    The fact is we worship these men because we want to worship ourselves. We want the status of feeling, that the flesh desires, in the sense of victory and the place at the top of the summit. We want to be great. Or as you say,

    “It is the simple things that makes a man great. The way he treats his wife, his children and those who CANNOT help him advance in his career or goals. It is the simple repeated act of choosing love over anger, peace instead of hate, forgiveness over revenge and courage over comfort.”

    But man is not great, only one Man was great, and only One was good, “for only God is Good,” and only One Man made these authentic choices all the time (or could make them all the time). The Truth that sets us free is that we can never be what our flesh vainly desires but One has already been that and we can live inside Him.

    So when we treat our wives and children well, when our career flourishes, we find that it was not our choice, for as you said, we desire the opposite of Love most of the time. We learn, in those moments of silence in the place of Peace you mentioned, that God compelled our choice in our weakness his strength came out.

    Understanding your weakness and utter futility leads to the strength of Christ.
    So I wish to challenge your notion that:

    “He doesn’t want the power. He wants to empower us.”

    I would say look at the Old Testament, who is the great man? Who did not fail and fall and doubt and kill, and fornicate and a bunch of other bad stuff not recorded? What person in the Old Testament would you like to be and have as your legacy if you could exchange places? The greatest David is as checkered as they come, for that is all man can be, and that beautiful reality is the only thing that can make you love Jesus, and not love him just to advance one’s human desires (or dare I say career).

    In the end, great men knew God and that is all.

    If we are Christians, then we need a Savior, if we need a Savior than we admit all we are not. In this place, the place that does not point at human role models but at Christ, this place is where power resides. The most humbling part of following Christ is when he lets you run off a bit so you can see that you have not really changed you have just been in his presence, if he let you go you would return to you. Maybe you don’t do the same “sins” but you will master a new way to be an A-hole.

    Our Savior does not save in a single act but in a never ending eternal action. If we say we are not sinners, says the Apostle John, then we make Jesus a liar, if we admit our sinful nature, then His Blood cleans us over and over again!

    Great men find silence in Jesus that silence is called His Righteousness.

    It is hard to find this reality in the world because the media, by its very nature, is all about human primacy. The head-shot, the resume, “what do you do for living?” The championships, the money, the things called success and legacy, all a fraud
    cast upon what are a ephemeral physical life and a temporal world. But whether you watch ESPN, the OWN network, or Fox News, it is all about who man is or the tearing down of what you thought a man was!

    Your frustration is that you are attempting to make permanent that which is in, and always will be in, constant decay. There will always be three more fires and always four more holes in the dike of this planet because the only thing that keeps it alive is what flows from heaven, from the Source of life to this dead sponge called earth.

    If you build your house on the sand of who you are, you will rebuild again, but there is one stone on which you can build, or let Him build. You will not get a legacy and you will not feel personal achievement. But you will have a testimony and that will change lives and Jesus will shine through you like the sun and your life will stop being putting out fires and start being the moments of Peace and Shalom.

    I do not think that God is silent to empower you, but so that you will trust he is doing the work even though you are not in control and are not CEO of any of it. Even though your flesh says the world is going to “hell.”

    Preach love, preach the putting away of sins, preach the man Jesus and Resurrected God Jesus. The rest is always going to leave you wanting, leave you like Jefferson and Adams must have felt as they passed writing in their beds, wondering what they had or had not done, feeling the winning argument had not yet been penned….but, I am sure, yearning to be with the Lord.

    The fact is we can just be with the Lord right now. In his light you will see your last sunset. You can be rest assured you are not a good man Glenn, just as I am not, but I know you are a great man, because God is with you, and God is putting it on display for all to see.

    How can you be any greater and how can any be greater….in Jesus Christ.

    Love always….

  • http://www.AdolfHoepfl.com Kathryn van der Pol


    I feel the truth of your words in my heart and they remind me of a friend named Jan De Hartog. Unfortunately, my friend is now deceased. He was a Dutch writer who Hitler banned and even put a bounty on his head. He barely escaped the Nazis in Holland, at one time hiding in a nursing home dressed as an old woman, kind of like Achilles hiding from Odysseus.

    Jan wound up coming to the U.S. on a sailboat, improved his English and began writing novels for an American audience. His works often focus on the sea, WWII and spirituality. He was nominated for a Pulitzer for one of his books. He also exposed in a non-fiction book the horrific conditions of the charity hospital in Houston during the 1960s and was run out of town by its embarrassed citizens.

    Here is a little fable he wrote that applies to you today.

    “There was a hellish thirst on two frogs and they needed a drink of water.
    They spied a bucket that was sure to be full of water. Jumped the two frogs
    into the bucket. Yuck! It was not water in the bucket. Milk it was! So, the two
    frogs swam with all their strength to stay afloat. The frogs grew very tired
    before too long. The first frog threw the fiddle on the roof [gave up] shortly
    afterwards. He was drowned. The second frog was not wanting to die, so he
    continued to struggle. He believed that he could succeed. He kept swimming with
    all his strength. And then – a raft of butter passed by and he was saved.

