If I could give my girls one thing in life, it would be this message: God created you the way you are

This video is the greatest. As a dad of three girls and a beautiful wife that is more beautiful everyday, and the most beautiful to me in the morning before the “bathroom mirror ritual” begins, I wish every girl and woman on earth would watch this and realize how true this is.

If he doesn’t love you without makeup, push-up bras, and everything “hot,” dump him. He ain’t worth it, and he really isn’t “all that” anyway. Beauty fades. Real beauty gets better with age. It is why Botox and plastic surgery breaks my heart. I get it if you want to change some little thing, but so many women are defacing themselves – all because they have been taught by people trying to sell products that you are not complete.

Yes you are.

Does anyone remember the age of the fresh faced California girl? Is it just me that loved that look? Real, little to no makeup, and fresh. Happy, confident, fun, and kind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful women and there are times when getting all made up is spectacular. But as I get older, it seems more and more fake to me and less and less attractive.

If I could give my girls one thing in life, it would be this message: God created you the way you are. Would any of us go into the Louvre and put make up on the Mona Lisa? You are a masterpiece the way you are.

Mary, Hannah, Cheyenne, and Tania, a woman is never more beautiful than when she is filled with the true knowledge of who she is. That she is a valued daughter of God and worthy and capable of all she sets her mind to. Beauty is maybe on the outside, but drop dead, stop a room gorgeous and sexy is a woman who is humble, meek, and yet filled with confidence because she honestly knows who she is and likes herself.

How many women put all the make up on because they are not sure if there is anything worthy underneath? Why are so many our women, daughters, and wives wearing a mask?

Any man who doesn’t understand this isn’t a man. He is a boy. Boys are a dime a dozen. Men are worth their weight in gold, and, in the end, they would gladly trade all of it for a real woman. Together, people like that conquer every fear and change the world around them.

P.S. – I wanted to pass a link on from a good and dear friend, fashion guru Norma Kamali. Please take a look at her organization, Stop Objectification, HERE.

  • Kathy Bennett

    I love yous just the way God created yous !!!

    • Jeffrey Kidwell

      when god created you you only weighed 5 pounds , just sayin.

      • dj

        no, we are a continual progressing creation. We are never finished in this life.

  • Jeanne Lowe Cook

    Thanks Glenn! God loves us the way we are so we should love us the same way!

  • Rakuun

    Women should realize that there are those of us who don’t like it when they wear ten pounds of make up. I prefer all natural.

  • Anonymous

    This made me tear up. You are such a sweet and wonderful guy and a gift to all the people you touch.

    • simmonsdiane22

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      • Its me, Bruce

        Bite me

    • http://www.griffinnincorporated.com Paul Allred

      I have tried to send this idea to my wife and 4 girls through ought the years!
      Thank you Glenn for being the media outlet that sends out messages straight from your heart (that speaks to mine). Girls in my family are beautiful to me and I would feel so hurt if they feel pressured to defacing themselves to please the masses. If other women feel the pressure to conform, remember that there are other people who also like you the way I love my girls.

  • Lynn Denny

    I find that as women age they become more beautiful. As in most things…less is more.

  • idontthinkso

    If the barn needs painting, paint it!

  • mhtrc55

    I love the message. I’ve tried to pass this on to my daughter for many years. She has grown into a beautiful, confident and caring woman. Now she has twin daughters and is doing the same. It all starts when they are young. Thanks for sharing, Glenn.

  • Randy Spate

    the only make up a woman needs is her smile …. and the sexiest curve on any woman is that too…. her smile!

    • SRM29

      Amen brother!

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I do not like women in makeup. It is just not natural.

    • Guest

      I guarantee you wouldn’t like the way I look WITHOUT it! I spend a lot of time applying makeup appropriately to achieve the “natural” look!

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

        How would you know?

  • Robert Eytchison

    This reminds me of the Johnny Diaz song, More Beautiful You.

