Special Election Day Message

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Hello America,

I’ve been telling you for months that we are facing the most critical election of our lifetime. I truly believe that America will be drastically changed by the choice we all make today in the voting booth. We can either get four more years of big government progressivism (and don’t forget he doesn’t have to worry about re-election this time), or we can get someone in office who might just start to turn things around.

So much has changed in the past four years. When I look back at everything that has happened and how my life and our country has changed…well, the one constant has been that we have always been together. In Washington, DC at the Lincoln Memorial. In Israel next to the Western Wall. In Dallas, TX just a few months ago, at Cowboys Stadium. You’ve been with me in more states than I can count, on three different networks and literally on the other side of the world. I hope you’ll join me, and the entire team at TheBlaze, on this historic night.

But I really want to tell you about what is going to set us apart from everyone else, and that’s our journalists, commentators, and analysts on all the platforms of TheBlaze. Tonight, you’re going to see why we created this gigantic multi-platform experience that encompasses web, radio, and television.

Anyone who has followed our election coverage over the past couple of years knows we like to do things a bit…different. And this year will be no exception.

We’re going to have most of the Real News team here in Dallas, providing expert analysis of the biggest races across the country. Andrew Wilkow, S.E. Cupp, Scott Baker, and a team of journalists will be back in New York at TheBlaze Newsroom updating us on any breaking news. And we’ll have reporters at the campaign headquarters in Chicago and Boston, as well as Washington, DC giving us the latest from the Obama and Romney camps.

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Meanwhile, TheBlaze.com will be modifying their homepage to make it easier for you to get results and interact with our team of writers, editors and producers. All night long, they will have the latest results and a constantly updating electoral map giving you the latest information on who is ahead in the race. They’ll also be running a live chat right on the homepage where you can join in the conversation with the editors as you watch our television coverage. It’s a unique split-screen experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Bookmark TheBlaze.com and keep checking in with us all night for the latest on the election results.

As you can see, we’ve got your expert analysis covered. Now for the entertainment portion of the evening…

As many of you know, Pat and I have been on a bit of a food fast. We’ve both given up sweets for the past forty days, and Pat has gone the extra mile and even given up meat. So what better WAY to celebrate (or mourn) this critical election than with an ice cream sundae bar and a giant meat station? Yes, TheBlaze will be the ONLY election coverage with a giant table full of steaks and burgers.

We’ll have comedian Jeff Allen joining us on set, Raj giving us the latest updates from social media, Stu analyzing the numbers as they come in – and so much more.

We are a new network but not one without heart, passion, and truth. Tonight, as you decide which network to watch, please give us a chance. Let us earn your trust and honor the commitment that you’ve made in supporting us. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It will truly be a night unlike anything you have ever seen on television.

Tune in tonight and watch the network you’re building with TheBlaze.

Laus Deo,


  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Today November 6th, 2012…

    A day that will reshape the history of the United States of America, and by extension the greater world as a whole for generations to come.

    For the last four years we as a nation have suffered under the insane machinations of a Communist who has sought the ‘fundamental transformation of the United States of America’ into a failed state, reduced to a fourth rate power and status among all the world and thus duly ‘punished’ for her ‘crimes committed upon the repressed peoples of the world’ for the enrichment of her people at the expense of all others.

    Today we will reshape our nations destiny, finally able to correct the fundamental mistake that occurred and with the blessings, guidance, forbearance, and mercy of God Above, we will ensure such a force of darkness never encroaches upon our shining city on the hill from within or without ever again.

    We have been given a second chance by Providence, and must decide today which way as a nation we shall go – good or bad, life or death, today we are called upon to decide, and not just for us – for our children, and their children as well. 

    • Anonymous

      dont think you been suffering to much prefer just to complain from your tablet,  you ride airplanes? you eat out?, you shop at mall? you upgraded your car in last 4 years?  lets not forget the recession we were in 4 years ago that cost a honorable American like John Mcain the election.  A true war veteran didn’t have a chance because of G.W. BUSH and failed policies

    • Anonymous

      It is certainly an important election.  

      But if Providence gives you a democratic president for another four years (which now looks quite likely), please give some thought to WHAT THIS MEANS:

      – America didn’t blame the President for the economy, as much America blamed his predecessor
      – America doesn’t want a far-right President — you just don’t have the votes for it. By forcing candidates like McCain and Romney to shift so far to the right, you, the Conservative base, are causing Democrats to be in power.
      – Republican moderates will blame the Far Right for the lost election.
      – Political obstruction by the House or Representatives has failed (opposing the President as a matter of principle regardless of the wrong and right of each issue).  The opposition will need a new strategy for the next four years, and you should demand your elected leaders come up with something more effective and constructive.

