Should 2014 be the year you quit your job?

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I came across a post on LinkedIn entitled “10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014” by author and entrepreneur James Altucher that is one of the best, most honest articles I have read in a very long time. It is totally brave because it is true. This guy gets it, and the article is well worth the next five minutes of your time.

“Now the course of history has finally written its next chapter… I’m going to tell you why you have to quit your job,” the article begins. “Why you need to get the ideas moving. Why you need to build a foundation for your life or soon you will have no roof.”

We all have to work to figure out where we are supposed to stand and what we are supposed to do, and the article talks about why corporate culture is holding people back.

“Technology, outsourcing, a growing temp staffing industry, productivity efficiencies, have all replaced the middle class,” James writes. “I’m on the board of directors of a temp staffing company with one billion dollars in revenues. I can see it happening across every sector of the economy. Everyone is getting fired. Everyone is toilet paper now.”

You might have 500 excuses as to why you can’t quit your job – financial obligations, benefits, age, children, etc. But no amount of money in the world is actually going to provide the freedom you seek.

“Don’t stay at the job for safe salary increases over time. That will never get you where you want – freedom from financial worry,” James says. “Only free time, imagination, creativity, and an ability to disappear will help you deliver value that nobody ever delivered before in the history of mankind.”

You don’t need to run out and quit your job today, but is your current career really allowing you to share your talents with the world? To live your best life?

“Make the list right now. Every dream. I want to be a bestselling author… I want to have freedom from many of the worries that I have succumbed to all my life… I want to help all of the people around me or the people who come into my life. I want everything I do to be a source of help to people. I want to only be around people I love, people who love me,” James writes. “THESE ARE NOT GOALS. These are themes. Every day, what do I need to do to practice those themes… This is how you take baby steps. This is how eventually you run towards freedom… Until you choose yourself for success, and all that choice entails, you will be locked into the prison.”

WARNING: This article will take you five minutes to read. But if you are brave enough, it will haunt you for a very long time – until you become glassy eyed or break out and make your dent in the universe.

Read the entire article HERE.

  • Tom Geistkemper

    I read it. I read some of the comments. As a result I have to conclude this recommended reading is malarkey.

    It’s always so easy for people who are successful to tell people to quit what they hate and search for what they love to do; stop with the excuses, emerge from the holes and start to flourish in the daylight. Nevermind the Real World and the food bills, mortgage payments, car payments, hospital bills, taxes owed, insurances premiums due, etc. For wealthy folks it’s somehow so simplistic to say “give it up” while those of us hanging on my our fingernails are sweating.

    The author mentions the temp agency world and from my wife’s own experience the temp agency world is no different from the real world; 50 applicants for each position that comes up. When work experience is limited as in her case (a recently naturalized American citizen from Eastern Europe) there is zero incentive for the temp agency to look at her. As a result she gets depressed since she can’t find a job and the pressure mounts on me to try and find her something to do.

    My advice – DON’T quit your job. Be thankful for what little you have because it can disappear in a nanosecond.

    • Candy Kriegel

      Well said!

      • Christina Justin


        ▊▊▊ ▊�▊▊ ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊ ▊�▊▊ ▊▊▊My present is great but my future will be awesome due to the foundations I’m currently building.

        • Dana Rose Sturgeon


    • Harley Gal

      Thank you!!! Someone who is worried about how I will make ends meet next month -if I’ll even have a job – as much as I typically love reading anything Mr. Beck suggests, this really turned my stomach. I know he’s shared the road he’s journeyed. With the number of people who are struggling, knowing he’s been in that position, he maybe should have reflected back to those times before posting this. A bit disappointed.

    • Sean

      I think you missed a lot of what the author was trying to convey here. Yes the title is polarizing, but he clearly states that this is a process. He talks of PLANNING, mapping out how to balance your life. He suggests talking small steps towards being more independent and acknowledges that this is impossible and probably foolish to do on a whim.

      Yes, we should be thankful for what you have, but that doesn’t mean you should become complacent with your life. He encourages us to aspire for more.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly right! So much easier for those already set to tell others “just quit, do what you want” not hardly if it involves taking care of your elderly father or mother who no longer can care for them self’s or for any other mature responsibilities that has to be done in order to survive in the ‘real world’, sounds like this guy needs a reality check like visiting the people who either live under the bridges or on the streets, cause that’s probably where a person might end up by selfishly pursuing one’s own endeavors an leaving behind life’s responsibilities. Thanks for cluing me in before wasting my five minutes reading the full article.

    • Anonymous

      Tom, get a copy of his book “Choose Yourself”….Successful people overcome a lot of adversity and James has had his struggles with demons before making it. He isn’t a silver spooner…He is a unique individual that’s for sure.

    • Krimsen King

      This is so sadly true. When opportunities are so scarce, and when companies are allowed to pay people less than living wages for full time work, we see the result… Desperation and depression. This is no way for a civilized society to behave. We can’t all be innovative, ambitious go-getters who will do anything to ‘succeed’. Heck, we don’t even really WANT an entire society like that. What we really want is for people that do an honest days, full days work to be paid a wage that they can support a family on. Now, will ‘free market solutions’ do this?

    • Hazel in Houston

      I get where you’re coming from but don’t give up. I’m not exactly the office type….my background was catering, however, I have found the solution. I am my own boss. I work out of my home…….I am living the WUN Life. The workforce of America is changing and change we must if we are to survive, especially those of us with no college degree and like many wives limited work experience. Even in times of recession there is an industry that not only survives but actually experiences tremendous growth. NetWork Mkting …… finding the right fit is what makes it work.

