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  • Victor Tiffany

    Beck will need one more Restoring event: Restoring Sanity, to deal with the army of psychotics he’s created.

    And the first two people, who show up in response, are two of the most psychotic, reactionary
    Beckereheads of them all: Benny, the racist, Hill and captain of nobody, name caller and maker of no arguments but issuing many stupid insults: CA.

    Why are these two so quick to reply? They’re the fascistic Internet “police” protecting Beck from criticism by a focused and committed media analyst.

    Benny’s claim, that I’m not “qualified” and therefore I’m a “hypocrite” (by some moronic ethical “reasoning”) is negated by the FACT that I’m not the one calling Beck’s army psychotic. Sarah Jones, psychologist and writer, made that assertion. You can find her remarks my Googling “Glenn Beck, manipulation and psychotic army.” Benny, the racist, shows how desperate he is to see “hypocrisy” where there is only reporting of a qualified person’s observations.

    Benny, the racist, isn’t qualified to make judgments on me, so his false assertion that I’m “being a hypocrite” falls into a trap of his own making. Benny, the racist, is being hypocritical.

    • Guest

      Now, now, we’ve gone over the fact that you’re not qualified to make judgments on other people as you aren’t a licensed practitioner of anything, let alone a mental health counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. You are being a hypocrite. Do you remember?

    • CaptainAmerica

      No, you are the psychotic here. Everyone else is just fine. Only a psychotic person engages in vendettas like you do.

    • Sandie

      First one on the board to make a comment, and you have to attack and vilify people who haven’t even commented yet, proving once again, that you are the one who starts all this crap. Your post above, quote:

      “Beck will need one more Restoring event: Restoring Sanity, to deal with the army of psychotics he’s created. And the first two people, who show up in response, are two of the most psychotic, reactionary Beckereheads of them all: Benny, the racist, Hill and captain of nobody, name caller and maker of no arguments but issuing many stupid insults: CA. Why are these two so quick to reply? They’re the fascistic Internet “police” protecting Beck from criticism by a focused and committed media analyst.Benny’s claim, that I’m not “qualified” and therefore I’m a “hypocrite” (by some moronic ethical “reasoning”) is negated by the FACT that I’m not the one calling Beck’s army psychotic. Sarah Jones, psychologist and writer, made that assertion. You can find her remarks my Googling “Glenn Beck, manipulation and psychotic army.” Benny, the racist, shows how desperate he is to see “hypocrisy” where there is only reporting of a qualified person’s observations. Benny, the racist, isn’t qualified to make judgments on me, so his false assertion that I’m “being a hypocrite” falls into a trap of his own making. Benny, the racist, is being hypocritical.”

      I am sure it will be edited again to accommodate the vilification of others, perhaps me, depending on how they respond to you, right Vic? Just like you did for Benny and CaptainAmerica. Go ahead continue on showing everyone how ethical and honest you aren’t.

      • Victor Tiffany

        Editing my comments has nothing to do with ethics or honesty, and — if you had a f#$king clue, which you clearly do not — you’d see that the vilification is coming from Captain and Benny, the racist and coward.

        God, you reactionary Beckerheads are pathetic and desperate. Look in the mirror and say it loud. Say it proud: “I am a reactionary Beckerhead.” That’s what you promoted on the Friends Center. Own it: you ARE it.

        AND, since you mentioned honesty, The Glenn Beck Review is NOT buggy; you’re a liar.  Since you LIE as a matter of routine, you can’t point your feces covered finger at anyone about honesty without being a HYPOCRITE yourself. 

        Sandie: liar, hypocrite, reactionary Beckerhead. That’s not “vilification,” Sandie; that’s telling the truth about YOUR vilification, lies, smears and all around sleazy character assassination.

        Like a pack of rabid dogs, your reactionary clique gangs up because NONE OF YOU have what it takes to counter my expose of Beck’s lies and hypocrisies.

        • CaptainAmerica

          “Editing my comments has nothing to do with ethics or honesty”…

          It certainly does have everything to do with your lack of honesty and ethical and moral guidelines. You are adrift in a sea of bad choices you made since you threw your moral compass overboard. Don’t sit there and assume authority and that your decisions have been the correct ones because there is far too much evidence in the other direction that you yourself provide to us every day for that to ever be true.

          Projection of your flaws is not a compelling or admirable trait.

          Bother your liberal buddies – if they will have you.
          You are the criminal liar and hypocrite, and no one you award that title deserves it – except you.

        • Guest

          Your lies and hypocrisies have been countered and presented to you. You remain in denial and deflect those responses with insults, profanity and ad hominem attacks.

