Breaking bread with friends of all backgrounds and ideologies

This week I have had some pretty remarkable guests on the radio and TV shows. These people can only be described as strange bedfellows indeed, but we going to need to come together on the principles that can unite us if we have any hope of changing the world.

On Thursday, I invited some of my libertarian, religious, writer, entrepreneur, and Silicon Valley friends to join Tania and me for dinner just outside the Mercury Studios ‘Think Tank':


Breaking a glass with Rabbi Kula, symbolizing our marriage between faith/values/principles and high tech. Together, those two things will change the world:


Below is a photo of me showing the guests a few things from the history vaults: Handwritten letters on the New Yorker stationary from Nikola Tesla, history behind Edison and filmmaking, the actual Apollo 12 lunar landing maps, rare Disney Epcot material that Walt carried with him the last ten years of his life and more.


Rabbi Irwin Kula is one of the most sincere men I have ever met. He is a liberal rabbi from NYC. At first I didn’t want to meet him, nor did he want to meet me. I so strongly feel, now, that he is my brother. He is a different man than when I met him three years ago. Maybe he would say I am as well. I hope so. He is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, kind, soft spoken, and WIDE AWAKE MEN I have ever met. The spirit is sharing the same messages in all languages to anyone who will listen. He listens with his ears and with his heart.


He took huge risks in an interview with me. Especially about guns. “The left needs to look into people’s lives, one mans assault rifle is another mans hobby,” he said.

Wow. Brave.

We spoke tonight at dinner about making sure we remove the beam from our own eye before we look for the spec in others. He really gets it and I believe he feels the full weight of what G-d has shown him. Powerful man that needs to be heard and not just in his circle. Pray that he is filled with courage and love. Pray that we all are.


  • Anonymous

    Continuation of the “strange bedfellows” theme. Maybe Glenn does have some views in common with the left, but the cynical side of me thinks the strategy is, “See, these people on the left like me. So, more of you in the middle should subscribe to the Blaze.”

    • May Town

      Landree: that’s why you will never be able to have a conversation with anyone that doesn’t think exactly the way you do.

      • Anonymous

        You couldn’t possibly know whether I have conversations with people I don’t agree with. I’m conversing with you, for instance. Some of my good friends are hard core libertarians, with whom I enjoy and agree with on a number of issues.

        • Crassus

          You sound just like the racist who says, “Some of my best friends are blacks.”

          • Anonymous

            It’s unfortunate and unreasonable that you believe having African-American friends is racist.

          • Guest

            That isn’t what he said – but you already know that.

          • Anonymous

            You certainly don’t sound like you want to have a nice conversation. I don’t think Glenn would approve.

      • Anonymous

        What a rude woman.

  • Rachel Rayl

    Humm… I will have to say, being able to actually meet with “strange bedfellows” requires humility for both. Honestly, few people would actually discuss much of anything with others when neither of the sides are humble enough to admit that, guess what, no one is going to have THE perfect solution for any problem.

    Being a young leader in a large college group (at least large for the percentage compared to the university). I’ve found myself meeting with odd bedfellows as well. But civil discussions only last as long as I and the others can keep a humble, willing to listen, attitude. When humility is gone, all bets are off.

    One small side note… Glenn likes to talk a lot about meeting with “strange bedfellows” but he seemingly keeps a lot about those meetings hidden, only posting tantalizing hints as to the contents… Perhaps either stop it with all the “hinting” or wait to release the full story until you can actually release the FULL story.

  • Rebecca Taylor

    I appreciate the message that we must embrace those who we agree with about individual, important issues, even if we don’t agree on others. If we only work with those we agree with 100%, we’ll never solve any problems, we’ll just sit around agreeing with each other – which feels good, but accomplishes nothing.

    • Justin

      I’m afraid I must disagree. It may feel “good” but it is also what politicians so love to refer to as “reaching across the isle.” This may sound like nothing, but when you think about it, the reason nothing gets done is because of peoples differences of opinion. If you can get around those differences, and agree for once. That achieve something that everyone wants. Unity. And that my friend is how you fix, not only our country, but how you unify the whole world.