      • Lioness

        Um, as a libertarian, I think your really confused as to what “far right” means. Do you know how to use a dictionary? And encyclopedia?? Just do a darn internet search for heavens sake! You, and so many like you are so confused about this country and it’s purpose, in case you haven’t noticed we are not Europe, we are not a democracy, we are a REPUBLIC! Don’t worry, I don’t completely blame you for your ignorance, you were influenced by so many of those “far left” brain washing school teachers. It’s easy to manipulate the sheep, because they fail to learn, observe and philosophize for themselves. Do yourself a favor and study the term classical liberalism and observe human nature.

        • Anonymous

           Websters…(the liberal edition)..”Far Right”…definition – Those who are fiscally responsible – those who do not smoke pot from the time they clime out of bed in the late afternoon, until they pass-out and go back to bed sometime in the wee hours of the morning – those who have and can hold a job for more than 90 days and aren’t simply interested in just getting unemployment that lasts up to 56 weeks – those who understand that sex should be between a man and a woman and that marriage should be also……

          The list of definitions goes on and on – it’s a very long one – I just thought I would list a few…

          • http://twitter.com/JewelJohnson16 Jewel – Johnson

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          • Lioness

            We did our best and we’ll continue to live by our principals no matter what may come. At this point it’s not all up to us, faith in love is what will keep me strong. We’ll be just fine.

          • Anonymous

            …sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself as much as you are me. Truth be told – what happened in the election yesterday, resulting in last nights victory for the Liberal progressives, is absolutely the worst scenario our nation has ever faced or been confronted with. Something tells me, this ain’t going to fly…how long will it be before we see blood running through the streets is probably a more accurate picture of our immediate future.

          • Lioness

            I say congress should give Obama what he wants. Give him enough rope to hang himself. People do not want to learn from the vast experience that is history, and rather experience the pain for themselves. So give it to them. Hopefully there will be something left to salvage after the storm. Perhaps a true conservative/libertarian movement will emerge, it’s just a shame we had to go this far. A socialist pointed out that I spelt “principles” wrong. The desire to control everything, they are so frustrated that we can’t be perfect. They are ashamed of it. I’d prefer to understand our imperfections, especially the big ones like socialism, and attempt to avoid repeating that same mistake.

          • Anonymous

            I hear ya, lioness. First of all I must say, we conservatives here in Michigan, received a double-whammy – first, our emotions dropped down in the gutter, when the Tigers decided to forget how to play baseball and that, in the World-Series of all places and then, on the heels of that, we are faced with defeat in the nations presidential election. I think those deep felt emotions can only toughen us up.

            Anyway – “maybe next year” – (Go Tigers)

            What you bring up in your comment, might be the end result anyway, lets face it, Obama now controls the destiny of our nation. Everything forward from now on, is entirely on his shoulders. There’s no getting around the facts – and with minimal squiggle-room, every move matters, becoming even more amplified. He can no longer blame Bush for anything…so his true colors are about to be exposed to one and all.

            My biggest concern is, I really don’t think the man truly cares about either political party and he has plans, big plans for America. Those plans being, the pushing of this nation down paths it doesn’t want to travel. That is when, I feel, that we’ll see an abrupt change in the mindset of all our people. I have real concerns that Obama is actually in bed with the Muslim Jihad – after all, it wasn’t that long ago when he made the comment -“America could absorb another 9/11″, so is that an invitation or what, I suppose time will tell.

            Other than being preoccupied with our nations many problems – can we deal with another 9/11 here on our shores too? And will it be dealt with in the same manor as Benghazi, meaning – it wasn’t. Then and there, I think, will be the revealing test of who this man, now sitting in power, is all about.

            If – things come to that gruesome point, then will be the time when I feel America as we know it, will be no more. The bigger problem, wouldn’t so much be terrorism in our backyard, but race-riots breaking out in every major city across this land. One more thing I feel I must add, to illustrate more clearly, the danger of the above scenario – there is a prophecy found in the bible (now I know this goes against the grain of your thinking – but it is necessary to consider and worth bringing up). Prophecy indicates, that indeed the above scenario will soon happen, but instead of America coming out of the smoldering ashes and rebuilding itself (as you suggest)…something horrific happens before we are allowed to get that chance…we are suddenly and abruptly attacked by a nation, who currently claim to be one of our most trusted allies. It will finish us off.