        • Guest

          Huhn, changing what you’ve said after someone responds to it  and then you try to pass off the edited version as original isn’t dishonest? Are you serious? 

        • Sandie

          Oh but editing your posts has EVERYTHING to do with your lack of ethics and honesty. You don’t edit for spelling or grammar which is acceptable practice. What YOU DO is edit for content and statement. You present a post in one light, then after it receives replies, you change it to reflect something quite different. I showed a prime example of it in the very nasty post you made and then changed after it received some replies in kind. After modifying it considerably you put it on your site in a display made to make you look like the nice guy victim, which we all know is a big LIE. That was dishonest and unethical.

          It is clear from your post here… the very first on the board, that YOU vilified Captain and Benny who had not even appeared yet. I was not referring to Beck, so don’t try to dodge using that diversion. So, once again you start the conflict, inviting retaliation.

          As far as your name calling and attempts at smearing with the term Beckerhead, you are a delusional liar who can’t tell the difference between sarcasm and reality. I promoted nothing on Friends Center. Are you really the ignorant fool or do you just pretend in a pathetic attempt to denigrate? Vic, you are the one who vilifies, lies, smears and slanders. You are so insecure and narcissistic that you had to break into a private website just to see what people were saying about you.

          Go ahead and look in the mirror and say “I, Victor Tiffany am a narcissistic nosy trouble maker and liar. I vilify people because they don’t agree with me and won’t fall in line with my views as I am always right regardless of the facts, and I will twist what they say and smear them just to divert attention from myself because I am also a childish crybaby”

          You can take your vulgar feces covered finger talk and put it back in your vile mouth.

          • Anonymous

            Sucks for him he doesn’t have friends. Sucks for him he doesn’t know how to be one. It’s all sour grapes on his part, so for him negative attention beats no attention at all. He brought it on himself.

          • Sandie

            It also shows something else. He has to take his anger, rage, self loathing, etc out on other people. It is part of his mental illness. In order to do that he has to rile people up so they will provide targets (their replies. It doesn’t matter what it is they say, or that they totally refute what he posts. He will make the same posts and get the same replies, over and over. He has to create targets. Have you noticed, that when there is a board where he posts a comment, but does not get any responses, he later down the board posts the exact same thing again to try to get bites? It is a sickness. We have all seen how he posts the first comment on the board, and in that comment he vilifies people who have not even posted on that board yet? His purpose again is to cause trouble, stir things up, and get people to respond so he has targets. That guy is so psychologically screwed up it is pathetic.

            What kind of person is so obsessed with getting into a private website to see what people there are saying about him, or Beck or anything else – what they joke about – what they like or dislike so badly that they hack in after being thrown out trying to previously enter? It is like a voyeur, a peeping tom. It is sick.

          • Anonymous

            Voyeurs, peeping Toms, begin innocently enough, just looking. After awhile, that is not enough. Pretty soon it escalates to the next level, then the next. Unless he’s caught, his criminal activity spirals out of control. It is no longer just looking. That doesn’t satisfy. Next, it’s touching, making contact. Then it’s rape, a heinous violation and intrusion. Hopefully, he’s caught before he murders, destroying the evidence. He should be prosecuted. It would be amusing to see the papers served on him. Especially since he threatened to do the same to so many others. This is the second time I’ve been made aware of a major crime that he has committed. Left unchecked, there is no telling what further actions he will take, especially if he thinks he’s gotten away with what some may think are not such serious violations. I’ve studied criminology. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Good luck with this, and feel free to pass on the information.

          • Sandie

            If the internet was not standing between him and the object of his attack, would he perpetrate the actual physical part of the crime or would he run like a coward?
            My bet is if it is a female he would attack, but if it was a male, he would run like a coward. Many cowards use the internet as a shield to protect themselves and as a tool in their bully arsenal. But then who knows, this is the guy who was going to cower in his house with a gun in every corner of his property. He wets his pants when there’s a car parked down his street. LMAO

          • Anonymous

            Would you be willing to risk the possibility or probability of what he is capable of doing were the internet not creating a safety barrier between you? From a legal perspective, communicating threats in any manner is a crime. It is a state crime to do so person to person, face to face or through electronic transmission locally (telephone) or by written word. It is a federal crime to do so over the internet as the internet is governed by interstate commerce laws as well as criminal transport across state lines. The crime is governed by the state where the crime is committed, not where the individual lives, if it is a federal violation.

            This wouldn’t be so comical, if it wasn’t so serious.

          • Sandie

            If he was armed I would not risk, of course, but if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t have a problem. . . . he would.

          • Anonymous

            When dealing with the mentally unstable and someone you do not know, and there is doubt, don’t assume that he is unarmed. Prepare for the worst.

