Leonardo Dicaprio and I can agree on something

This is a great story about taxes:  10 Celebrities Who Don’t Live As Lavishly As They Could. Think the rich have enough? Really. Look at what Leonardo Dicaprio says:

“I don’t spend money on a lot. Money is very important to me because it allows me the freedom to choose what I want to do as an actor and, more importantly, because I want to accumulate enough so that one day I can do something really great and beneficial for other people, for the environment, and for children.”

Now, he may use that money to reach beyond the grave and hurt my children’s freedom, and yet I still say it is okay for him to keep what he has earned and spend it all as he wishes. It is not my money, or the collective’s money.  It is his money. He earned it. Yes, he used the roads I helped build.  But he likely paid more for those roads than almost everyone else using them.

To take the fruit of one’s labor and have a third party decide whom to give it to is morally wrong! Leo’s time, effort and industry is reflected by his wealth. He has a unique talent, worked hard, and earned his money. Like millions of others, many not in his tax bracket, he saves to make the world a better place. Some do it by helping their kids through college, by buying a new house, by starting a business or taking care of an elderly parent. Is their goal less than his? Are his dreams more or less than theirs? No. Just different. Each pursuing their own version of happiness.

A flat tax is fair and equitable. The PROGRESSIVE income tax is not charity – it is criminal. When the State Department cannot account for billions of our hard earned money, and the Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 TRILLION in spending (as of 9.10.01) we would all stop paying this “charity” if jail or guns weren’t forcing us to. Organizations like the Red Cross or the church would be behind bars if they ran their charity accounting and spending like the federal government.

This is the problem. They don’t believe you or I should be able to choose how to spend out money.  To quote Theodore Roosevelt: “I don’t begrudge a man his fortune as long as it was honorably earned and well spent.” Well spent? Do we really need to justify our spending?  Oh wait!  Yes, they already ask us through the IRS.

Strange bedfellows? You bet. The left and right can both agree on this: the government is inefficient and the worst investment in people and good will ever devised.

Find those like Leonardo Dicaprio who want to keep their own money and invest it in ways that actually improve people’s lives, be it “save the whales” or the NRA.

It is your money and it should be your choice how it gets spent. Demand it.

  • R-WOOD

    What are you doing with your Thirty pieces of silver ?

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      you can’t pick and choose what you want to listen to GlennBeck about, Glenn explains everything he says and backs up what he says with the Truth! Glenn never says anything bad about anyone, he just speaks the Truth. Alex Do Not Condemn Glenn, You Are On The Same Side and Please Work Together! We The People Know The Real Enemy Of America Is Barry-Hussein-Obama and His Communist WhiteHouse Czars! lets concentrate on That and WOrk Together!

      • Anonymous

        from the style of your writing I’ll conclude you’re an honest person. Yes they are both spreading what needs to be spread. I no longer trust Glenn but will leave it be and pray for the best.

    • Anonymous

      Really? New World Order? Council on Foreign Relations? Et Cetera? (etc).

      So, it appears, Alex Jones has a monopoly on these and other terms and concepts, and only he is allowed to use them and comment on them?

      What about that other popular radio commentator, uh, what’s his name? –Oh, yeah, Rush Limbaugh. He can’t use these terms and concepts either? Can we go across the country and prohibit all radio talk show hosts from saying anything that Alex Jones might have commented on, even several years ago?

      Well, I go overboard in trying to make my point here, but I would like to take a different tack.

      Rather than claiming primacy and subsequent plagiarization, isn’t it a case of problems that we all should see, and we have a few good voices calling them to our attention? Unity, rather than divisiveness, should be the order of the day. If America needs saving, let’s unite in our efforts to save her, rather than be petty about taking credit alone. And as I remember, Glenn’s mantra is “Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.”

      We The People need to be alerted to these myriad problems we have, and the more voices we have, the better. May they be raised in unity, rather than divisiveness. We already have too much of that now.

      Laus Deo

      • Anonymous

        Hey, your overall point is more important than mine. At this time I believe more people are being exposed to the truth. However, GB was way out of line and flat out lying about AJ. Maybe it’s by design??

  • Crassus

    Wowsie wowsie woo woo.

  • ManaMoffa

    DiCaprio MUST have known about the Hollywood directors pedophile ring, but he said nothing…….or was an active participant.

  • Jared Barney

    Your right @LiberyDawg Alex Jones is a fraud, and a nutjob.

    • Susan34

      Glenn Beck steals all his info from Alex Jones and spins it his own way and then calls AJ a fascist. Funny, I always thought Glenn knew what a fascist was. Moron. ooopppss Mormon.

      • not a liberal


        • Susan34

          I used to be a Beck follower. I even got the opportunity to hug him, but then I took the blinders off and truly started listening to his hypocrisy. I suggest you do the same. Glenn either doesn’t know what he truly stands for or he is so overloaded with trying to cover his tracks that he slips up, but he isn’t right.

    • Anonymous

      Jared give an example. Never mind. Did you watch the video?? It’s obvious GB bit.


    These Hollywood and media figures
    who’ve –MADE– it and –MADE– their money.

    NOT even one of them
    —————–emerging as a no holes barred
    ———————————————go for it ARTIST!

    “These people don’t even get OLD!
    —————————-they just get STALE!”

    BEHOLD! —-Oliver STONE!
    or ANY of the ‘serious’ actors of the past
    few decades.

    ONE and ALLLL! are NOWHERE!

  • Pablo Descartes

    Hmm. I figured decaprio lives below his means to save more money for drugs as his felliw faker phillip seymour hoffman.

  • http://www.lblakenelson.wordpress.com LBLAKEN

    You’re not really agreeing with Leo, Glenn, and it is clear to me that Leo would more than likely defend our inefficient government. You are stating a basic concept in conservative philosophy, that a society should not confiscate private property.

    A better point would have been to say that Leo’s statement re: how he spends his money is a good argument for why conservative political philosophy works, that those whose rents exceed their needs will likely gift this resource in a manner that is beneficial to our society.

    The government is not the most efficient distributor of those monies and here, Leo may agree. When the government chooses, it may choose to allocate its resources to defense or another program disagreeable to Mr.Dicaprio, whereas when Mr. Dicaprio chooses, he is satisfied with the result and society benefits: a win-win scenario. So, while it is lkely that you disagree with his allocation choices, it is also likely that Mr. Dicaprio agrees with this tenet of conservative philosophy without understanding why.

    Unfortunately, in this administration, crony capitalism circumvents our system of capitalism and makes it easier to buy into the inefficient socialist state.

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