            I’ve been aware of this set of prophecy’s now for over thirty years. What’s more than troubling – they are now playing themselves out exactly and precisely as foretold.

            There is good news though about our people…we will once again become the worlds most powerful single nation on the planet…even stronger than what we were at the height of our power in recent times.

            Unfortunately for Americas immediate future , these days are only the begging of many sorrows, soon to come

          • Lioness

            Don’t worry, when referring to prophets, it’s not that I completely discredit their predictions. It’s just the means to those predictions that we have our differences. I feel that through the careful observation of human nature certain predictions can be made, it’s perhaps a God given talent if you will. But aside from that, I don’t always believe prophesy is written in stone, if only people would pay attention. It’s like following the same old stereotype or cliché leading to the same result. It’s been pointed out by many a prophet, yet people ignore the warning signs. History is full of this knowledge yet people continue to try and defy the odds. It just amazes me how people so easily give away freedom for the free stuff. It’s a shame that some people have to experience a major catastrophe before they catch on.

          • Anonymous

            I took a break yesterday – went up to see my father east of Saginaw (thumb area) so this morning, when checking emails, I found I’d received several reply’s concerning some of my recent comments. So you, being a fellow Michiganite, I’ve decided I’ll start with yours first in responding back. Plus, I closely agree with your take on prophecy.

            Prophecy in my understanding, is not something written in stone, in fact, the whole reason for these biblical warning messages, is to prevent looming disaster. The problem – there exists only a handful of people who ever heed these messages of doom and destruction. That’s what the job of a prophet entails in the first place. It serves as a reason for us to change our course – be it in our personal lives, or even on a national level – the directions of nations. God will always first, send a warning message to mankind, using a man he selects -the reason is always when we humans stray to far from the “good path” – a path made up-of morals, ethics, and basically, people showing courtesy towards other people

            Any small child can see today, that America is woefully lacking in all of these categories. As you correctly point out – “shame, that some people have to experience a major catastrophe before they catch on”

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=769116327 Love Macione

            It’s PRINCIPLES, not Principals. Jesus wept. 

          • Lioness

            Did you understand what I wrote? Do you understand the meaning of socialism, and the destruction it has caused through out history? If all of you socialists spent less time picking apart the intricacies of the English language and spent more time observing human nature, you would see nothing is perfect. Socialists want to create a socialistic utopia, where everyone is taken care of and no one suffers. Sorry, but not in this life time. Who’s going to do any thing with out incentive? It’s clear, if there is no incentive to do anything, no one will. Ultimately when nothing is left to distribute because of inactivity, the only motivation left will be basic survival, we will be back in the dark ages again. What’s worse, is that most will have been so enabled by the government providing all their needs, they will be incapable of doing what’s needed for basic survival. Socialism destroys, for sure. It’s best to allow people to fail and learn on their own merit. The suffering is limited to the poor decisions or inactivity of that individual. Example: People who learn, lets say not to have so many children when they know they can’t even feed themselves will pass that brilliant bit of knowledge on to their children. The suffering of that generation will end because they will learn. Government handouts teaches nothing. Children will suffer more because the parents will now take advantage of the easy money, they will teach their children to do the same, and they will take advantage of even more free stuff as it comes available (and there is a lot of it). It’s not that people are inherently bad, it’s just that we have a tendency to take the easiest path. That’s human nature, not bad or good. It just is. So to recap, if you can’t wrap your brain around logic, you have no place picking on the simplicities of an inaccurate vowel placed by someone who was barely awake when they posted. Life is full of imperfection, deal with it.

          • http://twitter.com/csmith7771 csmith777

            @zerogon. You keep mentioning God this and God that. What makes YOU think you are better than everyone else and God only serves YOUR views? I find it funny when people post about God and it’s followed by a lot of HATE and Judgement. Are you God? How many different versions of God are there and how do you know you are living by the correct one? Do you see what I did there? You probably don’t. By putting God into a box along with certain beliefs and then pick and choose what parts of the bible goes into that box doesn’t make sense. Now go get your bible and read along…”Is it not god who says to trust your leaders? Hebrews 13:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, Hebrews 13:7 , Why would he have him elected only to have people pray against him? Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free health care. You’re thinking of Jesus( Deuteronomy 15:7, Psalms 140:12, Luke 12:33, Luke 6:20-21, Deut. 15:10 , Luke 14:12-14,Ezek.16:49 I could keep going..)” Got that from another smart person online.