            Remember The Untouchables? “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.”

          • Sandie

            That was The Untouchables? LOL I thought it was Obama.

          • Anonymous

            Same place…Chicago. Al Capone’s Chicago vs Rahm Emanuel’s.

          • Sandie


            The Obama worshippers and Conservative haters will find their own denial. Just wait to see the backlash here.

          • Anonymous

            Naaaah. They’ll move on to other pastures to graze and make patties.

          • Sandie

            Cow patties perhaps…

          • CaptainAmerica
          • Sandie

            Funny stuff…. LOL

        • James Johnstone

          I am a reactionary Beckerhead.  God bless you for pointing that out, Victor.  Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        Who is the focused and commited media analyst?

        Who is the qualified person making these observations?

        Sarah Jones? The actress-poet-playwright? The former cheerleader for the Bengals convicted of having sex with a 16 year-old? That’s all that came up when I ‘googled’ the name.

        Most people know why he posts here. It has nothing to do with “honesty”, “ethics”, or “reasoning”. It has everything to do with ad hominems, hyperbole and hypocrisy. And he’s the instigator.

        • Sandie

          It is typical for him to use anything for his so called proof (it never supports what he says with FACTS). Maybe in his sick mind, just having a link to put on the page makes what he blathers look legit. What a feckless fool.

        • Victor Tiffany

          Who is the momwith5kids, the b#$ch that terrorized my wife? YOU ARE!

          See, the thing about Disqus is that when you switch names, as you did, eventually the system replaces the old comments you made with your new name. That’s what makes it impossible for me to get away from your pack of rabid attack dogs.

          I noticed earlier today that the a-hole, sl#t with 5 or 50 kids, who was viciously and maliciously making up BS to attack me by constantly assassinating my character is now the semi-literate “Grizzley” (it’s spelled grizzly) who is viciously and maliciously making up BS to attack me by constantly assassinating my character.

          In other words, you don’t give a damn about facts. Beck lies, you attack me for pointing it out. Beck demonstrates blatant hypocrisy (again), you attack me personally and deceitfully for pointing it out. That Beck is a deceitful, brilliant reactionary propagandist is painfully obvious to the most casual observer, but you pull feces out of your rectum to throw at me when I point this out.

          Your adoration of this sleazy, deceitful, charming (to his sycophants), brilliant reactionary propagandist and alignment with his reactionary values and alternative reality blinds you to his dishonesty, fraudulent “libertarianism” and either dry-drunkeness or narcissism. Whoa to the critic who points out any of Beck’s many flaws.

          FYI: Sarah Jones is a pen name used because she doesn’t want to become the target of a rabid fan base as I have become.


          You are one hateful, a-moral reactionary demon. I don’t expect you to begin to grasp that, but you need to know that you’re no more Christian than Richard Dawkins is. He’s just a lot better of a human being than you are. Of course, that’s not writing much.

          • Anonymous

            If you have proof of any of your baseless assumptions about me, or who you think I am, show it. Otherwise, shut your filthy mouth before you put your foot in it again and either get banned from here AGAIN or worse.

            All you have proved so far is that you are an obsessed stalker, you have threatened me AGAIN, and that you are a psychotic criminal.

            BTW: You terrorized your own wife! That is on you and the lies you tell.

            Back off, before you do or say something stupid AGAIN.

          • Gadamer too
          • Gadamer too
          • CaptainAmerica

            Nice post, Victor. It really makes a case against your continued presence here. I will be making a copy of it and sending it to Stu to see if you can finally be given the attention here you deserve. Just in case you are wondering, every one of your posts is going to be treated this way from now on. 

            Enjoy the ride when they boot your butt off this site. Again. 

          • Anonymous

            Thank you.

          • CaptainAmerica

            No problem.

          • CaptainAmerica

            This is going to look good in the emails to the site administration Victor. Please keep it coming, I will see you booted from here again before too long.

          • Guest

            Now you know why she changed her identity. To get away from you, your lies and false accusations. Funny that you would search so far back into the archives to find someone who hasn’t posted in over a year. Why? To continue attacking her with threats, insults and profanity?

            You have made yourself a target drawing fire in response to your rabid and insipid taunts. You are a victim of your own stupidity and deviant behavior. You can fault no other posters for what you write and post in the volumes of hypocrisy, lies, innuendo, threats and aberrant rants.

            You are not a critic. You are a nitpicking quibbler and a hatemongering xenophobe. You need psychiatric help.

          • Sandie

            You are one hateful, a-moral reactionary demon. I don’t expect you to begin to grasp that, but you need to know that you’re no more Christian than Richard Dawkins is. He’s just a lot better of a human being than you are. Of course, that’s not writing much, But that’s you, Victor Tiffany.