    • Americanfirst

      What a great comment. The author is missing, many people keep their jobs and go after their dreams during their free time. This article is irresponsible and a reflection of a dying culture. I must question the path of anyone who would suggest leaving a paying job is a good idea.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn has been espousing lots of malarkey lately!

    • Philip Bushdiecker

      This is true, but if you paid attention, he said that you can create your own side business (or as I put it, a “hobby job”) so you can use your creative ideas and put them to good use. Every small business has the potential of becoming something big. Having your own small business opens up that possibility of having a successful business that you can support yourself with if/when you decide to quit. I agree that not everyone can do this, but everyone has the potential of doing this. And that my friend, is why I believe he wrote the article. To help give those who can do this a nudge in the right direction (in a rather blunt way). I also see it as an inspiration for those who haven’t decided what they want to do for the rest of their lives to put their creative ideas to good use. At least, that’s how I look at it.

  • kj

    I’ve read the article and the naysayer below, and I can say this: It’s all about balance, people. No, don’t quit your job with no plan, but don’t just keep trudging down the same road every day knowing that it doesn’t lead to where you want to be. Make a plan. Change one thing (or two, or three, as you can) each day that moves your life closer to what you want. Self-employment is hard and sometimes more risky, but can be ultimately fulfilling. Corporate life may not be as hard, but is definitely less fulfilling. The point trying to be made here is that it is becoming more difficult to depend on corporate life to be there in 5, 10, or more years. Build your own business, and you have something you can count on, a little more.

    • Megan

      This is the way, one small thing at a time. I think the point is the time for change is now. Not total change, just start something towards something now. I think he is right.

  • Alan Bean

    They can quit their jobs, just means more openings for new hires like me…

  • landofaahs

    Yes if you are Eric Holder or any other Obama administration hack.

  • Art Pinney

    This was me a year ago. I didn’t quit my job though – I wrote down my ideas and have been taking baby steps the whole way. Has it been difficult to work a job and come home to another one? Yes. But if the good things in life were easy – we’d all be on top of the world. My business is starting to pick up bit by bit. It’s challenging and rewarding all at the same time. And best of all, in a year I most likely can quit my job and never fear about another individual having so much control over my life that he or she can ruin it for me. Why? Because I control my destiny. My present is great but my future will be awesome due to the foundations I’m currently building.

    Check out my dream, my business. Get a handcrafted patriotic wood flag for your home and show your love for who you are and what America means to you.

    • Megan

      Good for you!

    • NotAnyKenny .

      I understand the “baby steps’ routine, but now, since I started that, I keeping pooping in my pants.

  • John Hancock

    It is all about mindset. I was brought up to always consider myself a free agent. Even when I worked for someone else I always considered it a business relationship that could be terminated whenever that relationship stopped being beneficial to either party. Lifetime employment was never ever a consideration!

    I left the corporate world in 2001 and became an independent financial adviser and to focus on building the small tax preparation business I had established in 1994. 2008 put an end to my financial advising business and there were no jobs available to provide the missing income. We downsized to the point where we could live off the income of my wife and my tax business.

    To occupy my time i started to write a book that traced American liberty back to its English origins. After two years, that book, entitled “Liberty Inherited”, became an Amazon history bestseller. I currently do speaking engagements and in January I was invited to London as a special guest at a conference of British conservatives. While there I had a private tour of Parliament and met bestselling author and Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan (the above picture is the two of us holding each others books). I am now writing the follow up book.

    The point of this is not to brag, but to to illustrate that what the article says is possible. You just need to have the proper mindset. The alternative is to continue having the “employee/worker” mentality and to hope that nothing bad happens.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, John. Good for you! I just commented on the ONLY negative review your book received. :)

      • John Hancock

        Thank you, Lartho, for the kind words here and on Amazom. As you saw, the negative comment was from a liberal who never even read the book. He did his one star hit piece and moved on (probably to call someone else’s book a “piece of right-wing crap”).

        • Ben Burton

          You know, John, I think you’d have been wise to use a slightly different name. Man, it took me forever to get back to this link. I googled your name, input it on Amazon under “books,” but got exactly what you’d expect. THE JH. If one does not know the name of your book, they’ll have trouble finding it. Just sayin’…..

          • John Hancock

            In this case, I really can blame my parents since they were the ones who gave it to me. After living with it all my life (especially the attention it received in school) I could not help but be influenced by it. It really did affect the development of who I am and was especially significant in my passion for history. I actually passed it on to my son.

            Thank you, Ben, for looking up the book and leaving the reply. I greatly appreciate it!

  • Leslie Sloan

    Good advice but somewhat unrealistic. Most people have everyday obligations that would not allow them to just jump ship. I read an article on this topic a few month back from a Dr CK Bray, and I feel like I have received better advice on how to manage my Career and work life without making such a drastic move. I’ve been really unhappy in my job, but I’m making proactive steps toward a better solution and setting myself up for a successful switch of careers. For most people that can take a little time and should involve well thought out planning.

  • Anonymous

    I read this as well a day or so ago, and agree wholeheartedly. It has made me take stock and realize that I work around mainly people that annoy the heck out of me and people that wouldn’t walk across the street to do me any favors, and I’m liked at my job!