          • Lioness

            I’m not sure why you replied to me, but since you did I’ll inform you that I’m a spiritual believer of reincarnation, yet even I know that Jesus never believed in forced redistribution of wealth. His was a beautiful spirit who believed in ones ability to take care of themselves and charitably care for those around them. He did not heal the sick so they can live on SSD for the rest of their lives, he did that so they could help others. It’s just inconceivable how you socialists don’t understand human nature, I’m still waiting for a socialist to explain how every one will be taken care of for free, when no one is motivated to do anything. I mean seriously, would you farm for free? How is it you plan to feed a population of over 300 mil., when no one is motivated to achieve? Ultimately you end up right back where you started, people just barely surviving with the basics, that‘s why socialists are always so interested in some form of population control (I‘m sure Jesus would love that idea!). We are motivated by what brings us happiness and for many the happiness of those we love. Socialism does not work because there is no incentive to create the comforts we desire for ourselves and others. I mean seriously, why do you think America is so prosperous? Can you seriously say that all the comforts that have been invented would have existed in a socialist country? China doesn’t invent, they just imitate. Sorry man, but socialism sucks!

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=769116327 Love Macione

            I am a liberal, hmmm, let’s see. I work two jobs, both as an attorney, and have for 14 years. Not on unemployment or any other handouts unlike my Glenn Beck-loving family members. I don’t care who does what in the bedroom of consenting adults. And, guess what? THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS THINK THE SAME WAY AND THAT’S WHY YOU LOST.

          • Anonymous

            …and guess what…God does not agree with most Americans…and directly resulting from yesterdays election, our nation will fall apart faster than at any time in our history…remind yourself then at that time, after all that you have worked for, for over fourteen years – is stripped away from you and your nation lie burning in ruins, think back to this – my reply to you, and remember what I’ve said, perhaps God may have mercy on you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but we all lost yesterday…you’re simply to vain to realize it.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/62OLTPPKBOPYPWCY2J4I7T57OI lorrie

            zergon, God decreed the TEN COMMANMENTS as what is sin or not for man to follow. the Bible is not a flea market book that you can pick and choose only what YOU like. And don’t forget, His Son Jesus was sent and died to forgive ALL sinners. you can hate the sin, and still love the sinner. and when YOU throw God’s name into YOUR arguements, it makes the Baby Jesus cry…

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/62OLTPPKBOPYPWCY2J4I7T57OI lorrie

            zergon, God doesn’t take sides. Otherwise Texas Football teams would all win everytime.

          • Anonymous

            liberal lawyer working 2 jobs ? you for got the most important part of being liberal you are a lier

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/62OLTPPKBOPYPWCY2J4I7T57OI lorrie

            oh please. high school is over.

          • Anonymous

            …but life isn’t…is it ever to late to learn…who knows, maybe you don’t know everything you think you do, but then again, I’m probably wrong.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=769116327 Love Macione

      Well, the people decided! Cracking open the champagne!

    • Simon Ferg

      Snow Leopard, do you even know what a Communist believes?  Obama is no Communist.  Glenn Beck saying it so doesn’t make it any truer than Beck saying Romney was going to win the election. 

      As to US destiny, in the short term, will the House GOP bite off their own nose to spite their face?  It seems their hate for Obama is stronger than their love for country, because they would rather see the economy go off the fiscal cliff, and have middle class folk miss out on a tax deduction, all so the wealthiest on 250K or more can continue to pay lower real net tax rates that their secretaries.  

      Yes, we all know it is because of so-called supply-side economics, which doesn’t work.  If you want to look at about the only OCED country that didn’t go into recession at all check out Australia, who went hard and early with its stimulous be a social-democratic Labor Party Government!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Today the choice is simple: Freedom!

    • http://twitter.com/carolynperl carolyn.perl

      @snowleopard3200:disqus I'm making $86 an hour working from home. I was shocked when my neighbour told me she was averaging $95 but I see how it works now. I feel so much freedom now that I'm my own boss. This is what I do,…Key14.Com

  • http://www.facebook.com/meadow.lane.1 Meadow Lane

    Life is not going to be easy.  If the incumbent wins, our woes of the past 4 years will increase dramatically.  

    If Mitt Romney is the winner, be braced for some tough days.  In order to turn things around, Romney and Ryan will basically have to tear apart major entitlements in order to repair (or even replace) these programs.  Expect major pushbacks.   Expect the media to make it their personal chore to brand with a broad brush of tar Romney and Ryan.  
    We each need to do our part by rolling up our sleeves and helping.  Do our part by folding our hands each night to pray for Divine guidance.