  • Anonymous

    Gee Victor you almost sound like someone in Colorado, your a little on the edgy side don’t you think… chill out bro.  We just love our country and we don’t like what the liberal progressives have done to it and we plan on taking our country back, so don’t get so up tight, it’s alright we love you too.

    • Victor Tiffany

      I’m glad you love us, but if you “take the country back,” it’s going to be back to the original Gilded Age. THAT’s what Beck wants. Class wars (with guns and bullets), starvation, vast homelessness, etc. etc.

      You love your country, but you hate the people who need a hand up. Beck is full of hatred, and if you don’t know that, you haven’t been paying attention. Beck explained how he hates the Republican Party, but now that it’s the only option to that negro in the White House, Beck is embracing the Republican Party.

      You love your country? So do I. I also love freedom for all, not just the 1% who can afford freedom.

      Finally, how do you know that “someone in Colorado” sounds like? Do you have a conversation with him?  No. Has he spoken publicly since his arrest? No. Fact is, his anger was pent up, where as mine is released in a healthy manner on The Glenn Beck Review, where I expose Beck’s lies and many hypocrisies, and here where I point out that Beck has turned millions into morons with his false narratives, distortions, lies and smears. If you believe Beck and repeat any of his nonsense, then you have become a member of his psychotic army.

      • CaptainAmerica

        Victor, the only psychotic person here is you, and you prove you need more enemies by your attempt to create another one here.

        I love the way you jumped right in up to the neck with your attempt to identify yourself with the mass murderer in Colorado by attempting to come to his defense.

        “I’m glad you love us, but if you “take the country back,” it’s going to be back to the original Gilded Age. ”

        Says who? Now you claim to be the arbiter of truth? Please spare us your street corner evangelist act. You don’t know what will happen as a result of what is about to happen, so please for your own sake quit being such a drama queen. When the conservative political environment is reestablished you are going to see a lot of changes you won’t like, but get used to it because the rest of the country has been having to deal with Obama’s policies for some time now.

        The door swings both ways, and I would advise you not to let it hit you in the backside, because it’s coming your way.

      • Guest

        You call your attacks and insults healthy? 

        The Gilded Age was the period after the Civil War. What you call “Class wars (with guns and bullets), starvation, vast homelessness, etc. etc.” was a result of the war. Think about your statement as it applies to current events: Who started the class wars? Who has ruined the economy? Who caused all the mortage failures due to the push for loans for housing to people who could not make payments? It certainly WAS NOT Glenn Beck.

        You are abusing the very freedoms you still have to voice your misguided opinions. Your shameless plugs for your “yellow journalism” ragblog is no justification for vilifying Beck or anyone who posts on his site.

        Your ‘exposing’ what you call Beck’s lies and hypocrisies will not “save the millions of morons”. That is where your opinion becomes deceptive propaganda. Your logic is without substance and reason. Your final comment: “If you believe Beck and repeat any of his nonsense, then you have become a member of his psychotic army.” is illogical and false.

        Your so-called analysis is scattered with biased proclamations, false assumptions and comments taken out of context.

        Focus. Don’t attack.

        • Victor Tiffany

          The war was long over before the late 19th Century’s Gilded Age. Study history and get back to me.

          You are obviously pissed off because I’ve exposed so many of Beck’s lies, other false claims and many hypocrisies. If I have my facts wrong on The Glenn Beck Review, you are free to comment and I will correct them. 

          That offer has been up there for years, but so far there has been no substantial corrections.

          Make your case there, or just STFU pissed off reactionary Beckerhead.

          “If you believe Beck and repeat any of his nonsense, then you have become a member of his psychotic army” is an analogy. You’re not very smart, are you? You remind me of other morons like CA, MG and Sandie. Gee; I wonder why?

          The Fascist Friends Center.

          If you cared one bit about biased proclamations, you’d criticize Beck for his many biased proclamations. Instead, you demonstrate hard care double standards, which is what we expect from hard core reactionary Beckerheads and racists like Benny__Hill.

          • Guest

            Then why do you ignore Obama?

          • Victor Tiffany

            I don’t ignore Obama, but he didn’t lie his way into the White House the way Romney is trying to. Luckily, people don’t LIKE Romney very much.

          • Guest

            I call Bullshit on Victor!

            If Obozo didn’t lie his way into the White House, why was his first action an Executive Order to seal his RECORDS??? All of them? People DO like Romney. They DON’T like Obozo.

            And yeah. You DO ignore Obozo. You are fixated on Beck.

            Case closed. I win!!!

          • Gadamer too

            Yes, and who won the election?