    There we are! You may not know what results will come of your efforts, but
    you must keep at it anyway.”

  • Bean

    Love the way you reply as “Guest”, nice to hide behind, you in the closet? or moms basement?

  • Anonymous

    I hope I know about it as am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  • earl


  • Bean

    And you are a chickensh— “Guest”, if you have so much to say that’s so “earth shattering” don’t hide…

  • Anonymous

    Finally – we are hearing from Stephen Covey’s replacement.

  • Anonymous

    doing our homework each one of us…on our journey…alone and together at the same time…some things about my church I do not like…but I pray He will show me why I must agree with the church…look at all the evil in world today…we cannot fix it alone…Lord help us…without His love we have nothing..stuff doesn’t bring us joy…at all…

  • Bill Futrell

    For me, Glenn, you give me and I expect millions, hope and a sense that our point of view and voice is out there in the arena competing to define a better way. We know our country is being dismantled by progressive ideologs and you represent the tip of our spear to push back or at least say to the next generation, “there is a way, historically proven to be a better way than the progressive clap trap you have been propagandized with all of your life.” For this voice of truth, liberty and individual freedom against exploding central government statism and the price you pay to deliver it, I am humbled and grateful that you pay it for those of us unable. That may not be your ultimate purpose or what you should be doing, but it is a damn good warm up act for whatever you discover may be your higher calling.

  • Anonymous

    You “implore” Glenn to search out the origins of the Church and then note, “I am qualified to say this because my family history is CLOSELY tied to your first prophet…”

    Isn’t that attempting to qualify oneself as an “expert”?

    Indeed, you are free to discuss doctrinal matters in this forum; however, given the nature of Beck’s musing, one would hope you would have better judgement than to raise your issues with the Church in such a forum as this.

    I love apologetics; however, this is not the place for such an exchange so I will not engage you further here.

  • Anonymous

    By homework. Did you listen to others about the church or read about the church from others who think they know all about it? Or, did you attend the church and read the Book of Mormon (its not that thick and can be read in a short time), and other church writings? Because if you only went on hearsay you probably know very little about the church. As far as knowing people who go way back in the history of the church. Are they active members or were they themselves ever members? Even leaders of our church have family members that never joined or joined but fell away and trash it to justify why they left. Don’t think that doesn’t happen in all faiths. Think again.

  • John Stratemeyer

    That about says it all.

  • Steve Richards

    Look guys, answer their dribble and they have succeeded in steering the conversation here. Ignore them, and focus on the positive message of this post by Glenn. Some people will hate, some will try to distract, and others will do the typical liberal progressive tactic of distract, discredit, and destroy. Let Glenn’s words stand on their own, some will receive it and others won’t. The truth presented here will stand on its own. Thank you Glenn for being transparent in this post.

  • Anonymous

    Keep working, Glenn – patiently! We always want instant solutions for what came on us slowly – over many, many years – when we were mentally asleep at the switch.
    Repeat – work patiently – most of the fruits of our efforts come after we’ve finished our work. We are not responsible for the crop – our job is to plant and cultivate. He gives the results at His time.
    Now stop contemplating your navel and get on with it!

  • Toffeenme

    Thank u, Glenn. You have stood strong against many negatives, too many to count, and appreciate you risking one more time sharing your soul with us. We all truly need ‘silence’ to just listen to our inner most being, and thank the Lord for HIS MERCIFUL PATIENCE with our stupidity and self-centered thinking. My deepest desire also is to appreciate all we as Americans have had and still have — let’s all STOP COMPLAINING and be silent if there is nothing good left to speak.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with everything Glenn says, but he’s not a coward like you. Those links are by and for imbeciles and truth-twisters, btw.

  • Anonymous

    Boy are you way off. Adam is not God in LDS doctrine and never has been. Yes he will be Michael the arc angel. Jesus under Gods direction created Adam and then Eve. How can he be God then. That has never and was never part of LDS doctrine. Just because you throw a bunch of garbage out there does not make it true. As far as the golden plates that is the Book of Mormon before good old printing presses printed off the copies.

