Never trust the hand of man over the righteous hand of God

I just got up and read the news out of Nevada and then some of the comments on my Facebook page. Some of those so-called “supporters” of mine would scare me as much as Bill Ayers if I believed they were actual supporters.

A family in Nevada is in trouble. Dire trouble. The Republic is in the same condition.

But the news is conflicted as always. We  asked the family to join me on air last week. It did not happen.  Until I have spoken to them, I have not wanted to do more than report the facts as I understand them.

I will not assign ill intent to those law officers who are around the land. I do believe there are those in Washington on both sides of the aisle that would love nothing more than put an end to those “pesky rights”, but I am not prepared to escalate an already tense situation by calling cattle pens “concentration camps”. Nor am I willing to blindly accept that our law enforcement, local, state or federal are willing to kill American citizens over Bureau of Land Management land.

Could this become Waco or worse? Yes, if cooler heads do not prevail.

Know that those of you calling for violence over this Nevada standoff are not supporters or any kind of long-term fan of mine. I know it to be true, no matter what you say, because of this one pesky fact: I have eschewed violence since before I was on FOX News.

I have asked repeatedly, “Do you actually believe we are the people of the American Revolution?”

The answer is ‘No! We are more the people of the French Revolution’ and that ends in bloodshed, beheadings and an American Napoleon.

Long before you would issue a call to bear arms, you should issue a call to bear Bibles. God is the answer! He has called people to arms historically; I can’t think of a time that He has called for it out of anger.

That was why I know that this new movie version of ‘Noah’ is an abomination in His sight. In the film, Noah was filled with hate for his fellow man. God is not nor are His prophets or messengers. Feelings of compassion, sadness, weariness and fear of a “coming correction” – but never hate and rage.

The rage you have is understandable. I feel it at times too. But then, I repent for my cattle pens “concentration camps” and beg Him for an answer. It is always the same.

Remember 2 Chronicles 7:14 : “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

If my people will just turn to me, I will heal them and their land.

Have we as a nation turned to Him? Have you?

I do not mean to lecture you or anyone else. I am so far away from a perfect man. In fact I am very much the “dispensable man”, the opposite of the man I am striving to be, but I am working on it. I pour over my scriptures like never before. I rarely am with out them. I read them day and night, in bed, in the car, on the set, and at the dinner table and yet I am a million miles from where The Lord needs his people. For this too, I repent. “I am sorry Lord for not being ready for your call.” I am one that is finding there is no oil in my lamp.

Never try to create your own miracles. Every time you will fail and make it worse. Moses thought he would make it better when he killed the Egyptian but it only delayed freedom.

I worry about the rancher and his family. The ranchers around him and all around the country. I was blowing the warning trumpets on this kind of usurpation long ago. But any fan of mine knows that I have also said that I will never call for arms with the state of our faith.

I, too, am a rancher but the ultimate rancher is God and we are His flock. I will follow His voice for it is the only one I recognize.

I am sorry, but as all MY real fans know, I believe Ghandi, MLK, Bonhoeffer and Jesus were right. I will follow their example. I know what that means or meant for them.

But I will stand with The Lord.

My feet shall be shod in the Gospel of Peace.

All will be right and in the end all will be well.

I will be a tool in His hands and come what may. So be it. There will be others behind us who will replace us and anyone who strikes us down will be doing us a favor. We will join Him and a lesson you can learn for MLK or even Star Wars: “If you strike me down I will more powerful than you can imagine.

I will give my children and the next generation of great Americans something to be proud of.

Violence begets violence. This rancher shares my faith and I have empathy for his plight. I know what he must feel like.

I am scheduled to speak with Clive Bundy on Monday’s radio program. I would like to speak with him and the family in person and in private at their ranch. I am trying to arrange this even as we speak. I highly doubt that the government sees this as a good thing, but the truth shall set you free and men of God can bring reason and peace.

When I do speak with him whether in person or on air Monday, I will beg him to reflect on the life of Joseph Smith. They came for him and tarred and feathered him. He did not strike back.

He stood his ground, worked within the system. He spent time in jail. His life was hell. He did not lose his ranch. He lost his country and his life. He begged the Lord for assistance. He saw the “very jaws of hell gape open thy mouth.”

Know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than He? 

Therefore, hold on thy way, and the priesthood shall remain with thee; for their bounds are set, they cannot pass. Thy days are known, and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever. – Doctrine and Covenants Section 122.

Pray for the Bundy’s. Pray for us all.

This post is not about the Bundy’s, this post is to remind you that my fans will never make the mistake of believing that I will trust the hand of man over the righteous hand of God.

Editor’s Note: Glenn opened Monday’s radio program with an impassioned monologue that further elaborated on this theme. Watch the monologue below:

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  • Mark J

    Well said Glenn. Well said.

    • Fred Bronaugh

      Glen. I agree with most of what you say but I also think there has to be a red line, an enough point , where we will stand ready to defend ourselves if need be.

      • porchhound

        Exactly. The feds have now left because patriots were willing to show them the barrel of their guns and not back down.

  • Judy Felton Autry

    Thank you, Glenn, for being a voice of reason amongst us!!!!

    • Freda

      There was nothing reasonable about that. He played judge/jury without the facts.

      • guest

        I agree Freda! Glenn owes the Bundy’s an apology as well as everyone who has had to fight for our freedom.

    • Anonymous

      Judy, you are confusing the ‘voice of reason’ with a call to quietly and without a whimper wear the chains of tyranny. I respect Glenn, but he can be wrong!

      • Judy Felton Autry

        I think Glenn would be the first one to assure you that he can be wrong…that said, I do appreciate his stance on this issue. And like you, I don’t believe any of us should go “quietly and without a whimper wear the chains of tyranny.” So go for it, colnzgprnts, we are with you!!!!

  • Ron Larsen

    Thanks Glenn…you are so right…

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      And the both of you are so wrong. I’ll take my gun against your Bible anytime and see who wins. What the Feds are doing has nothing to do with the Bible and if all those people with guns out there had brought Bibles instead, do you think the Feds would have backed down?? I seriously doubt it. Like I said in an earlier post, I fought in Viet Nam with a Rifle not a Bible or I wouldn’t be here today!!

  • Jeremy Gooch

    Very well put Glenn!

  • Anthony James Palumbo

    Glenn, this land has been homstead on since the 1850’s. Bundy has been on the land before BLM. They have no legal authority to the land. The issue is not even “fees.” Bundy himself has offered to pay his local authorities higher fees than the Feds.

    • Anonymous

      Has it been homesteaded or just used? Did they comply with the homestead act?

      What I read said they were using prescriptive rights which is NOT homesteading.

      • porchhound

        WHERE did you get your information…the BLM? This is a land grab by Harry Reid using the BLM as his personal police force so he and his CHICOM buddies can put in a huge multi-billion dollar solar array in the dessert. The cattle are being removed because they might damage equipment and harm the workers building the plant. Do a little research before you start spewing the globalist narrative!

        • Jay

          Best part of this story, is it’s the second time Harry Reid has done this. Right down to using endangered animals habitat, then after running off everyone else, changing the boundaries so they can build.

          • porchhound

            BINGO!!! Jay you know more about this than 99% of the people who post about this situation!

        • Anonymous

          Mr Palumbo said the land was homesteaded, I did not. Mr Bundys DAUGHTER actually used the term “preemptive” not prescriptive. Maybe you should do a little more reading and a little less attacking.

  • Angry American

    Glenn, when will enough be enough ? How many times are we to just roll over and “take it” after being hit with a tazer or being arrested for nothing more than speaking to a cop about our 2nd amendment ? When after how many more being killed by our government will you take a side with the people of the “we the people” ?How much can a nation take from the most corrupt administration ever with out you taking a side or being on one ? Sure peace IS the way but there is a time when peace is only reachable with a weapon in the hand.

    • Phil goodwin


    • Jonny Unite-Us

      Glenn has chosen to be a Tory. Leave him behind and keep moving forward.

      • Dan Heizinger

        So true

      • Anonymous

        No, Glenn has chosen the path of protest through peace like Ghandi and MLK. There is a difference.

        • John Cook

          Ghandi eventually verbalized it was a MISTAKE to disarm his own countrymen. They still pay the penalty today where it is difficult to buy a firearm, but violence is rampant.

          • Anonymous

            That isn’t what I said, nor is it what I implied. But that’s okay. Go ahead and read into my comment whatever you wish. You will anyway. I am glad I’m not living in NV anymore. Some nutcase like you could decide I am the enemy, with your logic, and think “Oh, hey, I’m going to go “shoot her” because she’s an enemy of this country.” I said, that Glenn chose another route to fight rather than violence. Just in case you can’t understand the big words I used. Glenn has chosen the route that THOUSANDS of people have chosen to take in the past…to fight through nonviolence. I have NEVER heard Glenn advocate shooting someone. I have NEVER heard him say, “Take a stand, get your gun.” NO! I have always only heard him say “Take a stand. Vote them out.” People have put their own agenda to his words and applied their own goals using him as a front man when he has NEVER asked this or implied it. So, I will say it again…maybe use smaller words: Glenn has chosen another path to protest what he sees as wrong in this country. There is a difference.

        • Anonymous

          Looks like Glenn is just doing a major CYA now that his little empire may be crumbling. That defamation lawsuit may be also taking a toll on him.

    • Fred Bronaugh

      Angry American. I think we need to be very careful of violence. I’m not saying we never do it. But realize the cost of the Violence. I think that’s what Glenn wants.

      • Anonymous

        No Fred! This is not violence, this is government oppression!

        • Anonymous

          I agree, both Glenn and Cliven say “Leave your guns at home !”

          • ken.

            the main purpose of the 2nd amendment is for us to protect ourselves from government tyranny. a show of force is necessary to let them know we are serious. we must use our constitutional rights at all times or we will lose those rights.

          • Gabriel

            The government should target reckless people like you. You go looking for a gun fight with law enforcement doing their job you’ll get one. It’s only when your life is in immediate danger is when you go blazing. But to go looking for a fight with your weapon makes you no better than a jihadi.
            The federal Gov is playing people like you and you all are falling for it big time.

          • ken.

            exercising your rights under the constitution is not reckless or looking for a fight. carrying a weapon doesn’t mean your looking for a fight. a show of force exercised under the right to assemble is the best way to stop unlawful actions without a fight or act of violence. this country is we the people, not them the government. they work for us, we don’t work for them. when the government fears it’s people you have freedom. when the people fear the government you have tyranny. right now we have tyranny, the federal government is playing people like you to just drop your pants and bend over and you are falling for it big time. either stand up for your rights or pack up and leave. the 2nd amendment is for us to stand against our government when they go against us, they have and it’s time for us to put them in their place. i live in arizona and have been carrying guns since i turned 18 in 1981, it has always been legal to open carry without a permit. i never leave the house without my handgun, i never have any problems from anyone. i am not looking for a fight, but carrying has stopped fights, other acts of violence and other crimes from being committed.

          • Anonymous

            NOT when your gov’t is threatening DAILY to remove you from your guns and your constitutional rights.

      • Common Sense

        The cost will be very high at this point in time,but even more dangerous will be the Gov’t tomorrow if nothing is done. The Gov’t isn’t listening to pleas and petitions anymore. They have ‘scared us to death with their threats of violence’

        • Benji

          Nothings gonna get done anymore unless people educate themselves, keep updated on what’s going on, and not accept the first story or rumor they heard as truth. That will promote nothing but lies. But nothing will get done until people get angry. People got angry, they reacted, they won. To fight for liberty, you will have to get educated about what is truth, and then ACT (which is a side effect to anger i might point out, which is why angry people tend to get their way). Unless we all get off our office chairs, onto our feet, and start DOING something. Anything. Nothing will ever get done.

          The Founding Fathers of the Revolution could have sat at home and read a book, or gone to an evening social where there were drinks and toasts and dancing (real dancing, not what kids do nowadays), but instead of living the lives they could have been, probably wanted to have been, they got together and talked.

          They discussed everything, and politics was a never-ending topic for them, so naturally the got more and more into depth about the current forms. They decided they wanted to change something, so they swigged their last swig, laid their glass on the counter (for historically these conversations took place in a barn) went outside, and did something. Most nights it was spread the words that had been spoken. Spread the ideas.

          That’s the key. Get the words out, make people pay attention to what’s going on. Only then will action that will actually amount to a permanent change be achieved

    • Anonymous

      I am not for violence either Glenn but now we know that Harry Reid ( who you yourself have called the most evil person living) is at the bottom of all of this how can you preach to us about that man giving up everything to the corrupt Gov. ? I just don’t understand you sometimes. Send all of us one of your white flags.

      • Vicki Nisonger-Maack

        There is difference to inciting violence and protecting your liberty. Read the scriptures and the answers will follow.

        • Anonymous

          Seems to me that all of the violence is coming from the BLM bunch. I don’t think those are bibles they are pointing from the hill or bibles they have barking and snarling on the leash.
          Those people were trying to get answers to questions Maybe Glenn should have been there and preached to them to be nice.

          • Cary Harper

            Then do not trigger new violence by the violence that has been done to you. Once again I do believe you have a right to protect you’re self but if you go to were there is violence with the idea of doing violence you’re self that is not self protection but an act of war.

          • ksrgl444

            An act of war? This one family was surrounded by armed federal agent and snipers. The families who went to support the Bundy’s were NOT committing an act of war, but WERE sending the message that they would come to the aid of one of their own.

          • Jaamoose

            True, not an act of war – more of sedition, treason, terrorism…take your pick.

          • Blase’Blase’

            Teason? Your an idiot……

          • desmotti

            Jaamoose you’ve got no platform. You don’t know anything, and are probably one of the bought and paid for litmus chumps I’d stomp if we faced up…zip it.

          • lacaliffa1288

            The other ranchers who use land that they do not own, pay for the use of the land for grazing their cattle. I don’t know why they’re supporting Bundy because Bundy has refused to pay for using land that he does not own. This gives his cattle business a big advantage over the other ranchers who are not deadbeat ranchers. Bundy does not own the land but thinks he shouldn’t have to pay like everyone else. Why are you supporting him? It makes no sense. He owes taxpayers more than $1 million for using land he doesn’t own.

          • Anonymous

            If the original patriots felt the same, it is a fact you would be part of her majesty’s court not a U.S. citizen!

          • Anonymous

            I’m starting to get very uncomfortable with Glenn after his post today.

          • Dave Murphy

            Cortney1. I too am uncomfortable with Glenn and had been a supporter for so many years. After what he said on TV and what my wife and I heard from Stu and Pat on Friday, made us both outraged.
            Bundy is an American hero and all the militias who came to his aid are heros. How does Glenn know Bundy didn’t call on Christ and His help was the men and women who were ready to fight for a stranger. Glenn, I am done with you.
            P.S Glenn. You better read about Joseph Smith and the fight he put up before they took his life, he put a six shooter through a door and opened fire, you idiot.

          • desmotti

            You should! He’s Yella

          • Sara Gayle

            Technically, we’d be speaking German – her majesty would have been crushed if not for America.

          • Brian Kelsey

            Actually, Germany would have won WWII and we would all be speaking German.

          • desmotti

            Well the Blond haired blue eyed would be speaking german…I would have been aborted and used for fuel.

          • Anonymous

            So if they come for you, we should mind our own business ?

          • Blase’Blase’

            Yes, let Jaamoose and Beck hide behind the bible and pray

          • desmotti

            No one hides behind the Bible. They wouldn’t dare hold it during the act of cowardice.

          • Blase’Blase’

            Never trust a man who censors his Comments section….. He has removed my post 3X now, Glenn Beck sold out and I can no longer support someone like that

          • lacaliffa1288

            No one “came for” Bundy. The courts told him that he doesn’t own the land and that he owed the grazing fees. He was ordered to pay or remove his cattle from land he doesn’t own, managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Let me say it one more time: Bundy does not own the land. He has no right to use it without paying taxpayers for its use! Other ranchers use it and pay the fees for its management. Why are you supporting this deadbeat as if he were some sort of patriot? He’s just a freeloading business owner.

          • Brian Kelsey

            Defense of liberty is not an act of war.

        • Jaamoose

          Or, close the bible and actually read something that will inform you….

          • Mike Nelson

            Perhaps you have a suggestion of such a source?

        • SoulSeekerUSA

          God sent many armies to fight, and we are the new warriors for God. The time to be passive has long past.

      • BlueMN

        Beck: “Some of those so-called ‘supporters’ of mine would scare me as much as Bill Ayers if I believed they were actual supporters.”

        standupbcounted: “…Harry Reid ( who you [Glenn Beck] have called the most evil person living) is at the bottom of all of this…”

        Good example of reaping what you’ve sown, Beck. When you demonize and dehumanize people with a different view than your own, you shouldn’t be surprised when your followers become “scary.”

        • Bob Kelley

          100 percent correct! Crazy rhetoric results in crazy reactions.

          • Joe hodgen

            Lol we’ll just see how ya’ll feel when on the ground in cuffs

          • desmotti

            You see anybody in cuffs on the Ranch…or did you see commando dipwads backen up cause of what Cowboys was fixen to Do. Cowboys…Americans…Patriots. Go to bed and dream of being a different color then….Yella Joe.

          • Jeff Furlington

            And attracts crazy people. Beck should not be surprised that he’s attracted the kind of people that think that exploiting the commons for personal profit without paying the associated fees is OK, because those fees are paid to a government that Beck demonizes.

            He’s been making himself rich selling overpriced gold and survival gear to these rubes for years, and now he’s shocked that they’ve internalized the fear and disinformation that he’s been spreading to increase the sales of his advertisers. It was all fine with Beck until the lunatics he profits by inciting actually acted out their “patriot” fantasy.

            Thankfully the government didn’t play into their fantasy and kill them.

          • Anonymous

            Crazy rhetoric like that coming from Obama, Holder, Sharpton, et al

        • Obummer

          Seriously, you’re going to place the blame of potential violence at the foot of Beck just because he called a spade a spade. Reid is evil and calling him out for it doesn’t mean that you’re calling for violence against the individual. It’s not called rhetoric, it’s called an opinion. Learn the art of self edit.

          • BlueMN

            “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” -Nietzsche

            Interesting that you used the word “rhetoric” when I hadn’t. Psychological projection? Maybe you should’ve self-edited that one.

          • desmotti

            Fallen Man is a Monster, and an enemy of God always. I almost plucked out my eye when I watched Glenn offend it!!!

        • Mark Little

          Mr. Beck has become a money chaser and no less a narcissist than the crap we have in the White House now. I remember a time when you actually stood for something Mr. Beck, what happened? Did someone threaten you or your family, or did you just sell your soul for the bucks?

          • Anonymous

            Glenn is being sued for defamation and it may well cost him tens of millions of dollars and may make him radioactive as far as politicians go. This additional violence that may break out will be the final nail in the coffin of the Glenn Beck brand. Beck knows that and it shows. He’s playing CYA and all of you are completely missing it.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            IMO–unless we are led by God…feel His full blessing on our endeavor we are destined to fail. Although our cause may be righteous we don’t have a chance at success unless we, ourselves, have made amends for our own sins and are at peace with God so He will hear our prayers and strengthen us as necessary to overcome the monstrous odds against us. No, we don’t have to be perfect, but we sure as heck better be pure of heart and willing to listen to the counsel from heaven as to what we should do. Anyone “itching” for this fight is automatically working for the wrong side–we cannot want to get into a physical confrontation, but seek to avoid it at almost all possible costs. God is good, but He isn’t stupid and will not be mocked. If this cause is righteous and God supports those who are honestly seeking to defend our rights (as opposed to starting a revolution) there will be a way made open for wrongs to be redressed and made right without blood shed or false bravado. Before venturing into this endeavor everyone needs to give all glory to Him who made us and who inspired the documents we declare our allegiance to. We must pray always for His divine guidance and blessings in all that we do so we may be found worthy

            when called to serve Him.

          • SoulSeekerUSA

            I have had that feeling long ago, God has spoken to many of us on this long ago, maybe you should try truly listening.

          • Jaamoose

            Well, you are right on the first part, although the only thing Beck ever “stood for” was in line for a bottle of vodka…

          • mspatdev

            Did you ever drink or have a bad habbit when you were young? Are you really so pure from not drinking, smoking and taking drugs? If you aren’t then you have no right to accuse Beck of drinking. Yes, he did that when he was young. He didn’t have proper training. Then he grew up in to a better person, was with Foxx and then has his own T.V. I have a lot of repect for him. You need to read your scriptures. What he has said is true. May God Bless this Country.

          • desmotti

            I wish he came out and said he lapsed back into Alcoholism…then it would all make sense…all this Wine-eee-oooo crap

        • Anonymous

          BlueMN, you are exactly right. Beck has been ramping up fear, division and hatred for year and years. Now that he has his audience at the boiling point, he’s trying to hide behind God, Jesus and MLK because he’s terrified that when violence breaks out, he’s going to be blamed for fueling the flames, as he should be. Add in the defamation lawsuit against him to the coming violence by his fans and Beck’s advisors must be quite alarmed. Beck’s chickens are coming home to roost!

        • Anonymous

          “When you demonize and dehumanize people with a different view than your own, you shouldn’t be surprised when your followers become “scary.”

          From your own mouth, you are describing what Obama, his admin and the LSMedia do every day.

      • Anonymous

        This is not the day for armed battle, it will be won, and a more unavoidable battle will certainly come soon.

        • Joe hodgen

          This was practice for what is coming.they do this sort of thing all the time.when they only stop. For meals and to redeploy to another area,and re-arm.we will know total control is sought. coming soon to a neighborhood near YOU!!!

      • smurfmonkey

        Reid’s solar farm is miles away! Do some research

        • desmotti

          you are truly a smurf monkey. evolve buddy…only 20 500 page books of information to be a toddler…disinformed rankismuffen

      • Leigh

        Glen, what will you do when they run you out of your place? Pass out a few bibles and return to NY?

    • Jessica Clark

      What’s that bible verse about forgiving ones brother? Oh that’s right: MATTHEW 18:21-35

      • ksrgl444

        Jessica, as always, verses can be taken out of context. You absolutely KNOW that Jesus was speaking of the individual’s heart towards another. When your brother is angry with you, go to him…, etc.

        His words do not mean that when your neighbor is in the process of raping your daughter, that you stand by and not protect her, but simply pray for your neighbor. You PROTECT your daughter, then, you work on your forgiving heart.