            Case closed; Romney lost!

          • Gadamer too

            Sure; how did that work out? Not so well for plutocrat Romney.

          • CaptainAmerica

            You are a complete moron and a pathological liar. Obama did lie his way into every position he has ever held, and if you don’t see that then you are blind as well. Just because you don’t like Romney doesn’t mean other people don’t – that is an assumption based on your own flawed thinking. 

            Besides, you are an admitted online criminal. You uttered a threat to kill someone right here on this site and were banned from commenting here for it. Being the immature brat criminal you are, you chose to re-make your profile on disqus so you could come back here and continue to be a criminal nuisance. You made a terrible mistake by not covering your tracks before people had a chance to save your comments pre-ban. Now they are here for all to read. Comments like this:

            “Come by my office; you can have a very brief
            chat with my lawyers: Smith and Wesson. Tip: call the county morgue first for a pick up.”

            Here’s you admitting your act of lawlessness:

            “What I’ve admitted, Mr. full of baloney Racist, is that I get angry to YOU.The ONLY “threat” I’ve made is after doodaddio accused me of harming my wife.”

            Unfortunately for you, you just admitted threatening to kill a man after he posted a remark of, “Victor, when did you stop beating your wife?” Too bad you don’t get a pass for reacting like a sociopath. This was also after you admitted to cyber-stalking another man’s wife, remember that? You contacted a woman via Facebook and “warned” her, and you try to dismiss it by saying you only did it once, and then you proceeded to criticize her appearance as if that justified your offense. That’s like saying you only assaulted someone once.
            Now, that’s an inconvenient truth for you. Try to lie your way out of that.

          • CaptainAmerica

            FYI – the administration at The Friend Center is being kept in the loop about your posts, so the more you post content from there and the more you mischaracterize that site, the more likely there will be consequences. They warned you once when they terminated your membership a couple of days ago – you remember what they told you, don’t you?

            I will personally make certain they know what you post about that site, and members of that site. I promise you I will be keeping tabs on your activity. 

            I keep my promises. Deal with that.

          • Guest

            “In United States history, the Gilded Age was the period following the Civil War, running from the late 1860s to about 1896 when the next era began, the Progressive Era.” [Wikipedia]  You should take a few remedial classes before you arrogantly proclaim your ignorance and bully another.

            You will not correct ‘facts’ that are wrong on your blog. You have a documented history refusing to publish comments that are contrary to what you believe or that indicate your errors, discrepancies or outright lies.  You have refused to publish corrections because you believe your own lies and vilify those who don’t believe them.
            No, I will not submit personal information to you in order to refute your lies and ‘errors’. You have proved to be untrustworthy on more than one occasion. Your comments here are proof of your deceitful actions. I’m not stupid. I have read what others have said about your criminal behavior.
            Your ad hominems attacks and angry comments are indicative of your mental instability and lack of reason. Attempting to walk back your supercilious comments and maligning me with false accusations will not make your comments valid or truthful. 

            Your remark: “If you believe Beck and repeat any of his nonsense, then you have become a member of his psychotic army” is NOT an analogy. It is a false accusation.
            You fail to realize, as many posters have repeatedly told you, that your obsession is yours and yours alone. You cannot bully people into believing your false assumptions and baseless opinions. Insulting readers and commenters here will not change their opinions of Beck, of you or what you write here or anywhere else.  These are YOUR HYPOCRISIES, YOUR LIES, YOUR DOUBLE STANDARDS.  There is nothing you can do to convince anyone otherwise. NOTHING.
            Anger and violence will not make your argument believable or factual.  Your reactive and caustic remarks are nonsense and unnecessary.  You defy logic, reason and sanity.
            On this, you lose big time.

        • Anonymous

          Interestingly enough, and unfortunately for Victor, today’s class wars, bad economy, and mortgage failures are most due to, surprise to you no doubt Vicky, DEMOCRATS.  People like Beck are trying to turn this country back to a time without class wars, bad economies, and mortgage failures.