    Time to get to work figuring out what I need to do to secure my future a bit more so that I quit feeling like Oliver Twist and pleading for ‘just a bit more sir’……

    • Anonymous

      Most of the people are selfish, even the best ones so do not expect too much. There are always people who annoy us, always. And plenty of nasty people who think they are the center of the world.
      And there is no such thing as great boss. With great boss nobody will be working and his business will be down. My two cents.

  • Take 2

    It’s a sticky wicket eg., with all City State Fed Taxation & Forced Insurences all added up ie it leaves 35% of gross income to scorch out Family Life – bills. Not fun at all. If, not down right depressing. (California bases. )
    In past a smart guy could play housing flips or income producing units etc on the side. Or grab some get lucky stocks. Now it’s ebay or Craig’s list selling off our toys – collectable junk.

    Sure, I get that the black social justice and or that Global Order gig got elected and is squeezing middle class into a top down and bottom up oblivion.

    Which means, your either doing fine or better poor under 19,300$ per year income or rich enough that 32% is or equals enough or plenty left over for some sense to continue doing business in America. I know that it was at 20% individual and 80% them once upon a time in America. I m thankful for the 12% but guess what = health taxation will climb to 12%

  • Anonymous

    For people who have made big bucks it is easy to write these things. But, the reality is if you want to meet your ambitions in life, you must slave things out sometimes. As a retired professional myself, the BEST way to live is to have the proper attitude to life, your obligations and your dreams. NOTHING in this world is free. Yes, socialism tells you that you are equal to the richest guy in the country, but same socialism is run by the ruling elites. This is where Amerika is heading. There is little honesty in this article because it is quite misleading unless your worth is in the millions.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I don’t understand why people who “have made it” can’t just enjoy themselves and their hard won rewards. Why do they want to share their recipe for success? Usuually it’s just a way to get more money by selling their books or get speaking engagements. Each person is unique and success means different things to different people. I have known many people with zilch who are the most serene people and I have known very wealthy people who are basket cases. And vica versa.
      If you are ambitious go for it–if you are happy bagging groceries go for it. My motto is all work is valuable. If you are an unhappy mess on meds to relieve the stress then by all means do something about it–but most of us are just feeding out familes, going to ball games, taking care of bills, growing flowers, writing online occasionally and not defining success for anybody else. I think when individuals make alot of money, in the millions, they feel, ‘well, everybody can do what I did, I’m nobody special.’ Yet they do thinhk they are special because then they lecture us on how to be like them.

  • Publius II

    This is good advice for some bad advice for others. But he is right that the middle
    class of corporate employees and union labor will be gone within the next few

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what ideas is he talking about. This is shaking water in a bottle. He is selling thin air to people while making money on it but not everyone can do it. All I know is that people who do their own business work 24/7 and not 8 hours a day. They have no weekends, they cannot leave for vacation, etc etc. In any case, unless one has at least a year savings or is young, no kids, can toy with such ideas.

    • Jim Gunslinger

      You are so right. I did it for 20 years and my friends who worked for a big company or the government did so much better. I have nothing to show for that time.

  • Deckard426

    The people in the wagon don’t want you to quit your job either.

  • Maryann Joan Perkins

    Didn’t witch Pelosi say something similar?

  • Anonymous

    To make his advice work, you have to have a similar temperament and mindset. A person who is timid and laid back may want to do what he advises but just doesn’t have the Donald Trump type guts to do it and that’s okay.

    • Anonymous

      Like Cheech & Chong

  • Anonymous

    And live on what ? Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

    • Anonymous

      Is that how you intend to spend the rest of your life, paycheck to paycheck?

  • Carolyn Sanchez

    I had a conversation with my adult daughter in Denver earlier this week that was very depressing and sad because of the state our country is in now. She worked at the YMCA for 10 years getting the low salary that they pay and always gave her best and went beyond duties to give her clients the best that they could get. She was much admired and loved by the clients but wanted to contribute more to the financial being of her family and their future. Then she got an offer of a “better” job near by which doubled her pay and put her into the business world, with a title. She likes the work but she is now working an average of 50 hrs. per week and misses being home to care for her family and dogs. But the higher salary is great, right? NOT. She visited their accountant before she called me and learned that her new salary put them in a higher tax bracket. So she is working harder, more hours and making twice as much and because of all the TAXES they now have to pay she is NOT TAKING HOME ANY MORE MONEY than she was at the Y !!!!! This is just wrong folks. She is basically working her butt off and missing time with her family and it does nothing for her family but gives more to our government so they can give it away to people who don’t work or contribute to anything good in our society, and to people that are here illegally and get free everything! So yes, maybe your are right Glenn, maybe it is time she quit her job and focus on things she loves! WE NEED A NEW TAX STRUCTURE AND WE WONT GET IT WITH THE DEMOCRATS! If you work hard and earn more you should be able to keep more — not less !

    • jen

      Welcome to America. Same tax code under Bush – so I know you like that tax code that Obama adheres to.

      • Anonymous

        Actually the Bush tax cuts, reduce the taxes of the lower income brackets by a higher percentage than the higher income brackets. But don’t let any facts get in your way.