        • Jessica Clark

          You’re fundamentally wrong…. Our God inst a God of “doing wrong then asking forgiveness”— Our GOD is a God that wants us to activly follow and serve him– we are supposed to follow him through his teachings– Do I need to quote more verses? How about Mathew 5:38-40? (Just so you know: the context is “Love your enemy”) My God is a God of forgiveness- of mercy- and in the end those who serve him and have him in their heart will serve out eternity with him! I am of course not going to stand by while my child is raped as you put it…. but that isn’t the question Glenn or anyone is discussing. I refuse to be trampled, but I am a Christian FIRST…. My soul is HIS.
          Subject: Re: New comment posted on Never trust the hand of man over the righteous hand of God

          • Anonymous

            So you also disavow the actions of anyone claiming to be Christian who also happened to be among the American Founding Fathers and those who stood up to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc? …how about David when he killed Goliath?

            Those who have resolved to fight do not do so because of a hatred of who’s before them, so that they do so out of a love for who’s behind them.

            If you are unwilling or unable to fight, nobody will judge you. All we ask is that you do the same.

          • Jessica Clark

            No- that’s you putting words into my mouth. I am fairly sure I said I refuse to be trampled…meaning I’m not just going to sit and be crushed by whatever culprit. But ultimately God is #1. Honestly I refuse to even say anymore because it’s obvious to me that you jump to conclusions- so it’s scary to think I’m on the same side as you?

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      It’s an option. We try Glenn’s way first. As hard as we can. If it looks like there’s no hope, well then people on your plan will be ready.

    • Something Is Wrong

      Angry American,
      Study up on the American Revolution versus the French Revolution. Simple violence is not the answer and will only end up strengthening the Federal Government and help them make a better case to disarm everyone. The colonists did not even attempt any kind of overt action until after they had assembled a Continental Congress, gotten themselves organized, and decided on what their objectives would be. If there is to ever be any kind of successful violent resistance to a corrupt government, it must be done that same way or we turn into the French Revolution which was basically just fueled by anger and had no real defined aim other than to kill the people they didn’t like. The American Revolution led to a land ruled by liberty, the French Revolution led to a land ruled by a bloodthirsty Emperor. Violence is always an option but only when all the rest of the work has been done. Unfortunately, Teddy Roosevelt hobbled us long ago by getting rid of our militias. If we still had that system in place, none of what is going on now in Nevada would be happening at all.

      • Tyson

        remember, it took a lot of tea and evicted redcoats for the British to deserve violence.

        • Anonymous

          The Founding Fathers were disgusted by the Boston Tea Party. They despised mobs

          • Crassus

            The Boston Tea Party occurred two years before the Revolutionary War broke out. There were no “Founding Fathers” as of yet when it occurred.

          • Something Is Wrong

            And you overlooked a very important word in what I said. The colonists did not even attempt any kind of OVERT action until they had themselves organized. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe the Boston Tea Party was done AT NIGHT and IN DISGUISE making it… covert. Even so, frgough is absolutely right.

      • Mark Little

        Excuse me but the American revolution must have lead to America being ruled by a tyrant. That’s what we have now.

        • Something Is Wrong

          Right, because the American Revolution was just a couple years ago, right? The American Revolution did not lead to a tyrant, comfort in the freedom it bought and apathy are what led to us being ruled by a tyrant. Your statement is akin to saying that being born is what led to a junkie’s early death while completely disregarding the slew of bad decisions that led up to that early death.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think very many people are talking about “simple violence.” The expressed intent of the actions of those who assembled in the NV desert was to “bind the [federal government] down from mischief with the chains of the constitution” (Thomas Jefferson). Few (if any) want to shoot for shooting’s sake or kill for killing’s sake. Most understand the implications of their actions, but take their oaths and the Constitution seriously.

      • TennBlues

        Unfortunately today most militia groups are
        just another hiding place for john birchers, kkk and other hate groups.

    • Levi Davis

      come on people, you will know when enough is enough. You will feel it in your heart. violence is nearly never the answer. And I have always believed this would end quietly.

      • Mark Little

        You will feel it when your head falls of your neck and your last sight will be of an executioner, all because your a Christian.

    • Tyson

      Matt 18:21-22. forgive your neighbor, and change the future. vindication and vengeance only cause more suffering for both parties. we must change our course in the most Christlike fashion as possible.

      • Common Sense

        Some are incapable(at present) of the restraint needed for ‘Christ-like’ approaches,but maybe it is still the best example. People can die 2 ways- in a Christ-like forgiving way or a vengeful and spiteful way. May we have the wisdom to choose the first.

      • Anonymous

        Who took vengeance or withheld forgiveness in NV? Maybe you missed the news, but no shots were fired, and the only ones committing violence were the federal government BLM enforcers.

    • Anonymous

      Angry, which have you grabbed first. Your gun or your Bible? Have you laced up in your combat boots or have you fallen down on your knees and begged for Gods forgiveness? Have you gathered up your family to head out to Nevada to take stand or have you gathered your family and taken them to church to pray?

      When you flesh tells you to do the first thing, that’s satan. Turn around, repent! Turn to God.

      I recommend highly you read the book of Job.

      Heavenly Father, heal our land. Restore our ability to reject sin. Soften the hearts of those in the government and in the militias. Let us seek you in all we do. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

      • ken.

        bringing guns is not an automatic mindset towards violence, a show of force is most often a deterrent for violence, especially from a tyrannical government. it would be a disaster to assemble against the government and not be armed to protect yourself.

      • Robert Hart

        i learned years ago in fallujah i could do both at the same time. for the record did david defeat goliath with violence, or peaceful protest ?

    • Common Sense

      You’re absolutely correct,there is a time to fight back when illegal physical aggression comes against you. I find most law enforcement don’t follow the constitution,and don’t respect the civil rights of individuals. The aggressors at the Bundy ranch were the feds(BLM). They initiated violence against more than several innocent individuals,including Cliven’s son. They even shot dead a man on a bicycle who rode into a BLM declared ‘off-limits area’ a couple weeks ago. The reason why law enforcement has become so vicious is because people, out of fear, have done nothing about it. It has become a taboo to suggest that self defense against unwarranted and violent physical attack by law enforcement is o.k. People stand alot to lose if they stand up to law enforcement,but they will never lose their manhood or satisfaction at having done the right thing. People need to act together in groups as do the police. When police violate someone’s rights, they have backup ready. Don’t go it alone with police today,be smart and always have a group of people with you as witnesses and,if need be, to repel an illegal attack by police and/or law enforcement of any type.

    • Common Sense

      For those who can restrain themseles,do so! For those who cannot, make good come of it!

    • Anonymous

      As long as elected officials stand down after losing, you have no justification for anything but the ballot box.

      • Anonymous

        …if the ballot box is not an honest representation of the will of the people, what then?

    • jarhead996

      This brings to mind one of my all time favorite novels, Ender’s Game. One of the themes of the book is that once you strike a blow, even if the other guy struck first, you had better be prepared to follow through. Ender defended himself against a bully by beating him so severely that the other kid died. It wasn’t enough to win the fight. He needed to win all the next fights too.

      The lesson is that the only way to win in the end is by committing everything to the fight. And you had better be absolutely in the right, both ethically and morally, and be able to justify your actions before God and a watching world. If someone had fired a shot at the Bundy ranch, even by accident, it would have resulted in massive bloodshed on both sides. We have to remember that these federal agents are also our countrymen, and their lives are just as real and valuable as the lives of those brave ranchers who stood up to them.

      Remember the words of the Declaration: ” Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

      It’s not time, yet. When it’s time, we’ll know it, because we won’t need to ask each other if it’s time yet. If you want to start a war, you’d better be prepared to go all the way to Baghdad, so to speak.

    • Just Bob

      Glenn Beck… On the wrong side of history yet again.  Go grab your blankie and hide in the corner behind your security guards.  The men are here to protect this country from the rampant tyranny.   We care not to be your fan or vice versa.  So just simply say, “Thank you” or perhaps just go back to CNN you yellow bellied Patriot Act supporter, Ron Paul bashing dolt. 

      “Rebellion against Tyranny is Obedience to God”

    • Mike Bennett

      angry American you sir are 100 per cent right” and now is the time in this country. we come from a different time but we sir hold some of the responsibility for allowing this country to get so far off track.there cutting military strenths in this country left and right” the question is when will our military stand up and say enough is enough?

    • Jaamoose

      Lighten up, loon – real Americans aren’t angry about things like asking a freeloading bum masquerading as a hero to pay his fees.

    • Brian Kelsey

      Glenn is in it for the money and attention.

  • Bill Collier

    You paint the Bundy family and protestors with a broad brush and buy into the media lies. Shame.

  • John Klein

    Is Glenn talking about Harry Reid’s involvement on this yet?

    • Anonymous

      Probably not even though he has said many times on air that Harry Reid is the most evil man on the planet. I don’t want bloodshed but I do believe we have to stand with people who are having their rights taken away by tyrants .I guess next Glenn will be asking all of us to never fight back just lay down and play dead while we hold up our white flag…I do hope he is just trying to piss us all off cause he is doing that.

    • Crassus

      He’s more interested in pushing Rand Paul for President and savaging the so-called RINO of the day. Criticizing Democrats has become passe with Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully spoken Glenn.

  • Robert R. Lionshield


    • Dave S

      Legal? Ummmm thats how Harry Reid was stealing it from the people to put it in the hands of the Chinese…..

  • Jonny Unite-Us

    Glenn, they are threatening to shoot the protesters as you published this horse crap. Call for peace. Believe in God. That’s all fine and dandy. But trying to downplay the protesters and supporters behavior as violent is just as irresponsible as taking the side of the ‘law’. Sir, I wished that you would draw a harder line with those who actually have guns in their hands and are using them instead of drawing a hard line and pushing away your own fans because of an opinion.

  • Freda

    I don’t condone violence….but I dont condone tyranny either! God never said to shove a bible in their faces…and with Gods help, David hurled a stone at the bad guy. and this govt makes rules without God in mind. You just judged that those showing up were there to incite violence. They were there BECAUSE violence had already begun. God wants us to help each other. YOU just turned the other cheek.

    • Dave S

      Freda I love your example using David and the giant but a simple correction God rewarded David BECAUSE he stood up and faced the giant ..I dont believe god sent David out to kill the giant..I know its a simple difference but it makes all the difference in the world..God gave us free will and David used his to face an army by himself and was rewarded for it

      • Kyle Brown

        So David stood up to the giant and the giant made the decision to act. It was that decision to act that ultimately led to his death. We stand up to oppression, some of us will ‘die’ but others will prevail. When do we act after standing up? Who draws that line?

  • Jane Doe

    Ghandi would not have survived if he’d been facing Stalin. Or Mao. Or Pol Pot. Or any number of murderous tyrants.

    • Dan Heizinger

      He only survived because he was dealing with Christians. We are NOT dealing with Christians here.

  • Mic68

    Well said but ask the right questions which most have not, why did he stop paying on the lease 5 years before the tortoise was an issue? Why did he enter into a contract then claim “preemptive rights”The fact is he has no understanding of what preemptive rights were then and are now. he is 67 years old, the foundation of the BLM started in 1934 because public land was destroyed by Ranchers. That was 13 years before his birth. This is the system he has grown up with over his lifetime and the one he all the sudden in 1990 denied. His claim that because his family was there in 1880 has no bearing on the deed and title to the land they never bought. Dana lasch has some completely false claims on her page such as the BLM just appeared in the 1990’s. I am very disappointed in her wholly emotional reaction to this. What won today was social justice, not the Republic, The Rule of Law was superseded by emotion and hatred.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much. This has been driving me nuts with people talking about how the government is taking HIS land. It is not and never has been his land. He arrogantly refused to make payments and is now crying foul because he lost his case. I wholeheartedly disagree with the gov’t taking and selling his cattle though..unless they bill Bundy for the full care of said cattle until he complies with the LAW.

      • Dave S

        No its not HIS land… Its the peoples of Nevadas land..he has been using since forever .. why does the federal govt ( Harry Reid) have authority to kick a guy off the land to allow someone else to use the land… the land grab by the left especially since clinton has been un hinged… good for the people of Nevada standing up to the feds… They are the one that get decide who uses THEIR land…. Now that the feds have retreated because it was discovered harry reid was behind all this to line his own pockets .. do you still whistle the same tune

        • Anonymous

          No I don’t think it’s right to remove one interest to replace it with another. That’s not my point. People are posting here like a crowd with their hands in the air screaming about the poor mans land is being stolen. My husband and I had cattle and we paid for the use of graze land that didn’t belong to us. This man stopped paying because he didn’t see why he should have to. That gave the government the chance to come in and take over. You have a harder time making your case when you are breaking the law.

          • Dave S

            I agree that he gave ammo to the Federal Govt ( although that is a completely different issue) But it is up to us to look past the smoke and mirrors to see what is really happening.. the federal govt ( of the people by the people for the people) have waged war against the people and the statesf or so long.. If you go back through any of my posts I dont praise or applaud Bundy.. I praise the citizens of Nevada for standing up to the federal govt .. Just like i hope they would you if the EPA decided to take all your cattle because you didnt fence off your ponds and build a 100k drinking system so it would meet some weird water quality standard.. and then come to find out they really wanted your cattle off the land so they could build a a solar farm …. You and the owner of the land would both pissed… The owner of the land in this scenario is the people of Nevada You say you have cattle .. then you should be first in line to complain how the FEDERAL govt does everything in its power to put YOU out of business for their own gains.. usually its someone complaining in order to get what you have .. I have been on the wrong end of the EPA and their threats of fines because of cows and ponds.. It was the result of a guy trying to build a small speed way and was using govt trying to get us all to just sell out

          • Anonymous

            First of all thank you for your civility. I appreciate you making your points without the insults that some on here have used. As for my cattle, the operative word here is “had”, I am no longer in the cattle business. I have no love for the federal, state, county or city since I have never had anything given to me by any of them except bills for permit and tax fees. I get that part, I really do. Having said that, had I been in Mr Bundys position I would never have breached that contract while I was fighting the Feds. I would have made the payments to prevent just this sort of thing from happening. That has been my point all along…somehow I’m not getting that across. The only other thing I will say at this time is that federal law supercedes state law in most cases. I didn’t write the law.

  • Aaron Mills

    I agree with peace. But I also believe if the feds want to come and take our liberty they should have to bury a lot of people over it.

  • Tantalus XVI

    Judging by the footage and photos, they only ones calling for violence are the ones in uniforms.

  • Troy votes whig

    Hmm, i also feel the same , im not sure whats happening besides what i have heard. But after some time of the back and forth, eventually the only thing left to do if fight!

  • Dawn

    Thank you Glenn. Exactly.

  • Dave S

    To a point I agree , BUT tell me where in the constitution can the federal govt come and take land from the people.. the people never minded him being there… and all this now pointing to Harry Reid and Chinese Solar firms… No I dont condone violence, but I whole heartidly support the people in Nevada standing up for tyranny . i also believe the government should have to use force instead of just ” showing up and telling people to get off land they dont own or have a right too” Also instead of lecturing how about getting your journalism pen out and start finding out all the facts about the Harry Reid angle and the Solar farm

    • Anonymous

      The man doesn’t own the land. THAT’s the difference.

      • Dan Heizinger

        It’s NEVADAN land. Not FEDERAL land. Nevada had no authority to give it to the federal authorities anymore than it had authority to give it to the government of Puerto Rico.

        • Anonymous

          Show me where the Bundys ever paid for that land. Show me their homestead papers. Show me their lease agreement and receipts for payment. You can’t” Gee, I wonder why.

          • Anonymous

            I’m curious Dan, how do you feel about the National Park System? Do you feel they have the right to boot people off that land and out of the parks?

          • Dan Heizinger

            National Parks are technically unconstitutional. No double standard at all

          • Dave S

            They certainly did not too long ago … even kept WW2 vets from seeing the memorials that they earned.. Blocked roads so people couldnt see Mt Rushmore.. closed roads and parking lots to private business’s

          • Beauregard Gustavson

            And look at how they’re currently mismanaged. That was NOT the premise under which they were created and you know it! Why don’t you take your lame arguments to some forum

          • Anthony James Palumbo

            They don’t need to show that they have “paid the land” or show their “homestead papers” under a system of private property. Under basic Lockean principles, all they need to show is that they declared the land first, and that they own it through non-violent means. They can easily show to a civil authority that they have been on the land for decades, and that the land was handed over through non-coercive means.

          • Mic68

            Then please explain how they lost the court battles. I will tell you why because your claim is false and not based on the Law.

          • Dan Heizinger

            Because the judiciary in this country is more left wing than the Soviet Politburo! You’re a traitor

          • Mic68

            Oh yes that must be it…lol

          • Mic68

            Yes that evil judge Lloyd D George politburo, appointed by Ronald Reagen himself.

          • Mic68

            fact is that the Bundy’s claim on the land is about as valid as Putin’s claim over the Ukraine, because they too occupied it once. #PutinRanch.

          • Jefry Tober

            The stellers settled the land not by peace but by genocide. The land of the Indians was taken by violence and coercion.

          • Anthony James Palumbo

            Your history is simply incorrect, and I provide historical sources below which counter this misinformation. First off, the Bundy roots go back to the Mormon settlers, who had agreed upon negotiations with the Indians. Historians have noted that the years before 1862 with the Natives were at best series of conflicts. Even some of the harsher historians point out he distinction between pre-1862 years, and the years resulting in Indian relocation up to the Dawes Act.

          • Jefry Tober

            Your history is simply incorrect. 1) the first link talks about a contrite Native American and does not make any reference to formal arrangements between the Ute or Shoshone with Mormons. 2) The second link did not load even just going to the domain.

            The Indians were often enough kind enough to allow passage and sometimes settlement. However the only I mean only time they relinquished soverirnity was when they were beat into the ground and typically had thier food supplies destroyed. To simplify it for you: Japan did not sign a treaty until the atomic bomb.

          • Anthony James Palumbo

            “It is not true that all whites waged a war of extermination against the Plains Indians. As noted earlier and as noted throughout the literature of the Indian Wars, many whites preferred the continuation of the peaceful trade and relations with Indians that had been the norm during the first half of the nineteenth century. (Conflicts sometimes occurred, of course, but “trade” dominated “raid” during that era.) Canadians built a transcontinental railroad without a Shermanesque campaign of “extermination” against the Indians in Canada. It is telling that the Plains Indians often sought refuge in Canada when the U.S. Army had them on the run.

            The U.S. government dehumanized the Plains Indians, describing them as “wild beasts,” in order to justify slaughtering them, just as Sherman and his wife, among many others, dehumanized Southerners during and after the War Between the States. The same dehumanization by the government’s propaganda machine would eventually target Filipinos, who were killed by the hundreds of thousands at the hands of the U.S. Army during their 1899–1902 revolt against the U.S. conquest of their country barely a decade after the Indian Wars had finally ended. President Theodore Roosevelt “justified” the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos by calling them “savages, half-breeds, a wild and ignorant people” (qtd. in Powell 2006, 64). Dehumanization of certain groups of “resisters” at the hands of the state’s propaganda apparatus is a prerequisite for the culture of war and violence that has long been the main preoccupation of the U.S. state.”


            For a philosophical inquiry as to whether past actions means that historical theory of justice, see Bryan Caplan’s explanation as to why the cases of exploitation do not delegitimize land claims:

          • Anonymous

            Some people take a long time and a really big stick to learn.

          • Dan Heizinger

            Besides the point. Since the decision to give the land to the federal government was not legal, it reverts to its previous status. PUBLIC GRAZING LAND. Geez, what a moron!

          • Beauregard Gustavson

            Don’t show your ignorance of the law so publicly. Their family was there probably before there was a Nevada. Nevada then assimilated the land while allowing the family to retain grazing and other rights for a token fee. The Feds decided to land grab everything they could, including the Bundy’s.
            Then change the rules negating existing law without public consent. Now they’re testing the waters over a Tortoise. You think they care about the turtle? They’re testing the new
            highly armed BLM. Who until recently weren’t permitted to be armed. Maybe your postman will prove to be more effective… hey a guy needs a job right. And why not, no crime no foul. The only thing foul around here are your insane comment.

          • Jefry Tober

            This was NOT an empty continenet. The settlers (public) just as much as US government was responsible for genocide. You took the land by force. No Indian gave any part of Nevada to a bunch of white people who later became white whiners.

          • guest

            Your ignorant!

        • Jefry Tober

          I see you are a newcomer. It is Native America’s land, still is, and you and the government continue to oppress them. The land now within the borders of Nevada were taken by genocide, so how fair is that?

      • Dave S

        You are right.. The citizens of Nevada own the land..Not the federal Govt,Harry Reid or even me here 1000 miles away .. They allowed him to use the land.. who is the federal govt to come and kick him off and let Harry Reids chosen chinese wind farm use it. .. This all started with from the land grabs Bill Clinton made.. It was warned then that this would happen and it has.. Good for the citizens of Nevada standing up for WHAT IS THEIRS…

        • Anonymous

          Who was he making payments to? Who was the agency who held the lease and the contract that he signed?

          • Mic68

            The BLM they manage all federally owned lands.

    • Benji

      I agree with you. Nowhere in the constitution, since it’s creation until today, has it been said that the Federal Government can come in and declare any piece of property “property of the federal government”! Therefore the BLM is unconstitutional from the standpoint of what their purpose is. They have no right to even charge anyone for use of public lands. THAT is what we need to know.

  • Keith Stefanec

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

    Guess this guys was crazy, too, Glenn??

    • Pamela Brock

      Jefferson was certainly no hair-trigger zealot….

    • Coffee Joe

      There possibly will come a time where this is the road We must follow. Now is not that time yet.

      When tens of millions, not hundreds, of Americans are so fed up, and all other roads and paths have been tried to no avail, then we may be forced to stronger measures.

      Before that time, we must educate our fellow Man as to what we really wish for. It is very easy to remove a bad regime, it is very difficult to replace that one with a good one. Less bad is not good.

      First We must …

      Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

      Thomas Jefferson

      • J. Dale Weaver

        It is worthy of note that no more than 3% of the citizens of the 13 American Colonies EVER took up arms against the British Crown, and actually fought for In dependence — and less that 40% EVER favored Independence outright during the Revolutionary years.

        It is also worthy of note that on the Greens of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, in April 1775, only “a few hundred” gathered that morning to confront the much larger British Military Force. It was only AFTER the British killed 11 of the men standing there that several thousand poured in from the Countryside to take a shot at the Redcoats, who were marching back to Boston — without the gunpowder, ammo, and weapons they came to confiscate.

        Some things to think about.

        • Coffee Joe

          I wasn’t able to confirm your percentages, but they probably are not far from accurate. That said, 3%, and 40%(respectively) of 300,000,000 ready to do so is indeed what would make a change in the present situation.