      • Anonymous

        Poor Victor, you don’t know what your talking about… As a liberal let me ask you a question and it’s probably a personal one I know, but how many people have you helped this year, how many people have you fed this year? Do you go to church and “tithe” or do you know what that is. As a Christian and as being retired we are on fixed incomes my husband and me, yet we tithe, we help people out in need, I ran a compassion in action ministry for two years making sure people got boxes of food, what are you doing to help those in need. I have for the past 9 years taken meals that I fixed in my kitchen to people who have been sick, or had surgery and weren’t up to preparing meals for themselves or their families, and I scheduled meals to be delivered sometime for long periods of time, what have you done Victor?
        It’s easy for you to sit there and spew out your hatred for Glenn Beck and for Conservative Republicans but did you know that we as Conservative Republicans give more to charity than any other group in this country, did you know as Conservatives evangelicals that we are there faster than any other organization around including FEMA, what have you done Victor. You really need to get your facts straight, you have been brain washed for so long by the lest you don’t even know what is right or wrong. Shame on you. Since Obama has been in the White House the increase alone just in Food Stamps has more than doubled, doubled do you get that. Foreclosures in our neighborhood are unbelievable. Homes that were sold to people because of the Dodd-Frank bill that passed Congress making it easy for people to buy a home without any knowledge of their qualifications, any accountability, just give them a home to buy no matter what the cost. Don’t blame the banks on this, they were only doing what the government told them to do, and that government was the Dodd-Frank Congress (democrats). Sorry to hear you are so brain washed to the point you can’t even think for yourself anymore. There has not been this vastness of homelessness in 60 years and Obama is only making it worse. This is a man who said he was going to bring people together and he has only divided this country more and more, a man with such arrogance and lack of humility that he can’t even put his chin down it’s so high in the air.
        This is a man that won’t even release his school records from Occidental, from Columbia, from Harvard yet he wants Romney to release his records at Bain? Get a clue, what has Obama have to hide. His book Dream from my father” is a total sham and lie, made up stories that have been debunked but your so brainwashed you can’t even see the forest for the tree’s. Grow up my dear… No one wants to see poverty, no one wants to see homelessness, but you know there is an interesting thing that happened when the Pilgrims landed on this land (if you would take the time to read history) they all pooled their crops into one pot so to speak that first year and a lot of people mostly women died, and it was because some of the people that had been given land didn’t work the land and grow the crops like they should but they were partaking of the those that had, so consequently a lot of people didn’t make it. So the next year they were told, you have your plot of ground, you plan, you grow, and you eat of your own work. They did and they survived. What this administration and other progressive administrations have done is taken the spirit of doing for oneself and their dignity to provide for themselves away by all the government programs. You get out and work for what you eat or you don’t eat. You take your money from the government and you go out and spend it on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes you don’t eat… simple as that. Now as much as I don’t like Clinton atleast he had the brains to put that back into practice when he was in office and Obama took that away, well he took dignity, and spirit away with that too.
        When you get out in your backyard and you plant a garden and you eat of the fruits of your labor, that brings dignity, and selfreliance and now he has taken even that away. If you get government assistance their should be an accounting of what you do with the money and you should work for it, if it’s only sweeping the streets and picking up the trash along the freeways just like the prisoners do… now you have the truth.

      • Guest

        If you don’t think seresmary can know what someone in Colorado sounds like how can you know what Holmes was feeling inside? Seems to me you  just can’t help making egregious mistakes every single time you post a response…

        • Victor Tiffany

          Because I watch the news. Anger is universal with mass murderers. 

          You would have better information too, if you would watch something besides the propaganda channel called Fox.

          • Guest

            And, as you have admitted time and time again, you have anger issues. Are you starting to see a trend or pattern yet? But, that’s not fair is it? Cause none of threats you have levied are done out of anger, are they? It’s plainly evident that you’re applying a different standard to each case…

          • Victor Tiffany

            What I’ve admitted, Mr. full of baloney Racist, is that I get angry to YOU.

            The ONLY “threat” I’ve made is after doodaddio accused me of harming my wife. Now, that sleazy tactic is common among your sleazy, reactionary Beckerheads.

            Oh, and Benny: you’re still a racist, par for the course for a reactionary Beckerhead.

          • Guest

            Thus, you have admitted you have anger problems, e.g., uncontrollable anger directed towards someone is an issue, and that you threaten people. But those aren’t all of the examples of you anger or threats, are they?

          • Guest

            Wrong Guest…again.

          • CaptainAmerica

            “The ONLY “threat” I’ve made is after doodaddio accused me of harming my wife. Now, that sleazy tactic is common among your sleazy, reactionary Beckerheads. ”

            So you admit to making threats. Good. This will be useful at your trial. I’ve seen what you term an accusation by doodaddio, and this, “Victor, when did you stop beating your  wife?”, isn’t an accusation. You had the ability to recognize it for what it was – a question, and to deal with it as such – by denying it ever occurred, but you, the out of control narcissist you are decided to try to bully your way through it. You do remember you threatened to kill and mutilate him, don’t you? You remember that it got you barred from this site and from Mediaite, don’t you? 

            To refresh your memory, I happen to have a copy of that threat handy, so here is your threat:

            ” Come by my office; you can have a very brief chat with my
            lawyers: Smith and Wesson.

