New parents…

My daughter Hannah just announced she and her husband Tim are pregnant!

Meanwhile my friends Clyde and Jamie are new parents too…

  • Anonymous

    orange soda for everyone. Especially Clydie Clyde!

  • Dean Dietz Jr.

     Congrats to all.

  • Nancy Beller Barendt

    Congratulations grandpa and grandma. You are in for a real treat :)

  • Debbie C

    Congratulation to Hannah, Hubby and Beck and Family. I pray that she has a healthy baby in Jesus’ name. Hugs

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn and family. I pray for a healthy and happy baby.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Grandpappy!!!

  • Anita Costello

    Congratulations to all!! 

  • Dotti Kern Warner

    Congratulation Glenn, Hannah and Tim.  May God Bless your pregnancy.

  • Smokey Behr

    Glenn: In 2 years, you’ll have a little one calling you “Grampa.” Think about that…

  • Marie Asmar

     Congrats to all ♥

  • Garrett O’Brien

    Congrats Grandpa! (did that make you feel old??? :-)  )  Congrats to your daughter and husband as well!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Congratulations to all of the Becks and relatives. 

    Another generation is on the way.

  • Virgie Morgan

    Congratulations Glenn and of course Hannah and Tim. Happy Mothers Day to Tanya and God Bless you all. You are Grandparents now! So exciting and I’m happy for all of you. Another life has been intrusted to you…a new reason to do what you do. Thank you for all you do. May the Lord light your paths always.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Congrats to all!

  • Andrew Hansen

     Congrats, best of luck to you and your family.  I have to say thanks, nothing will piss off libs more than news of the Becks continuing to breed

  • bucketnutz

    Congrats to all and may that baby be happy and healthy.

  • B D

    Poor little kid’s going to have a fear mongering lying loon for a grampa. That’s really sad.

    • Sam Fisher

      You know what is really sad? The left turning everything into an attack! Go troll somewhere else ass clown.

      • B D

        Sticks and stones Sammy Fish. Beck has made a lot of money exploiting people’s fears, ramping up angst and then selling them his hogwash books, show tickets, merchandise and subscriptions. He deserves all the criticism he gets and more. I was a conservative fighting the good fight when Glenn Beck was running around with a greasy pony tail behind his drunken coked up head, so bit me goober.

        • Sam Fisher

          First of all don’t you see the irony that is what Al Gore and Michel Moore does all the time but yet I don’t see you attacking them with the same bat shit crazy zeal. Gee I wonder why left wing nut job. Second you proved my point on why Glenn should not have said anything about his grandson because we got mental cases like you running around like your opinion and facts mean anything. When in reality your facts are lies and your opinions are based on said lies. finally I will keep hitting you morons in the face because one it is funny to see you bigots try to fight their way out of moronic statements like you did here second when the truth is shoved in your face it shows that you liberals are not as smart as you think you are.

  • Anonymous

    How did the husband become pregnant?

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

       that is the new  all inclusive PC way to talk about a pregnancy.And I kind’a like it cause it starts right off acknowledging that the FATHER is and should be totally involved.

    • Anonymous

      the man in the moon slipped him a roofie

  • Tim Radmore

    Is Stu planning on taking 2 months off after the baby is born?  I mean he has nothing to do with it but I sure he would find some way to justify it.

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn I am happy for you but was this a good idea talking
    about this. After all you got some mentally unstable liberals that hate your
    guts and send death threats to you. 

    • B D

      The real crazies Glenneth is scared of are the Evangelical Christians who think he’s the devil because he’s a Mormon.

      • Sam Fisher

        I am an Evangelical Christian and I don’t believe that.

        • B D

          Never said all Evangelicals, but there are a number of them who think Beck is evil.


          “While I applaud and agree with many of Glenn Beck’s conservative and constitutional views, that does not give me or any other Bible-believing Christian justification to compromise Biblical truth byspiritually joining Beck in an event, that according this his own website, will include an evening in which “nationally-known religious figures from all faiths will unite…”. The website continues “The audience for the event will be overwhelmingly made up of pastors, ministers and clergy…” The event is also described as an evening “that will help heal your soul.” This event is clearly a spiritual event with Glenn declaring on a video on his website that the hymn Eternal Father Strong to Save”is the message of 8/27″.  The problem is that as a Mormon, Glenn’s definition of God the Father is not the same as that described by Jesus Christ Himself in the Bible. Glenn says, “I have been reaching out to the biggest names in faith for the last year…I have met with the biggest leaders of faith in the country privately and I have asked them to help me put differences aside and to reach out with one another so we can remind people to get down on their knees for our brethren’s shield in our dangerous hour.” Christians that want to be committed to Biblical truth cannot “put aside” the cross and Gospel of Jesus Christ nor the supremacy of Scripture by spiritually uniting with those that proclaim another Jesus, another gospel and declare the cross foolishness. Many  American Christians will allow their commitment to reclaiming the country, reclaiming Congress, lowering taxes, and defeating the progressives trump their commitment to the Biblical mandate declared in 2 Corinthians 6 as well as the mandate of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 which commands Christians to expose every high and lofty thing lifted up against the principles of the Lord.American Christians should not and cannot rate our success on whether or not we return our country and culture to its Christian roots. Our success or failure must be based on whether or not we have been faithful servants of the one and only true God and have earnestly contended for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).”

          • Sam Fisher

            That is their problem.

          • B D

            No. It’s Glenn’s problem, just like I said at the start of this thread. Checkmate.

          • Sam Fisher

            Really idiot really.

          • B D

            Thank you. lol

  • Fern Love

    Congratulations to Hannah & Tim…Glenn & Tania et all
    the family!!  God be with this precious
    baby & family…  Praise be unto God for joyful & exciting news!!!!  Thank you, Glenn, for all you are doing.  May God richly bless The Beck Family.

  • Anonymous

    did you get a new puppy yet?

  • MudPuddleBunny

     I know that its passionate and bold, but please read…we’ve got to stop this sickness; together with God’s help.

  • Charles Chapman

    Get used to being called Gramps, Glenn.

  • PartyOfTwelveBeatsAFullHouse

     Contratulations !  It’s that healthy Texas Farm Living.
    Angel Kisses and
    May God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    Put your pants on for church. They need you. I’m scared but I’ll stand.

  • Ian Hayden

    Congratulations, Glenn and family!

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