          Organized, vocal show of serious displeasure with the status quo, by that size of a group, would do wonders.

    • Anonymous

      What blood relative in your family are you willing to sacrifice to the cause? It’s easy to say you’ll spill the blood of your enemies, or even your own.

      I want to know who you are willing to see die from your own family. Your child? A sibling? Your parents?

      Because “blood of patriots” means them too, you fool.

      • J. Dale Weaver

        Perhaps an apt question is, which one of your family are you willing for the State to take? We are almost there? Are you willing to sacrifice your child, your spouse, your sibling, in order to avoid conflict and to prolong peace?

        Let me re-familiarize you with the words of a great Patriot who, just weeks BEFORE Lexington & Concord, KNOWING what the Colonies most certainly would face, said, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!”

        If sacrifices are not made, tyrants will TAKE from you what you would not give — and more. Who’s more the fool, selderane?

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Some people do not know what the price of their own liberty is, and are equally ignorant of the price they pay for their slavery.

          “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor
          your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; may your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

          ~ Samuel Adams

    • Cary Harper

      Yet after the war was over did he go out and kill a lot of people. No infact he could not stand war but was forced into the Muslim conflict.

  • timeforpeacetimeforwar

    and who was the one who suggested they bring body bags?

  • Darian Johns

    We need to look at people like Job who suffered greatly but never lost his faith, and all the great martyrs who have died for what they believe. No matter what your faith is if you preach non-violence then you practice non-violence. I also believe in the motto of Si vis pacem para bellum. You do not have to fight, but you should be prepared for it. If everybody loves you then you are doing something wrong, and if you are hated then you are probably doing something right. I am young, but I see that we live in very confusing, dangerous, and incredible times. Things will either end in complete disaster or things will end in such a miraculous way that we cannot comprehend it. Whatever happens pray, and do what you are suppose to do.

  • Matthew Temblor

    We call on a restructuring and new accountability of Media FCC licenses issued (like to FOX news or Glenn Beck)
    the People call on all FCC licenses to be issued to an oath of
    obedience to support and Defend our Constitution with accountability.
    Just like every other Political Power is required, why should the Media
    be operating with no restraint to the solemn oath of allegiance?
    We the Citizens take the Oath.
    It is the only way to clean house.

    hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and
    abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate,
    state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject
    or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of
    the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
    that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I take
    this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of
    evasion; so help me God”
    Why don’t you take this oath Glenn?

    do you not answer who the people in Black were at the Boston Bombing?
    Why were they making “Only a drill announcements before the bombing? Why
    did the F.B.I. beg for Americans help in ID’s the two bombers for days
    on National TV? when they had investigated and interviewed them prior?

    in Sandyhook have you never demanded the Photos of the Dead Shooter?
    His mom? The Video surveillance? The video of 500+ Children evacuating?
    Are you kidding me? these are not LEGIT questions?

    It appears you have chosen the wrong side.
    Until you repent, it looks like you will be on the outs with “We the People”
    Wont you join us? Take the OATH come clean. Is fame & fortune worth it Glenn? What will you do without freedom?

    • Todd A Scheller

      Maybe you should read your own source there genius, it is the oath administered to IMMIGRANTS, not NATURAL CITIZENS.
      Legit questions? Only for those that who have no understanding of reality. When the people in black show up, look into the silver flashing object.

  • Alex Warren

    Not the person i thought you were Glenn. In 1775 the colonies were going thru the same struggles but they took a stand. It Was violent but necessary. You must not look for trouble, but always be willing to take a stand against it. That’s how we move forward.

    • Anonymous

      No they weren’t. First, and foremost, they had no say in who their leaders were. We do. Elections still matter. As long as that is true, you are not justified for anything other than the ballot box.

      • Alex Warren

        Nobody voted for this. He ran on one thing then totally changed. Elections don’t matter because the ones who run are liars.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that the Government should cede a reasonable amount of land to them if they have been using it for a long time with no complaints. Didn’t the Government grant free land to the pioneers?

    • Dave S

      Its not the federal govts land. to cede reasonable access.. That is the point… Its the state of Nevadas land. The residents of Nevada ..since when does the federal govt have the authority to just say Ummm that looks promising … let me have it .. now that its discovered Harry Reid is behind all this with his brokering a deal for a Chinese wind farm .. makes it all even more serious that the citizens of Nevada stand up for what is theirs.. and yes the Govt granted lands that WERENT states to pioneers.. but what we are talking about is govt taking someone elses land and giving it someone else

  • Coffee Joe

    The situation in Nevada is healthy for our Nation. It goes to show the yeoman Farmer all across the country what is the scope of our government. If Glenn does get his show on the scene, it will do more than any amount of Freedom Riders showing up to hep the Bundy’s.

    We have no need for civil bloodshed. We are still a very long way from that. Waco is but a footnote in our history, We must fight this battle to win, and that cannot be done by shooting at Federal Agents. It must be done by educating our friends and neighbors about the evil of a Government out of our direct control.

    We have been remiss for a century in our Civic Duty to actively participate in running our country. Because of this, we gave away our power and became satisfied with Bread and Circus. Not that we were not warned, we were just too complacent to listen.

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Boy did I type that thousands of times!

    It is now the time for Glenn Beck, and as many others of similar stature,to do what is possible to use this trying example to let the leaders of our Nation know that the Silent Majority is awakening.

    These are the best weapons for today, far better than Brass and Blood.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent post! It was my thought that it was fine to have people show up to support Bundy – they didn’t need to bring weapons. If the FEDS had fired on innocent people, it would not have boded well for the government!

      • Matt Yates

        Keep in mind how easily they got off with Ruby Ridge though. I hardly know anyone who has heard anything about that. And the reparations they paid were a joke compared to what they did to the Weavers. If the feds had fired on innocent people, I doubt much would have come of it unless there was someone to fire back

      • james

        you don’t believe that the militia didn’t have guns there do you? Some of those people were trying get the BLM to do something so a shooting situation would happen.

    • Anonymous

      Well said – we were warned and now we are paying the piper. When we become a more God fearing people and do our very best to help our family, friends and neighbors learn the truth then we will have a lot of help from The Lord. I truly thought if Romney lost we were without hope but enough people may be awakening that maybe, just maybe we can do this peacefully-the way our founding fathers would have wanted us to do it.

    • ScaryCheri

      wonderful post CoffeeJoe. I stand with those at the Cliven Ranch. Power in numbers, but violence will further the governments position, not weaken it. By not turning violent, this protest brought to light what the BLM was doing. By getting enough people involved, it thwarted the effort by the BLM. It’s not over. They will come back in a different way. By getting the word out, people are finding out and standing up with voices that hopefully can not be ignored. They have been trying to shut people up for years. The Government can shut down violence, but if enough voices are heard, hopefully they can not shut them up…..My prayers go to Nevada.

      • Anonymous

        “The more you tighten your grasp, the more we will slip through your fingers, Gov Tarkin.”

        Eventually, We the People will call for the disintegration of runaway agencies like the BLM. Congress will either hear and obey, or they themselves will be removed.

        It could happen tomorrow, or it might have to wait until they run out of money, but it will happen eventually. The revolution will be the Reformation of the US government, putting it back where it belongs, underfoot, not overhead.

    • Gwendolyn Johnston

      Well said, God Bless.

  • spraynandprayn

    Glenn, spoken like a true candidate for the gas chambers…

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    You go on to Nevada and see how far your Bible gets you when one of those pissed off Sheriffs decides to tazer you. Many people have fought and died for this great Country and I’ll guarantee you they didn’t have a Bible in their hand. I fought in Viet Nam so your telling me if I had approached the Viet Cong with a Bible everything would have been ok. I believe I would have been dead. You have lost your mind!!

    • doggystyle

      cant wait to hear glen’s reply on this monday 😛 …..I dont want violence, but the tipping point is nigh.

    • Anonymous

      Did you go on your own, of your own volition? Or did your government send you?

      Glenn wasn’t talking about legal war-fighting by government, he was talking about citizens taking up arms agains their own government. Your government will not send you out to do battle with a Bible until Jesus returns and establishes a proper government. Until then, this is your rifle, and this is your gun.

  • doggystyle

    not getting much love about this on FB.

  • Todd Gray

    Glenn, I will never speak ill of one striving for peace. I do believe it is imperative though that we keep this in context. Long before any militia, Oath Keepers or just plain protesters arrived in any numbers, the BLM had snipers in the hills over looking the area. It is the BLM that set the tone for this entire ordeal.It is the BLM’s that created a context in which the people need to be armed and vigilant. Now, let me make myself clear, wanting, wishing, hoping for violence is WRONG! But if you are at the location now, you must be armed. We need only look to history to see what an out of control government does to an unarmed populace. Regarding the Constitutionality of the BLM’s actions, Article 1, Section 8, clause 17 makes it clear the government is acting outside the bounds the Constitution sets. I pray for peace! In the words of John Parker, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

    • Grams

      Jesus was a peaceful man but don’t forget his actions when he ran the money changers out of the Lord’s house. I do not want this to be a battle between our government and the ranchers, especially with the government having advantage with their modern weapons, BUT, I think the government acted like a bunch of immature idiots by using dogs and Tasers with lots of snipers. With this equipment what were they setting out to do, kill someone over this land? What nonsense.

      • Anonymous

        Harry Reid is the real reason for all this..He wants the land for a Chinese Energy giant ENN Energy to build solar farms and solar panel manufacturing plant.. This isn’t about anything else.

    • Coffee Joe

      Get 200,000 men and women out to Bundy’s place, there won’t need to be a single shot fired to win this battle

      • Todd Gray

        Joe, in your words is wisdom. The citizen who owns a gun, the police officer who carries a gun, the government which has nuclear weapons, all keep these weapons in hopes that the mere presence of the weapon will be a deterrent to those who wish to do harm. Make no mistake though, those who posses such weapons must be willing to use them.

        As we speak, we are seeing this play out on the Worlds stage between Putin and Obama. Putin, knows Obama has means, the question is does he have the will.

        I want peace. I am not a warmonger. But, I am a Calvinist and I believe in the utter depravity of man. Peace through strength.

        May God grant peace, for He is the only One capable of it.

  • Gracie777

    I have to agree with Glenn. To go in with violence will end badly for our country. It would give Obama no greater pleasure than to declare Martial Law. We must pick our fights.

  • Heath R. Howard

    You, sir, are a coward. You espouse the beliefs of our forefathers but eschew the only method of furthering their Divinely inspired goals. If the same were to occur today, you would condemn Patriots for violence against the British Crown. You have fanned the flames then question the methods of the firefighters. Stand out of the way sir, and let Men of Actiontake the place of men of words.

  • Charles Hill

    Si vis pacem, praeparet bellum (if you seek peace prepare for war) Peace cannot be bought with money or material goods. Peace cannot be negotiated for. Peace is earned through the willingness to sacrifice our blood. When a government takes our lands, our rights, our freedoms it is NOTHING less than Tyranny! If we give up some of our rights for a little safety (peace) then we shall have nor deserve neither. And if this is the path we choose, what then did our brothers and sisters, our fathers and grandfathers fight and die for? What I see today is sad how our government has turned against its people and our constitution. This is NOT what my father fought for in WWII nor I in the gulf. This is NOT the America of my birth. I have always said and still believe that there indeed WILL be a war on American soil in my lifetime. I don’t want it. I don’t like it. But I believe it will come, and when it does God willing I will fight it. There will come a time when bloodshed will be unavoidable. Both sides will declare theres to be the right side. I just pray in God’s eye I am on HIS right side. The time will come and we MUST recognise it when it does. I am an American citizen and a veteran. I have fought for our flag and to save my country from itself I will fight for her again. God bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • doggystyle

    Matthew 10:34

    34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

  • J. Dale Weaver

    Glenn — to defend oneself, ones property, ones liberties — is NOT “a call to violence.”

    Would you have given Capt. John Parker the same advice before Lexington & Concord? Would you have attempted to persuade Patrick Henry that his “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech was wrong?

    We are facing THE SAME circumstances, only now, it’s NOT the British Crown, it’s the Washington, DC Federal System that has USURPED our rights, ABUSED the authority We The People have allowed them to borrow, and CIRCUMVENTED every legal means for the redress of grievances the States and the People HAVE short of actually STANDING UP to Federal Tyranny.

    Glenn — if it were your farm, and your family, do not tell me you would not do the same. If you would, you cannot be the Patriot you claim to be — and I refuse to believe that about you.

    • Heath R. Howard


  • Dan Heizinger

    What a joke! Bear Bibles?! And then Glenn becomes a member of the tolerance diversity nazis at GLAAD. Maybe you should read LEVITICUS again, Glenn. Do you still bear a Bible… or just the warm fuzzy stuff?

    Jesus had his followers carry illegal swords. Why? Because they had a GOD-GIVEN right to defend their liberty, property, and lives. We’re tired of this MARXIST GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerry Copenhaver

    Glenn, this is probably the single best article I have ever read from you. Putting God first is the only way that things like this will ever change. I guess all you people who shout for violence have forgotten what happened in places like Waco, Ruby Ridge and Philadelphia (MOVE bombing, 1985). Each of those situations were completely different from one another, but in the end the government killed people in order to get their way. What makes you think that’s changed? Change doesn’t come in this day and age from unorganized militias and venomous rhetoric. It comes from electing the right people into office, more people taking individual responsibility for their own actions and, like Glenn said, turning to the ONLY ONE, who can really effect a change.

  • Ed

    Well, being a “fan” of yours I’m quite unhappy and disappointed in your rant. Of course most if not all people want peace including the rancher. You say you didn’t mean to lecture ? That’s exactly what you did do and in such a judgmental and arrogant way without all of the facts. I am not a “fan” of yours at this moment, but I listen to you and have telephoned and wrote to Direct TV many times to have your program heard. In my opinion you owe your “fans” an apology for your arrogance.

  • cubsfan32

    Your weakness on this matter shows that you are just a talking head and when action is called for you will hide behind the bible or anyother excuse you can think of.

    • Dan Heizinger

      The Bible calls for resistance to leftist tyranny for crying out loud! “Their blood is upon them.”

  • stevo5000x

    Glenn Beck, you sir.. are a coward!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, the issue is not about who is right and who is wrong. The issue is that America should never become a police-state. Let us for the sake of discussion assume Mr. Bundy is wrong – the government should not go in with dogs, helicopters, tasers, weapons of war and a medium army of police. Government should not round up cattle and do physical harm to animals. What started out as a disagreement over grazing rights should not have turned in to an American version of China’s Tiananmen Square! The ‘police’ on the scene in Nevada with their dogs are no different than Bill Connor in the sixties – if it was wrong then, it is more wrong now.

  • Brenda Lynn St Peter

    I agree that peaceful measures and the Lord’s path are always best. Where I find fault in your argument is that our administration has done nothing to support “In God We Trust.” They continue to take God out of schools & out of public offices. Our own President’s faith is questionable, he has spit on our constitution one too many times, and he continues to allow non-believers into this nation to vote even though they are not even CITIZENS and hate Christians! Now, you want to throw God in our face because the “God fearing” CITIZENS of this country are sick of the Monarchs dictating laws and using our tax dollar to threaten the livelihood of productive and established ranchers who want to use ground that the American CITIZENS pay for, and their families have previously used for generations! This may have only been for show, I don’t know, but one thing is for certain; if this situation can anger a simple Illinois working mother, imagine who else it has angered! Our government is out of control and costing the tax payers dearly! We used to be the “land of opportunity.” Now we are the land of disappointment! The harder we “CITIZENS” work the further behind we get because we have aliens squatting on our backs! As long as their is one illegal immigrant receiving public welfare in this nation; Mr Bundy and any other rancher that wants to feed their livestock on government ground owes no money to any federal agency; in my opinion! There are trigger happy people looking for an excuse or another violation of our constitutional rights to start the next revolt in this nation and our government wants to start “when push comes to shove!” Do you realize what a blood bath that could have escalated into? It would have been angry Americans vs the US government! A fight I pray to God my family will never see, but should it happen in my time, I’ll stand with the angry Americans! I suggest you lay your religious guilt on our government than on it’s God fearing CITIZENS because our government no longer respects Christianity. “It is a far, far, better thing that I do, than I have ever done before; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

    • Richard

      Wow, couldn’t have said it any better than this, dear lady!

    • Nadine Faber

      Agree with a lot of what you said. We need to stand firm on our faith in God and if I remember correctly, God does not expect us to be walked on or stomped on when it comes to rights and freedoms. It was a dangerous situation and someone made a call to stop because thousands were on their way to back up the farmers. I am glad this peace is over. This does show that if we pull together, we can force the hand of government to get out of the way. However, Violence is never an answer to solving problems, but I think that the courts need to reverse their decisions and have a financial compromise between the State and the farmer instead. Reid and his croney attempt to run off the last farmer did not work right now, but he needs stopped now before he finds another loop hole to get through to take away this agreement again. I am ticked because the truth is that 48 other farmers have been run off because of Reid and others who want to line their pocketbooks at the expense of the old fashion, dying out breed of small farmers who are not hurting anyone. People are angry at the government for stripping them of their rights and freedoms of religion, speech, property, forced compliance to support abortion with obamacare, unemployment and no jobs, policies and laws that force small companies and agencies to close their doors…. fear, hopelessness, anger, hate, greed, corruption … all coming from evil within our government and individuals. We need God more than ever in our lives, back in our Country (I agree that the president’s faith is questionable especially when he talks about “collective salvation”. No such thing,it is individual salvation.that I have ever heard of). Hearts and minds need to soften and use common sense and reason instead of bullies, corruption, greed, manipulation of the courts …. instead. We need to go back to our roots, Chrisitanity and strengthen the traditional family, single family…and a sense of community by knowing your neighbors, caring and watching out for each other. There were a lot of traditional ways that have been lost that is why we have lost our way of real fairness, hard work, self-respect, decency…. and the difference between right and wrong, winners and losers in the market place and in life….

  • Catherine Bucaria Tenek

    I hear everyone and it scares me but then again I’ve been scared for a very long time. Mr. Beck I’ve always appreciated you and those who speak up aganst this out of control goverment and believe me when I say I don’t agree with all of what any of them say which is normal. That being said what is taking place is in all our voices your mine, when you yell at the mic and say “what is wrong with you people haven’t you had enough”, well this is enough you know it, I know it but how do we direct it without a leader, because every movement needs one, history has proved that we do, and I’m sorry to say if we are to continue without one evil will step in for this I’m sure. I don’t mean it to be you you have proved to me at lest this is not your calling, many people where hoping for that on 9/12/09 march on DC it even shocked me to see how many people wanted you for president. Since then people are in tje desert just wondering waitting and scared. What Mr Bundy is doing has more to do with taken a stand nothing more nothing less to most folks they don’t care about taxes or turtles they care that someone finally has put their line in tje sand and sad no more no more. Yours truly

  • Tammy Retrogirl

    I think this is the very 1st time I am in disagreement with you Glenn, how disappointing. I really get what you’re saying, but a line has to be drawn somewhere, now come on, I am a Christian also, but im in no way “soft” just to save face like a lot of them are. Not to say that you are either, but are you starting to be? Because ive been really counting on you since the day I heard you’re name and started researching you. Hearing you talk like this is a little scary i must say. Please dont go soft on us, were gonna need you Glenn!

  • Annoyingserf

    “The tree of Liberty…..”

    Bask in your serfdom, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    “They’ll fire the first shot heard around the world, we’ll fire the rest” about sums it up.

  • Richard

    I’m not calling for violence but have a serious issue when you act as if we are above our founding fathers in the Revolutionary War that liberated us from tyranny. As if asking pretty please and sitting in a protest against the British was going to make them pack up and sail overseas and go home. Sure it works some of the time but not ALL of the time. Peace is important and bearing with an out of control government goes so far but when they show that they are willing to unarm us, history shows this leads to no where but the death of millions of citizens. And if you do not believe our federal agents or state police will harm us you are out of touch with reality and you really do not keep up with the news. Everyday there is a death or beating reported on the copwatch sites or Judge Nap’s site, with the cops being the aggressor. It’s also quite clear our government has no problem removing our rights away and selling us out to a New World Order or whatever they want to call it these days. That is not conspiracy theory, as the FEMA camps may be, but out right fact.

  • Michael

    Violence is not the Answer, but the Solution. The former is a question, the latter a problem. When speech fails and tyranny still rules, the problem requires a solution. The moral dilemma is knowing when the former transitions into the latter. Keep your cool guys.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Mr. Beck. Violence would just play into their hand…or is it fist? I think Mr. Bundy and his family have tried to play by the rules. 3-4 generations of being good stewards of the Nevada State lands they used. Spending their own money on roads, watering stations for the cattle and other ‘improvements’ too…not with any tax dollars.The BLM began in 1946 I believe???
    The Bundys paid them the appropriate fees for decades without incident or troubles.The BLM was there to assist the Ranchers in those times. The EPA came along in 1970. Some years later, the EPA began to influence and ‘re-educate’ the BLM more and more. Lots of State and Federal lands to manage as they saw fit. Roles and practices /services changed. The BLM evolved into an adversarial role rather than the BLM the Bundy’s had known in the many years before. I think Mr. Bundy decided to quit paying the people who were trying to run him and his neighbors off their land…using the ‘law’ and power of the government against him. He couldn’t successfully fight in a court, Federal or State, they ‘controled’ either. What was this man to do? The system contrived the ‘desert tortoise’ thing to use against Bundy and his neighbors. Strange that it’s the BLM that is euthanizing the tortoises now. Fools should just turn them loose and those critters will outlive all of us and the BLM/EPA geniuses. That is unless the government decides to test more NUKES in Nevada…??? they did 30+ I believe…didn’t seem to be too worried about living ANYTHiNG then. Times change….crazy stays the same. The worm turns.

  • Rodney Frey

    Thanks Glenn….I am not a sheep…I think for myself. I will not give you praise for your comments in a gratuitous manner. I actually believe with you that God is the answer. He will heal our Nation if we turn to him. Violence does and will beget violence, so please stay the course and speak your heart. We need calm heads to prevail. Those Federal Officers are American citizens with families of their own. They have a job to do as distasteful as it may be. Having said that, the time may come when peaceful protest and artful mediation is not enough to stop the oppression. I for one will not allow my rights nor the rights of my loved ones to be taken away. I will give peaceful diplomacy a chance…I pray that it works.

  • Susan Whittier

    Glenn, this is a true example of what our government has become – Evil!! No one called for violence except the government: the BLM came in with guns, tazers, swat teams, dogs.