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes you just cannot sit down with satan, which is what you are doing with people who are against Jesus Christ. Maybe we can agree to disagree, but we must never empower those who are telling lies to continue to do so. If you completely disagree with someone, why should you give them an inch and know they will take a mile? For instance, I can never find common ground with someone who believes abortion is alright.

        • Jack

          The mentality that someone that believes differently than you, or that thinks differently than you is satan is why we can’t peacefully co-exist. What makes you any better than the people that hate christians for no other reason than the fact that they’re christian?

          There’s over 5000 religions in the world, but don’t worry, yours is definitely the right one.

  • Chris Layton

    So first we abhor, then we accept, then we embrace. We’re becoming a society without boundaries, where our standards must be lowered to such a point that we’d get into bed with anyone. This is what Glenn is promoting. Remember the “We’re all Catholics” bit? (because of the Catholic view on abortion). Sure, we’re against abortion, it’s blatant and obvious evil, but does that mean that we get into bed with anyone that meets the minimum standard of not killing babies? Sure, it’s an extreme example, but is there really any difference from what Glenn is suggesting?

    • Anonymous

      It’s an interesting catch phrase. But, is it really true for every kind of thing? I think it’s an argument you could make regarding things we regard as sin. But, I don’t think it applies to our relationships with people. Using that as a guide to how we deal with each other would only breed distance and hatred. I’d rather live by this phrase I heard from Dennis Prager… “I prefer clarity to agreement.” Comprehending another side’s position is more important to our relationships than agreeing with someone. I can continue to believe as I do, but I am expected to at least understand another’s views. That’s the only way we can learn to make compromises that don’t also compromise our core values.

      • Chris Layton

        I’d say that it would be really difficult if not impossible to point out an instance where it doesn’t apply. It’s normalcy bias, and if one thing remains the same, it’s human nature. It’s most likely what made it so easy for prophets to speak of future events and have a clarity of vision unlike others who had warped or perverted viewpoints.
        But you’re right, using that as a guide would breed distance and hatred which in Genesis is called enmity which is a divine attribute. Christ himself said that he did not come to bring peace but to bring a sword which would divide and the greatest foes would be those of your own household. It’s why this nation, established by God, can only be destroyed from within, by those things or viewpoints we choose to accept which have destructive long term consequences.
        The prophet Elijah probably did have a comprehensive understanding of the viewpoint of the priests of Baal, but at the end of the day, Not only didn’t he compromise his own core values, I’m pretty sure he did away with their point of view as well.
        Now if you fast forward that to today, Glenn would say “I’ll stand with them and protect their right to free speech. Hey, we’re all priests of Baal now!”

        • Anonymous

          Yours is one of the best comments here. We are not to become like others, but only be like Jesus Christ. Glenn’s Jewish rabbi friend may be a great guy, but he isn’t going to heaven without the saving power of Jesus blood. I wouldn’t want to be the reason someone went to hell because I told them what they believed was okay with God.

          • Chris Layton

            Thank you. Yes, that is so right that Jesus actually had an expectation that his family could and should be like him, perfect, as He is. He made it simple by saying, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” That’s the good news. It is possible to those who have faith and believe. The problem I see with hitching our wagon to anyone who only meets minimal standards as the world sets them, is being unequally yoked.

  • berne nightingale

    the point is that unless you suffer from extreme views, you can relate to other people, without giving up on your own values.the guiding principle then becomes love, instead of hatred and distrust–obviously that would lead to world peace–so maybe hence the many people here who twist what Glenn is saying into something quite different.the Christian message is indeed a frightening thing to face and do, we lose all our excuses for being small minded–some even thinks you have to give up on your own believes if you listen with respect and love–not so.Fanatics from any believe system, whether secular or religious seems to be pretty small minded sometimes.

    • Jew Whisperer

      Satan comes in as the Antichrist ushering in world peace proving himself to be God to the deceived (2nd Thessalonians 2:4) What did Jesus Christ himself say?

      ” Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. ” Mathew 10:34

      World peace is the guise the UN employs, it is a work of the devil, as far fetched as that may sound. God said as much in the very beginning when God addressed Satan in Genesis 3:15 and vowed to establish mutual hatred between the two seed lines. It has been that way ever since, World peace is an unworkable farce. Only upon Jesus Christ’s return will “World Peace” ever be realized.