            Tip: call the county morgue first for a pick up.

            You believe a master deceiver of reactionary propaganda; you’re the crazy one.

            You attack my family again, whack job, and I’ll “rip your face off and
            shove it up your ass,” you sleazy, reactionary retard. ”

            “You call me “crazy” because I want to
            rip your face off for attacking my family?  It’s just another of many
            smears you throw at me.”

            Date, September 16, 2011

            Of course, you don’t care about facts that conflict with your beliefs. Why should you? You’re a bellering ass. Wail on, you ignoramus. You are done here regarding credibility, so you might as well go away Billy Sunday. 

          • Anonymous

            Then there are the threats he still denies….
            Those go way back and involve commenters long gone.

          • CaptainAmerica

            You have anger issues with comic book characters. What makes you think you are reasonable enough to make the kind of lies you are known for stick to anyone but yourself? Whatever or whoever told you that you were an authority on this or any other subject was either being sarcastic or sardonic. There is nothing special, insightful, or relevant about 99 percent of your comments.

            Victor, you are a garden variety troll and nothing more.

          • Guest

            Watching the news does not make you an expert.
            How do YOU know that the shooter has pent up anger? That cannot be determined by observation through electronic media. Only a psychiatrist can make that determination.

            Not all mass murderers are angry. Some are amazingly composed and calculating.

            Another ad hominem attack without substantiation. You’ve racked up quite a record with these angry attacks. I doubt that your pent up anger is released through your blog. Having read many of your comments where you respond with hostile attacks, it appears that you release a good portion of your anger here. You would be wise to seek counseling in anger management to learn constructive methods to control your pent up aggression.   

          • Victor Tiffany

            I never claimed to be an expert, but unlike morons who listen to Beck, I’m well informed.

            Just because people are “composed and calculating” doesn’t mean that they’re not seething inside over some perceived injustice.

            I didn’t offer an “ad hominem attack.” If you watch Fox or listen to Fox “News,” you’re misinformed. That’s a fact that you cannot accept.

            Oh, and Benny: you’re a racist. That’s a fact too.

          • CaptainAmerica

            You are always claiming to be an authority on a lot of subjects, yet you are always incorrect and lacking facts. Why not provide proof of your leftist claim that Fox News is somehow less than adequate in the information presented to the public? Let’s see you make the case for that flawed conjecture. Come on, you are the big man with all the answers here, Let’s see the basis of your ridiculous claim, right here and right now. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, all have been giving people a left biased view for many years, which is why they aren’t worth watching.

            Let your moronic leftwit superiority shine down on all of us average folks here – show us to be wrong with FACTS. That includes your racism remarks. Put up or shut up Victor. Make your play.

          • Guest

            Wrong identity again. If you still can’t tell the difference you are a lost cause.

          • Anonymous

            You must speak from experience, especially when your seething overflows into your comments and ad hominem attacks…like this one. Prove the facts. You saying it does not make it fact. Prove your lies are facts!

            Wrong Guest…AGAIN.

      • CaptainAmerica

        How stupid do you have to be to believe that Beck turned millions into morons by way of this website and a radio program? Not everyone is as simple minded as you and will buy everything some media personality is saying at face value. 
        You have to be the dullest troll under the bridge to simplify people you don’t know to that degree. Perhaps you are that stupid, but you should stop trying to get people to believe in your fantasy of derangement.

        You are not convincing anyone with this faux evangelism. Go home Billy Sunday, go home.

        • Victor Tiffany

          Apparently, you’ve been victimized by someone dumbing you down. 

          • CaptainAmerica

            Yes, you have.

          • Victor Tiffany

            Make up your so-called “mind.” Either I’ve been victimized by someone dumbing me down, or I’m putting on a show of my intellectual prowess. 

            No one will ever accuse you of consistency. Or decency. Or honesty. Or acuity in psychological analysis. 

            You’re very good at character assassination and being obsessed (with me). I’ll give you that.

          • CaptainAmerica

            You can’t be serious. I never said you were putting on a show of your intellectual prowess, quite the contrary, you are putting on a show of your lack of intellect and reason, and of your lack of emotional control. That is what you are doing and have been since day one. You are an immature, weak, and frightened liar who hasn’t got the strength of will to keep your emotions in check, and who doesn’t possess the intellect to behave himself in a public comment forum.

            You have made it impossible to ignore you – you are everpresent, as noted by the number of times you have posted your fecal flinging fits here.

            A smart man would have left this site when his logon credentials were revoked, but you are too stupid for that HINT – you had to come back for more vengeance because you can’t be told NO.

            Victor, it is obvious to everyone you have a problem with NO, and with people being smarter than you. I suggest you at least seek counseling to help you cope with those two items since you are 56 years old and throwing temper tantrums all over the Internet.