    We the people have a God given right & constitutional right to protect our life, our family, our property and to stand for truth. Just because the government decides to change the rules and yank the rug out from under everything does not make it right. It is government oppression that brings chaos, violence and war – which is how our country came to be.

    This “Bundy issue” has deeper roots. Where have all the ranchers gone? Where have all the farmers gone? Where has all the manufacturing gone? Where has all the jobs gone? Answer: gone to government destruction! Which is where we the people will go next if we don’t stand up and stop the “Big Brother”!

    Here a couple of links you should check out:

    Harry Reid & son in cahoots with Chinese energy to build solar panels on ranch land –

    BLM to use ranchers land to sell fracking permits to big oil & gas –

    …. and the list goes on.

    Glenn you do stand for LIBERTY and for WE THE PEOPLE.

    Don’t let us down on this one.

  • karensflowers

    Glenn…I think you are wrong this time. Those officers WILL shoot!

  • Steven Edwards

    I agree with Glenn on most of his views, but there is a time for everything. Our freedoms after the Revolutionary War were not won by just letting the British take over. Come on Glenn..

  • Jill Brown

    Glenn Beck I have listened and watched your program for years now. I very much respect your calmness And you fight for whats right no matter the popularity. I would like to share with you that Joseph Smith believed that the Bible needed an extra book to explain things. If you will Tennent we are not suppose to take away or add to God’s word.


    Jill Brown

    • L8rSk8r

      Respectfully, Jill Brown, Joseph Smith did not.

  • Richard

    The more I think over this the more I hope he isn’t directing this at the women and men who showed up to support the Bundy family. If so, then I can say you most certainly are NO friend of mine, Glenn Beck! This family has had ARMED federal agents and snipers who showed up at their home. These wonderful Americans showed up to assist. They DIDN’T call for violence, but prepared for it. The line was drawn when the feds showed up with weapons to steal land from an American citizen. Maybe if they say pretty please don’t steal my land and shoot my family, then they will go away? I certainly hope you are not just another “pretender” for liberty though I already have my doubts when you spoke against our founding fathers. Maybe if the Jews had said pretty please to Hitler they could have avoided the gas chamber. Or, maybe if the Jewish people had been armed and prepared for violence against them, they would still be alive today. Standing up to tyranny is why we have a second amendment! It certainly wasn’t for hunting. But most Americans get it’s not to instigate something! I think that’s an obvious given.

  • Pamela Brock

    It seems like he is saying he needs more information – accurate information, a scarce commodity these days – before he takes a stand for violence. THAT is a Godly response.

  • VetforFreedom

    I was raised and still believe today that what Glenn is saying is truth. God, Family, Country is the order of each day. Having said that, when will enough be enough, had we as a nation sought God instead of rolling over every time elected officials pushed him out, perhaps we would not need to stand and say, Enough is Enough.

  • WASP

    Funny, the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution didn’t take that stand, they lead the charge, aimed and blew the heads off of the redcoats. Throughout much of the Old Testament God gave the command for genocide on Israel’s enemies. Elijah knew what to do with the prophets of Baal. He lured them in all in one place and killed them, all 450. Glenn is distracting the nation from what is needing to be done here. We need an Elijah, not a “ghandhi”. Cut them from off our lands.

    This is a pinnacle moment here. D.C. needs to be sent a SEVERE message. One they won’t EVER forget. Not in our lifetimes anyway. Further I read the “Gold Butte” region has been declared a no fly zone and cell towers have been shut down. This is NOT Iraq. Nor is this North Korea, corraled “free speech zones” is an ultimate insult of who we are. The free speech zone is from Canada all the way down to Mexico. From the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific. This takes place in Nevada of all places. The Citizenry is loaded up with a full compliment of .50 Barrets, high power rifles, and full auto weapons. It is as shoot ’em a state as there is. The citizens back down in Nevada, D.C. will get further empowered.

    Let us not forget this all started with a 5 Billion dollar proposed Solar Energy Plant, who Harry Reid’s son is involved with, negotiating the sale of 9,000 acres of public property to Communist Red China, then came along the magic endangered turtle and yada-yada-yada. These people only understand a bullet to the brain. They will just keep crossing the lines in the sand otherwise. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED !!!

  • Denise Bennett

    What does anyone know about this??? What about Agenda 21??? There is so much more to this story!!!! Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch

  • Tim Knott


  • Anonymous

    You have been talking out of both sides of your mouth Glenn and I for one am really at a loss as to where you really stand. The way you are talking in this sermon is not what I am used to listening to on your show. I am thinking that if you had been running things during the revolution , we would still be under British rule. If you are just trying to make us all pizzed off before Mondays broadcast then you have done a bang up job…Are you going to sell white flags at 1791 ? What a slap in the face that would be .

  • Carl Mennare

    Our country’s founders used violence to overthrow King George’s tyranny, there was no other way. Tyrant’s will always be until the people rise up in arms against the tyrant. The main question I have right now is about the legality of the Cliven’s claim. I do not have all of the information about the situation so I cannot possibly render a legitimate stance.

  • Boudreau May

    ended as fast as it started. There will be more and more “Test” to
    evaluate public reaction till one side or the other makes a boo boo !
    But the boo boo will more likely come from the civilian side. With more
    and more “Test’ or I guess you could call them a (provocative acts)
    that the ones who already have had it up to their eyeballs will do
    something irrational just what owebama would be hoping for ! It’s one of
    those will it happen to when it happens and it’s going to happen. I’ll
    leave it up to you who’s right and who’s wrong. As for me I’m a Proud
    Patriot. I took an “Oath” as so many before me and after me did when I
    enlisted and I meant every word of it then and every word of it to this

  • Tim Knott

    hahaha, I just read my posts need to be approved by glen beck…this is not a free site…it is communist..screw you Glenn, how nice you can vet all posts…comrade!

  • Britney Shea

    On what basis can we morally resist tyranny?

    I say to you with all the fervor of my soul that God intended men to be free. Rebellion against tyranny is a righteous cause. It is an enormous evil for any man to be enslaved to any system contrary to his own will. For that reason men, 200 years ago, pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

    No nation which has kept the commandments of God has ever perished, but I say to you that once freedom is lost, only blood – human blood – will win it back.(Ezra Taft Benson, LDS Church)

  • Jay

    Nobody wants to see bloodshed over this or anything else; but we are americans, we will protect our families, property, and liberties anyway we have to. Talk is what we do, faith is what we have, but at the end of the day when tyranny comes calling and surround us with violence, we will have to defend with actions.

    In Nevada that happened. Tyranny came calling, the BLM brought violence. They came armed. They came to take a citizens property, their livelihood. If it came to violence, remember who the aggressor truly was.

  • ItsStillAmerica

    Mr. Beck, many of us are believers in a great God. The fact is, this has nothing to do with your fan base. I used to be a big fan…not so much anymore. Of course none of us want to see the people resort to violence. Neither should the full power, force and fury of corrupted government come against the people. We all choose peace for ourselves and for our children, but until we recognize that true evil exists as surely as a true God exists, we will not understand what we face. You need to be all in with freedom lovers, with lovers of America, with lovers of the Constitution as well as those who truly love our sovereign God. When you vilify those on the same side, you do yourself an injustice and you play the game of the power players. Even a cornered rat will turn and fight when it feels its life is endangered. These are indeed serious times we live in and freedom lovers must agree to stick together. This is not about fans or ratings or any of that. This is a true struggle for the soul of a free America and we need all the help we can get.

  • Pat Brown

    Glen, thank you for speaking the truth. We cannot judge without knowing both sides. Chances are that both are partially right and partially wrong.

  • Dan Heizinger

    Funny how Glenn invokes God when it suits him, calls his commands ‘hateful’ when it doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn wrote: “When I do speak with him whether in person or on air Monday, I will beg him to reflect on the life of Joseph Smith. They came for him and tarred and feathered him. He did not strike back.”

    What’s your source for this tale? J. Smith was arrested for burning down a printing press, meaning he didn’t exactly support the 1st Amendment. Mr. Beck, if you love truth then you’d know with little research effort that Smith was given a handgun when his accomplices broke him out of jail and he was killed while firing upon authorities during his escape attempt.

  • Shaun Salvetta

    Well my dear, you’ve certainly ruffled some feathers haven’t you? As an Irish and Italian I’ve been known as a lover and a fighter, i can see both sides here. I am angry, but not violent or condoning violence. But there will always be those that do. Some people just shoot from the hip, others just “carry”. I think people, Glenn carries, but is rather careful about the power violence has in a heated society such as . I don’t think he is chowing, nor calling for violence. Did the government overstep? Absolutely. Did they handle things wisely our correctly? Not even close. There is strength in numbers for sure, it was important to take a stand here add it created a very powerful message. But, there is no greater power than prayer! There just isn’t. There are other ways to find a means to an end other than violence. And that’s the whole point, the government used violence and it didn’t work for them, they just ended up hanging themselves instead. Sometimes all you need to do is be ‘prepared’ to fight, to win the battle. Its true, violence is not the answer, God is. But it is also true that there is a time and place for everything, and this was not the time nor the place. There will be, its coming, be prepared. That doesn’t mean be quiet, back down or take it lying down, out just means wait, don’t initiate.

  • Chandi

    He rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it — In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children — and he fastened it upon the end of a pole…and he took the pole, which had on the end thereof his rent coat, (and he called it the title of liberty) and he bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land… (Alma 46:12–13)

  • Anonymous

    Up until this post of yours, I considered myself to be a huge fan of yours. I probably need to rethink that now. If you aren’t willing to fight and die for something, are you really living? Whatever you put up with, you will get more of.

    • Dena Campbell

      What Glenn is saying is that if we put it in the Lord’s hands the result will be greater than trusting in our own flawed emotions.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe we are His instruments.

  • Anonymous

    Why couldn’t Rosa Parks just move to the back of the bus? Some things are SO wrong that you have to make a stand regardless of the outcome.

    • Dena Campbell

      Rosa had no violent intent. Why should she have moved to the back of the bus to appease those who thought they were superior? She made a stand. She REFUSED to willingly be abused.

  • Tim Curtin

    Just awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I stand beside you. You have proven over the years that you are a righteous man and speak the truth. You have taught us all so many things I never knew (and yes I did research them). The funny part is you have been right on many points. Something’s have yet to take place, but they will, as we all know. God is always with you and you will never walk alone.


  • Debbie C

    God appeared to Solomon that very night and said, “I accept your prayer;
    yes, I have chosen this place as a temple for sacrifice, a house of
    worship. If I ever shut off the supply of rain from the skies or order
    the locusts to eat the crops or send a plague on my people, and my
    people, my God-defined people, respond by humbling themselves, praying,
    seeking my presence, and turning their backs on their wicked lives, I’ll
    be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins,
    and restore their land to health. From now on I’m alert day and night to
    the prayers offered at this place. Believe me, I’ve chosen and
    sanctified this Temple that you have built: My Name is stamped on it
    forever; my eyes are on it and my heart in it always. As for you, if you
    live in my presence as your father David lived, pure in heart and
    action, living the life I’ve set out for you, attentively obedient to my
    guidance and judgments, then I’ll back your kingly rule over
    Israel—make it a sure thing on a sure foundation. The same covenant
    guarantee I gave to David your father I’m giving to you, namely, ‘You
    can count on always having a descendant on Israel’s throne.’

  • Debbie C

    Pray that the will of Yehovah will be done in this matter. When Yehovah people gather together and call on the name of Yeshua He will be in our presence.

  • Debbie C

    We must take a stand but we must take it with peace and love and in the end we WIN

  • Mark Webb

    Dang. Now that you have your own network, who is still pulling your strings, Glen?

  • Badwan Light

    Glenn, just support the people who are putting everything on the line against government tyranny, you can’t go wrong with that.

  • Laura

    Violence is never the answer, wisdom and strength in the Lord, the ultimate Judge. I was angry when my grandfather passed away, and the church he went to his entire life, did not want to celebrate his death, but instead chastise those of us who did not follow their practices anymore. The “preacher” of that church publicly called my uncles and mother out for not believing and following their way. I learned later, that “preacher” was struck with dementia in the later part of his life. God’s will may be hidden from us now, but he has a plan and our faith is what will save us.

  • Bob Canning

    Yes Glenn, you are right. We change ourselves, we repent, we move back under the protection of God and he will heal the land and the nation. It is a difficult task. The children of Israel required a program of daily manna, only enough for one day at a time, and many years in the desert before they came to know their true dependence upon God. It took even more years to embrace it and live it. It took an entire generation.

    Our weapons, our technology, and our best intentions are not enough. No sacrifice of time, money, or dedication to a cause is sufficient. God requires the sacrifice he has asked for, not sacrifices we decide to give him. He wants a people who will remember him in all things. He wants the sacrifice of a broken heart (broken desires) and a contrite spirit (a teachable disposition), and he wants us to live the 10 commandments in full without reservation and without deviation. He wants us to invite him back into our lives personally and as a nation.

  • Deborah Lindberg

    Bonhoeffer was executed for his involvement to take Hitler out by violence, as were, I believe his brother and other relatives. I do not advocate violence either, Glenn. I prayed this morning that this would be resolved without loss of life. I felt a real peace that God would prevail and the local law enforcement would get involved and defuse the tension as they should have done from the ‘get go’. Let the facts get sorted out and truth prevail!

  • Michael mcCall

    I’ll agree with Glenn on the most part. His stance is that our nation has pushed God out of society and he feels that a call to arms (without God being a part of our collective society) will fail and push us over the cliff into a total communist state where all rights and freedoms will be limited by the government. He wants us all to seek God and bring him back into our daily personal lives and into the public conciousness before arms are taken up. I see his point but also I see that the atheist and Muslim are so well entrenched in our government that it might take a civil war to dislodge and remove them from power and our society in order to put God back in our country. The constitution gives us the right to dissolve and replace the government should it become tyrannical through the vote and by armed revolt if necessary. The military has a Consutitional duty also to step in and dissolve a tyrannical government. But I don’t see that happening since Obama has been busy replacing top military leadership with people who will do his bidding. So, I feel that yes we need to pray to God asking for his divine wisdom, guidance and protection and at the same time oil our rifles and sharpen our bayonets just in case the government forces the citizens of our great nation to take up arms in self defense of our way of life, our liberties and our Christian faith. Only time will tell if the Clark County NV, standoff is a catalyst for open revolt or just an isolated incident. If the government over-reacts if they are physically forced off Clive Bundy’s land by the Militia, and they start a national gun confiscation and impose martial law, then yes, we got a civil war on our hands and it will be a bloody mess. But also remember this, if a civil war does break out, it will give Obama an excuse to suspend all federal elections, dissolve Congress and remain in power indefinitely. He will no longer be president, but King Obama instead.

    • Anonymous

      If a civil war breaks out, Obama and his goons, the evil feds and their sycophants, will lose. As Lincoln said at Gettysburg, a “new birth of freedom” will ensue. Obama, like Mussolini, will be hanging from a streetlamp.

      • Michael mcCall

        The problem is that I don’t see a national militia in the making. Right now it is loose groups of patriots that are opposing government bullies.

  • Deckard426

    It’s always nice to know that a bunch of fools in a tin-horn, cornpone,
    goon-squad like the Bureau of Land Stupidity, can start a revolution in
    the United States over a stinking turtle.

  • Ed Hatton

    Wow Glenn….. You have no Idea what you are talking about and are way
    out of line condemning those that want to protect our freedom! I suppose we should just the federal government trample on us? Not going to happen any longer!

  • KAZ

    You need to remember Glenn, that Bonhoeffer was part of the conspiracy to KILL Hitler. I read the book same as you. He was not necessarily considered peaceful, so be careful who you hold up for non violence.

  • Guest

    We all know that Joseph smith was a cultist not a Christian and their beliefs are not of the Bible but of a man worshiped Mary Baker Eddy who was a christian scientist another cult who teaches against the trinity and against Jesus and the Bible just as Mormons do.They quote a lot of scripture but they deny the trinity and Jesus. I have talked to them and studied their beliefs and they line up with the word of God at all.

  • Guest

    We all know that Joseph smith was a cultist not a Christian and their beliefs are not of the Bible but of a man worshiped Mary Baker Eddy who was a christian scientist another cult who teaches against the trinity and against Jesus and the Bible just as Mormons do.They quote a lot of scripture but they deny the trinity and Jesus. I have talked to them and studied their beliefs and they don’e line up with the word of God at all.The Bible is the Gods final authority and if you don’t line up with it then sorry your a liar and the truth is not in you. I pray that Beck will see the truth and find true Christianity and come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • L8rSk8r

      Guest….you need to repent…that is all.

      • Anonymous

        The guest is absolutely correct. Mormonism is a heresy.

        You need to repent and become a Christian.

        • L8rSk8r

          Wow Churchhill….I have finally repented. I am now a Christian Mormon. It is great to know that only in and through my Savior Jesus Christ, I can return to live with my Heavenly Father on day. I am thankful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and how its teaching have taught me to love the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I am thankful to know that the Lord has not forgotten us and continues to reveal His truth through living prophets. I am thankful for the Book of Mormon, which is one of those revelations, and how it has taught me so much of my Savior and Redeemer. I pray you may continually feel the love of the Lord in your life. I pray you will seek Him in all you do. God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you GLENN, I am a few hours from the Bundy Ranch, I have many relatives in Bunkerville and Mesquite. All are true patriots, proven in many ways. None of us want anything for free. We work very hard, mostly at jobs most bureaucrats would not due. We support Cliven Bundy who has clearly said,”Leave your guns at home!”

    Often I have read,”Know thou my son,that all these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man has descended below them all. Art thou greater than He?” Doctrine and Covenants 122″

    This advice alone has saved me many, many, times from much worse pain and misfortune.

  • Steve Reames

    The Bible say anyone who won’t take care of His family is worse then an unbeliever. God has given us rights to defend ourselves. Clearly if read the real Bible not that book of liars then you would know there were battles. Check out Gideon in the old Testament. To Everything There is a Season

    1To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

    2A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

    3A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

    4A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    5A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

    6A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

    7A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

    8A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

  • Anonymous

    Please remember that there are mothers and fathers who have sons and daughters in the military at the Bundy Ranch, please don’t hurt or blame them.

  • Anonymous

    The battle is over, David and righteous truth has beaten Goliath again, We will save our stones for a future battle and thank Our God that our brave ones on both sides have not been killed or maimed for the bureaucrats in other places.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Mr. Beck! I am not about to be the hand of violence! I see so many asking “When is it enough, when do we strike back?” I say only when you have no choice because you have been struck! I have seen the face of violence my whole life. Been to prison for violent acts against other men because I thought I had the right to strike first and hard, and I carry the weight of those choices to this day, and it weighs heavy on a mans heart and soul no matter if God has forgiven him or not! I traded in my anger and vengeance against other men long ago for the opportunity to help others rather than hurt them and the mere chance that I might again have my name. I have seen the horrors of men who believe they have a right to harm others, I have been the hand in my youth of things so ugly it would break most peoples sanity to simply witness these acts. I swore many years ago in my youth NEVER again! It is easy to speak of violence and imagine how it will play out in your head, but I am here to say to all those who think they know how it all will end that it NEVER ends in a good way for either side. I am no saint, but I would give my life to prevent violence rather than do ANYTHING to promote it! Lock arms with your neighbors in PEACEFUL protest, and defeat your enemy with what is righteous rather than force. It is truly the ONLY way. Any other action in anger and you will be truly lost. Believe above all things religious or not, that good ALWAYS wins in the end! Just remember it MUST be GOOD!!

  • John Pugh

    To precipitate violence is not the way, but not to react to acts of tyranny and oppression such as these is at best complacent apathy at worst cowardice. Those who will not stand to protect theirs and others freedom do not deserve it. This situation would have ended in a much different way had certain media not air the story. and the people had not gathered and stood their ground saying You will not do this unopposed . We will no longer turn the other cheek to be led off to the loins den one by one. We will stand united.

  • Todd Gray

    For those that seem to want to put at odds obedience to God and resistance to tyrants, you need to learn some new categories. First category, not every act done in anger is sinful. Second category, not every act involving force, is a violent act. Third category, there is no virtue in seeking peace at the cost of obedience to God.

    Anger. Christ acted in anger when turning over the tables in the Temple. The Scripture says, “be angry and sin not”. Notice it does not say acting in anger itself is necessarily sin. The sin in view is the act committed while angry, not being angry.

    Physical force, even to the point of death, is not by necessity, sinful. To defend ones life, or another life, from threat (s) is a righteous act.

    The World loves to call for peace, but what is meant often by peace, is bowing to them. There can be no peace, when one is being robbed. There can be no peace when one is being threatened. There can be no peace when the government seeks to force worship of itself.

    The Founders defense of property is rooted in the Commandment of God, “thou shalt not steal.” We must choose whom we will obey….God…or government.

  • Samuel Poseno

    Glenn, while I have shared the posts of the current goings on, and have stated things like “this is going to end in bloodshed, and it will be the lasting legacy of Obama”, and “This is the beginnings of war in our own country”, I was in no way, shape, or form calling for violence. I was stating the obvious and sharing the news. I agree with you that this could have been bad, if cooler heads had not prevailed, and am glad that there is a peaceful resolution being reached. But I am also angry that our government had tried this in the first place, and that it looks like Harry Reid’s son and a chinese company were the ones pushing for it (I have not fully verified that last one). And, by the way, where was Obama during all of this?

  • Alexander Davis

    Glenn i support your logic and thought process. we should be careful not to act out of eagerness to do harm and make sure we have all the facts about the situation. However I disagree that god is the answer. I do not put my faith in something I can’t see such as god or the words of politicians. I put my faith in the American Constitution and fellow Americans who would stand up for what is right no matter the situation. God doesn’t make men rise and fall. Men make men rise and fall. Tyrannical leaders and government make rights go away. I respect a man’s right to believe in whatever they wish but god has nothing to do with liberty or freedom. It is my universal and natural right as a human and an american to be given such freedoms and it is in other humans that i will or will not place my trust in. It is in times of dire need like now that we spend time making things happen rather than letting future give way to mythical things like faith, gods, luck, and any other nonsense that strays our thought from real problems and the real solutions.

  • Sandy Caruso

    As a Utahn and former resident of Piute County I am embarrassed. Embarrassed because the Piute County Commissioner Darin Bushman took it upon himself to openly threaten to bring ‘armed’ citizens to Clark County. WHY??? Piute County has nothing to do with this fight. The cattle IF they had made it to Utah to be sold would not even pass through Piute County. Has Darin lost his mind??? I don’t care if he goes and supports Cliven Bundy but to threaten the Clark County sheriff. Really??? Bushman is OUT of CONTROL. Somebody stuff a sock in this guy’s mouth. He is a loose cannon with BIG mouth and could have been the cause of bloodshed. Thank heavens cooler heads prevailed. This isn’t the first time Darin has let his mouth overload his backside.