    • Ray Congdon

      On the money… 62 yr old blue collar guy here. Work at a FIFO mining operation in the arctic. Make over $120k/yr by working over 80 hrs / wk 12hr + shifts with a 28 day “week” yeah, I get 5 days a year more off than an 8-5 worker… But pay… Wait for it… 56% in taxes!! and have to pay for commute airfare that is not deductable! I’m tired and my family doesn’t know who I am other than the paycheck… It’s not worth it anymore. And it shows. It’s getting harder and harder to find any new blood for this kind of work at any price.

      • Mills

        You’ve got to be doing something terribly wrong if you’re ending up paying 56% in taxes! You desperately need the services of a competent accountant. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the United states was the home of the brave, most of the comments I’ve read makes me think this is the home of the lily-livered. Successful people are people who made a decision to quit whinning and get on with the job of succeeding. Many of us that have achieved more than most have slept in our cars, eaten peanut butter & jelly sandwiches without the bread, lived in sub-standard housing all while working our butts off.

    “My advice – DON’T quit your job. Be thankful for what little you have because it can disappear in a nanosecond”. What a scary comment from someone on this site.

    Yes be grateful for what you have, but don’t stop there. The secret to life is learning, and using that knowledge to move forward.

  • Hidden History of Oz

    Baby steps toward freedom is the purpose of this article. Not everyone wants to be their own boss. I am happy with the 40-hour a week structure that gives me stability to work on my dream projects and stories in the evening and weekend. There are many projects that I have worked on for the last several years, and they are not quite in saleable condition yet, but they soon will be. Einstein said that everyone is a genius at something. We should not judge a fish for its inability to climb a ladder.
    Few people are like the author of this article. Those that are of this mindset always seem to end up in the same broad line of work – writing books that tell others how to let it go and live life for yourself. If you truly want to “Let it go”, I have a song for you…
    Like many of the commenters here, I live paycheck to paycheck, and letting that go is not an option. However, I do contract work (consultant with IT departments), so every job has a specific time limit. I know that each job is not going to be my last. I am always working on new skills and enhancements to my abilities so that I will be that much more hireable when the next job search comes around.
    In the meantime, I am writing stories, and working on a dream project. Just this week I found the open-source tool that will let me build the structure I need. Good things do come to those who work.

  • Shay

    It’s gonna disappear in a nanosecond too Tom if we don’t get a President in office
    that knows what they are doing. I think this guy is setting us up for a hit, This obama
    is mean in my view. He’s hurt about everything he can. Our Preachers are infected
    with False Doctrine of Chrislam & Replacement Theology. This Pope, supposedly
    the last one, according to St Malachy, has already defected from the faith, I don’t think
    he’s read John 3. America is in tough, The Bush’s, Clinton’s Obama are all in on
    the dissolving America, ridding us of religion and all our freedoms for the sake
    Fellow countrymen: READ, The Harbingers, Eye to Eye, The Blood Moons
    by Mark Biltz, Dateline Jerusalem by Chris Mitchell. THAT’S THE ONLY HOPE
    WE GOT. If Hilary the MANKILLER GET IN, it’s all she wrote. People in
    America think they are voting for Prom Queen, most aren’t smart enough to vote
    I’m afraid. I hope they realize the mess they made,but I don’t think they do.

    • Gene Hall

      My God. I cant believe how many cynical comments have been made. Most of you obviously dont get it. What a bunch of dummies. And we wonder why America is loosing its grasp on being the best in everything.

  • Grant

    But Priorities. If one tries this and has responsibilities for family and neglects them, they are probably selfish ambitious types, if they don’t have self-sufficiency already (such a millions in the bank). Nothing like quitting one’s well paying job only to find themselves needing assistance later (or sooner?) from others who were say, less ambitious and paid their taxes, etc.. Opposition comes to most at one time or another. Hard times. Even to those who tried hard and failed, but tried hard and through just bad luck, lost. It happens, actually, a lot. But if one is SINGLE, and doesn’t mind the ramifications that may happen in the mean time, then by all means, go for it. But if one puts off marriage to do this, I don’t know how that’s a good thing at all. The most important thing is, FAMILY. But don’t put your kids through your dreams and make them miserable while you “soar” seeking your dreams making it big being a, musician doing gigs and waiting, waiting, for that big get discovered moment, or be a programmer working on your killer APP that will make you millions, as you rack up only hundreds in real sales, and yet you persist and neglect real income earning opportunities… Inventors the same risk there.. Internet startups, any business idea really, etc. etc. come to mind, where people think they will strike the BIG ONE if they only apply their great talents to it, but in the mean time, slim pickins. It takes more than talent in this world. It also takes LUCK, sometimes society position plays a role (sometimes??), and so the seekers play a lottery of chance. Not everyone can have what Glenn Beck got to get. There just isn’t ROOM for say, 5000 Glenn Beck type shows in the world, nor are there 5000 as talented at what he does anyway. No, probably only two or three slots for this niche. So… its not that easy to be “whatever” you want to be in this life, even if it is possible (with God’s help), that’s not the point… sure its POSSIBLE (maybe in the resurrection), but Probable now? Who’s the realist among us? Risk taker or realist, most are realists and they do fine too. We should focus on Building the Kingdom of God instead. Now THERE’s something that is WORTHwhile. Something I can feel really great about. Building up Jesus’ Kingdom no matter what we do for a job, even flipping burgers. Just seek first, what we _should_ seek first. And choose a job you LIKE if you can. Switch when you don’t like it. And grab your dreams but with PATIENCE and selflessness, and of course, a heart to seek first the Kingdom of God.

