Pat offered to help me a few weeks ago…big mistake

This is just before two sold out stage shows about a month ago. I called Pat and asked if he could help on the second show if I needed it as I had been traveling and was running out of steam. Five minutes before the show we both realized, I don’t write speeches. I jot thoughts. Fun behind the scenes captured by Tania.

  • Clyde Kopeski

    That’s hilarious.

  • Chapmac

    Pat has been sighted wearing a suit. I hope he was able to carry it off.

  • Rob

    Awesome. Poor, poor Pat.

  • Clyde Kopeski

    I think many people have been in that situation. It’s like going skydiving and the pilot saying 3 minutes to jump and you don’t even have a parachute on….then they push you out. I want to see the video of what he did when he walked out there. I think Pat pulled it off but feels like an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      If he pulled it off, he’s probably not getting paid enough.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure Pat is WELL compensated!

  • Anonymous

    I just love Pat!

  • Karen McCain

    The best part is when Glenn knows they have 3 minutes and he says “Okay, let’s have a blessing.” I’m sure he planned to pray before doing the show but here it looks like he know that now there is nothing left to do BUT pray for help. Thanks, Tanya.

  • Ginger Peck

    I love you Pat, sure you did fine but thanks for the laughs Tania.

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