    I believe what BLM did was totally in violation of the law however the sheriff of Clark County was derelict in his duty as the law enforcement officer in that county. He simply did NOT do his job to keep the feds in line. Any arrests should have been handled by the sheriff’s department NOT by the testosterone charged BLM rangers.

    Cliven Bundy has acted like a school aged BRAT. He has had 2 decades to get this situation under control but he chose to show his backside and threaten everyone against him like a school yard bully. Well the big bullies (feds) ALMOST got their way. Bundy has been given a pass and he’d better use it to best of his ability in a lawful manner. IF Harry Reid’s fingerprints are on this illegal land and personal property seizure (and I have NO doubt they are) then follow that up, get the facts and expose it. Don’t throw a temper tantrum and then go running to the media and the bleeding hearts to bail you out. Get the d-o-c-m-e-n-t-a-t-i-o-n Mr Bundy and let the truth be known. The best defense is a good offense.

    Regarding BLM’s role in this debacle…. this is clearly an overreach by the federal government. WHY did they run 51 other ranchers off this land? Cliven Bundy was the only hold out so he was in their crosshairs. WHY??? Desert tortoise??? Oh puleeze do you really think we the American people are THAT stupid? There is another story here and all we have to do is follow the money trail. I’ll bet it leads right to Harry Reid’s door. Who is getting rich here? There is more to this story than meets the eye and it is going to be exposed.

    Meanwhile Darin did you enjoy your minute in the limelight??? go home…get lost please!

  • Cary Harper

    Glenn is not saying that we have to roll over and take it. But what he is saying is stand not in war but in peace.

  • Tninches

    Beat them we must, but do it @ the ballot box!

  • Republitards suck

    This is just a sneak preview. Understand that a bullet is going to fly and hurt and or kill someone that Glenn has deemed an enemy to conservatives. Understand that he will disavow the perpetrator. Also understand that Glenn is not a friend to this country and the only thing he cares about is lining his pockets with as much money as he can by riling you ignorant peckerwoods up with nonesense.

  • Keith Gibson

    We won this battle for one reason and one reason ONLY…because enough citizens had the courage to face the forces of totalitarian control head on. They put their lives on the line against a federal authority that could have easily murdered them in mass and quickly been ‘justified’ with the usual rubber stamp…and where was Glenn? Demonizing and criticizing the courage of these very people! Is it all about the money Glenn? I think we deserve an answer. Have you been a phony crusader the whole time or have you merely recently sold out? Funny, how the slobbering drunk over a bottle from Tampa has become the slobbering sellout over a bible when courage is required…!

    • Anonymous

      Excellent point! Where was Glenn? He was too busy to fly to Nevada and stand in solidarity with the Nevada ranchers.

  • Kevin Banks

    Glenn, I am a fan and I follow you. I think I am understanding in what you are trying to say, and as you know government is out of control…but we have a second amendment for a reason, and the arms carried today were a pivotal reason the “out of control” agency came to the bargaining table. We saw the 2nd amendment in action today, and not a shot was fired and the situation was diffused (for now) and in the statement from the agency as they acquiesced, said, in essence “for concern of safety for the employees and public the operation is over.” Truth is “The guys with the guns make the rules” is another reason why the founders gave us this right for just such circumstances as this. Today was a victory for the Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    I have never been an adherent of Mormonism and I am still not. So when someone starts quoting from the Book of Morman or the Quran for the matter it just leaves me cold.

    But I support the Bundy family in their struggle.

    I support those who showed up unarmed to lend support.

    I also support the armed militia members who showed and proudly exercised their Second Amendment Rights. If not today? Then when?

    The Second Amendment was put in the Constitution knowing that one day someone may have to use it to fight back tyranny. I have seen tyranny these last few years and I was about to see full throated gut wrenching tyranny unleashed on the Bundy Family this week.

    I pray the Bundys won a victory and I also pray that it is not a short lived one. Tyranny is still alive in Washington and a few tyrants had to stand down. And I do believe that they are pissed! If not for an election this Fall the outcome may have been different.

    All of the Patriots who stood with the Bundys today had their part to play whether they were armed or unarmed. Whether they were young or old, male or female, black or white. Whether there to pray or there to curse they were all there of their own free will. Just the way Americans used to behave.

    I heard a few who were a safe distance away who sounded afraid that they may have blood on their hands for what they had said in the past.

    As far as I know there were no Summer soldiers or Sunshine patriots on the ground today.

    They made me proud to be an American again.

    • L8rSk8r


      • Anonymous

        You mortal soul will be damned for all eternity if you continue to believe the lies of Mormonism. You need to repent.

        • Jeff Allen

          You say you are a “faithful fan” of Glenn, then you make this comment? You don’t want peace.

  • Kevin O’Quinn

    There is nothing wrong with giving peace and diplomacy a chance to work, but there comes a point where you have to make a stand.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • ItsStillAmerica

    There is a difference in undue violence and a necessity to take up arms. They are very different actions.

  • Double Dog

    when are we all going to stand up for our rights as americans, we the people are the government, and we can stop this in court and peacefully, some heads of divisions of of state such as BLM land management seem to think they can mandate rules as they go along, well the rules are written and need to be presented in the supreme court, as delegated by our Bill Of Rights, Due process, and our Constitutional Guarantee, the BLM needs to stand down until further mandates are set by US SUPREME COURT, we have a bunch of state officials following some maverick state head with no authority, and that needs to be squelched first hand, It only takes one misguided official to start chaos, as the lower ranking will follow, as in state and local police and town government, we as citizens and fellow neighbors, near and far need to be attentive to this matter, OUR RIGHTS as AMERICANS are being challenged here, are our soldiers fighting in vein?, they give their lives for freedom and this ADMINISTRATION ignore’s our constitution and tries to treat us as nothing more than a source of finance for their out of control waste and Greed, stand up now and be counted before that right is gone also.
    Thank you for reading and and supporting in any way you can, your country Depends on it and You.

  • Obummer

    You’re naive Glenn.

  • Obummer

    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. We all want peace, but the Bundy’s didn’t provoke this, BLM and the government officials did. Bully’s only understand a painful punch in the eye before they’ll back off and re-evaluate their mission. It’s high time the government understands that they’re not the masters, they’re the servants. God bless the Militia and the Bundy’s

  • Anonymous

    As I recall Glen the bible had it’s share of revolt and violence in it too–It was a means to an end and sometimes that’s a necessity

  • Anonymous

    Mixed messages! The title of the 4/10 article two posts prior to this one is: “Glenn explains why we must “refuse to remain silent anymore”

    Per the article, Glenn said:
    “You have got to stand now, or you will be forced forever to hold your piece,” Glenn said emphatically. “Are you willing to pledge your lives, your fortunes, and you sacred honor?”

    “Fortunately, courage is contagious, and for every ‘bad’ story there is a story of people doing good things, people standing up for what they believe in regardless of the cost.”

    It seems that the patriots who stood with Cliven Bundy and his family are a PERFECT example of what you speak of, yet, you seem to denounce them and their supporters?

    Glenn, your stance on the Bundy situation as well as The Blaze’s biased and poor coverage – especially not covering the Harry Reid corruption angle and how the BLM has pushed ALL of the ranchers (56+) in the territory out and how the Feds have seized over 90% of the land in NV – is very disappointing to say the least. I hope your interview with Mr. Bundy on Monday will illuminate you and The Blaze’s subsequent reporting will improve as a result.

  • Royce Mitchell Jr

    Before we try war, we ought to consider the Convention of States Project to reduce federal power. Let’s unite behind that before we unite behind the sights of weapons.

  • guest

    Glenn, your a five generation rancher?? It is your job to work a 12 hour day 7 days a week ranching? It is your livelihood to work your land as your father did and granddad to pass the family ranch down to you? What if the government told you, you could not do your job anymore and threatened to destroy your home and business and they showed up armed and physically started hurting your family? Are you really claiming to be an American? I thought you were against communism!

  • Boe Smith

    A person has to learn how to wield their wit in order to bring down his enemies, or he shall suffer a never ending onslaught of oppression. -Boe Smith

  • Randall Sisk

    Glenn, you might be a good man on the right path, but to alienate part of your audience shows how imperfect you are. Especially when it’s the warriors of this nation who have volunteered to fight its wars. By the way King David actually would have scared you too. All weren’t called to serve in battle so that’s ok. Just don’t tell those who are willing to fight the good fight there is not a time ….because as I recall “there is a time fore everything”. And that time could be close when tax dollars are financing ripping up infrastructure, tazing people for demonstrating and throwing a person to the ground unprovoked. So let’s agree to disagree. I won’t disown you but may put you in a list with Bill O’Reilly.

  • cyn914

    I agree with you Glenn. Violence out of anger is not the same as having God and His RIGHTEOUS anger on our side. We need to turn to God FIRST. And let Him lead us. I stand with Glenn on this. THINK! If we resort to violence, more will come. Not to mention how it would force the Government’s plans to disarm us all.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you cyn. You’re absolutely correct.

  • guest

    I want to thank the Bundy’s and everyone who stood up to the uniformed bullies. They aren’t going to stop bullying the American people, and I thank God that they did have the courage and faith to do so! They set an honorable example!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is absolutely right. Never initiate action out of anger or revenge! And certainly never on inadequate information. Not all the facts have been presented in this case. I’m absolutely shocked that so many are calling for violence based on rumor, speculation and spurious “evidence.” Shame on all of you!

  • cyn914

    I stand with God on this… And in all things.

  • Donna Porfily

    Even the Lord stood for what he knew as right Sir. These people are being wronged and IF it weren’t for those whom stood with them today. He’d be just another guy the government over ruled.

  • John Lake

    Evil persists when good men do nothing! Those officers that don’t believe in this injustice should speak there mind and not participate in this conflict! This would be able to scale back considerably if that were to happen! The people making these poor decisions would be powerless if they don’t have the enforcers to carry out their crazy plans.

  • Anonymous

    Do people realize the Bundys don’t own this land? Do people realize that the Bundys acknowledge that they haven’t paid their grazing fees as all other ranchers do? Do people realize that our Constitution is set up to handle this very situation without resorting to violence? Do people really understand what the rule of law is? Do people understand our Constitution protects us from mob violence? Follow the Constitution for heaven’s sake!

    • Benji

      No, the Constitution was set up to protect people from things like this happening in the first place

      A. the government does NOT have the right in the constitution to set aside land for “federal property

      B. the government does NOT have the right in the constitution to go anywhere and take something that belongs to someone. That is called stealing.

      And from what I had heard he was paying his grazing fees to the state, who then stopped paying the federal government. I will look into this further as you may be right.

      So the constitution was violated here if anything, not protecting us. I believe you misunderstand the purpose of the constitution.

      Mob violence? How does the constitution protect us from mob violence?

      • Anonymous

        Due process protects us from mob violence, the rule of law and not of men protects us from mob violence. It’s certainly unclear who owns this land, Nevada or the federal govt. But one thing is VERY clear — the Bundys DO NOT own this land. They had ample time, 20 years in fact, to remove their property from this land. Since the Bundys were using property that didn’t belong to them, that can be considered stealing.

        • Todd A Scheller

          Wrong due process protects us from losing our property, freedom, or life without a hearing. Try reading the Constitution.

          Amemdment [V]

          No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

          The Bundy’s do own the CATTLE which the BLM was taking.

  • Stan

    Glenn has it right. Violence now is not the answer. Thank God that the BLM has stood down for the moment. If you are one of the people screaming for blood to be shed now, you are as equal a part of the problem as the BLM and their “strong men”. To promote the idea of a shootout with Federal agent at this point puts you on the level of any Tyrant in history. I appreciate your frustration and disgust at the current state of affairs, with law enforcement using a heavy hand at seemingly every opportunity. We still have time, and the obligation to try and achieve our remedy peacefully, within the confines of the law. If you are incensed enough to promote violence, channel that anger into political action and use the means that are available to us presently to affect change. Do not give in to the lust for blood and lose credibility for your cause, our cause in the process. By all means keep ready to get violent when that time comes, that time however is not now.

    • Jeff Allen


  • Scott Greco

    Glenn is right. Violence begets more violence. That is not what we need. First and foremost the rangers and officers are unfortunately following orders and doing their jobs. The fault doesn’t so much lie with them as it does with the ones that issued the orders. Who is behind it? If we follow the trail; I’ll put $$$$ on it that it leads right to the office of Senator (I puked as I said that) Reid and his son Rory. Both of them have a vested interest in that land. They are trying; if not already successful, to designate that land for a solar panel, alternate energy site, for a Chinese company. All things can be accomplished through peaceful means. Our Savior did it, and isn’t He the best example for all of us to follow? He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth.” It is time for us to be those peacemakers, and it is also time to follow another example of the Savior and that is to rid the Temple of the money changers. We need to remove Senator Reid from office as well as any politician who puts their own interests above those whom they are supposed to be serving. That doesn’t mean the persons who contributed the most to their campaigns either, as that is self servant as well. It means what the majority wants, not the special interest groups, or those who feel that their wishes are being trampled upon. Sorry but life is full of disappointment when we don’t get what we want, get over it. I say an investigation is launched into this, and if it is found that Rory or Harry overstepped their authorities that they be brought up on criminal charges, impeached, and immediately removed from office. It’s time we do what is right and take the power back from the Feds and put in back in the hands of each state and municipality.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody called for violence. This is a red herring that Glenn is using to excuse his lack of leadership on this issue.

      • Jeff Allen

        Just cause you have not seen the “call to violence” doesn’t mean it hasn’t been called. It’s all over the place. Be honest with yourself and just look.

  • Benji

    Quick question, how many of you read the news report that was linked to in the first paragraph? That will clear up most of the confusion. Now, I have to disagree with Glenn on this one. A revolution is inevitable. The government is growing it’s power, the president signing laws in the guise of Executive orders, and not a single politician is being held responsible for what they are doing. Not in washington, not in the states, and most likely, not in each of our hometowns.

    Now, Mr. Obama sits in his office across the country. I have no idea as to how to get in touch with him to complain, and if I did, probably wouldn’t get past his secretary at his phone. He has distanced himself from the American people

    He takes lavish vacations, as does his family, as did his predecessors and their families. He goes golfing, Ukraine gets occupied at least partially annexed by Russian military forces, and Mrs. Obama takes a vacation to China and racks up a multi-milliondollar hotel bill. Sounds like a great week to be an Obama up in the White Castle.

    I’m sure you have heard of this one yourself, Glenn, but I doubt many Americans have seen it. It is and Executive order put out on March 16th, 2012, and it is saying something kinda crazy. Get this:

    Sec. 201. Priorities and Allocations Authorities. (a) The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2071, to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency heads:

    (1) the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

    (2) the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

    (3) the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

    (4) the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

    (5) the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

    (6) the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

    (I added the bold myself :)

    What this means is that all President Obama has to do is to declare a state of national emergency, and all civil rights go out the window. If someone objects to having their materials “allocated”, I believe the National Guard is called in. I may be wrong. It’s late here, so I haven’t done all my reading…. gotta catch some sleep.

    Just some food for thought, do we live in a “free” country any more? Because if the president can reform the government and “allocate” anyones property in the name of National Defense (You can claim a state of national emergency pretty easily nowadays), then it doesn’t seem like it. At least not to me. That doesn’t fit the description of the form of government that I learned in school. Of course, the government now controls that too… so who knows what kind of government we have? Cause it sounds to me like a Monarchy where the people are granted the right from the president to muddle around in Congress and The House of Representatives while the real power lies in his hands. Enjoy your breakfast :)

    You can find this ExO at:

    It also refers to this often, haven’t read it though… not enough time in the day yet, but good luck… it’s some rough stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the calls to violence? Let’s see them Glenn. Reprint them and then compare them to the thousands of people that have been begging you to support the ranchers.

    You tarred a lot of people with the same brush today. You need to apologize to your fans Glenn for this.

    Please don’t even try to put yourself in the category of Ghandi, MLK or Jesus. Your ego has grown too big in the past few years Glenn. You need to be more humble. Humility is the wellspring of all virtues.

    Glenn, with your vast resources and entourage of media people and security guards, you could have flown to Nevada and stood in solidarity with the Nevada ranchers and hundreds of patriotic Americans. Nobody asked you to commit violence or even support violence.

    Those civil rights heroes that you love to name drop all requested that people come out and attend their peaceful gatherings. You could have flown to Nevada and led by example but you did not.

    Glenn you were too busy to care about freedom or support the rights of Americans who’s liberty and freedom were being threatened. You need to stop hiding behind your microphone and start standing up for freedom — really standing up. That’s what a real man would do.

    Glenn Beck, today you revealed that you are a coward, a fake and a phony. All these years I have been a faithful fan but today you lost me. I will be cancelling my subscription to TheBlazeTV.

    • Jeff Allen

      There are photos of armed civilian groups pointing rifles at the BLM Rangers all over social media. Cliven Bundy himself has asked that to stop. I myself wanted to go and back up the Bundy family with my own rifle& ammo, but that would not help matters. It would only make it worse. To do that would be no different than the armed aggressive nature that the government is doing. The government wants us to attack. It’s the “bottom up, top down” that Glenn talked about so many times.

    • elkabong

      Please don’t even try to put yourself in the category of Ghandi, MLK or Jesus. Your ego has grown too big in the past few years Glenn.Beck seems convinced that he’s some sort of sage/historian/theologian/hero, when in fact he is a lightweight newbie, with ‘people’ to feed him arcane factoids to dazzle his fans. He is a contradictory, incoherent blabbermouth, and is all over the map politically and philosophically.

  • Anonymous

    It appears that cooler heads prevailed (for now) but I suspect the BLM will be back or the socialists will retaliate in some other economic way. Perhaps when the weekend crowds and the majority of the cameras disperse back home the BLM will swoop in. In any case, the BLM is in damage control mode for The Administration — can’t show The Government Of Hope And Change beating up hard-working ranchers.

    The limits are being tested and the reaction of the public is being noted. This situation is what to expect from progressives. Maybe next time they don’t turn away.

    Violence is never the solution yet often violence is brought to one’s doorstep.

  • Guest

    Mr. Beck, I understand your fear of violence! Me, I am personally a man of faith and piece myself, I do not want war or to hurt another man. I have never been about that. Who is to say what God really wants, we can all pick and choose history in the bible! Me personally, I see the story of David and Goliath ( David being the American Citizens and Goliath being the government!) Were not trying to make our own miracles for me it seems that I have been led in this direction. I feel i Cant hurt a man, But when it comes to my own child, wife and own personal well being (such as my freedom, safety, and security of my own property) I feel bravery I have never felt before. Yes God is the answer, and we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD. But there is one thing you need to realize freedom was never settled over a peaceful game of rock, papper, scissors, it costed lives. I understand You are angry just like I am, but you need to also realize we are all opinionated. Do Not tell people they are not your fans cause they have a different opinion then you, that would make you just as Un-American as the government is! people have the rights to take the direction they want to. Mr. Beck you should watch your own video and stop criticizing people for coming together! especially if it could be Gods will!

  • Brenda

    Mr Beck this was a illegal act by the County Commission and Reid &Company for profit. The county has been selling off land for pennies on the dollar to the Chinese and their partners. They also want Bundy’s land as well. The last rancher of Clark county.

  • Carlos Xavier

    Glenn, didn’t Joseph Smith and his brother die in a shootout whilst in jail waiting for charges of raising armed militias and destroying the press?

  • Anonymous

    Anything collapsing of it’s own (lack of) volition and purpose would love to draw you in to it’s snare with violence.

    If you can’t laugh in the face of these people of which half of their pay checks is monies stolen from tax payers (they reward themselves with twice as much more than who they ‘serve’ hence half is stolen) then perhaps you have been reduced to their level and then the ‘violence’ rather than ‘laughter’ is understandable.

    I’m not saying I understand you (more than anybody)

  • ItsStillAmerica

    Question Glenn: Do you have body guards to protect you and your family? If so, are you telling the people to stand down while you keep your hands clean via a “back door” body guard route? Now, that would be hypocritical if true.

    • Jeff Allen

      You didn’t “hear” a word Glenn said did you?

  • Jeff Allen

    Thank you Glenn.

  • fulltank861

    WAR a uncivil one is coming . I do not want that . however if the libs keep pushing there WILL be one . they detest the founding fathers and what WE stand for .

  • Gayle Mahon

    I am confused as I don’t remember the Bundy’s issuing a call to violence? So why are they being preached to?

  • David

    Glenn and his church will bow to the Federal government every time…history proves it so…he is just repeating the church’s opinion that you should obey the government or you could be run off your land….just as the Mormons were before they renounced polygamy. Nothing new to see here…

  • David Jordan

    We can’t just roll over and take it…but that being said Glen is right. all the founding fathers had their souls and hearts in the right place before picking up arms. However I think most of these people who showed up were honest hard working people of faith. They showed up armed as citizens not unarmed like subjects and because they took a stand they won this one for now. There is no doubt in my mind that that the feds would have stormed the Bundy’s ranch and killed them if the light had not been put on the situation.

  • JG

    Glenn, if we apply what you said to history, would you say that our fight for freedom in the Revolution war was not within God’s will?

  • Woody Cofield

    do you really believe the bundys should get away with not paying grazing fees for 21 years in the amount of over $7,000,000.00? sure the govt acted badly…but so has cb.

    • guest

      you should check your facts!!

      • Woody Cofield

        it says right here bundy owes about a million and hasnt paid since 1993…
        Bundy vs. BLM: Interest in cattle dispute widens

        Bundy vs. BLM: Interest in cattle dispute widens
        The Bureau of Land Management quietly dismantled its so-called “First Amendment areas” in northeastern Clark County on Thursday, as the fig… View on Preview by Yahoo

  • Sick and Tired of the Lies

    Thank you Glenn.

  • elkabong

    Mormon-of-convenience Beck is at his very worst when he presumes to be a theologian.

  • Carol Ann

    Glenn has the best intentions but he does not think we are ready for war because we are Peace loving people… I do not want war but do not want to lose all my freedom either.. I believe it will be coming soon no matter what Glenn has to say no matter how much I adore this man and take him at his word….

    • DC60

      I completely agree. Nobody is control of this situation. It is like a rock on a hill. Once it starts rolling, there will be no telling where it goes or stops.