  • Colleen Campbell

    Unfortunately the powers that be are always at work 24/7 feeding the ground dwellers negative info to feed the ever increasing race-baiting, hate, killing, mentally unbalanced & our needs as spiritual feeders be given a negative title of some kind causing us to not keep the right info to feed our spiritual side & they will always find ways to feed the hateful rage of the natural human instead of what we all really need & that is a confident trust & relationship with Our Creator so when He does speak to us we can/need to ask for the Spirit of Discernment so we will not be misled into believing any of Our enemies B.S. I am so grateful that Our God did leave us with the necessary tools We all need to have in this current age We are living in because it is better to have knowledge with the Wisdom of the Lord to be an instrument of God to Spread the Truth of God to Our Country & give all the choices that are available because God gave us all the gift of Free Will. The enemy still has to ask Our God for permission to do anything since he tried to overthrow God & take His Throne because when he pulled that off, all angels lost their right of free will. The only reason that our God would give him a yes to do something is because it will bring the lost to their knees & the ability for God to be their choice since the enemies true intentions would be exposed & the needing individual would suddenly see what Our true enemy has in store and all of his plans for man kind become very apparent. I am also very glad that We have been given the most important right to decide where We want to spend Eternity in Heaven with our Creator Father God who is All LOVE or in Eternal misery with the Evil one forever & ever. The fact that Our Creator has given us all that choice shows all that Our God did not want to make us all puppets without a choice & for all of this I say Praise God For He Is Worthy !!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Jesus isn’t trying to empower us;” – Huh?
    Do you mean He already has? Or do you mean that’s not our role to be empowered? How do you deal with Matt 28:18-20 – just for starters?

  • BenY

    Seems to bea pandering and emotional need. “Christians” always hear that still small voice and never lack for a crowd to yell “AMEN”. Actually, every time the self acclaimed prophet has a brain fart he is hearing a new message from GOD. There is no such thing as “can we all just get along”, and all of biblical history proves that. God does not work that way, and standing with those whose only objective is to destroy is godly self delusion. Sooooo, when where you hearing from God. before, or now?????? You will stand with GLAD? I will not stand with GLAD, ever, if GLAD wants to join ME in standing against gay violence, fine, but I do not support evil. There is too much to say to fit it in a comment, but, let me just say…….simply because this goes against your “voice”, does not follow that you must be right and it is the Satan attacking you.

  • dbaes


  • Anonymous

    No he listens to the holy ghost who is Gods messenger to everyone who listens and has the gift of the holy ghost. For those that have not accepted the gift of the holy ghost but are willing to listen there is the spirit of Christ that can guide you too.

  • dbaes

    “Takes ONE to Know One…”NOW, we know WHO YOU are…! SHAMELESS!!

  • Live Free or Die

    I’ll pray for you, “Guest,” that your eyes be opened and your heart as well, and that some peace comes to you. I sense it is missing. And so … I will pray for you.

  • dbaes

    AGAIN…”Takes ONE to Know one…” I GET it. You’re looking in a mirror…(House of Mirrors…Can’t get out???)

  • Robert Doell

    I do not like where the US or Canada is going and where Europe has already gone. Europe has turned their backs on GOD and are morally bankrupt. USA and Canada are quickly eliminating any vestige or even right to believe and follow JESUS. Few even believe in GOD or have so bastardized the one GOD into Oprah’s anything people want is god is their god. Science has abandoned GOD in favour of evolution and UFO”S. BUT GOD said all this must happen “a great falling away” before the END comes. I hate that so many are willing to accept the fallacies of evolution and UFO’s and dismiss the Historical prophecy fulfilled confirmed validation of GOD and JESUS the Christ (King of Kings). My hope rests not on this earth or it’s countries or rulers but in Thessalonians where JESUS is promised to come in the AIR to collect those who Confess and Believe and are Watching for HIS return to RAPTURE and whisk us away. JESUS answered the disciples that the END TIME will occur before the generation that was alive when ISRAEL was reborn, dies. Salvation through JESUS was extended to gentiles so that JEWS would be jealous (Romans) and would accept JESUS as their Saviour . The Rapture will surely make Jews jealous once the Antichrist takes out his hate and venom on them. Even so Jews are welcome in the Rapture as this was GOD’s desire for them from the beginning.
    Some Jews like the rest of us, take longer to convince than others and some will perish eternally because they refuse GOD’s Free Gift of Salvation from sin, of JESUS sinless life and resurrection witnessed by 537 contemporaries. A miracle which led to thousands of converts becoming martyrs in the Roman Coliseum. They gave their lives because they believed in JESUS, as the Son of GOD and sinless sacrifice for their sins.
    This is the End Time for the Rapture, then 7 year Tribulation, 31/2 years of persecution of the 5 unready virgins Matthew (name only Christians) followed by 31/2 years of persecution of Jews and anyone associated with GOD and JESUS, followed by JESUS coming to Earth to save HIS children; Jews and gentiles who believe in HIM. Then JESUS destroys the Antichrist, and HIS enemies sending them to JUDGEMENT for eternity. Finally a millennium of Peace on Earth blessed by the rule of JESUS as KING of KINGS and David.
    All the world demands Miracles to prove the existence of JESUS but the miracles coming will deceive many. BELIEVE and TRUST in JESUS or you will spend eternity in HELL. The miracles soon to come will be frauds created by the Antichrist and the Satan to mislead and convince you to follow and Continue your Life on the EASY road. Accepting JESUS during the 7 year Tribulation period may cost you your Life!
    Glen and Catholics you think you can change the course of life on Earth to bring about Peace on Earth, but YOU and I, Humans, can NOT! Only JESUS will put down the Devil and those following the Devil to bring in Peace on Earth for the millennium to come. I know this is a change from what Christians have always worked toward, making our world better by spreading the Gospel of JESUS the Christ but as you can see in and on the Media and TV and Music and Movies that society, humankind has rejected the few rules GOD gave us in favour of unbridled freedom of thought and actions, regardless of reason or consequences, rejecting the accountability that used to accompany personal action. GOD did not want this to happen but GOD did tell us people professing to be wise would be FOOLS. GOD told us these things will happen before GOD stops it all, soon, by sending JESUS to stop the carnage people will cause. My Hope and Rest lies in believing and waiting for my King JESUS to come!