    • Anonymous

      lucky whom ever wins, economy on rise in usa and rest world, future is bright keep working hard produce USA goods again, stop buying from China and asia if we want clear our deficit

      • Anonymous

        buy local and usa will prosper, your real vote is how you spend your money

    • http://www.facebook.com/jo.pickett.9 Jo Pickett

      We live in a wonderful land.  Some call it the land of milk and honey.
      This is true only if we are willing to work hard, milk the cows and tend the bees.  Take personal responsibility for our own health and welfare.  Take responsibility for our neighbors.
      Get out and vote.  Take a neighbor, or three.  Let’s “git ‘er done!”

      • Anonymous

          I don’t have no cows.  Maybe I should get a goat or two.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.k.rice Cindy Kaulfuss Rice

    Just heard from a friend in Clinton Township, MI that her polling place was out of ballots. Where are they?  How could that happen in a legitimate election?

  • Anonymous

    Invest in USA not middle east or asia.  Lets start making things again, not giving loopholes to corporations outsourcing to Mexico and Asia

  • Anonymous

     Glenn’s  special message “Prepare for election 2012″ is very telling of the times in which we live. I can’t help but ask, “Who would Jesus vote for” – after all, the greater majority of conservatives claim to be Christian, there’s even a large number of liberals who do too, so obviously, that seems like a logical question to ask.

    While on earth, Jesus came preaching the gospel (meaning good-news) of the Kingdom of God.

    Before his death, he prophesied much about the world we live in today. A world full of chaos and hatred. A world bursting at the seams and ready to blow apart, due to the indifference of man’s governments and religions.

    Christ foretold us of these days, warning the world of dangerous times steadily growing worse. He pointed out things for us to look for, as when the days in which he foresaw, would be here. Everything – and not one thing different, has appeared on the scene just as he said it would.

    Again – who would Christ vote for. Well, he wouldn’t vote for either candidate.No he has always been busy preparing for his Fathers Kingdom and most of the good-news about that Kingdom, have to do with Christ ruling over the nations. It is Christ who will soon take charge of this earth and he will be King of kings and Lord of lords. That means there will be many others with him. These people, who make up those lords and kings, will rule under Christ. They all, will have been tested and selected by him during their human lifetimes. They will have proven before Christs Kingdom is set up over the earth, that they are capable to rule. These people will not be voted into office, but they will be selected by God himself  to rule alongside Christ when he appears and sets up his ruler-ship of the earth.

    Glenn’s message is for us to prepare for the elections. The candidates message is prepare for a better America – but I would suggest, Christ message of preparing for the Kingdom of God is the most important. – Just Sayin…..Z

  • Anonymous

    My Special Election Day Message to Glen Beck Followers… You have put your faith in a man who is a dry drunk and believer in magic underwear. This is the man who tells you what you should believe. You march in lock step with a person whose only interest is to make money for himself. He was a failed disc jockey who finally found a way to attract an audience by telling uneducated individuals the most bombastic lies about American history and current events. He has kept stirring a cess pool of confusion among the uneducated. All he wants is an audience to sell advertising to and you are it. He is a liar. He is a cynic. He DOS NOT LOVE AMERICA. He wants to dismantle our government instead of pay for it. This is a guy feeding you crap because he doesn’t want to pay his fair share of taxes. He would rather see your sons and daughters die then to have a law that makes it illegal not to give people insurance for having preexisting conditions. He wants you to lose your house if your medical bills become to high. He wants you to choke on polluted air. He wants you to be taken advantage of by Wall Street banks. Glenn Beck doesn’t want equal pay for women. If you are hit by a tornado he would tell you, wow that is too bad. You are on your own! So just realize as you sit here getting all PO’d at me for what I wrote, that you are now reading some truth on this site. Glen Beck is just another in a long line of demagogues like Father Caughlin, Joe Pine, David Duke, Jerry Falwell, Rush Turdbaugh and Hannity. They are pawns of the super rich. They have no concern for the middle class. They confuse people with lies of omission. They have fooled you into voting against your own self interest. So, please don’t come at me like I am some kind of welfare recipient. I own a 4mil a year company. I am in the 1%. I am a job creator in the midst of the recession.  I am willing to pay more to keep the things we have as a country. You should be too. So stop listening to this idiot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jo.pickett.9 Jo Pickett

      OK, Debunking,  You are in the 1%?  You hide under a nickname.  You make some koolade remarks that you want someone to take as truth.
      You, sir, are a troll.  Your job today is to disrupt and denigrate.  Go away.