  • ksrgl444

    Glenn, what happened to you? I read all the comments on FB before reading your article. I thought, wow, it can’t be as bad as people said. You are a wise, thoughtful man. But, I have just finished reading the article for myself (always check the facts for yourself, right?), and wow. Just wow. You may be a follower of Gandhi, MLK and Bonhoeffer, then you had better be prepared to go to jail, to be separated from your family, be prepared to die for your beliefs. THAT is what the great Dietrich Bonhoeffer did. He may not have raised arms, but he died for his beliefs.

  • Carol Ann Tell me there is no truth to this ?

  • Carol Ann
  • ksrgl444

    Glenn, as to 2 Chronicles 7:14, the promise was given to God’s people “who are called by God’s name” (the
    Israelites), and it was part of God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer. God had already ordained that the Israelites would be in horrible bondage for 70 years, slaves, famine, etc., for their faithlessness. Graciously, to give them hope, He makes the promise in 7:14, knowing that nearly no one of that current generation would live to see possible redemption.

    The promise was given specifically to God’s covenant people for a specific time and reason – their refusal to worship and honor Him, and his grace to redeem them if they repent. It is not a general prayer or Word from God about all the nations.

    It also does not mean God’s grace cannot apply to us, but to use that specific verse is clearly out of context.

  • James M

    The question, Mr. Beck, when is it time to stand up and protect youreself and your family? When hundreds of armed federal agents show up and surround you and your family something needs to be done. The people have spoken and they don’t want this sort of thing going on. Our forefathers won this country in the same manner. I agree it’s not my first choice, but when you have a tyrannical government at your doorstep there are few options.

    • Coffee Joe

      There are still many options available to US before Spent Brass and spilt Blood is necessary.

      First of which is to educate enough of US to the need for a return to interpreting the Constitution as it was presented to The People in 1787.

      Back in 1773, there was no Constitution in force. Our Founding Fathers had to invent, and then lay that track. We have that today, sort of. Just get back to that most important fundamental, and our Nation will get back on the correct track.

  • Anonymous

    What makes Glenn think standing in a free speech zone with bible would have worked against a gov’t with guns trained on you? And why does he think they are all calling for violence? And I hope he doesn’t think all the armed patriots who showed up were not also praying…. It’s not the 1st time Glenn has disrespected his audience… It was bound to happen again. He says you don’t have to agree with everything he says… until you don’t.… and as AlexJones lays claim to the Reid story… will always prompt a negative rebuttal from Beck. I googled the distance from the ranch to Reids suspected land deal too before this article…. the distance tells us nothing when our officials are negotiating land deals with the enemy, and behind our backs…and demented old harry is silent….

  • wvweightgs

    Well glenn I am glad you are a good Mormon, and that you share that religion with …..Harry Reid…….that great outstanding American. The time has come for you to either roll over and play dead, or join those of us that want our country back. You talk a lot, and some of it is good talk, but on the other hand a lot of it is talk, period. Nothing happens, sorry to say. You could use your soapbox for real good, so my question to you is why do you not do that. Sorry I was a fan of yours and wished you the best when you started the blaze, but now, I just do not know. And if you have taken the road, like it seems you have, that if……we do not agree with your stance we are not friends of yours……sounds like what a liberal would do. O yes I through reid in there to show the kind of man???? that is causing this, and this is not the first time he had used his? religion to achieve his goals.

  • Anonymous

    It is funny that one of the guys who most opened my eyes to the evil and corruption of our government , says no violence. If this were my land and I was in Cliven’s situation I would definately rise up in violence. We should all put ourselves in Clivens shoes and come to his defense, because one day if we don’t take a stand now we will all be in his shoes. Glen you have led your disciples to a to a state of awareness and they may now leave you behind if you abandon them. They are not kooks and nuts, but many of them are a product of your preaching. You have made the case against the government and the government has been convicted. What would you have the people do now?

  • Jim Korf

    What your saying Glenn, isn’t that basically the same thing the Jews did? Remember how that turned out?

  • Thompson Goble

    Glenn-I respect your sanity, restraint and patience-but there may be a time when there is no other way to combat this current tyranny-elections, constitutional convention of the sates-these are still options open to us-they should be fully utilized before force is used as a last resort-but it needs to remain on the table as the final option. We CANNOT let this great country fail-it is the lynchpin by which the fate of the world depends.

  • Diane

    A liberal friend has said that this issue is about the fact that Bundy has been using land that is not his to free-graze his cattle and he refuses to pay the $1.1 million that he owes somebody for doing it… any of you know if that is true? So hard to get straight facts anymore. I wish we would get ALL the known facts and not just those that create agendas and anger over what we “assume” because of what partial info we hear. So, does anybody know? I just want the facts and will then form my own opinion….thanks.

  • james

    Glenn, we should all be glad that the BLM backed off for now, so no one was killed. I don’t know the complete story, but I do understand Bundy has lost every court case for 20 yrs. He hasn’t paid grazing fees in that same 20 yr. period. It was report the other day that Nevada and BLM have had an agreement on this land since 1868, Bundy’s family didn’t get there until 1873 according to him. Try and get someone from BLM to come on and give the Govt. side. It should be interesting to everyone that the Sheriff and Governor’s office did not issue any statements backing bundy.

  • Eleanor

    >>Glenn, in the space of two sentences you said these two contradictory things:

    “Nor am I willing to blindly accept that our law enforcement, local, state or federal are willing to kill American citizens over Bureau of Land Management land.
    Could this become Waco or worse? Yes, if cooler heads do not prevail.”

    >>What, exactly, do you think happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge?

    “I am sorry, but as all MY real fans know, I believe Ghandi, MLK, Bonhoeffer and Jesus were right. I will follow their example. I know what that means or meant for them. But I will stand with The Lord.”

    >>I made the same statement when I encouraged people to go to the Bundy ranch. So have many others who went. Take your guns for self defense. Leave them in the car. Wield your cameras and signs. I am too poor to make the trip but I stand with them in prayer and supplication that our God and Savior will overcome Satan and the power of the devil AGAIN. Now…do you remember how it went with MLK and Bonhoeffer? (Jesus is COMPLETELY different. His sacrifice was voluntary and necessary for the completion of the mission. He was in complete control at all times. It was HIS choice.) Are you asking Cliven to die for your rights? Are you asking him to die alone? You may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is
    actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to
    our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the
    field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that you wish? What
    would you have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased
    at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for ME (not Cliven, I have no right to speak for him), give me liberty or give me death!

    Micah 3: 5 This is what the LORD says: “You false prophets are leading my people
    astray! You promise peace for those who give you food, but you declare
    war on those who refuse to feed you.

  • Heretic

    So you eschew violence and choose instead to support people such as…Bonhoeffer? Really? You do realize that he was arrested by the Nazis for ADMITTEDLY plotting to assassinate Hitler, right? Beck, I will say in all sincerity that you are truly unstable and confused. Do you listen to yourself? You change with the wind. Even this mess of a letter is all over the place. One day you lecture the masses about standing against evil, deceit and oppression, the next you essentially say to quietly walk to the slaughter. But I’m not surprised. I think you are and have been in the midst of a titanic identity struggle. You don’t know who you really are, and that is because you don’t know who your Creator is. You have been fooled into following a spectacular fraud and a con-man in Joseph Smith and his perverted cult. You have not looked at this mentally disturbed individual with anything close to an open mind. Given the legion deceptions put forth by this sociopath and his followers and their many ridiculous and blatant attempts to cover them up, it is no wonder your personality is so fractured and unstable. Instead of preaching about whatever book you happen to be reading currently, just be quiet and go take several years to study and find out what it is you really believe. Because as it is, you look like an ignorant fool who has no clue who he is. You honestly remind me of a freshman or sophomore college student who is just beginning to be exposed to the great ideas and people of history. Wait until you ‘graduate’ before you try to change the world. I don’t think you realize how unstable and inconsistent you appear, even to those who have supported you, or how superficially and spottily ‘educated’ you expose yourself to be. You need to slow down. You’re out of control and in over your head.

    • elkabong

      Instead of preaching about whatever book you happen to be reading currently, just be quiet and go take several years to study and find out what it is you really believe. Because as it is, you look like an ignorant fool who has no clue who he is. You honestly remind me of a freshman or sophomore college student who is just beginning to be exposed to the great ideas and people of history. Wait until you ‘graduate’ before you try to change the world. I don’t think you realize how unstable and inconsistent you appear, even to those who have supported you, or how superficially and spottily ‘educated’ you expose yourself to be. You need to slow down. You’re out of control and in over your head.Heretic, your post couldn’t be more accurate. Having listened to the man hundreds of times, it is painfully evident he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is *wildly* erratic philosophically, and his ‘god-talk’ is cover when he exhausts his scant knowledge of most topics. I’ll never get what is entertaining *or* enlightening about listening to him yuck it up with his home-boys. It is nothing short of bizarre.

  • jarhead996

    This brings to mind one of my all time favorite novels, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. One of the themes of the book is that once you strike a blow, even if the other guy struck first, you had better be prepared to follow through. Ender defended himself against a bully by beating him so severely that the other kid died. It wasn’t enough to win the fight. He needed to win all the next fights too.

    The lesson is that the only way to win in the end is by committing everything to the fight. And you had better be absolutely in the right, both ethically and morally, and be able to justify your actions before God and a watching world. If someone had fired a shot at the Bundy ranch, even by accident, it would have resulted in massive bloodshed on both sides. We have to remember that these federal agents are also our countrymen, and their lives are just as real and valuable as the lives of those brave ranchers who stood up to them.

    Remember the words of the Declaration: ” Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

    It’s not time, yet. When it’s time, we’ll know it, because we won’t need to ask each other if it’s time yet. If you want to start a war, you’d better be prepared to go all the way to Baghdad, so to speak.

  • Benny

    Glen your nuts.I have always enjoyed you but your Wrong !!! That means you would have went against our Forefathers then. There is a line.Or are you just full of hot air. You will destroy your own success.I call for a boycott for Glen Beck. Snipers on civilians really.

  • Rick Frazier

    Ok Glenn, But not standing up to them because there might be violence, or because federal jack-boots are using tasers on unarmed ranchers is not how you avoid violence. The way violence is avoided is by voting out any freedom hating politicians who fail to honor their oath of office & by a show of force that the FEDS must violate in order for violence to take place. We won’t shoot first! However I predict a hard spanking for any Jack-boots who foolishly resort to violence, thinking it will be just as easy as Waco or Ruby Ridge! Any Murders will be avenged! Americans have finally had enough!

  • Mark Little

    Glenn try to ride your camel through an eye of a needle. When you suffer as much as the regular folks your opinion will matter a lot more to everyone. Kind of sad that you decided to move to Texas.

  • Flat Bedder’s Lovechild

    Fore in the day when we stand before our judgment and the jacketed rounds pass through our flesh and we tumble into the ditch; then we will rise up and burn down the structures our forefathers built because they no longer represent the Republic for which they stand. When patriot blood is up to our waist we will again rise up to put the wolves down. Know that God has plans for our lives, safety not withstanding. Better to be alive and afraid than dead in the comfortable grip of an usurping elite class.

  • S. Hark Phillips

    The feds backed down and ran because the people had might, determination and guns. Not because the people showed up with bibles. Well, done to patriots that showed up with real help and not just biblical lip service like some.

  • Karen Kintyre

    What a GUTLESS WONDER, why didn’t he show up at the ranch during the showdown like a REAL reporter would and show support of our Constitutional rights????? Ugh, disgusting twirp. TELL ME *WHY* I SHOULD SUPPORT YOU GLENN WHEN YOU DON’T SUPPORT OTHERS WHO ARE BEING TRAMPLED BY BIG CORPORATE INTERESTS?

  • Dennis

    Bottom line is the left would have killed most of us, those of us that are free thinking by now and or have us in one of their labor camps among violent criminals/killers if we gave them what they’ve been after for decades, our weapons.

  • Reed

    Instead of going for your guns, go talk to your neighbors. Don’t spend your time arming and retaliating, spend it talking to the liberals, democrats, republicans, and independents who will actually think and listen. Our first and best chance is to win at the polls. Win there big enough and we can clean up most of the mess. It will take a BIG win but if we put the time we spend riled up into talking it up we can do it. There is logic and reason on our side and a good enough percentage of people who can be swayed.

  • Connor Davenport

    Can we stop talking about taken up arms. I mean come on people it is bad but it is not at that point yet. Violence never solved anything. In fact you give the Fed’s everything the need to make the case that we are terrorist even suggesting to go down that road. I have no hope in man or my guns but in God which he is the only one that can fix this not any guns or revolts but the love of the Lord.

    • Christine

      Violence never solved anything? How about when we took our country back from the British? How about the civil war and the ending of slavery? Those are only 2 examples. I’m not saying that violence should always be used. I am saying that sometimes it is necessary.

  • Deckard426

    Nobody ever gets anything from the aristocracy without burning cities and slinging lead. Watts proved that. Working-class White people in Nevada are just now coming to grips with that reality.

  • Janine

    We are the people but GOD is God! let him lead the way and as for our government..pray and have faith that God will take care of them…God puts them there!! He has this under control Angry American..have a little faith buddy..Better days are to come and the Lord Promises us that!

  • Robert Brumley

    God gave us the brain power to be able to fight for what is right. Why do you think America has one so many wars and saved this country from speaking German in WWII? Christians are not weak and God never said we couldn’t fight!

  • Duddioman

    Glenn, I understand your sentiment, but if the Founders had followed your advice, there would never have been a USA. I am not advocating violence, but we still should FIGHT in the court of public opinion, in the courts, in the elections, and yes even with civil disobedience. MLK & Ghandi did the same.

    I am also disappointed that none of your coverage has brought out that the “Terms and Conditions” that are part of the annual grazing agreement go into effect when the ranchers pay the fees. When the BLM gives a rancher “Terms” which require them to downsize to the point of bankruptcy, OR they could just take the payoff and retire, then YES, the BLM is forcing them out of business.

    Bundy refused to agree to cut his herd down to 150 from 900, knowing it would bankrupt him. If he paid under those terms, he would basically be agreeing with BLM to cut his own throat financially.

    Additionally, the Gold Butte area was not slated for the solar plant, but for “mitigation” of the solar plant. That means because they took almost 6,000 acres for a solar plant down south, they had to declare extra acres around Bundy’s ranch off-limits to “mitigate” the impact of the solar plant. It IS connected, and Reid’s family is hip-deep in it.

    The Tortoise is a sham! BLM killed almost 1000 tortoise last year because THEY couldn’t properly care for them, but cattle and tortoise have been co-existing peacefully on these lands for over 100 years!

    Please don’t let the important points in this issue get buried, Glenn, it would be just like the FCC forcing you to sign an agreement that limited your revenue to the point that it put you out of business.

  • Leigh

    Glen, what will you do when they run you out of your place? Pass out a few bibles and return to NY?

  • Rob Recon

    Glenn I listen to your show. I don’t know if that makes me a supporter or not but as a military veteran I do not see the government “willingly” give us our liberty back. The government has to fear it’s people before it can respect them. I agree that a bible needs to be in one hand, but if you think America returning to Constitution will be non-violent I think your are naïve. What happened in NV is just the beginning. Americans are angry and they are starting to push back.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^^^^ You see that Glenn? The fruits of your fear mongering hyperbolic rants over the past several years can be seen in that comment. And it looks like the Frankenstein monster you created is out of your control now. You own every drop of blood that’ll be shed Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you sound like Al Sharpton .

  • Gabriel

    Jesus said give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but give to God what is his. Our souls belongs unto God almighty.
    The Government will take more and more from us. However God created man and all will return unto him one day. God owns all the silver and gold and he created the heavens and the earth.
    I believe we have the right to defend ourselves and loved ones but we should never use our God given rights to shed blood or start wars.
    I plead with people to practice their rights with love and wisdom. We are not terrorist nor should we allow our streets to become liken unto the streets in the Middle East.
    When people use the sword to protest it’s not a protest but a war a physical war that could’ve been prevented.

  • Gabriel

    What about next time people brings guns to protest? The next time it could end badly.

  • Debbie

    Why hasn’t Glenn TWEETED that the Bundy family will be on his show in the morning?? Is it still happening??

  • Debbie

    ps We won’t start anything, Glenn……………. but if they start it, We ARE Finishing It!!! 😉 #BundyRanch

  • Penny Parker Beaty

    being obedient to Gods Will, is the correct path. Matthew 18:21-22
    Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

    Jesus hanging on the cross, after the beating he received and nailed to the cross, asked His Father to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    What we suffer on earth in Jesus name, will be greatly rewarded in Heaven, Jesus told us to love each other as He loved us. No matter what happens, we are to keep the faith and be obedient to Gods word, God told us, “Vengeance is mine”. We can get angry all we want, as long as we don’t sin, and all we have to do is call on the name of Jesus and Satan will flee…. I have to answer to God on Judgment Day for my sins, I don’t have to answer for what the rest of the world does. “Don’t fear what can only destroy the flesh, but fear what can destroy the soul

  • Anonymous

    I was there, I know the family, some of them well. I have friends that know Cliven Bundy well. He does NOT want violence. He did not advocate violence. He made the decision to go after his cows on Saturday. He had faith peace would prevail. We all said a prayer before making any move towards the BLM compound. I know that the family prayed before coming out to meet the Sheriff that morning. They prayed at every rally for guidance.
    The BLM officials in tactical gear were yelling through their megaphone speaker to back off or well shoot!! My son was right there on the ground with the cowboys when it happened. (I was up on the bridge) The police defrayed the situation well, pushed the BLM out and let the Bundy’s in to get their cows. BLM’s bluff was called, they approached peacefully and they backed down. There was plenty of armed citizens and militia on the ground but everyone kept a clear head. That is a MUST, not going off with anger and hate. I agree with Glenn, the righteous hand of GOD prevails. God bless us all that we can continue to fight for our freedoms, to stand up and be heard. The fight does not have to be a violent one.

    • Anonymous

      The supernatural had nothing to do with any of this. Glenn and others who make claims about the supernatural/god etc. and what it supports and doesn’t support may be convenient claims but they’re certainly not supported with any evidence.

  • Sara Gayle

    Where would we all be today if David had chosen to go into battle that day without the stone?

  • joe michael villa

    Sounds like we know who the moochers and takers really are.
    Not surprising that the people on here are supporting this anarchist.

    Pay up Bundy and get your cows off my property.
    You’re nothing but a freeloader.

  • Deckard426

    Who brought out the guns first? It’s the same as Ruby Ridge and Waco. Government goons always bring guns into any disagreement. Then when someone stands up to them, with a force that outnumbers them, they run like pathetic bullies who have just had their noses bloodied, screaming, “Violence! Violence!”

  • elkabong

    Any time Beck starts prattling on about ‘God’, understand that he *is not* coming from a Christian perspective. He is a Mormon-of-convenience, and his understanding of ‘god’ is likely that of the ‘higher power’ concept of AA. The silly ecumenical admonitions to “pray” and references to “your God” frequently heard on his show make this point.Beck opted for a cheap “Christian-esque” knock-off ‘faith’ to appease his wife-to-be. He could have just as well as selected Buddism or Scientology.

  • Bonnie Somer

    Glenn harry reids son was behind it w/him and their chinese based solar company

  • RPM Motorsports

    This is about Harry Reid and son trying to steal the land for a $5 Billion deal with the Chinese. Same as always, CRONY CAPITALISM. Wake up Glenn !

  • sharon

    I truly feel that this was a “dry run” to see how the American people would react~~~~

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    beck = operative pos. don’t speak for what God would want. did George Washington and troops just lay down clutching bibles and crosses? we won’t be mowed down by useful idiots working for the u.s. of satanic slavemasters.
    beck = half-truther, to confuse and introduce cognitive dissonance.
    beck = traitor.

  • Tom Eagleson

    Glenn, I didn’t see men trying to pick a fight, hungry for violence. I didn’t see men armed like the military, armed like the DLM ! I saw men tired a government taking what is theirs. It was a good story, a positive one with a positive outcome. A passive protest with flowers and love would have resulted in the cows all being shipped to auction, land being taken and the Bundy’s forgotten about. I do agree with peace and saw “others” online like you asking for and worried about peace as well.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is trying to hide behind God now that his fans are riled up to the boiling point by his irresponsible rhetoric. It’s obvious. Glenn’s chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Child of God

    I rarely jump into these arguments, as nothing rarely comes of them. However, Glenn is wrong on one account that I cannot get past. He said “God is not nor are His prophets or messengers. Feelings of compassion, sadness, weariness and fear of a “coming correction” – but never hate and rage.” This is WRONG! I think you missed the passage about Jonah, because he despised those that God told him to prophesy to. He despised them so much, he turned away from God’s calling completely.

    Be careful how you use the Word of God, my friend. As a teacher, you are judged more harshly for your use and your teachings.

  • Tucker Peterson

    Let me see. Listen to Glenn or the founders. The founders had a bounty on their head and sacrificed their fortunes for liberty.
    The standoff was done with cool heads it seems to me. What violence Glenn? People just stood their ground. The government brought guns and so did they. And look who blinked.
    Rush is another one. 1/3 of his show is ads, 1/3 is Rush talking about Rush and 1/3 is Rush talking about what I already read on the drudge report that morning. So I’m done with Rush too. Mark Levin is the only one with any real conviction for the constitution. And at least he try’s to bring notice to the convention of the states. As where the others are pure market for profit. Glenn you are no more then a gimmick. And Bundy owing fee’s is not a right to take his cattle. Sharpton owns the IRS and gets invites to presidential dinners. This is about A US Senator doing big biz with China instead of the oath he took to serve the American people. And of course turtles.

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    freedom works needs to toss this half-truther nutjob overboard – makes me suspect. he who escalates force first is always in the wrong and loses the moral high ground. non-violence is always the preferred option, but you don’t take only bibles and crosses to a gun fight. i can hear your neuro linguistic programming attempts and muddying of the waters, mr. beck – invoking God and MLK Jr.. notice how the two clowns that normally pipe up and giggle and joke around are completely silent…
    God help us when this clown is the voice of reason.
    now he’s slamming Alex Jones…he should sue them for defamation.

    • Anonymous

      Andrew Breitbart recognized who Glenn Beck really was years ago. Listen to this. Breitbart was right on the money.

      • elkabong

        Geeeez did Breitbart have this clown’s #.