  • Anonymous

    In reading these comments, I believe you have read this article, but didn’t really READ what he was saying. Those complaining about how easy it is for James to talk about quitting really need to learn his story. Everything he talks about in this article he has done (several times) himself. Poor and broken to the point of admitting he was balled up in a corner crying his eyes out. I suggest you sample some of his other writings before blowing this one off as malarky. Yes, I am a fan of his writing, but only after reading tons of his stuff. Btw, this particular piece is relatively old. Not sure how old just know I had read it a good while ago. There aren’t many authors by whom I receive their blog posts by email. James is on that short list.

  • k hunter

    “quit your job” is tongue-in-cheek. Of course one should keep ones job as long as possible for too many don’t have a job. And, frankly, I don’t care what that job is. It is better than none and even if folks look down on such a “mediocre” job that pays close to nothing let’s be proud of what we are doing, do our best and excel in that job. We are at a crossroads in this country – too many will come to the few with jobs to ask for handouts (via the political parties in power). Be proud that you are one who can give – even a little – to those who have nothing for it will not be long until we all (the masses) have nothing unless something drastically changes and we realize:
    An entrepreneur becomes successful, starts a company, hires folks, pays salaries, company grows and expands, still more folks are hired, more salaries are paid and the ones with salaries pay taxes. And all the while the entrepreneur gets richer and richer. And so it should be! But what if he finally had enough of (unfounded) harassment, decides to call it quits, takes his money, leaves the country and closes down his companies? Suddenly all his employees are out of jobs, have no income, pay no taxes and no Union dues either, for that matter.
    End of story. I like this metaphor: One will milk a cow to death while not feeding her and not caring for her. Dead cow = no milk! Kill the chicken that lays the eggs = no more eggs! Why is it so difficult to see that one can not get anything for nothing? It’s so simple!

  • Megan

    I am shocked at the enormous amount of comments that say “it’s easy if you’re rich….” I did not realize that Glenn Beck had so many liberals listening. Liberals who are envious of the rich, the poor me attitude, the lack of a can do independent spirit, the lack of entrepreneurship this country was founded on. Wow. Rich people fail in business all the time! In fact there are more business failures every day than successes irregardless of net worth. That is no reason not to try something. No one is saying be irresponsible. The message is break free from being a slave of big government and big business, unless you like your job then keep on doing what you like and more power to you too. Wow.

  • Carl I.

    I was making 6 figures and living in NM, in Dec of 2014, my wife an I decided NM is not where we want to be and the company was not where I wanted spend the rest of my life working (been there 10 years, mostly in florida). So what did we do, I quit my job and moved back to Florida. I had nothing lined up, nothing waiting or me. But it was the best decision I ever made! My wife and started our own company using our strengths. We are working hard to get it off the ground but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My marriage is better, my relationship with my kids is better and we are happier.

    I think the article is dead on…. More people need to consider it. It’s scary, but worth the ride….

  • Steven Lange

    I had decided five years ago that had to transition. It does not happen overnight. I had spent three years writing my novel,and two years pre-marketing.Within a few weeks,Breathing Room will finally be released. I wish anyone making the decision to make the change,the best of success.

  • Akrude Nolledge

    Anyone talking in absolutes is, well, not accurate. So if it’s hyperbole, does it have a point. Yes, it does. It speaks to the illusion we have been entranced with, to get through school so we can ‘get a job’ and pay a piece of it to the government and buy things. Talk to the kids coming through this system; few have a clue. This sounds like our dear Timothy Leary-speak; except without the drug-slur. In fact, it could very well be the result of the pendulum swinging back to that era, only with maturity and hindsight. We will have to forgive the young if they know of no other way to express themselves except with absolutes and exaggerations. There is a LOT of background noise thrown at them and they SHOULD be frustrated with this mess!

  • Angry Grizzly

    My former employer who I adored as not only my boss but as a friend retired and sold his company. Due to some difficulties renewing my drivers license I was not able to go to work with the new company, and as a result I’ve been out of work for over two years now in the moron’s democratic republic of California where if you are not a software person you are a hobo due to the Marxist environmentalist morons passing as many laws as they can think of to deter bushinesses from prospering in this state. We all cannot be software developers or Internet moguls. So as the horribly misguided environmentalists drive every business that actually produces something out of the state California’s economy makes Greece’s look good by comparison. Not all of us are able to say “take this job and shove it” like the article seems to encourage. We need to put people in office in our states that understand how economies function and pass laws that help them thrive with balance regarding environmental issues The State of California once was an economic powerhouse, but no more since the environazis have taken over and run every industry out of the state

  • M.R.

    “I don’t understand why people who ‘have made it’ can’t just enjoy themselves and their hard won rewards. Why do they want to share their recipe for success? Usually it’s just a way to get more money by selling their books or get speaking engagements.”

    Wow. With comments like these, it’s difficult to believe some of you are a regular Glenn Beck listener.

    Remember how many times Glenn has said, “spit yourself out of the system?” Glenn did this very thing by removing himself from the “system” of television broadcasting. He is one of the pioneers of using the Internet to build his media empire, and it is an empire. Radio, TV, books, a magazine, podcasts.. All because he refused to play by someone else’s rules. And we’re the benefactors of his sacrifices and hard work.