      • Anonymous

         You have blinders on… Answer me truthfully… what is the highest grade level you got through in school?

        • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

          I am guessing yours is preschool. 

        • Lioness

          Real mature there business man! Insulting someone’s intelligence, while having no logical argument. Most here are not voting conservative because of Glenn Beck, we are voting against socialism. We are trying to protect this republic!

          • Anonymous

             It needs protecting from idiots who follow Glen Beck… If the show fits…

    • Jesustheonlyway

      You, my friend have the spirit of the Anti-Chirst – you desire other peoples wealth.  The Anti-Christ will be a distributor of wealth just like Obama the ‘precursor’.  By coveting other peoples wealth you break God’s commandment “Thou shalt not covet”.  You are on the wrong side of God.
      Daniel 11:24: He (Anti-Christ) shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        Brother or sister amen!

      • Anonymous

         Wow… You can take your fairy tales and go scare old men and girls with them buddy. So go quote your scripture to someone who gives a crap. You are just one of these fools that have convinced themselves they need a court of last resort. So listen up… There have been over 500 gods people have worshiped through the years on this planet just as feverishly as you and your god. You know what, none of them were real and neither is yours. You just have to have something you can turn to when you don’t understand something. That is what your religion is all about. Your religion is something to make you feel superior to others. Your religion is to force people to live by what you think they should. Your patriarchal religion is to keep women suppressed and the status quo. I bet you are card carrying member of the “Flat Earth Society” as well. So go ahead swell up like a toad cause someone has the guts to stand up to your ignorance. You can call me whatever makes you feel good about you, your dog (oops I meant god) and your moral superiority over me but at the end of the day pal, Glen Beck has lied to you. He has distorted reality to you. So both you guys just keep lying to each other. Both of you feel so superior yet you are nothing but anti science, hate filled morons in the name jesus or wah yeh or whatever the eff you want to call him

        • Jesustheonlyway

          You condemn yourself….The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.  They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalms 14:1

          And if you don’t change, God will condemn you…The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Psalms 9:17

          • Anonymous

             lol!!! bring it on… You are a funny guy. I never condemned myself. Your 2000 year old words that have been re-translated 100 times since mean nothing. Only fools like yourself who are self-hypnotized with this delusional BS give a crap about this. Obviously you have no intellectual argument to what I just posted. Just hocus pocus BS. Do you believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny too?

          • Jesustheonlyway

            So, by your own admission you are a wicked fool and because you have no fear of God you are stupid and have no understanding.  Sounds like you need some prayer.

            The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.
            Psalms 111:10

        • Lioness

          The bible is an ancient historical text for sure, yet it’s amazing how people understood the fallacies of socialism so long ago. And it’s more amazing how ignorant people, such as your self, think that if it was just done right it would work! Your supposed to learn from history, not repeat the same stupid!

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

            I find people like him never open up the Bible and actually read it. If they truly did and read about the archeology in the place mention. I find that more than not a lot of these so called fairy tales turn out to be true. Like for example the famine that happens in Genesis. Was proven to have happen but also effected the entire middle east and there was a Joseph like governor give out food from the stores. People like him tend not to do their homework or read anything. I also find when you read the Bible you see a lot of historical names of people already proven to have been real. But it all fairy tales LOL!

        • Anonymous

          What about the atheistic approach of  modern education, how it teaches those who believe in liberalism are somehow more intelligent and superior to anyone who believes in a higher being. Then comes the teaching of the progressive left, which results in the forcing of people to live by what you think they should – such as what Obama has done for the past four years.

          You do not believe in God because you would rather follow your own man-made wisdom – which is foolishness at best and exposes you as the real fraud.


    • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

      No we will not you should stop following a system that never worked. Try opening a history book instead ripping the pages out of them and rolling them up as joints.

    • Lioness

      If I actually believe that you own anything, I assume as the bleeding heart liberal you are, you would have no problem just giving it away to all those in need? Why don’t you take some of you cash and start charitable housing for the poor or more importantly for the mentally insane? We really could use your help! It’s called charity, not forced charity. No one’s stopping you from paying more!

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        He didn’t build anything the government did it for him!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.a.goulet Mary Ann Goulet

    Amen, my American Patriot.  This is one Canadian who stands by you.  Take back your country, not for revenge but for the love of it. I pray to God it be so.