  • Anonymous

    Boy, are you way off. LDS doctrine is readily available these days for anyone to research. Golden Plates translated by peering into a hat, bank fraud, murder, the sexual deviancy of Smith and Young, the Book of Abraham and yes, the Adam God doctrine are all there. Having said that, I don’t care if you howl at the moon, just be honest about it.

  • dbaes

    So…Where’s the constructive part…or are you already destructed?? Where are YOUR answers…instead of just tearing down someone? Oh, You don’t really HAVE any answers? Kinda POINTLESS, ain’t it?

  • dbaes

    Ah, RELEVANCE…THAT is the issue!

  • Anonymous

    “Creativity has nothing to do with truth, but it is essential for effectively lying or obscuring the truth. That was a serious slip-up on your part. Who but a liar thinks truth is a creative endeavor?”

    Aristotle? Galileo? Michelangelo? Da Vinci? Copernicus? Newton? Einstein?

    How interesting that you so strongly associate creativity with dishonesty and deception.

  • Karen Shockley

    Maybe we are another Babylon in exile.

  • @AuthorJosephine

    Glenn.. I am reminded of Prov. ch 3 v.5-6 .. Trust in the Lord with all your heart… yes for us believers it means “all” our hearts… do not lean on your own understanding… :) oh how much easier life would be if we could just figure it all out.. :) the third part… in all your ways acknowledge Him… and you do it so clearly…. the last part.. He will make your paths straight.. another version… He will direct your steps..” These two verses in Proverbs are this years life scriptures …

  • Fred Speckmann

    Re: Dave Posh,

    As Glenn is such a wonderful writer, I must say that so are you. In a few sentences you managed to acknowledge glenn’s thoughts and intentions as well as giving him encouragement.

    Your acknowledgement also verified the great impact that Glenn’s thoughts expressed on a daily basis on his radio and TV shows has on his vast audience. It is impossible for me to add anything to what he has said and written, nor can I add to your sentiments about glenn beck.

    Thank you fo expressing the thoughts of millions of his audience.

    Fred Speckmann

  • Anonymous

    Your the one not being honest. Never knew the Urum and Thummin were hats. They were translators. A modern version might be an iPod for languages. Did you know that the governor of Missouri in Joseph Smiths time issued an extermination order against Mormons. Was just repealed in the 1980′s or 90s. One of those old laws still on the books. Why was it issued. Because Mormons basically opposed slavery and Missouri was a pro slavery state. Problem was all these pesky Mormons kept moving into the state and threatened the pro slavery majority into becoming a minority. So with the extermination order clearing the way to legally kill mormans they proceeded to do just that. Next thing you know there were a lot of widows with no husband and orphans with no fathers. Some children were killed also. Joseph Smith never had more than one wife. His wife said no and that was the final word on that. You see only 3% of mormans ever participated in plural marriage and the first wife had to agree. Then there was that part where you had to prove to church leaders that you could afford to support the extra members you wanted to bring into the family. Brigham Young could.

  • Fred Speckmann

    Re: Elizabeth Johnson,

    I realize that this message will have no impact on your trespassing onto this and I’m sure many other sites with your advertisement of what is without a doubt another scam.

    if it were a legitimate enterprise, you could use the internets thousands of free venues and social networks to get your message out.

    Even though I realize that this message will mean nothing to you, I must make the attempt.

    Fred speckmann

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you belong to a religious group that I have great differences with … many, many differences. In all honesty, I have to say that your words here and in other posts of yours, are as earnest and faith based as I could ever ask for. Well thought out and well written. I am still one of your “number one” fans.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, you have a calling on your life. Don’t worry if you feel unsure at times, or frightened at times.Even Moses felt that way. God had to say to him, “Why do you cry out to me? Just lift up your rod and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it.” In other words, when God anoints you to do something, He has already given you the power to do it. Just DO it and don’t worry about it. God is FOR you, so WHO can be against you?

  • Elena

    Ah — the scent of freshly mown alfalfa!