    James Altucher is basically saying the same thing. The world has changed. Companies are no longer keeping those who just “show up.” They consider such people dead weight and whenever there’s a wave of lay-offs, those people are the first ones to go. And then there are circumstances like a good friend of mine had. He had a great job but was hospitalized and out for a little over a month. When he got back, his company realized they were able to have others do his job and so he was no longer needed. Boom. Walked to the front door after giving his company eight years of solid service. It’s happened to so many people already and will continue to happen.

    The article said that if you are employed, don’t just take it for granted. Make sure you’re adding value to the company by bringing in great ideas and then work on them to make them happen. Be remarkable. Show the stuff that our Founding Fathers had (especially Thomas Jefferson!).

    I finally “spat myself out of the system” in 2012. It took years to understand what I was able to do that could earn me a decent living. Now in 2014, I’ve already had a few months where I doubled my take-home pay from my previous position and I’m intent on increasing my income even more. Those who decide to start their own businesses are the ones who will be able to provide jobs eventually as they grow. This article was meant to be an inspiration, not an indictment.

    You were born to bring your brilliance to the world, not be a corporate cog. Landscaper, painter, dog trainer, florist… there are so many ways to do this. Not every entrepreneur is in the tech field.

  • elkabong

    I heard Beck open with this piece yesterday. I’m not surprised he glommed onto it, given that it’s so ‘Beck-like': vague, overly broad doom-and-gloom countered by admonitions to *seek your own happiness before it’s too late!*Flowery stuff like this: Until you choose yourself for success, and all that choice entails, you will be locked into the prison. You will stare into your lover’s eyes looking for a sign that he or she loves you back. But slowly the lights will fade, the warmth of another body will grow cold, and you will go to sleep dreamless in the dark once not professional counsel *anyone* should take seriously.And of course we’re left with more flowery stuff from Beck: WARNING: This article will take you five minutes to read. But if you are brave enough, it will haunt you for a very long time – until you become glassy eyed or break out and make your dent in the universe.Really — what, in heavens name does this mean?

  • Melissa Hicks

    I read this a couple days ago, too. It prompted me to buy his book “Choose Yourself” for the Kindle for $.99 of Amazon. Not a bad deal. He is a sharp, honest writer, with a lot of good ideas to help you along to a better life. You don’t have to do them all. You don’t have to do any. You don’t HAVE to quit your job, but I think if you do just a few of the things he recommends, you might get to know yourself a little better and even be inspired. I like this guy!

  • Randy Harod

    You missed the point that being your own boss is the ONLY security. Work 2 jobs like our ancestors did–the one you have now and the one you create for yourself–until you can quit. Companies, technology, and now our government are forcing the elimination of your current job. Will you wait for the “buggy whip” pink slip, or go make your future? I left a major company as a mid level executive 32 years ago and got into my own business through a partial buy-in of a small business 29 years ago. It gave me the first real control over my family’s lives–money, not moving, etc. Lots of hard work and many hard days, but it was worth it. You can do it too!

  • Biz raz

    I have made some serious conclusions about Americans. Back in November 2013 I posted an appeal video to Americans along similar lines.
    I conclude Americans don’t care, are apathetic or suffer from cognitive dissonance. (refuse to believe). You cannot change these things without motivated individuals.

    I changed the appeal highlights of this video several times, and still only have three subscribers. I’m sorry, all the well written explanations and prophetic logical outcomes for our country are not registering with Americans.

    Maybe, Glenn Beck can wake some up. Poverty is at the doorstep, if Americans don’t enjoin the Entrepreneurial spirit that made America great. Complaining, whining and otherwise making excuses is now the American way. Talk is cheap, and that is evident all over the internet. Americans are going to have to knuckle down, make a habit of doing things they don’t want to do to save themselves and our country.

    No one person has all the answers to our countries problems by any means. However, I believe constructive debate and discussion among Americans can lead to viable solutions. If people don’t care enough for themselves, their families. or others they are sure to reach a sorry end.

  • Anonymous

    This is code speak to escape Charlotte’s web of multinationals and other big business doctrine. Like Celente asks, what ever happened to those mom & pop shops? The answer is simple; the people wanted it that way. Everything has its price. And today its become harder and harder to start a business with all the red tape created by the leaders the people voted for. Our alphabet president and progressives who thought were fighting the robber barons, actually created the system that has now brought us to this point.

  • Krimsen King

    “Technology, outsourcing, a growing temp staffing industry, productivity efficiencies, have all replaced the middle class,”… actually, slave labor in china and india and other third world countries have replaced the middle class… you can call it by whatever name you want, but this is the reality…

  • linda barnett

    It is becoming necessary to drop out of the system because the system is evil. Being part of it means you are feeding the monster. There are many ways for single people to drop out, and I do not mean taking government blood money. Look at the Amish. They do ok but are not part of the whole evil system. I really envy them.

  • Biz raz

    All the excuses, whines and complaints won’t fix the middle class.

    How many times have you heard, Government by the people, of the people and for the people? I’ve heard it thousands of times and have come to realize it means nothing to the average American.
    If Americans embraced those words and were pro-active and had been pro-active up to now we would not have our current situation. The old bit of letting someone else do it, or fix it doesn’t get the job done. Just like the posting from WinnieR…

    that kind of thing could never have been in place without the apathy of Americans.
    When Americans cared, vehemently defended their Constitutional rights it never happened.
    Face the facts, Americans let this happen and continue to let it happen. All the talk and a few people like Beck, Jones, Limbaugh,Savage and others are just that…talk. Words and positive confessions can only motivate people so far.