  • Anonymous

    Our nation has been having the same argument for years and the facts are clear as crystal; reducing taxes for the rich, deregulating all the rules that have been in place since the Great Depression and neverending senseless wars just do not work whether it’s George W. Bush or Romney who’s at the reins of this out of breath, panting, stallion.

  • Jeff Price

    The normal values Conservatives held in the 80s and 90’s are now considered far-right extreme by Liberals. That is not an indication of a shift to the right by Conservatives, but rather a shift to the left, the far, far, left, by Liberals.. Sad.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    America…more is at stake here than just America.  God Himself is on trial in this election and so are the people and their choice.  God will hold people responsible who vote for Obama.  Sound extreme?  It is…Judgment day will be extreme too.  This nation has forgotten God and the electorate supporting Obama is part of the proof.  Obama is NOT Christian…whether he is Muslim is questionable…but for sure he is NOT Christian because his platform is a testament to it.  He hates America and America’s values…he will literally destroy this country if reelected.  Pray that people’s hearts are drawn to Romney – he is the last chance our Republic has.  God Bless our Republic.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    When will you come to direct TV? I guess I have to watch fox.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deb.merritt.12 Deb Merritt

    Whoever wins, we must remember that God is in control.  He will use this ultimately for HIS purpose.  We cannot as a nation, or individuals, panic or live in fear if the WRONG ONE wins.  It is just another “heads up” that we need to use wisdom, discernment and prayer in EVERYTHING.  Mr. Beck, I pray courage and insight for you personally.  That the Lord will use you to be a trumpet of HIS and continue to inform the truth only.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deb.merritt.12 Deb Merritt

    We must remember that whoever wins, that God is in control and all things will ultimately be used to glorify Him.  EVEN IF THE WRONG PERSON WINS, we as a nation and individuals cannot live in fear – we must continually seek wisdom and discernment and PRAY!!!  We cannot live with a mindset of the glass half empty, but instead USE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US AND BE FRUGAL!  I continue to pray for strength and health for you, Mr Beck, that God will continue to use you as a trumpet and fear not.  Speaking the truth.  Not in fear, but with excitement.  Only in our weakness can God make us strong. May He continue to bless you with wisdom and insight.  I so pray God will heal our land….

  • Anonymous

    Despite the spoilers that would never concede and  try to ruin his chances, despite the bizarre and inflammatory rhetoric about women from his own party members you did your best Glenn.
    These are strange times.

  • Anonymous

    Hooray!  We will not have to watch Prez O. on TV every day

  • Manfred von Gollum

    Laus Deo Semper

    Praise God Always.

    GO Mitt!

  • Anonymous

    I’m literally sick to my stomach!
    I’ve prayed everyday for months for God to help us save this once great country, but I fear all is lost now.  I just don’t see it possible to win at this point.

    I too have felt very peaceful and without worry for a few days and have commented on it to many people that feeling.  I figured that the masses were able to see thru the great deciever finally and vote their heart and what is right for AMERICA!

    ALL will be lost with the appointment of two to four supreme court judges by a liberal president.  The Constitution will be dismantled piece by piece, starting with the first and second ammendments.

    Maybe it’s the Lords plan to straighten things out in some other way, but I fear the only way for us to survive is to seceede from the union, and certainly why not?

    Both sides are hoplessly divided and there will never be any reconcillation as our ideoligies are so completely different.  Why not just separate and live and govern as we each see fit??

    I don’t know the answer to our future, but another 4 years of the small o in charge is not a possibility.

  • Anonymous

    I was just introduced to you today by a co-worker. …I am glad I was!! 

  • Anonymous

    This ain’t over yet. Hold steady, be vigilant, pray.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

      You can pray all you want.  God told us not to allow jews into our home, and we allowed them into our COUNTRY.  This is punishment for that!

  • Anonymous

    how in the hell could this have happened again?i am flabbergasted…………..i cannot for the life of me figure out how there are soooooooo many idiots .we’re hosed …………..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