  • Anonymous

    “Atheists” always seem compelled to add their “look at me” voice to the mix. The cruel drivel and self sustaining smugness always seems to be there, as though you all attended a Satanic Ritual school for the correspondence required to get your best “digs” in. Nothing new there, Ben Y. The hammers of atheists and barbarians have been striking God’s anvil for thousands of years. You can throw your hammer in the worn out pile at the end of your life.

  • Fred Speckmann

    Re: Guest,

    How about you pointing out the lies. no doubt glenn has been wrong at times about one thing or another, yet when its been pointed out, he has always apologized and made public corrections. i can’t say that about any of your presumed media heroes.

    When making accusations it’s incumbent upon the accuser to provide the proof, otherwise you are nothing more than an idiot.

    Fred Speckmann

  • Shari520

    I grew up in the country and now live in the outskirts of Houston TX. My family sometimes understands my need, yes need to be left alone, to just sit and think. They don’t feel it for themselves, it’s one of my weird glitches in their eyes. My friends listen when I explain how the permanently retarded lawns and urban outdoors stresses me as much as being cooped up inside all day. The kind and empathic ones bring me small offerings of nature to settle me. I have as much trouble understanding our new world as you Glen seem to be having understanding the one I came from. All I can suggest is breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on this basis of life until the strain subsides and clarity comes. And warn you sometimes that clarity is a clarity of anger, real rage. Strange as it sounds sometimes that can be a really good thing.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Glenn and his family have been attending a straight-on Christian church whose pastor is the well-known Robert Morris in Dallas/Fort Worth , Texas!? Dynamic church and very Biblically solid.

  • BenY

    Yeah Blanco, you must be one of those “great christians”, the few who are going to make it to heaven. First, you have no idea what my beliefs are, but, I am totally dedicated to the G_d of Abraham. No, I do not beleive that only YOU self righteous “believers” are “saved”. Second, “look at me”?….don’t even know how you can glean that from my post. Third, I’m sure YOU also hear from “god”, but, G_d selects prophets and his qualifications are His alone. So you and your self righteous opinions are really irrelevant. It’s amazing how the emotionally crippled will fall for anything.

  • Bean

    WOW, How incredible self righteous, not entirely surprising, you’re one to talk about double standard, and yes I would call out my allies if they acted that way.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Except for there actually being an extermination order, everything else you claim is inaccurate. As far as “next thing you know”, not even LDS.org claims that any were actually killed as a result of that order. Joe and Fanny did NOT have Emma’s approval. He did most certainly have other wives. He and Brigham were not good men, period. He “translated” the plates WHILE PEERING INTO HIS HAT. There are many other questionable doctrines, but mentioning them would be futile.

  • Fred Speckmann

    Re: Guest,
    I read the links article and watched the video, it’s truly amazing that your inability to grasp that Beck , besides being a thinker is also an entertainer. without the ability to be entertaining when presenting a lesson on economics and the desire of the U.N. and President Obama to equalize results of economic activities worldwide, no one would listen or watch. That’s the reason that so many people like you are ignorant of economic principles. There is no doubt that Obama at the very least wants to equalize outcome. Human nature will defeat him in the long run. There is an old saying that if you took all the wealth and redistribute it, within 10-20 years the same people would again hold most of the wealth. that is a direct result of human behavior. Some work harder than others and some are smarter than others. In addition, wealth is not something that remains stagnant, but is constantly changing ownership.

    allow me to point out that you are not a great and creditable critic of glenn Beck since your ability to grasp facts are greatly lacking.

    Fred Speckmann

  • Fred Speckmann

    I actually tried being polite in my earlier response, but reading your continuing insults to people commenting on your post truly proves that you are a twit. And I say this with all due respect that you so dearly deserve.


  • Bean

    Again, self righteous….

  • Fred Speckmann

    Re: Steve Richards,

    You are of course correct, but it is so difficult to ignore twits like him who have nothing positive of their own to offer.

    fred Speckmann

  • Montana Jack

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm never even saw pictures of him wearing a hat.lol You don’t care for history do you. If you can show decendents of more than one wife of Joseph Smith have at it. They don’t exist. Now Brigham Young has loads of decendents of his plural marriages. Forty Niners former quarterback Steve Young is one. I have known others. Large family.lol

  • Fred Speckmann

    Re: Guest,
    In my retort to you above, if you open your eyes you will see my full name and email address. personally I have always found it sad that people don’t sign their names if they have something to say. I enjoy engaging in debate with people, but they all should have the courage to sign their name.

    On the other hand I can understand wanting to be incognito in the times we live in, but by doing so we give in to the twits in our world.