  • Saratoga Rose

    Thank you Glenn…you are a real man and today…you set more women free than you could ever imagine!

    You did for us what boyfriends, husband have failed to do for generations…love you! X

  • Cal Baize

    Thanks Glen for bringing, some of these tremendously important things forward in our life so we can pass them on. I have four girls that I love just the way they are. Ill let them know just how much. I hope you know that you have an important mission in this life to fulfill. I pray for you and our cause. Thank you!

  • William 1

    Now that’s just not tre! What the FDA has allowed to be eten by ypur parents changed you from the original design, so don’t blame God for “errors” blame satan for messing with the gene pool by the FDA!
    God is in charge of HIS PLAN on earth, but satan is also active here and has his minions doing dirty work. Your protection only comes IF YOU OBEY GODS LAWS-AS MANY OF THE 613 AS YOU COME IN CONFLICT WITH!

  • Brenda

    Please, then, stop using the word “FAT” in your morning radio show. I know Jeffie knows you’re kidding, but to those of us with Binge Eating Disorder, this word is akin to using the “N” word. You want your wife and daughters to grow up to be themselves? Please remove this word from your vocabulary. It hurt me to even hear you say it to him, and it didn’t have anything to do with me, except that 50 plus years later, I still recall being called that word and it still hurts. Today I am a psychologist treating Binge Eating Disordered Women. I agree with the message you want to send to women one and all, and I promote that message, but be aware that intent (I’m sure you weren’t intentionally trying to say anything painful, but rather in jest) and IMPACT are two different things. Look back at this morning’s radio show and see Jeffie’s expression as you are saying those things. My heart hurt FOR him.

    • Dorothy Rackley

      I agree. Thanks for bringing this to more people’s attention. I don’t understand why he does this.

  • Anonymous

    Only view the Magazine covers at check out and observe what women are bombarded with. Men are getting targeted more forcefully to conform to a standard image.

  • Anthony Montana Smith

    there isnt any UGLY girls in this.. each one is beautiful so its not proving a point…
    They need to make a music video of socially unaccepted people smiling.

  • Dorothy Rackley

    The problem, Mr. Beck, is that you offer this lovely video and say gracious things about your wife and daughters. Then you go to work each week and use Mr. Fisher as your personal verbal punching bag. How would you feel if your wife and daughters were all subjected to the fat jokes you dump on Jeff every week? This week was the worst. Mr. Fisher looked humiliated as you and Pat and Stu dumped on him. I turned off your show and wept. You keep telling us you are trying to be a better man. Start with this – a personal AND public apology to Mr. Fisher. And maybe even to your audience. You are better than this. Do the right thing. Please.

    • Liza Shade

      Yes! So many times, I felt so uncomfortable over how Jeff Fishcher is treated. It is disgraceful and so not funny.

      • Guest

        Fisher. Jeff FISHER.

    • Anonymous

      Right on Dorothy! I have felt the same…..leave Jeff alone….and shame on YOU!!!!

    • Carol Young Robinson

      Jeff FISHER.

  • Anonymous

    Always and forever the pretty folks telling the ugly how they should feel! The skinny folks telling the fatties that size doesn’t matter! Beautiful old healthy looking people all over TV commercials telling the sick what kind of diapers they can dance in! It’s all so wonderful isn’t it?! LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    I did not just read that the word fat is akin to the N word.

    What has become of us?

  • Sunshine43
    • Anonymous

      Love your Bonhoeffer picture.

  • blue bell

    We women know this, but need to keep hearing it over and over. Even though we can accept others just as they are, we struggle with self-acceptance.

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  • Jon Bar

    This applies to anyone who is dissatisfied w/themselves. A complaining, thankless whiner! check out the girl born w/out a face.

  • Debbie Cogsdil

    Please run for presidency with Sarah Palin as VP. Common sense ain’t common anymore. And y’all would make a awesome team. Sincerely Debbie from Texas.

  • Anonymous

    god created everybody. in his image.

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