    • elkabong

      i can hear your neuro linguistic programming attempts and muddying of the waters, mr. beck – invoking God and MLK Jr.. notice how the two clowns that normally pipe up and giggle and joke around are completely silent…Nailed it. Mr. Know-It-All finally painted himself into a corner, and now he’s doubling down on his cheesy ‘faith’ talk. It’s really his MO — he talks about something he knows nothing about, and when he quickly runs out of gas, the ‘God card’ is played. This time it’s costing him money. Phoney theology and claims of the moral high ground will not walk back the fact that he stepped in it.

  • linda barnett

    Glenn, christianity does not require anyone to be a doormat. It is supported by the communists because they view it as an opiate of the masses. Do not use it as a drug. There will be hotheads on the patriotic side because peoples’ lives, families, homes, and businesses have been destroyed by the gov. Have you been driven out of your home ever, glenn, by drug dealers supported by the local gov? I have. This has been made very personal by corrupt officials, so people take it personally.

    • Tony Baker

      Well said

  • Tony Baker

    I have no idea what relationship it may have to Mormonism but Beck is obviously a Pacifist and this Nevada event may very well be his Waterloo. First, above all else, Beck obviously has no idea of the TRUTH of what went down this weekend. I have no idea where he got the nonsense he is spewing but he is way out of line with the facts. Before the media ever got involved, the Bundy’s and all Ranchers vowed to “NOT FIRE UNLESS FIRED UPON” much in the spirit of April 19th, 1775 for those that know history. Anyone can see that the Patriots did just that, no one fired a damn shot Beck! But those Ranchers had EVERY right to be armed and to defend themselves as they did! Those people looked down the barrels of AR-15’s from the government and they did NOT FLINCH! They stood there ground and put there sacred honor on the line. Those cows were the PROPERTY of Clive Bundy and he had every right to them!

  • Nate Bradshaw

    I’m amazed by the comments on here. All of you are proving Glenn’s point: you aren’t the patriots of the American Revolution, you’re the mob of the French Revolution. Your cause is not fueled or endorsed by God, but by hate and revenge. Fight back with violence, tear this country apart with bullets and smoke, and when the dust settles which of you will be in tune enough with God to recreate the Constitution and government designed by God for the preservation of liberty like our Founding Fathers were?

    You must think this nation was created by men. That is where you go wrong. This nation was founded by men who trusted God, not men. We cannot, with all the ammunition in the world, save the United States. Only God can save us, and He will, but only if me and you have put your faith and trust in Him first. Glenn is not God. Don’t look to him for the call to arms. If that is God’s will, look to Him for that call. I think you are afraid that if you look to God you’ll find that he isn’t calling you to arms though. I think that is why you don’t look. And that is why I fear for my country. If we will not be saved it is not because God has forsaken us. It will be because we have forsaken God.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn’s audience of “French Revolution” types are the same people who still believe Abdulrahman Alharbi was involved in the terrorist bombing in Boston one year ago. that’s why Glenn Beck is being sued for defamation. Glenn Beck inflames people with his on-air rants and conspiracies and now it’s catching up with him. Hiding behind MLK, Gandhi, Jesus and God are NOT going to do Glenn any good at this late date.

    • democideafterdisarmingchattle

      God lets puppy dogs and little children drown in wells, get kidnapped and abused, and killed. they didn’t foresake Him. please read the book “Democide” by Rummel – where was God mysteriously saving the millions of “civilians” slaughtered by govt. around the world? each one of us is a piece of God, and that’s why He helps those who help themselves. God in my heart says: FIGHT!!!

    • Sovereign Mary

      Nate – Have you also heard the statement, “God helps those who help themselves?” Mr. Bundy and his supporters (which includes me) have a right to stand up against these federal Jackbooted usurpers and violators just as Martin Luther King and his great followers did when the voting rights of Black’s were being violated.
      This nation and its freedoms and liberties were fought for by MEN who thoroughly and truthfully believed in the unalienable rights of all individuals.
      But, I guess Nate if you would have had your way you would have told George Washington to halt taking that boat out on the Delaware River and not to fight the Hessian troops.
      I guess you would also have condemned Joshua for fighting the Battle of Jericho.

    • Nate Bradshaw

      Sovereign Mary –

      Martin Luther King, George Washington, and Joshua were all led and inspired by God. Their pursuits were led by God and grounded in principles, not passion and vengeance. They only took up arms once all other options had been exhausted, when there was no other way, and it was the will of God that they do so.

      Are you being led by God? I’m not judging you or your motives, your answer may very well be “yes”. Just make sure your desire to solve your problems by shedding blood have the blessing of the Almightly, otherwise you may find; as people in all periods of time have found that fought on passion, not principles; that all they were doing was trading one dictator for another.

  • Nathan Adams

    Glenn – take a look at 2 Peter Chapter 2 Verses 9-11. Makes one wonder just what we are suppose to do . . . . . .

  • Musterion

    We owe it to our fellow American.
    Not to the federal government,
    not to the chinese.

  • jjpm

    If the bibles teachings didn’t work the first time, Noah decided to take a copy of it along? How’s it working for those who don’t have?

  • Reconmarine7

    I am totally disappointed in Glenn. Enough with the overload of religion. I too am a God fearing man and I also know that God gave us the ability and tools to defend ourselves. He his not going to have a desert wind magically blow the BLM out of the desert. It must be nice Glenn to make $75 million a year and then preach to the rest of us as to how we should go about protecting our families, homes and land. We don’t all have a 24 hour fully armed security staff as you do. Please don’t tell us how to protect ourselves.

    • Liberty Or Death

      Exactly. I am always infuriated by people like Beck that somehow believe that they have personal hotline to the Lord that we don’t! I pray constantly, and every cell of my being is saying, “Resist the Tyranny”!

  • stevo5000x

    The way Glenn Beck treated Cliven Bundy this morning was disgusting.

    • Reconmarine7

      I totally agree. Glenn is becoming the new MSNBC. They won’t even let people post comments on the TheBlaze anymore. I guess Glenn got tired of hearing the truth. “The Truth Lives Here”? Not so much….

  • npharr

    I am disappointed with Glenn. I consider him a brother in arms but when is it enough Glenn. You have called for us to defend liberty ad have the courage to stand with our neighbors in the face of tyranny. God calls for us to live in peace when at all possible and you know that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. So ask you sir, do you have the courage to standby your convictions and when necessary fight for them or have you simply wrapped yourself in the cause of liberty to make a buck?

    • Shawn Cameron

      He has a gimmick and he has made a lot of money from it. Kind of like professional wrestling, if that entertains you fine… But if you believe it’s real you’re an idiot!

    • Liberty Or Death

      Well said and I too believe you are correct. Not the first time Glenn has shown himself to be a timid pacifist either.

      • npharr

        it is just disappointed because I stood with him at restoring honor and restoring love and believed he meant what he said.

        • Liberty Or Death

          I re-read this piece and can see how someone who believed in Beck would be very upset by it. He has an acid tongue when he wants to use it, in fact it is quite insulting. I have seen this side of him before however.


    Hey Stu and Pat, both of you have a sick sense of humor. Your timing is disgusting too many times to be accidental. How dare you. Glenn has his timing down to a tee. You two really need to search your conscience. Jeffy, the way you are treated is really getting to be a bore. I have, like fox programs, resorted to recording Glenn Beck radio and his afternoon show, well actually all of GB’s show”s, in order to speed through the disrespectful way Stu and Pat act.

    • Anonymous

      Funny stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I understand Glenn’s plea and his beliefs. I support them. However, there comes a time……
    “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state
    of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. A
    man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal
    safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and
    kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” –John Stuart Mill

  • Matthew Jones

    This reminds me of the many warnings of the Book of Mormon where the Nephites became so stirred to anger that they lost all love and compassion for the Lamanites. Yes, we should be prepared to defend ourselves, but we should never be anxious to go to war.

    • Anonymous

      Fairy tales.

  • Anonymous

    Feds just announced that they did NOT make a deal, and they reverse course to continue to get Bundy off land. On site “Mr.Conservative

  • Rick Bladderfish

    Glenn.. you are the man…. after watching this…you said everything ..I was trying to tell those people .. when I was watching this unfold on live streaming video. No one would listen with the expection of a few. The majority seemed like that wanted confrontation. Im sorry but the Militias , I believe they were there with something else entirely on their minds. And it was not just being just …

  • Kate Howe

    There was no confrontation…. no weapons drawn, all I saw for three days was great constraint on the part of the people… Glen, you are a let down…sold your soul to the devil…. too bad.

  • Guest

    Hey Glenn, maybe, instead of writting in fear, you should have been there to stand with the Bundy’s like these folks did:

    Given what you just wrote, I wonder why this isn’t being covered by the Blaze, after all, they DID peacefully oppose the feds, PEACEFULLY march passed armed feds, and release the cattle. But while that was happening, you were too busy writting this tripe, and diminishing their actions by your hand-wringing.

  • Alamaba Casieda

    Hey Glenn, maybe, instead of writing in fear, you should have been there to stand with the Bundy’s like these folks did:

    Given what you just wrote, I wonder why this isn’t being covered by the Blaze, after all, they DID peacefully oppose the feds, PEACEFULLY march passed armed feds, and release the cattle. But while that was happening, you were too busy writing this tripe, and diminishing their actions by your hand-wringing.

  • Shawn Cameron

    I have see for years the hatred and vitriol of the left and after posting and reading the posts on Beck’s site and his FB postings I can’t express my shock at how blurred the line has become. We love to talk about how the left doesn’t want debate but just want to shout you down. After disagreeing with people here on other issues I can say that a lot of you are no different. As for all of you disappointed in Beck all I can say is you get what you deserve for thinking that he had all the answers in the first place, you’re no better than those who bow to Obama!

  • Shawn Cameron

    There are those who will piggy back any cause if they believe it will give them the opportunity to quench their blood lust.

  • chip griffin

    glen is going to hang out until he is dead, that includes him taking the mark of the beast, sorry to say. i guess if glen had his way he would not have moved against hilter until he shed blood on america ground.
    GOD said there is a time for everything. the US GOVERNMENT TOOK DOWN BUILDING 7, ALSO BUILDING 1 AND 2 and many lost their lives. at what point do you realize they are willing to kill and only when we are willing to meet them where they stand.
    glen has had the easy street so long his fear overrules any thought of losing it and therefore he loves his life more that what is good and right! now everyone will have to make the same choice, well i choose dead over doing whatever they tell me.
    GO HOME GLEN, LET THE MEN DO THE HARD JOBS as the others did in ww2.
    SHUT UP GLEN, YOU GOT YOUR REWARD IN FULL. move over for us who have to die to get ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liberty Or Death

      I believe you are correct, Glenn has built up a very successful empire and of course he won’t support anything that challenges that. A lot of people don’t want to disrupt their cozy lives, Samuel Adams referred to it as the “tranquility of servitude”.

      Glenn’s a pacifist, and you certainly don’t want a pacifist as your leader on the battlefield.

  • texastruthtweet

    I believe what is wrong in our country is the fact that many here have turned away from God. I rededicated my life to God, and he still performs miracles. My health has been bad for many years, and I am being restored. Just dedicate (or rededicate) yourself to Him, trust Him, and be patient. You could experience some miracles of your own. It is your choice.

  • TheROUSes

    Your god does not exist Glenn. Your god is a false god and the bible, which mormons say they believe in, says that God is the ONLY God and there are NONE like Him, yet mormons believe there was a god before God and that they can become gods.

  • Mike Sherman

    Glen, you keep pointing to that video where there was a small protest and the people were yelling at the agents. You only saw part of that video. Here’s how that went down, they were there trying to stop the truck because they believed they were killing the cattle and that’s what they used the backhoe on the trailer for. A BLM agent came up from behind a 57 year old lady and threw her to the ground violently. Her nephew came to her defense and was tased. That is what started this altercation.

    You network is supposed to be about the truth and you are only reporting half of it here. I have been a supporter for a long time but am now questioning my support. My question, when is enough…enough? Also you need to get your sources and investigate this case. Harry Reid is up to his eyeballs in this over a BLM document that has been leaked in requires to a solar project on Bundy’s land. I have seen the document.

    • Anonymous

      Mike, Glenn never lets the facts get in the way of his snake oil show.

  • Jim Mallett

    Thomas Jefferson said that it is our right to live free and our DUTY to fight tyranny on all levels! I don’t want to see any more war. I’ve seen enough of it. BUT, if our government wants to take our country and our way of life from us, then it’s on!!

    We have been trying for 50 years to vote the bastards out, but it’s not worked. It’s always the lesser of two evils! I’m tired of both the lying democrats and the lying republicans! They are just two wings of the same Communist Bird!

    Primaries are a joke. I was a Republican insider, a delegate to the Indiana State Convention in 2008. It’s all a show. It makes no difference for whom you vote. The “Party” picks the candidates, not the public. You get to choose which progressive/communist you rather have ruling your life.

    I’ve had it with both parties! I vote for the person, and only if I have researched and met them.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else remember the “I WILL NOT COMPLY” campaign? Wonder if clive bundy did, and that was the genesis of his protest? As I recall (and at age 74 I do get facts confused) that was a cry against the rule-makers.

  • Republitards suck

    I love seeing the jackals fight amongst themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Beck has been riling his audience up for years and now it’s come around to bite him on the azz.

  • Allen Burns

    Glenn, study the non violent civil rights movement. Like it or not, when you change a government for the better, it is a violent affair. The corrupt people in charge do not surrender without a serious fight.

    On the range war, both you and Cliven Bundy are missing one point. It was the Governments job to fight for Clivens Bundys grazing rights. By law he owns those grazing rights like you own your house. He paid a fee to manage and protect those rights and the Federal Government sold him out.

  • landofaahs

    A divorce is not violent unless one or both spouses chooses to make it so.

  • LG

    Glenn, your rhetoric sounds and looks patriotic but it’s all pretend… b’cause when the time comes to BE ONE you flip flop or sit on the fence… This is that time! Where is your patriotism…?

    These ranchers were not violent… they are reacting to a form of Gov that has become violent and…

    “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”

  • Chris Schatte

    Glen, I think that you are on the wrong side of history on this one. At some point we have to draw a line in the sand and say no further. I listened to your show all the way through this morning and was dissapointed, especially with St ‘ s flippant “breakfast” remark. I will say this. If it was my land and family I’d the same. At some point the Lord expects you to help yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Glen I understand your desire to obey the rule of law but before you condemn the protesters and please don’t condemn the willingness to fight with starting it, you should look into the BS that the BLM and USFS have been giving the HAGE Family in NYE county just north of Clark County Nevada. The BLMs claim against the Bundy’s is that it is following a lawful court order, while this same agency under the same state director is refusing to comply with a lawful order issued AGAINST it . So it seems the BLM can act with 2 faces when it comes to complying with the law while requiring that the people whom it is supposed to serve must comply with whatever orders are issued by government. So please investigate the case of US v. HAGE before asking the protestors to stand down when there’s been a 30 yr methodical pattern of removing cattle from the range by failure to provide services paid for.

  • Jeannine Huskey

    The People stood their ground backing Bundy. Just HOW else are you supposed to stand your ground while the government is STEALING your property?!! C’mon, Glenn, let’s be realistic. Would you tell David to drop his sling shot? David was the apple of God’s eye, and yet he went forward WITH A WEAPON (oh no!) to defeat the enemy against Israel. God worked a miracle through the hand of David that day.

    REMEMBER THIS, our militias were there with their weapons and NOT ONE SHOT WAS FIRED. They did not intend to go there to start a war, just to protect their fellow citizen and HIS PROPERTY. If your cattle were being taken by our government, I think you would want the same SUPPORT, would you not? Or would you just lay down and let a criminal take your property? SHAME ON YOU! I know you don’t want violence, and the people protecting Bundy don’t either. I’m sure they would prefer to stay at home, but I give them high fives for sacrificing their time and expense to come to Bundy’s aid in getting his property (his cattle) back. Whether this is about past due grazing fees, who owns what land, and whether it’s to protect the desert tortoise, they had NO RIGHT to confiscate his property and sell or kill them. Like Bundy said, the federal government has NO JURISDICTION on state land and the use of that land. You should know that this is all about Agenda 21.

  • Sovereign Mary

    You had better get a clue Glenn Beck. I used to love watching your program
    on FOX, but somehow and for some reason you have lost your way!


    “Through the centuries, by the hand of corrupt federal judges, we arrive and the
    Bundy Ranch in Nevada. The Founding Fathers never imagined the citizens of a state would be subject to such treatment at the hands of the federal government. Furthermore, they certainly never imagined the state legislatures themselves would allow such treatment to go unchecked. The latest updates appear to show that Bundy has won his battle against the feds– for now. However, it remains a
    damn shame that the state of Nevada would allow for such a situation to
    arise in the first place.

    What does Nevada’s Constitution say about property? Section 1, titled “Inalienable Rights,” reads: All men are by Nature free and equal and have certain inalienable rights among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty; Acquiring, Possessing and Protecting property and pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness (Emphasis added).
    In Section 22 of the Nevada Constitution, eminent domain is clarified. The state Constitution requires that the state prove public need, provide compensation and documentation before acquiring private property. In order to grant land to the federal government, the state must first control this land.

    Bundy’s family has controlled the land for more than 140 years.

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is an agency created by Congress, claimed that Bundy was “violating the law of the land.” Perhaps the agency has forgotten that the law of the land is the Constitution, and the only constitutional violation here is the very modern existence of the agency’s presence in Nevada.”

    “The Property Clause and Northwest Ordinance are both limited in power and scope. Once a state is formed and accepted in the union, the federal government no longer has control over land within the state’s borders.
    From this moment, such land is considered property of the sovereign state. The continental United States is now formed of fifty independent, sovereign states. No “unclaimed” lands are technically in existence.
    Therefore, the Property Clause no longer applies within the realm of
    federal control over these states.”

    “The powers of Congress are found only in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. With the exception of the less than two dozen powers delegated to Congress found within Article I, Section 8, Congress may make no laws, cannot form political agencies and cannot take any actions that seek to regulate outside of these enumerated powers.”

    “Article I, Section 8 does lay forth the possibility of federal control over some land. What land? Clause 17 defines these few exceptions.

    To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings– (Emphasis added).”…/

    • Getaclue

      Excellent! Thanks for posting this wonderful information!

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    For the first time I disagree with you Glenn. I am done beyond done actually with this tyrannical government. You say that we still have room to talk and work this out? WTH Glenn, that is not going to happen and you know it. We are already way past what started the war in 1776, how much more? You are dead wrong on this and as long as we have people in the media like you making light of things like this we have issues. I love God and am a Christian, I was saved when I was 12 years old and I feel in my heart of heart that the time to be passive is long gone and now we are just being walked on and God does not want that. I believe we either make a stand now or all is lost. You are either going to be on our side or theirs, there is no in between Glenn, no middle ground.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like a large segment of Glenn Beck’s audience hears God telling them to fight and take a stand against the Federal government in this case. Beck tells people to listen to God and God is telling them it’s time to fight.

  • Sovereign Mary

    “Search the Constitution and you will find no power granted to the legislative branch to make laws governing agriculture, housing, medicine, energy, private ownership or weapons, and a great deal more.” — John F. McManus
    Source: Ignoring the Obvious, THE NEW AMERICAN p. 44, April 1, 1996

  • Sovereign Mary

    Despite your Pacifism Mr Beck — Mr. Bundy and his supporters (which includes me) have a right to stand up against these federal Jackbooted usurpers and violators just as Martin Luther King and his great followers did when the voting rights of
    Black’s were being violated.
    This nation and its freedoms and liberties were fought for by MEN who thoroughly and truthfully believed in the unalienable rights of all individuals.
    But, I guess if you would have had your way you would have told George Washington to halt taking that boat out on the Delaware River and not to fight the Hessian troops.
    I guess you would also have condemned Joshua for fighting the Battle of Jericho.

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t say to resist the Feds, he said to resist violence, which was done and so far, so good, no blood lost.

    • Anonymous

      And how about the Revolutionary War….didn’t the good prevail despite the bloody battles?

  • Dougau

    Peaceful as in federal agents shooting unarmed citizens with tasers and setting up a “First Amendment Area” with snipers ready to shoot anyone dead who dares violate it Glen?

  • Keith Pallo

    While not a Mormon myself I do want to thank you for sharing those scriptures we have in common as well as the Message God thru his Son Jesus has often commented upon in relation to man’s relationships with other men. I agree to have a succesful revolution we do need the hand of Providence to aid us just like our Founders. Without that belief in God and that God knows all and helps those who turn to Him in time of need Ttat He will provide support. Our Founders Had faith in God in doing what they were doing which allowed for a higher authority to Guide them such as when Washington was at Valley Forge and went off by himslef to pray to God for wisdom, guidence and strength! Without that guiding hand we have vengence as the source for revolution which never ends well for anyone and ultimatley fails!!

  • Shannon Benson

    Old Testament God vs. New Testament God. What’s the beef? Aren’t we all steak holders?

  • Wildshot

    Glenn, this post makes me very uncomfortable. This man has been long suffering for a very long time.

  • Shannon Benson

    Oops. Sorry. I thought this was the Leno vs. “That other guy,” page.

  • Vance Borton II
  • Ron

    Turning to the LORD in prayer and love is the only wayto solve our individual, family and problems within our Country. I pray that GOD fearing Americans would together come turn to HIM in that prayer. As Pastor friends of our have stated, now is the time, for our Countryman to come together more than ever!! I pray for Pastoral and Spiritual leadership together to come forward, and to lead us!

    • Anonymous

      What about the defamation lawsuit filed against Glenn Beck? Don’t you think that has a negative impact on his credibility Ron? Can you separate reality from fantasy or does Glenn still have you fooled?

  • suz

    i agree w/glenn.

    the violent tongue and violent heart though, do appear. it is one of the most difficult things i can undertake is to not say a truth w/no scorn attached to a person or a people (progressives) i loathe…and the desire to see them fail surely follows.

    • Anonymous

      You “loathe” others who happen to have a different political opinion than yourself Suz. Jesus loves them, but you hate them because they’re “progressives.” You should turn off Glenn Beck and do some deep thinking for a change.

      • suz

        i can spot a deep thinker…you ain’t it.

  • elkabong

    More pseudo-theological drivel from the guy who prays for Putin’s death. Hey Glenn — when’s World War III gonna start? That’s what you said would happen if we “didn’t do something” about Ukraine. And how about that information you have that will destroy both parties and the political system as we know it? You ever gonna share that, or are you the self-appointed keeper of double-plus secret information?

