Lessons and musings from the ranch


I love them.

I am highly allergic to them.

We have three at the ranch: Snowflake, Belle and Napoleon. Guess which one I like? For people that have listened for a long time or know me personally, they would guess Snowflake or Belle. (I can here the jokes even up here in the mountains – Stu and Pat!)

Napoleon is a huge black horse, he has a bit of quarter horse in him I am told, but I don’t know anything about horses except they aren’t that different from people. Last year, when Snowflake almost bucked one of us off, we thought, at first, she had seen a snake. Nope. Then as she began to walk funny we thought she had a rock caught in her hoof. Nope. She was just done with the ride. To put it kindly, she is “spirited.” I call her El Diablo and I think Napoleon does as well. This morning I went in to the corral and found bite marks on Napoleon. Some horses are just mean, just like people. Sometimes they are mistreated or neglected while other times they just develop bad habits over time and feel the need to ‘show you who’s boss”.

I took Napoleon to another corral on the other side of the barns.

I love him and I like to think he loves me.

Today, I went into his new corral and he followed me around. Rubbed his face on my chest and we stood eye to eye. He actually had to bend down quite a bit as he towers over me. He is my buddy and I would do anything for him. It is weird how quickly you can become attached to an animal. When we went for a ride up into the mountains Monday, we knew we had each other’s back. We knew it again this morning. As the hives began to form on my hands and arms and my throat began to close just a bit again today, I ignored it for as long as I could.

I fed him a couple of apples while we talked about the state of the country. He looked at me and spoke through his big brown eyes. “the answers are not easy, but they are simple”, I imagined him saying to me. “Kindness, gentleness, compassion and love.”

It isn’t the wisdom of a big black horse who has never seen the world, read a book or traveled farther from his home than maybe the state fair. It is the wisdom of the universe that is encoded in all of life. We can all hear it, if we just can find a way to slow down and listen to the whispering of the eternities.

  • gee-enn

    Very cool Glenn. How great is it to have a connection like that to horse. I wonder if you can talk to an allergist about getting treatment for horse allergies? They have some desensitization procedures (shots and such) that might help you have some extra time with your buddy without being so miserable. good luck

  • Anonymous

    I used to be horribly allergic to horses too. I’d follow my sister to her horseback riding lesson to just to watch and my eyes would nearly swell shut on the drive home, but I kept on going because I loved being around them. I don’t know if I grew out of the allergy or what, but my symptoms lessened over time and now horses don’t cause any symptoms.

  • Ian Ballinger

    But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.” – James 3:17
    Horses are amazing creatures. Great story, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like you are really relaxing…so glad you can find some peace and rest…God bless…

  • Elena

    Benadryl, Glenn — before and after.

  • Anonymous

    What did the horse say about the illegal alien kids you want Americans to support? Did the horse wonder why, with all the money you made on Americans, why you personally are so cheap? I guess the ranch isn’t anywhere near the BORDER, eh?

    • not a liberal

      Katyll – do us all a favor – just die!

      • Anonymous

        “Us”? Got multiple personality disorder? Or perhaps you mean you leftists who think you’ve found a new home with Glenn Beck? Sorry, leftist, much like you freaks, the whole thing ain’t working.

        • SRM29

          Glenn Beck – cheap?? Much of what he makes is put back in to his network to improve things, pay salaries, charity, etc. Subscriptions must help but there’s no way they cover everything.
          He never said he wants us to support them! It’s called charity, you jackass. Treat them like human beings while they are here, packed in like sardines. He does not support amnesty.

  • Dave G

    Obama does the same thing, but I believe he is working with the wrong end of the horse!

  • Anonymous

    One thing that Glenn might have learned is that he ask the wrong group for money to help the illegal aliens crossing our southern border. I don’t remember reading a good post.

  • Mary

    Glenn, get a Curly Horse. They are hypoallergenic. You can love all over them. We have 5 of them. Great riding horses, easy keepers, very hardy, love people, great hooves, versatile. Ours are gaited but some are not. Check them out!

  • Thank you for all you do

    I Look into those big brown eyes. They are a window to your comfort.
    “Kindness, gentleness, compassion and love.”
    God Bless You
    Thank you for all you do

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    and then the ride — nothing compares to the majesty of a good horse.

  • Anonymous

    GOD IS THE Answer! especially when the administration and AdviCzar cabinet Follow Lucifer!

  • PeterMoss

    “Kindness, gentleness, compassion and love.” The problem is Glenn, those qualities were in short supply last year when you carelessly accused an injured and frightened young man of terrorist activities, and then never bothered to set the record straight. Now your legal team is playing hardball in court against the that young man who is trying to clear his name. Where’s the “kindness, gentleness, compassion and love” Glenn?

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