    Fred Speckmann

  • Hugh

    Thank you Glenn,
    Real? I believe you are. Truth? We all, or most of us, are honest. Genuine? You betcha! Love? Real love and compassion comes from Him through the Spirit in us.
    ( and I know you have Him)
    Some people ( I believe this to be fewer than many) can be , untruthful, a lier, dis ingenuous, hateful and a non believer. These are the opposites for what I described about you above.
    It’s ok… To stop, think and listen. Remember “peace be still”. Then He will knock. And you Glenn, you Will open that door.
    Real….Yes you are

  • Anonymous

    As far as the murders that did happen. Guess being driven out of the state of Missouri was done by the anti Mormons asking them nicely to leave their homes, businesses and farms without being compensated for the value of their property. Don’t know of many people who would willingly do that. Most people would need some incentive like at the barrel of a gun or from a mob running you out.

  • Anonymous

    Not our doctrine. As with the other quote, it may have been recorded incorrectly, or perhaps Brigham Young was postulating a theory he had at the time, but that is NOT what we teach or believe about God. Additionally, the Journal of Discourses is not scripture.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Glenn. We need to look back at where we have been to know where we are going and reflect on what we need to do to serve God. We many times have what we need because He has equipped us and other times we have to trust him to give us what we need at the time. Remember the disciples as they would go out to preach the gospel, God wanted them to trust him for the things they needed. Keep looking to Him and you will be just where He wants you to be.

  • Gweneth Howard

    We so miss you on fox bcause you were the ONLY one who told us the truth. You didn’t let the O administration scare you.I know I tried to do what I could to let people know what was really happening. When Obama won the second term we were frightened. We have 2years left with him. I know you know what harm he will cause. When you were on , at least we knew we had someone with power on our side. Now we have nowhere to go to hear the REAL TRUTH.

  • Bette

    We are all in this together……and reduntantly ‘you are not alone’.

  • Bonnie Jean Nero

    It is when a person quit questioning…they stagnate…if you remain the same year in year out…something is terribly wrong.
    Have a safe,wonderful journey.

  • Anonymous

    Guest, Did Obama lie when he said too many times to mention, “If you like your health care, you can keep your health care. If you like your doctor, you can keep your
    doctor.” Just trying to understand what you believe a lie is.

  • Anonymous

    Being run out of town is not murder. Perhaps LDS.org is wrong about that, and all those poor widows you claim really needed a husband. Gee, did those guys never hear of Christian charity? Why did sex have to be part of the deal? You are truly delusional. What do pictures you have or haven’t seen have to do with the facts? That is what he did. He had many wives. Both are easy to research, unless you’re lazy. Do you even deny Fanny??? LOL Deflect, deflect. deflect. Kirtland Bank scandal, murder, the Book of Abraham hoax, etc., etc., etc. You’re afraid of history, aren’t you? At least you are right about Brigham. Quite the perv.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey. Each of us is on our own spiritual journey, and we may all go about it in a different way, but in the end we are all seeking the same thing. Please never let those voices of criticism stop you from sharing with us. Also the anti-LDS who have nothing better to do with their own miserable lives. Just chuck all that stuff and stay with us. I am sure there are times when you wonder why you have to be the one who is out there leading and enlightening us. It cannot be easy for you and your family. I can bet there are times when you would just love to kick back, watch something entertaining on TV and eat a bowl of popcorn. But you are out there because you have the courage that most of us do not have. Thank you so much for being that strong person that has the intestinal fortitude and conviction to do what you do. There are millions of us who appreciate you and what you stand for. God Bless America – we will win in the end.

  • Maryann Joan Perkins

    “Life is a journey, we travel together, walking hand in hand, with our sisters and brothers . . . ” a beautiful song by the Monks of Weston Priory VT

  • Glenna Bailey

    Ditto and Amen!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn. What you said was amazing. I want to be angry because I’m hurt that the country I love, the country I am so thankful for, that was paid for with the loss of the lives of others is being torn apart. I have hope, I pray for this Country. I also ask God how do I love the sinners that have done this, when I hate the sin and what it has done. In my feeble mind the two seem as one. I know I can only give that to God. Thank you for being bold and for putting God and your Faith up front for us all to see and learn from. And know that we do gather strength to do the same from your example. Thank you for listening to the Lord when he talks to you in that quiet voice. Please never feel alone, know that you, your family and the people you work with are in my prayers. Keep up the good fight.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about deflect. Your a master at it. Still not one smidgen of proof of any decendents of other wives you say Joseph Smith had, which he did not. As far as calling them perv. Guess you feel the same of so many in the old testament or do you deny that happened also. So all those men and a few boys just dropped dead of heart attacks when they were driven out by the anti Mormons. Now who likes to deny history.

  • Marlene Klein

    The glory is all His. His will be done, not ours. Many people find it hard to give up control, but it is essential.

  • Anonymous

    Missouri executive order 44. Also known as the extermination order was an executive order issued on October 27th 1838 by the governor of Missouri, Lilburn Biggs. Boggs directed that the “Mormons must be treated as enemies and must be exterminated and driven from the state if necessary. Three days after the order was issued a group of men and young boys were killed by Livingston county militia in the Hauns Mill massacre. Many more died fleeing in the dead of winter. Seems they only had the most basic of supplies to survive the weather. Most did not have any shelter.