      I have written Beck completely off, for one thing he is a cult member of the Satanic Kabbalist created Mormonism. He befriends queers, has false prophet CEO’s of 501c3 “chruches” who outright preach and deny that Jesus Christ is the messiah, as guests on his show, not to mention the fake “jew” edomites of Rev 2:9 and 3:9 such as the black beanie top Edomite practitioner of the Satan Babylonian Talmud pictured above.


      Hey Glenn, really give your life to the true Jesus Christ, mkayy?!!! You might actually start doing what the Bible says to do and not go on these silly feel-good tangents of yours that is detrimental to the viewership of your programming who believe it is possible to get along with “children of Belial”, no we cannot all get along, impossible. We cannot all be the head and no one the tail, and an eternal “enmity” exists between light and dark, good and bad, the wheat and the tares. God said that, not me. As did Jesus Christ.

      ” Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

      Start walking the walk and talking the talk their mr blechhhh, or you will have been found measured and left wanting greatly.

      P.S. It is ME who cannot “USE” you, not the otherway around you judaised schmuck. I’m not hear for anyones “pleasure” save for God. You sir on the otherhand have quite an agenda; unite,distract, and leave everyone in a state of “Babel”, which you have done so quite admirably since your CNN days till now. It is the result of you being in a cult that was created by the very enemy out to destroy Jacob/Israel. Yes the cult founder Joseph Smith had many a Kabbalah Mystics in his inner circle. I have no doubt that you are blood Jacob/Israel as am I, same for most Mormons, in that they are correct. Don’t pray to the Jesus Christ of “mormonism” but our Jesus Christ, the one who declared his mission in Mathew 15:34. Edomites of Rev 2:9 & 3:9 need not apply, Obadiah 1:18. My God man……

      • Jew Whisperer

        P.S.S. I’ll tune back into your show when my dog could use a good worming again, pffft

      • berne nightingale

        there is a big difference in the uniformity of the ideas that “The Anti-Christ” will enforce with violence and mind control and putting other people into little labelled boxes–and the ideal of different ideas, different people with the ideal that the guiding principle can be love and not the fanatical –as Camus, put “The tyrany of the absolutes”Quoting bible verses out of contex and the Spirit of the New Testament, does not make your obsessive labeling sound any more sane.To me , if we have to bring in the Anti Christ here–that has to do with hatred, and that is what your guiding principle sounds like.Nowhere does Glenn advocate a spirit of just giving up and let “other” people win.The “other” side–jews, blacks, concervatives, liberals are not necessarily all fitting into your little labels, and communicating with people is not handing over your principles–it just helps to see that our labels are not always the correct ones. It is excactly fanatics like you that we seem to find in groups who uses religion, or marxism or liberal extremes as excuses for hatred, that will ease the road of the “I have won, now we will do it my way..”

      • Anonymous

        You profess the love of Jesus Christ when that love is far from you. It reminds me of what a proper of God once said that God told him. “Their lips draw nigh into me but their hearts are far from me.” You are as far from being a true disciple of Jesus Christ as an atheist is. You have hatred in your heart and you represent Christianity in a verypoormanner. I think Jesus Christ abhors it when people profess to love Him while at the same time demonstrating their hatred for Gods children. You are truly in the gall of bitterness and I would suggest turning your heart towards Christ instead of just saying that you do. He’s not impressed with your lip service.

        • Jew Whisperer

          You are just another typical universalist antichrist, antiseedliner. Jesus Christ didn’t die for “tares” nor did he come for them, nor are they his children. You are a sycophantic follower of false prophet CEO’s of 501c3 wards of the zionist occupied govt that has become D.C. Jesus Christ called them what they are and YOU call them “God’s children”. Not every “human being” is God’s children. Do you even know what a tare is? It looks identical to wheat until it produces worthless black fruit due to the fact it is not wheat at all.

          You follow a false teaching that is not biblical, like I said an antichrist, antiseedliner universalist sycophantic follower of apostate “pastors” who preach universalism. Jesus Christ never taught that. He would not have rebuked the Synagogue of Satan as he did otherwise. They are truly Satan’s children, literal descendants of Cain and the rejected seed of Abraham in the case of Esau.

