This video is the greatest. As a dad of three girls and a beautiful wife that is more beautiful everyday, and the most beautiful to me in the morning before the “bathroom mirror ritual” begins, I wish every girl and woman on earth would watch this and realize how true this is.

If he doesn’t love you without makeup, push-up bras, and everything “hot,” dump him. He ain’t worth it, and he really isn’t “all that” anyway. Beauty fades. Real beauty gets better with age. It is why Botox and plastic surgery breaks my heart. I get it if you want to change some little thing, but so many women are defacing themselves – all because they have been taught by people trying to sell products that you are not complete.

Yes you are.

Does anyone remember the age of the fresh faced California girl? Is it just me that loved that look? Real, little to no makeup, and fresh. Happy, confident, fun, and kind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful women and there are times when getting all made up is spectacular. But as I get older, it seems more and more fake to me and less and less attractive.

If I could give my girls one thing in life, it would be this message: God created you the way you are. Would any of us go into the Louvre and put make up on the Mona Lisa? You are a masterpiece the way you are.

Mary, Hannah, Cheyenne, and Tania, a woman is never more beautiful than when she is filled with the true knowledge of who she is. That she is a valued daughter of God and worthy and capable of all she sets her mind to. Beauty is maybe on the outside, but drop dead, stop a room gorgeous and sexy is a woman who is humble, meek, and yet filled with confidence because she honestly knows who she is and likes herself.

How many women put all the make up on because they are not sure if there is anything worthy underneath? Why are so many our women, daughters, and wives wearing a mask?

Any man who doesn’t understand this isn’t a man. He is a boy. Boys are a dime a dozen. Men are worth their weight in gold, and, in the end, they would gladly trade all of it for a real woman. Together, people like that conquer every fear and change the world around them.

P.S. – I wanted to pass a link on from a good and dear friend, fashion guru Norma Kamali. Please take a look at her organization, Stop Objectification, HERE.