    Hunger, deprivation and outright misery will probably be the course America will follow. Government is systematically destroying the country and no one seems to care enough to involve themselves.

    No one cares, simple as it can be said. Americans don’t care, if the dead rat is not in their soup, but the person next to them has one in his soup…too bad. Americans are apathetic about the plight of their neighbors and fellow man. They have lowered their standard of living and are accepting of constant Constitutional abuses.

    LBJ waged war on poverty when it was less than 10%, now it is 30+%. Where do you think that extra 20+% came from? Yep! the middle class.
    If Americans don’t get with it, embrace and put those glorious words into action from the Gettysburg address, Government by the people, of the people, for the people who else is going to do it?

    Yes! who is going to preserve your Liberty? Some Gomer you vote for, because you think your duty is to vote. Yes, when we accept people like we have in the government now as our standards for character and patriotism America is gone as we have known it. We must make careful choices and demand viable patriotic candidates for office. We cannot accept the party hack choices. Caucuses and Primaries must stand forth capable candidates. The tea parties must be supported simply because they believe in the Constitution, small government and they believe in God. The tea parties are the solution at it’s roots, and solutions for an American turnaround are possible over time.

  • wentworthcheswell

    Our family philosophy…..”If you can see it, and believe it, you will achieve it…..and, if you are working for somebody else, they did!

  • Biz raz

    You think it is bad now? You wait until they start shutting down the power and continue to charge you the same amount of money. The globalists are taking over the power industry, Obama has shut down over 400 power plants in America

    Do you hear Americans complaining? Are Americans going to continue to remain lethargic and apathetic about the government shut down power plants, and continue their spurious attacks on the production of power in America.

    You want a good taste of Globalist and big international bankers influence go to Africa. Accra, Ghana is one of the more affluent countries and their power is rationed with intermittent shut offs that often last for days

    Do you think you can live with that?
    You better think on that hard, because it’s coming here very soon.

    Here is just one link FYI

    The American government is already preparing with installation of electrical smart meters. They have the ability to shut down any customer at will regardless of location. That way they can control who has power and who doesn’t with a simple switch.

    The government is already telling you almost daily that the electrical grid is subject to shutdowns or so-called computer hacks. You aren’t going to believe how this one thing will impact your life. All across America, you start watching for brown outs and some lame excuses for having to do power line maintenance, etc. Never before were large segments of cities shut down for maintenance. This is all to soften you up for the coming rationing of power.

    If they take your guns you will have no possibilities for ever taking back the country by any means. You will be just like the rest of the world… slaves to their governments and other powerful special interests. Being able to bear arms is not that significant as people aren’t that interested to revolt, but take away the guns and the will of the people will psychologically destroyed. That is the big victory they want.

    Just like the soldier in Great Britain that was hacked to death in broad daylight by a muslim extremist. The people just stood and watched like a gaggle of chickens, clucking and complaining, because what could they do against that big man with a meat cleaver. A little ole 22 caliber pistol would have stopped that murder.

    If you only do one thing… the country might be saved. Keep your right to bear arms. Our government is on a constant campaign to take your gun, you better not fall into this trap or you, your family, and your property will be gone. All your Constitutional rights will be toast.

  • Schawminator

    Americans have truly become the uninformed useful idiots of the right. The sad part is these idiots may be outnumbering those with commonsense and basic math skills. Thanks to our government and union run school systems.

  • Anonymous

    This is all just a rehash of the same old story of rags to riches and riches to rags. Let me just say that a few years ago I found myself wringing my hands and worrying over the ongoing state of this country, to the point of making myself sick. Then I decided that I wasn’t doing myself any good and had to draw on the same strengths that got me through WWII in the UK when I was a child. Half the time we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from. Sure there were some jobs in the munitions factories, but not enough for everyone and we had to get used to the ever present rumbling in our bellies from the hunger. Still, we made it through, not because someone offered us a chance to go into some business or start your own.
    When hunger is in the present right now, there’s not much energy left for dreaming up ideas……you just concentrate on surviving. So I have to disagree somewhat with the writer’s admonition to quit your job (or not quit) because in my view time needs to be spent on how to survive….period. The goose that laid the golden egg is dead in this country…..except for the corporate elites and globalists. But guess what?? If their plot to reduce humanity down to total enslavement while they sit in their ivory towers, remember…..unless they sell their products or services they make no money. And if the public at large has no money to buy, then there is no business.
    As Margaret Thatcher so brilliantly put it…” The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Perhaps she should have said, “tax payer’s money” because in reality, government has no money until tax payers give it to them. So if the welfare checks dry up and the jobs fizzle and die, seems to me we all go down together…..including the government. And if you’re lucky enough to start a business, you’ll go broke if there are no customers!
    However, what happened to the fighting spirit of the American people? Where is that spirit of patriotism….that determination to overcome no matter what the odds?
    It’s still there America, if we can but wake it up, no matter how hungry you are, no matter how discouraged you are……there’s always a silver lining behind every dark cloud. So, focus on believing in yourself and your countrymen and start praying as you’ve never prayed before. Faith can move mountains, and all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed to see it work. However it won’t do any good to pray for your own enrichment when the shtf because your motives are self defeating….we all need to focus on saving America as a whole and the culture we once knew.
    Yes, the naysayers will say that I’m not being realistic and need to come down to earth. Well, nothing is pie in the sky or that easy, but guess what, I suspect the early Americans of pre-Revolutionary times couldn’t take the time to wring hands and bemoan how desperate things were. They followed Patrick Henry’s spirit of self determination and his exhortations.

    life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of
    chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course
    others may take but as for me; give me liberty or give me death!”