          You are nothing more than the result of a cancer that has swept its way though Christianity that gives aide to the enemy, denies who blood Jacob/Israel is, and blasphemes against the shed Royal Blood of Jesus Christ by extending the salvation message to sworn enemies of God.

          “He’s not impressed with your lip service.”[sic]

          What do you know of God? NOTHING, you do not even understand the beginning, you said I have “gaul of bitterness” . No kidding, any true Christian does against the enemies of God, you on the other hand call them “God’s children”. Really pathetic. That is what got this country in the mess we are in, Idiot sycophants like yourself that follow lying Zionist tools such as Beck. I’m fine with being out in the wilderness rebuking the enemy, all on my own if needs be. Your kind make me want to vomit. Keep casting your pearls before swine. Jesus Christ shed Royal Blood has TWO purposes, Salvation and damnation.
          The thought train you are on leads to Satan is God, sin is holy, the “jews” believe that nonsense. Cain was fathered by Satan, the first sin was carnality and knowledge of it, to not understand that is not to understand the entirety of the Bible.

          In Genesis 3:15

          ” And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

          enmity is hatred
          seed is offspring, progeny

          If you have no hatred for the enemy, that is the LITERAL progeny of Satan, you are not God’s. Nor will they ever become saved since they will never repent. What they will do is infiltrate, subvert, confuse and divide their enemy, Jacob/Israel. That they have done well, most of us consider THEM “God’s chosen” and we ourselves deny who we are due to embracing willing ignorance such as you do.

          Get a clue

          • Anonymous

            You are disgusting. What you write is disgusting. You are no better than the Christian Taliban. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to follow anything you have to say.

          • Jew Whisperer

            It doesn’t matter what I say, what matters is what Christ said. The world hated him too. Truth stands on its own. Now run along with your blinders on.

          • Anonymous

            Christ said to love your neighbor. He said to serve them. Satan loves contention, hatred and anger. Please, don’t confuse the two. In the end, you are not a disciple. You give lip service rather than action.

          • Jew Whisperer

            “Christian taliban” lol, really? Ya, in this case words will hurt you. ♪♫ “Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before……♪♫♪♫


          • Charles Pacek

            Good job with the scripture. As a Christian I am unimpressed-as even Satan himself can quote scripture. You can post whatever individual chapter and verse you like, however, Jesus never preached such a hateful message such as you are representing. That, sir, in indisputable.

          • Jew Whisperer

            Another sycophant follower of false prophet CEO’s of 501C3 wards of the state. The false doctrines being espoused today has lead our country into utter ruin. God himself separated the nations.

            What is indisputable is blood flowing to the height of a horses bridle out of the holy land, enemies of God slaughtered and Jerusalem cleansed eternally. As in the days of Noah, a sea of tares surrounding a small island of wheat. We are to have nothing to do with the children of Belial.

  • texastruthtweet

    I pray that I can be humble enough to find common ground with those I disagree with.

    • Anonymous

      I pray I can be strong enough to stand up to those who are against Christ. I believe our country has gotten to this place in history because 1. God has placed us here. 2. We have turned from God. 3. Christians have been silent. 4. We have allowed unbelievers to decide our lives for us.

  • Cindy

    I love your studio, and the table setting was Beautiful, I am a Christian, I feel the Jewish people are God’s choosen, The Lord was born into a Jewish family, I love them. I can never understand this anger in the World, I do believe it will be Christian’s and Jew’s triumph.

  • Anonymous


  • Timothy Wenners

    I don’t agree with Glenn. After his attacks on Ron Paul and his endorsement of more of the same, it can be easily said that he doesn’t stand for the principles of freedom. He’s never apologized, or taken back what he said about Ron’s supporters. Referring to us as terrorists.

    I want my country to be free.. and I won’t side with anyone who claims to have the right to violate principles of self ownership that guide my life.

    I own myself, I own my body, I own the fruits of my labor.

    Attempt to violate that, through the force of a vote and government, and we are going to have issues we will never agree on.

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