  • Anonymous

    I hope some day to have a relationship with God, that you have. I have been on my path for 5 years now. It is slow. But I know when I get there it will be true. I hope you and your family have a blessed vacation with lots of down time. All of you need it so much. Thank you for keeping all of us glued together. I hope you understand that you give all of us that. Have fun !!

  • Something Is Wrong

    You know, this is touching and all but Glenn, this is also somewhat inappropriate. To put it simply, your conversations with the Lord are nobody else’s business and should not be anybody else’s business. I feel the same way about when you post video of your morning meetings and include in the video your morning prayer. I’ll quote from Matthew 6:5-6.
    “5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
    “6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into they closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”
    I suppose you might say “this isn’t a prayer” and I suppose technically you might be right but there’s a principle at work here and that principle definitely applies. I mean, you’re free to do whatever you want and broadcast this to the world so you can build your spiritual public image but, like Jesus Christ said, you have your reward and it’s apparent in all the comments here fawning all over this experience of yours. This is my one major annoyance with you, too much of what you share and do is too public. When you give several thousand or even over $100K to an organization as a charitable act, you don’t need to do it on TV or in front of a crowd. Oh well, you have your reward. If you’re really sincerely looking for what you need to do better to be a better man, father, and husband, then maybe keeping some things private would be a good start.
    If you want to do good, then just do good. If you want to be a leader of men, then be a leader of men. However, God chooses those who he wants to be His spiritual leaders and unless I’m greatly mistaken, you have not yet been called as a prophet or apostle. You do a lot of good, but it is blemished and degraded when you try and engage in this public display of your spirituality and wisdom.

  • Diane Avans

    As long as you believe you can be a better person, you will be!!!!

  • oncebittn

    I would say this Glenn…
    What ever your discontent about the journey you’re on, you don’t know how far down the road you are, or when it may end or smooth out and become easier to travel. You have no reference point in the chaos we are charting through. No other Republic as ours has ever neared it’s end or been so close to have run it’s course. There is no direct comparison in history. However ask the question, “how far can you run IN to the woods” and you may be comforted by the answer. “Half Way”… because at the half way point, you are now running OUT of the woods, and nearing less hazardous terrain and enviroment. You don’t know and can’t see your destination because all you can see now is that you’re Still in the woods… but you may be just on the edge of the woods and about to enter sunlight and olen pastures. Pray that be the case, lest we don’t know how deep and vast the dark forest we are traveling through is, or may become. It could become darker and thicker and more unforgivable, or maybe beyond the next thicket we will stumble into warm sunlight, and a downhill path to redemption will appear for our nation. I fear Not the latter though. Sacrifice and hardship must fall on those who blazed this slothful trail of tears. Once “They” step into the light and so be disinfected, we may begin to restore and rebuild this once great nation, and end Our trail of sorrow and despair for it’s near ruin. GBA

  • http://www.thetowncrier.info/ UncleFred

    I’m really surprised how so many here are wasting time an space trying to interact with a troll. PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

  • Anonymous

    You are obsessed with the question of descendants! He had other wives, no matter how vehemently you deny it. Good grief, the historical record proves it. And again, what about Fanny, alone? Comparing the Old Testament to relatively modern sexual deviancy is ludicrous. Ever read the NEW Testament and what it says about marriage? Kirtland Bank, Book of Abraham, Baptism of the dead, the geological record disproving some of the nutty claims in the BOM; care tô opine? Why was Smith run out of Ohio? “Celestial Marriage”? It seems to be the LDS way to pretend you don’t hear the questions. Really funny, and pathetic at the same time. And whadya know, there are pictures of Smith wearing a hat online!

  • Mehmehsangels

    Some on this comment forum are truly mean spirited and down right hateful. My dear departed mother used to say…”Everyone is put on this good earth for a reason, even if it’s for a bad example.” Guest….stop taking “mean” pills.

  • Bill Norris

    Fred and Dave:

    Community more appropriately fellowship is what God wants for us. To care for one another, to love one another, and to share your lives with each other; good or bad. With fellowship no problem is too big or too small. We’ll get through it together. I have tried to stop answering the trolls, because I can’t change them and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give them the power to raise my blood pressure. So, carry on gentlemen and God Bless!!

    Fred: Love the email address. That’s what I live by. Common sense and keeping it simple. Thanks for your post.