    Patrick Henry

    The link below is also a good source to read some of his other quotations. Perhaps we could learn something from them.

  • george

    It took me ten years to realize I was in a dead end job and quit. Never found the carrot on the stick that management holds, no matter where I work or how hard. Promotions bring the carrot closer but always out of reach.

    • Anonymous

      Few should doubt, in today’s environment, it’s often not what degree your earn, but who you know. Personal relationships often trump degrees wherever you may go. How many graduates from Ivy league schools, with connections, are unemployed? In short, our democracy is slowly being transformed into a political & business class of plutocrats.

  • Anonymous

    I have been a travel nurse since 1990. Have satisfied my gypsy nature for travel- from Florida to Alaska, CA to NJ- at very large inner city or University hospitals to the little Supai clinic down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I did it all on a temporary basis through a staffing agency- 3 to 6 months per assignment……… was my husband’s and my retirement plan- travel, see the USA, meet people from all walks of life. Of course I have to work, but, our family and friends always have interesting places to visit. And when I get home to PA I’m on vacation.
    So you can leave a permanent job- I’ve met traveling pharmacists, docs, aides, engineers, surveyors, and even cowboys. We all stayed within our professions- just at different locations. Traveling the globe is also possible- nurses are needed for volunteer humanitarian trips all year long- what fun that is.

    • Biz raz

      You are right, but a family with children can’t always pack out whenever they desire. Children need stability and when they get into their teens they don’t want to make new friends and a dozen other excuses. Military brats will always tell you how they resented moving all the time.

      One thing you hit on that is factual and a good idea for anyone. A doctor, any kind of doctor, nurse or health professional can go anywhere in the world, and enjoy a good standard of living. Health professionals are without borders and welcome everywhere.

      In fact, if you are young enough and smart enough to acquire the education and experience to become a health professional that would be an excellent strategy for leaving.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your passion & service to your profession!

  • Mills

    The Disqus commenting system has become a liberal joke. They no longer will show the count of thumbed-down votes! I guess it’s not politically correct and someone might get offended. D@mn Liberals. I’ve requested that my account be deleted. The comments are rigged so what’s the point?

    • Biz raz

      Hmmm – Are you aware that disqus comments can be moderated by the webmaster of the site you are posting? It doesn’t pay to become too passionate in your comments or you will never see your comments posted on some sites. Profanity or inferences to profanity are also not well accepted.
      If your comments are posted, be glad for that. If you can influence or encourage others without having to build your own website, youtube channel or spend alot of time. You can make a decent comment and if people respond to it well that is doing some good.
      IMO, I don’t even look at the thumbs bit, because those responders are lazy and make no effort to debate or justify their thumb bit.

      • Anonymous

        Well said! Sadly, when many voters have been dumb down by manipulating, politicians & a partisan press, is it any wonder “responders…make no effort to debate?” Those same “responders” may lack the necessary education or interest necessary to provide a valid answer. In short, it is not enough to vote, but essential that your vote is an informed one!

  • Keith DeGray

    I haven’t read the complete article YET, but I heard you on the show talking about this article. After watching it, my wife and I re-wound the show and made our boys (age 14 and 19) watch it. We told them: THIS is why we kept trying to motivate you guys… THIS is why you need to become self-sufficient, self-reliant, and teach yourself a trade, a business, ANYTHING to make sure you can make it out there. Thank You for bringing this on-air so we could have something to back up our statements; kids now-a-days just don’t want to ‘take their parents word’ for things (“Mom and Dad don’t know what they are talking about”).

    • Keith DeGray

      Also… to those of you who say you can’t just quit… that is correct, you have to plan. We were upper middle class until 8 years ago when we lost EVERYTHING due to bad investments and job lay-offs. I had to move my family of 6 into a tiny camper. We lived there for 7 years. We had to grow our own food, haul our water from a spring, had no TV, no Phone, no Internet. But we planned and we survived. Finally we are building back up. But we are taking those baby steps to secure our future so that we are NO LONGER relying on someone else for our paycheck and survival.

  • Jean Miller

    Brilliant article! We all just need to DO it.

    Onward & upward.

  • Dan Glander

    The negativity here only stands to strenghten what was written. I am 43 I spent a good portion of my youth punching a time clock and earning my living one hour at a time. For many this is all they want. But I am an artist and musician. This is my passion. SO… I quit my job at 27 and started my own business. I started earning my living at a much more useable rate. For example I used to work 160 hours a month for 3000.00 a month,in for equal payments. Nice and tidy easy to make a budget very hum drum. Then I started earning 3 to 10 grand a month but I got the money in big chunks. Which made it easier for me to move forward. Because it gave me my earnings in a way that I could better serve my needs. I really think this article is stating don’t live to work work to live.

  • Ralph Monroe

    The only person that is responsible for your Job/Financial security is……YOU!
    You may have worked on a ‘line’ for GM for 20 years in the “same” job, but this does not mean that JOB (4 letter word-Joe Biden) is YOURS! GM is the owner of that JOB position and your lucky to have it. Wait till you have to sign the FRONT of the paycheck and you’ll understand!!!

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