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Exactly. Glenn puts on a real show for his audience of gullible folks, fueled up with all the emotion, paranoia and delusion of a true huckster. He twists and tortures reality as he tries to cram it into his fabricated theories and his fans lap it right up. He tried doing this one year ago, without any regard for the innocent young student he included in his fantasy, and now Glenn faces a very expensive defamation lawsuit. Well, at least that’s one ray of sunshine; Glenn Beck finally gets held accountable for his irresponsible behavior.

      • elkabong

        All true. And his slander of that kid is beyond reprehensible. Dude is an out-of-control blabbermouth, and he finally got into trouble. Hence the doubling-down on ‘god-talk’.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, instead of beating around the bush with the God platitudes, simply state that Bundy’s trespassing on land he does not own, which is unlawful regardless of who owns it. Denounce the militias that are fighting for unlawfulness. Be clear.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, Glenn…sorry to say that you ‘eschew’ anything that doesn’t make money for you. All to willing to get people cranked up for the past half a decade and now it’s all in God’s hands, is it? Wow.

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    yes i never liked you, and if i was on the slave tracking system a.k.a. f-book, i would unlike you. you are pure fraud. keep picking up all of drudge/infowars stories and trying to run nwo interference. we see you – demon.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, God helps those who help themselves. You don’t bring a carrot to a gun fight.
    You can tell us to sing coom by ya, but that doesn’t work with devil

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you just lost touch with the little people. You are big business now, you have the bucks to live outside the US but you want us to hold hands and march and sing peace songs? in the face of government corruption. You lost a listener, I know, “big deal 1 listener”

    • Anonymous

      It’s a heck of a lot more than just one listener. This will take a big toll on Beck’s audience. Couple this fiasco with the defamation lawsuit that’s looming over Beck’s empire and it looks like some real dark days are ahead of Beck and his zoo crew.

  • C Donnatucci

    Glenn – I understand the need to not escalate or match the violence but i feel like we are missing the underlining issue of the continual overreaching of the federal government. I read this post and the other on the entire Bundy case and would love to get your thoughts on this guys comments:

    (the video linked not the actual post….)

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    hey beck and zoo crew, thanks for proving my point about what nwo tools you all are. using the ranting of one crazy “shoe lady” to throw dirt on legit questions about the strange events and actors around us. there have been false flags since time immemorial. cui bono? that is the question that should be first out of everyones lips in every situation. animal trainers use fear then reward to get animals to do what they want. what are “wanna be” owners doing to us?
    so bad things happen – either crazy lone nuts or false flag setups, in any event justice must be served and asking questions is the first part of that process.

    your a disgrace to reason and logic. the fusion of misdirection and clown-dom.

    • elkabong

      10:17 — Captain Blabbermouth is *reading* some nebulous, incoherent rambling statement about — what? Gawd, what a blowhard. Dude fancies himself as a philosopher, historian, theologian, and sage. Holy crap.Edit: now, doom and gloom — “I’m willing to lose everything I have”. What a friggin drama queen. I think he’s gonna cry.

  • Joe

    Tyrants respond to feigned peace with laughter, mockery and then more aggression and violence. Tyrants respond to real peace with laughter, mockery and then more aggression and violence. Tyrants respond to the self-defense of a righteous people with fear, panic, treachery, and then more aggression and violence. Two of these choices fell good and warm and cuddly for a while. But since this is not a sit-com or some happy “made for TV” special, we need to take the third choice and with the threat of force (the 2nd amendment) and stand against domestic tyrants using the authority our founders cited. It will be very painful.

    Don’t tread on me. Sadly, our Republic will not be restored peacefully.

    P.S. No one is perfect. I am glad some of the imperfect peoples of our Republic stood up. For a time, even they can be used as the good example.

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    by his logic we can tolerate a foot on our neck because that’s what God wants. no, you throw tyranny off – one second of slavery is one second too long. comparing complex race issues with a clear and present danger of modern slavery is a cheap shot and a non-sequitor.

  • Joe Barlow Jr

    Which one of us has the faith of the fearless warrior that goes into battle 100% completely confident that God has his back. It is an unshakable faith that only those that have it understand the need for God in their cause in order to be triumphant over their oppressors. Without God first, the man with a cause loses. In other words, the fearless warrior is an instrument of God’s will, not man’s will. Although the Civil War was lost to the North, Stonewall Jackson comes to mind when speaking bout this subject. Jackson was very successful in many battles, he was a devout Christian who saw himself as an instrument of God’s will, an Old Testament–style commander of armies in the service of his Lord. Another that comes to mind is George Washington. Glenn couldn’t be any more right on this…

  • linda barnett

    When they come for your house and family, what will you do glenn? There is no big battleground, just lots of small conflicts. I think you will throw your hands up and surrender. And I imagine that the women put themselves on the front lines, nobody forced them. Women who really believe in the Constitution would maybe rather go that way than to be repeatedly raped by russian troops.

  • ISawTheLight

    Please bring it to me I FEAR none, put your gun in my mouth pull your trigger !
    I will say this to you as you worship your hatred >
    Our Father which art in heaven, hollowed be thy name .
    Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven .
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And FORGIVE us our debts , as we FORGIVE our debtors .
    And lead us not into temptation ,but deliver us from evil :
    for Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, FOREVER
    Yours truly I Saw The Light

  • Benjamin Howling

    The point most are missing is that Glenn is stating that we, Constitution loving Americans, are not in a POSITION to “fight” because we have not yet “turned back to God” as a people. We have not humbled ourselves and started obeying the laws, statutes, judgements, and ordinances that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel instructed us to observe. Until we humble ourselves (recognize that we have sinned/transgressed the laws and instructions of our God) and then actually start observing God’s ways, which will ultimately include His holidays (not the other nation’s deities’ holy days), we will not be blessed in a battle for freedom. Interestingly, Beck even admitted that he is not observing all the instructions of our God.

    Remember the days of the prophet Jeremiah. The king of Israel wanted to fight. Jeremiah explained to the king that because he and the nation had not repented they would be slaughtered if they fought. Jeremiah instructed them to surrender to Babylon if they desired to live. This was because Israel had been warned repeatedly that they had turned away from God and they must turn back to Him, but they never did and thus the capture by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon

    • Anonymous

      Ancient Jewish superstitions have nothing to do with this.

  • ISawTheLight

    And now I hope your having fun you just showed me who you are.

  • Keith Panco

    Have you noticed how unfocused Glenn is? He goes from one project to another. He reads a book about someone, and goes off on a tangent, insisting everyone read it, like a kid who just learned something.

    • ISawTheLight

      Something isn’t right that is for sure my blogs have been deleted on a scale I have never seen .
      I’m glad to see someone else see’s that there is something going on I’ve been with him from the beginning and i’m on my way out .
      He knows something is up maybe we are the real watchers !

      • Anonymous

        Let have some laughs with a frictional conspiracy why the Federal Government want so much Western states lands and control over use ,restriction of no trespassing !! Is that Federal government made a pact with the devil at the expense of we people expense so they can get rich in getting in on ground level of new technology !!!! Leaving we the people completely in dark with no say in the deal !!! The devil is space aliens they get a bases which they can operate in secret, if underground won’t be disturb by drilling, government will look the other way in cattle mutilations and human abductions for exchange to our royal elites in congress and military companies of new alien technologies to become rich at our citizens expense and at the risk of our country security !!!, Congress use as a ruse environments protections, national parks for the future,to stop mining and campers and hunters; no cattle or grazing animals with global warming BS to keep rancher out the area ,BS to save the dessert tortoise that doing just fine among the cattle !! I hope that you have some good laughs !!!! Federal government land grab from the westerns states is still expanding Why ?????? should there not be a limit ????

  • ISawTheLight

    Stand and Fight what happened ?

  • Duddioman

    Here is the page that BLM scrubbed from their website when this all started. SCG found it in Google cache before that was scrubbed.

    See a conspiracy yet, Glenn?

  • Jay Underhill

    There are still about 115 landowners who are refusing to sign easements with TransCanada — close to 25 percent of Nebraska’s landowners who are in the proposed path of the pipeline

    On April 22nd, a group of ranchers, farmers and tribal communities from along the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline route, called the Cowboy Indian Alliance, will ride into Washington DC and set up camp near the White House to tell President Obama to reject the pipeline.

    I expect Conservatives and the Homegrown militias to stand up for them after the big showing they made the last few days after crying about Government overreach and tyranny in the Bundy ranch case in Nevada

  • Francisco D’Anconia

    Glenn Beck – you are a coward. If you want cooler heads to prevail, go stand in front of the women and in front of Sheriff Mack and ask the jack booted thugs for your rights.

  • Anonymous

    al bundy is a moocher. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Americans hate the rw guts and so does the gop. The baby boomers are the first failed generation to leave their kids a worse chance to make it and want to make it worse on their own kids.

    Sit down and shut up baby boomer failed generation. You are epic failures to your own children.

  • Michelle West

    I live here in Nevada about 2 miles from the Bundy Ranch. I am appalled by the actions of my friends and neighbors. I know some of them are just trying to support a friend and haven’t really opened their eyes to the extent of what is happening here. Others who I thought were sane and rational people so quickly were absorbed into the mob mentality. Frankly, it SCARES me. Not only were these people out there putting their families at risk, but our whole community. Regardless if the Bundys have a claim or not, the way it’s being handled is wrong by so many standards.
    One issue that scares me that no one is realizing is the lesson that is being taught here. People are out there showing violence and anarchy to their children. Children that my children go to school with. Are we teaching them to be heard you have the most guns? When you are wronged this is how you respond. This is how you handle conflict. One day when these children are older and feel like they aren’t heard and that they have been wronged they will remember that lesson. My fear is that we will be standing hand in hand trying to comfort each other as we wait out side the high school to find out if our children are one of the dead. Victim of a child who was taught that violence is the answer.

    • democideafterdisarmingchattle

      scare scare scare fear fear fear.
      please, keep licking those gummit boots. life is dangerous, especially when trying to defend from the criminal class that infiltrates every aspect of civilization from time immemorial. yes, when dealing with the agents of a illegitimate feral gummit – you go armed, peaceful, but armed. Jefferson indicated a little anarchy is healthy to route the inevitable corruption that grows in and around govt. if you were a good parent, children would have discernment between a simple disagreement and losing their human rights at the point of a corrupt gummit barrel. violence is always the answer to violence, but he who shoots first, loses.

    • Janet Prentice

      Thank you from southern Utah, I was thinking the same thing Understand the ranchers concerns, but, yelling & threating the BLM agents will not solve a thing. Michelle, you hit the nail on the head.

    • ken.

      not standing up in defense of our country, constitution and our rights is what got us into this mess in the first place. getting those back is not going to be easy and the corrupt criminal terrorist government is going to use violence against us to keep what power they have and take the rest of the power they don’t have yet. defending yourself is not violence, violence is what causes us to defend ourselves. if you don’t stand up for your values and principles you lose them.

    • R-WOOD

      Then they came for me– and there was no one left to speak for me.

      • Anonymous

        yes, the Germans didn’t do anything either.

    • belleruin

      Fear is no way to live your life. You better stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

  • Norm Baker

    YOU are on the wrong side of this one, Glenn… The people were there, (some armed, some not), to witness and record the actions of those Fed agents… What are you going to say now that most of the patriots have left and the Feds are getting ready to attack the Bundy’s again?? Should the Bundy’s just peacefully allow themselves to be murdered, like in Ruby Ridge and Waco??

  • Julie Richards

    I believe Glenn Beck is a traitor and a double agent

    • belleruin

      I agree.

    • Anonymous

      Doubt it, but the current administration is most certainly using some strong arm tactics to keep media in line. Look how FOX has changed. Yup poor Murdoch and that phone scam thing in England. They got him on a rope;
      play or pay.

  • Keith Panco

    Glenn is displaying a juvenile understanding of scripture. The verses he quotes about turning back to God were written specifically to the seed of Israel. Their nation was founded on the Law of Moses. Ours was founded on the Constitution. We are a secular nation with freedom of religion.

  • aaron Livingston

    This man Bundy has all right to keep his land without corporate sell outs like Reid who are letting foreigners buy American land, this is a nwo tactic to destroy sovereignty and destroy nations from within, Glenn you should be with Bundy and not against him, otherwise the population will be resorting to tent cities like the depression because govts get so corrupt that they steal all homes and land from under people against its own laws and they get to be above the law? for what reason? God clearly shows in his word that his law is above any law and that includes the right to private property without govt interferance.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, You preach, Listen to God, Follow God , and the feds rule us and threaten our lives and time passes and we ask God, Where you when we needed you ?, And God answers, I backed you up with patriots, I gave you firearms to protect you from evil, but you did not hear me, but I was with you all along.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I respect you but I do not follow you to that grave. Goody two shoes you are.

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    what’s very telling is, that if this drivel were on infowars, there would be thousands of comments the first day, not hundreds after two.

  • ken.

    we fight for gun ownership rights and the right to carry, so we can defend ourselves from criminals and a tyrannical government. but we are not allowed to use them even in non-violent protest, whats the use? armed protest is not violence, it says don’t bring violence on us or there will be consequences.

  • RPM Motorsports

    Proof Glenn Beck gets his marching orders from DC.

  • Jim Minch

    Coming from a man who cannot seem to discern the difference between the Holy Bible and “The Book of Mormon” that was written by a false prophet/teacher. But I digress….
    Let me try and get this right:
    We should not meet armed and lawless men with arms, but we are headed towards an American ‘French-style’ Napoleanesque monarchy which will soon end in bloodshed and beheadings.
    That contradiction makes absolutely no sense to me.
    Nor does your serious lack in spiritual discernment. Raises many red flags for me.

    • elkabong

      Coming from a man who cannot seem to discern the difference between the Holy Bible and “The Book of Mormon” that was written by a false prophet/teacher.The entirety of your post is correct. The guy doesn’t know *what* he believes, but he sure likes to hear himself make high-minded and pious noise.

  • steve

    So scared of something or someone Glenn changes his course again. CNN to Fox and now to the glenn beck money machine….who have you sold your soul to?

    • R-WOOD

      With his hate of Alex Jones he dug a hole he can’t get out of.

      • Mike Knox

        Did he actually name AJ by name?

      • Anonymous

        You bet! Not a daily follower of Alex Jones, but having listened to his programming, it is a know fact he does not encourage any violence of any sort despite being a gun rights advocate. Remember Adam Kokesh and his gun walk plan to D. C. last summer? Jones was very quick to call that an irresponsible mission.
        MSM and govt is now targeting Jones as the catalyst for terrorism. This is a very dangerour nefarious form of social engineering and brainwashing placing labels on people and groups to once again divide and conquer. Set society against a group and you’ll have their support just like under likes of Hitler.

  • Anonymous

    All we are saying, is give peace a chance ——–Then killem- Ha Ha :)

  • belleruin

    I have a friend to who thinks you’re the cat’s meow. I’ve never trusted you since I saw you on Fox. You are a fear monger. I also don’t think you and the rancher share the same faith. He’s not scared of dying for what he believes in…you’d deny Christ if it bought you one more day on earth.

  • pilot 180

    This is the crux, taken off BLM site document but found by Google Search:

    “Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle”

  • Third Eye

    Glen Beck has lost his mind

  • Charles Thompson

    I don’t like violence but I took an oath to defend The U.S. Constitution. The current administration has and is violating it. I blame both sides. Politicians on both sides lie to get elected. They have created nearly all the problems America is now facing. The liberals have and are continuing to buy votes with my tax dollars. So we, who only want to live in peace are not going create changes in the voting booth. Today isn’t much different than the times before we became The United States of America. If our fore fathers felt the same way you do, there wouldn’t be an America. Our founding fathers knew from first hand experience what bad things people can do to others if they have enough power over them. My personal opinion about war and violence is not as important than the personal opinion of the man who is standing if front of me wanting to beat my butt or kill my butt. If he doesn’t have a problem with those 2 terrible things, I can not afford to have a problem with them either. If I do, then one of two things is going to happen; 1, he will kill my butt; 2, he will beat my butt. If he chooses to only beat my butt then I will probably have to kiss his butt for the rest of my life. This is not acceptable to me. God gave us the will to survive and he knew what we were going to have to face when He removed us from the Garden Of Eden. I believe He will forgive us of our sins if we ask Him too. You can choose to sit back and do nothing unless you or your family are attacked. I believe the strong should protect the weak. I’m strong and I will protect the weak. If I survive doing that then I will ask for His forgiveness.

  • Danten James

    Glen your propaganda is failing when will you learn eventually the people will not forgive you for your blaspheme and I have already decided if you survive you will be tried with the rest of the traitors, get ready and go hide in your bunker already.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a tight rope walk. When you’re trying to get on the direct tv or cable, you become part of the msm and will need to follow certain guidelines. There is no way in h$ll Glenn can support the citizens who were told by Bundy all guns are to remain inside trucks as they have been targeted by the govt/pols as terrorists.

      Connecting the dots of the control grid:

  • kerry

    I am hearing talk that Darrell Issa will be opening an investigation into the conspiracy and coverup surrounding the planned seizure of Bundy land for the ENN project and the destruction of documents formerly on the BLM website. These are pretty serious charges, that could represent obstruction of justice and carry some pretty hefty penalties. I think the best plan of action right now is to wait until Congressman Issa completes his investigation into the matter, to see if the fees were even legitimate in the first place. But in addition, he needs to investigate the role of Reid, Reid Jr., director Kornze, Joe Biden and even the president himself, to see who knew what and when as well as to find out who ordered the destruction of the documents and who ordered the raid on the ranch. There are a lot of questions here and it will take some time to sort them all out. Until these issues are settled, I think we all need to just sit tight and wait for the facts to come out.

  • G Hos 1

    Glenn, I have been watching your program for a decade now. The last year or so I have noticed a real change in your program. I can not believe that you do not see the over reach and intimidation here of the Federal Government. You keep talking about the violence of the protesters but have said nothing about the intimidation of the Federal Officers. Who is coming after who? You need to watch the Kelly File for 4/16. I am canceling the Blaze and have set my DVR for Megan Kelly. Bye

  • Blase’Blase’

    Glenn, your a joke. Your all talk, hide behind the bible, really? If it were up to you we never would have had a revolution, nor a civil war. Alex Jones was right about you, I was wrong for defending you, my mistake. You have lost another supporter. Even the good lord knows there is a time for war bud, man up or shut up

  • Blase’Blase’

    Nice, now he’s screening comments

  • Blase’Blase’

    YOUR A JOKE, even if you keep blocking my comments…… You hide behind the bible, Really? If it were up to you we would have had no revolution, no civil war. Read the bible again, even God knows when its’ time for war bud, man up or shut up. Alex Jones was right about you, your a fake poser…. I was wrong for supporting you, that won’t happen again, I learn from my mistakes.

  • desmotti

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35 For
    I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter
    against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

    37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

    38 And he that taketh not his across, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
    You didn’t divide this country! Don’t you dare claim that already owned, coined, right of our King and Eternal Ruler, your Elder Brother! Get Low Glenn, cause all you’ve done that we’ve all seen is shown your true colors. Not Red, White, or Blue…Green for the filthy luccor, and Yella for your response to death threats. Weak. You’re no Patriot. You’re an Entertainer who got in deep with the Nicolaitans, or secret combinations. If wanna role like Moroni, Helaman, or any Worthy High P…you gotta stand alone, even when it means your head…or your loved ones. I forgive you for letting me down…I love ya still, you dipwad! Desmotti

  • xdzine

    glenn watch this video

  • xdzine

    We the people don’t want war neither do we want a tyrant government..
    who send out radical police after unarmed citezns

    • tatoo

      I am one of the We the People. I don’t want a war, but he should pay the same fees as his neighbors. Drag him into court.

      • Anonymous

        What neighbors? He’s the last one in that area; the others were already forced out.

  • Deagle1776

    I’d forgotten how unhinged Glenn Beck was.

  • ken.

    glenn, do you stand back and allow another ruby ridge, waco assassination or do you stand up and prevent it?

  • IT IT IT 111

    BECK started by pumping the FAKE rock pop ‘culture’.

    He ends shilling for the FAKE ‘KNEE –O’ con-jobs
    as POST America slides under the microwaves
    ———————————-and the ‘IN the RED’ takeover TERROR.


  • Anonymous

    Glenn is correct about land grab.
    Back under Reagan, James Baker declared “land as collateral” for debt; no more just borrowing with no collateral.
    Then in 1992, Bush 41 signed the Rio Treaty covering sustainable development which created “biodiversity” and reverting land back to wildlands.
    In 1993 Clinton started his President’s Council on Sustainable Development, the year that Bundy was suddenly targeted, only one of many. The Feds want the land restored to non-inhabitable property controlled by the govt.; thus giving them more land for collateral.
    The Bundy ranch is the last ranch standing in that area as the others have succumbed to the over reach of govt. This is not just about fines/fees, it is about running the man off his land let alone the grazing land all for the sake of collateral/resources to cover our debt. China recently bought Smithfield foods (chicken) and a GM plant. The great American sellout of American souls:

    God’s Law also encompasses taking care of injustice.

  • Sniper

    Let me see if I can calmly explain some of what’s going on in Nevada. The Constitutional Militia called up from the neighboring states are a large percentage military, and with the current wars, mostly combat veterans. Mr. Beck, considering you have never been to battle, let me explain that the last person to ever want armed conflict and most level headed, is one who’s been through it.
    Secondly, the Oath Keepers, who you’ve had less than stellar things to say about in the past, are an organization of current, former, and retired military, law enforcement, and first responders, (firemen, paramedics etc.) who are most qualified to handle the situation with a level head.
    The people of the United States didn’t call us gun nut rednecks when we were called to defend this country on foreign shores, and should not be so inclined to do so now. Make no mistake in thinking that we are there in any capacity other than to keep the peace.
    Each state has men in the field that are the most qualified for this situation and it is a sad thing that you’ve been reading the rants of keyboard commandos and thinking it was coming from us, and those on the ground in Nevada. The situation is in good hands, the chain of command has been established, and there are rotating tours of duty taking place to insure the safety of the Bundy Family, as we all have other duties, family, church, and community to attend to. We do not live in huts in the forest praying for war.
    There are no better men and women on the planet for this role than those in place and no one better to know what the government is capable of than those who have seen it first hand through years of service to it, while keeping their Oath to the Constitution.
    SC Oath Keepers

  • Danten James

    deleting messages now are we glen, are you really that scared

  • Linda

    When is enough, enough Glenn? Yes, the Bible says, ‘blessed are the Peacemakers’ but Israel also fought evil people, too. Remember 1775-1776 ? The Colonists talked and talked on and on, but didn’t get anywhere. The Revolutionary War was the last straw. I certainly abhor violence but people can be pushed so far. I thought you were a Patriot.

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