    “Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you”

  • Bill Norris

    Please point out the lies he’s told. I’ve found that most of what he said in 2009 has come true. You wouldn’t know if all you read is liberal media. It doesn’t matter what you think and you will never change minds here unless you have an original thought

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • IngeC

    Society and everything it entails has become a big distraction. Everyday life for many has become a hustle for different reasons – one of them is to earn an income to survive.
    Technological advances such as social media and internet is helpful but can also be destructive. Instant beaming of atrocities, wars, disagreements, politics is causing many to forget what is important in life – a soothing peace at heart.
    Those who believe in God and, believe his word to be contained in The Bible know that His ‘instruction manual on life’ is the best tool to navigate a tumultuous world.
    While we young – we are full of energy focusing more than not on the pleasures of life; material things, what it takes to be successful, have nice and shiny things and don’t worry too much about anything else.
    As we age – many of us may have achieved what we set out to achieve but yet – there is emptiness in hearts and minds.
    Peace at heart and peace in mind can not be found in this mundane world; it has to come from within. Inner reflection of one self can be a taunting experience; to be totally honest with one self can be quite a task and difficult but it must be done.
    I have learned a while ago thru hardship and what have you that to feel better – self examination was a first and important step; the choices we make in life, the people we choose to associate with, the surroundings we seek – all can led one astray.
    It is important to acknowledge ones faults and mistakes – not easy sometimes – but honesty within is important and help to find the solution.
    The Bible gives many assists in doing so – Jesus set the example we all should follow; it was his reason to come to earth in flesh and blood to show us the way.
    I was always afraid to be alone. I was always afraid of loneliness. The fight with myself was all worth it because I realized that much of my hard ship came from within myself in the choices I made.
    I am now good and like to be alone but never lonely! I realize that I have to live in this world but I do not have to take part in what this world does.
    My mind is at ease – my heart at peace; it is soothing and I would never compromise this gift given by God thru Jesus Christ – who is The Prince of Peace.
    Anything I read, see or observe is no longer surprising, it is expected as I learned about it in The Bible – I also know that the world or society will grow more restless, violent or what have you – it will not affect me.
    I conduct myself to best of my ability; do a good deed once a day no matter how big or small – that makes my heart smile. Material things are of no value to me. I seek out like minded people to learn more about God’s plans for us because it takes a life time and more to truly understand the love He has for us or me.
    Glenn – if you read this – try to find your peace at heart and peace at mind – it makes all the difference!
    Sorry for my long comment!

  • Bill Norris

    Congratulations, you finally understand how the Democratic Party works.

  • Philip Meadows


  • Bill Norris

    See, your nailing it. Your post describes liberalism and this president.

    ‘Once “AWAKE”, it’s hard to back to sheep’

  • Anonymous

    Aside from all that a voice in my head asks a couple of times day, where are a few good men to remove the horrendous extortion and treason from the red house. Where Where Where are they?????

  • Bill Norris

    Don’t put words in our mouths…we didn’t learn whatever it is you’re trying to imply. Fred explained it pretty well. Maybe you read that post again. It wouldn’t hurt…

  • Anonymous

    One of my biggest struggles seems to be finding the time (or making the time) to ponder, listen, meditate and hear God. You know, I never considered Him not to want control, and never even thought He might offer up something like, ‘Figure it out for yourself’. LOL That is better than my feeling of trudging through difficult times with the horizon ahead not coming into clear view. Interesting different takes on ‘having faith in Him’ for our futures. I like yours better. ;)

  • Bill Norris

    Again, read Fred’s post again. It’s right up there

  • Bill Norris

    Thank you!! I said I’m trying not to answer, but this guy made me chuckle.

  • Bill Norris


  • Bill Norris

    Your describing the well developed tactic of a liberal. From rules for radicals, Hillary’s favorite handbook

  • Connie Louanne Butorac

    You are so eloquent. Please please pease get out of mormanism. It is a cult. Catholicism is close. Be an evangelical. That is what u are anyway. Prayers to U

  • Bill Norris

    Your showing your hand, and your insults are the proof. I’m sure glad that Glenn wrote this post. It reminds me to pray for people like you.

  • Bill Norris

    Oh, but he doesn’t. He has the Spirit in him. You don’t and we know it. You’re the liar here and we are just toying with you. Your superior intellect just can’t grasp reality

  • Anonymous

    And that historical record would be? Lol. Ths is getting so rediculous its kind of funny.LOL And your proof of any other so called crimes and or any convictions?

  • Bill Norris

    Still here, huh? Pathetic. Is it hard being a troll and trying to be relevant?

  • Bill Norris

    You’re looking in the mirror again Spock

  • Bill Norris

    Trolls with their petty insults. Gotta go land of yawns. Lol

  • Bill Norris

    You are so clever. You must be a Vulcan too.

  • Bill Norris

    That’s ALL they have and they’re masters at it. It’s sick and is the shining example of what’s wrong with the country today. Just ignore them. They will never change until they have to move out of mom and dad’s house and get a dose of reality.

  • Jeff Allen

    Really? How disrespectful.

  • Robin Watson

    wrong, so very wrong

  • Robin Watson

    one should work as hard as Glen Beck does.. I dont know how he DOES work as hard as he does. God helps him, I suppose.