            You are never going to get the fact that it is about everyone else that you have argued with, not about you.

            Hence your next delusional and inane comment.

          • Guest

            Both. You have dumbed down yourself through your caustic and stupid remarks. Your arrogance and narcissism indicates your attempt to prove the intellectual prowess that you lack and the bully behavior of insecurity.

            No one will accuse you of “decency. Or honesty. Or acuity in psychological analysis” as your consistent remarks towards posters indicate your lack of both and your total lack of self-awareness and introspection.

            You have cut off your nose to spite your face. You are the only one obsessed with you and Beck.

            You are a walking textbook of aberrant delusional behavior and psychosis.

          • Guest

            Your actions and words speak louder to your incapacity towards self-reflection and awareness. Is this your confession of abusing those you wish to discredit?

  • Anonymous

    As I was listening to the comments from the soldier that served 3 tours in Afghanistan and Glenn did not like what he had to say I was appaulled that he actually said Hang up on him..  What does his show and attitude indicate  towards Fair and balanced?  What about our right to free speach?  What about Glenns ability to agree to disagree with tact and professionalism?  This talk show is a  very devisive, destructive tool in our society and is part of the problem with the world today.    Small minds talk about people ~ Mediocre minds talk about events ~ Intelligent minds talk about ideas.  I am saddened by the attitude today and that the media cannot report without bias or trying to impose personal opinion on the general public.  Glenn  used to be a good commmentator when he first aired  on MSNBC and I am not sure what poisoned him but I have zero respect and find him far too extreme to take serious.  Your credibility is not justifiable. This show should be taken off the air. It would serve the American public far better to not be incited to the point of hatred on every topic.  How about reporting on Hanford Washington or the Kalamozoo oil spill in Michigan or all the events that the media neglects to follow up on.  Just state the facts and leave personal opinions out of it.

  • Joy Leverich

    Ok, ya’ll, now we need to focus ourselves. Restoring Love has been an eye opener for me and my husband who was almost dead inside and full of hopelessness. We are refocused, refressed, and we are rarin’ to go when we get home tomorrow! I have asked God for the last two years where I need to STAND and my prayers were answered tonight.  Restoring Love was about the people we helped and tonights event was focused on celebrating the people…our people…from all walks of life…all religions…all political parties(viewpoints)…WE THE PEOPLE were the focus tonight…and we celebrated each other! As for those of you who cannot absorb the love and kindness each individual can become…well, let’s just say the time for arguing and fighting is over! Let me repeat that so you ‘clearly understand’….IT IS OVER!  NOW….WE begin! WE are going into our communities and rolling up our sleeves. IT IS TIME TO GET TO WORK!…..NOT argue and try to convince those who are mislead. WE must attack the hate and evil with LOVE! Light always outshines the darkness and WE are that light…WE are the CITY ON THE HILL…WE are our brothers’ keepers…WE will provide for the needy NOT the gov’t! WE will teach America and remind America we truly are those people the world looks to for Light, for Freedom, for Love….WE will also remind America WE are THE people who are the first to go to war and the first to STAND for peace….(if you missed that last part I will repeat it again so it sticks…”…and the first to STAND for peace”.) I am actually broken-hearted to see fellow fans still arguing with those who rebuke us. I strongly encourage you to ignore them and press on. Push back with love…fight the modern culture with love…fight the hate with love…fight the evil with love. THE answer I received tonight is one word with four LOUD letters…..    L   O   V   E    ……, let’s get to work…Join me in RESTORING AMERICA TO THE ORIGINAL INTENT!…An experiment of Freedom, Justice, Liberty, and THE PURSUIT of Happiness!

  • John Stephens

    Came back from Restoring Love today. Watching Restoring Honor right now. Glenn, I love you. My family loves you. We are the Tea Party. You are our voice, And we will follow you. We’ll be in Ohio, and wherever you go. Thank you very much for Restoring Love, and don’t ever stop. You are a brilliant light in our tunnel of media lies and corruption. God bless you, all your guests, Dan Reaver, Sarah Palin, Clergy, Your staff, and your millions of friends. I’ll see you in Ohio, and beyond.  
    John, Irene, and Carter
    Houston Texas

  • Carole Butler

    glenn had a playlist that his daughter and he listened to.  I loved the music but got called away before I downloaded them on spotify.  One was the Theme for Spiderman and Johnny Cash’s I Was There When It Happened. Can anyone give me the list I can’t seem to find it,

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t an attempt to restore love in this country also include restoring the freedom of Americans that are victims of America’s war against marijuana users.
    Randy Johnson

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