      How can you be flabbergasted, when I have said time and time again that it is the GOAL of the jews to destroy ANY Christian nation they can? It is their religion! I told ya it was going to be a big let down.  I am always right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/praymuch Madelyn Thide

    you really got to understand that if Obama is “elected” those who voted for him will be the most shocked and more than likely the first ones on their knees praying for Gods help… our earth is on its way out and eternity with God is what awaits those who put their trust in God through accepting Jesus as Lord so if Obama is “elected” it will get more people into heaven … We can not relax if Romney is elected because he is a man and his foreign policies are similar to Obamas… gunrunning to the freedom fighters who are terrorists fighting against their terrorist dictator… remember Benghazi??? We need to get out of the mid east and build our military to make it the greatest threat to potential enemies… The elite crooks own our country and they dictate the agenda… quickly or slow but the goal is the same… so folks, keep praying and put your trust in the Lord Jesus. Either way you win…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know what to make of this. I was tolerant of the Obama term knowing with certainty it would end with a resounding defeat signaling an awakening to the obvious in this country. Instead we now have to tolerate another four years. For the first time in my life I feel like an embattled foreigner in the country of my birth. I believe in the electoral process and accepting the decision of the electorate but I have a hard time accepting this. Call me a separatist but I want nothing more than to cast these parasites off. Perhaps I’m just upset but I can’t help but have my thoughts drawn to the Declaration of Independence.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

    Now we need to talk about how we are going to get out of here. Can we do some sort of website that helps people get out of the USA? We need to find out which countries are the best to be illegals in, which countries are best to find jobs, etc.

  • 47percentsolution

    Glenn Beck’s special election comment:

    erm. lose.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

      Only for the time being, since we are going to make laws which require a minimum IQ of 100 in order to vote.

      • 47percentsolution

        Excellent. That means that Glenn Beck/Fox News viewers will be excluded from the voting pool. Great idea. Now if they could be excluded from the gene pool as well, we’d really be on to something.  So would y’all call that Legitimate Eugenics? 

        • http://www.facebook.com/hop.sing.397 Hop Sing

           you and your ilk first. You know, the ones who claimed publicly they would riot and loot or assassinate Romney if he wins? Or is it the ones who constantly fall back on racism every time like a nine year old when his majesty Barry is criticized.

          • 47percentsolution

            Please. Learn. English.

            Thank you.

      • 47percentsolution

        Interesting. Voter suppression that actually disallows REPUBLICANS from voting. What a concept.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling


    • 47percentsolution

      Hehe… You’re funny. Maybe even in a non-ironic sense. Just plain ole funny in an extra-chromosome freaky-right-wing weirdo sense.

      So, you need a website to teach you how to leave? 

      Here ya go:


      Thank you for your prompt compliance. Hehehe. You lost. And, you totally suck, typical Jew-hating Beck-listener. HAHAHA.

  • Anonymous

    A nation ruled by snot nosed pompous @sshole liberals with open disdain for the constitution and the rule of law. People who don’t lead but rather divide and conquer. And their foolish minions who happily grease their wheels in the hopes they can feel important by osmosis. 

    • 47percentsolution

      Hahaha. Suck it baby. Best guess: two supreme court justices this term.  Ummm, so we won’t be turning the clock back to 1830 after all?

  • http://www.facebook.com/vic.burrack.5 Vic Burrack

    The revenge vote won… American spirals down the economic tubes like all the former older civilizations in history… the only bright side of Romney losing is we are going to be able to watch Obama and his group get impeached for Benghazi. Also Obama has to publically pay for his irrationally funded medical plan…Our country elected an entertainer-in-chief who lies, cheats and lets American guns kill our own border protectors. I am embarrassed.

  • Anonymous

    I too am embarrassed. Were we lost was the main street media which is clearly only a spin machine of 1984 proportions and we lost the public school system. We have produced so many brain washed kids. A conservative would consider it unthinkable to use the teachers seat as a bully pulpit for political tripe where liberals consider it essential. We slept and allowed this to occur and now it is unlikely we will ever reverse the damage.

  • 47percentsolution

    Thank you, Glenn. 

    Conservatards:  Please continue to listen to people like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and Rove. 

    You will guarantee a Democratic White House for the next 5 election cycles. We appreciate and depend on your idiocy.

    Thanks again!

  • Anonymous

    47, this election proves it, there are now two Americas, yours and ours. Yours is divisive, obscene, immoral, and denigrates those you expect to pay for everything. Why would we be happy about that? Your type likes to call us radicals. What country do you come from where the ideals of constitutionally limited government, free markets, and individual liberty are considered radical? It’s not my America, it’s yours. As conservatives we put up with a lot of cr@p but personally I’m tired of it. My patience is run out. I do not want any part of your dark world. You are not just misguided. You are fallen. I do not expect you to understand. It is beyond your capacity. But I am done being tolerant of it. You are a fool and you will earn a fools reward. I’m just sorry for the rest of us who have to wait another four years before we have a hope of having people who are decent and reasonable in the White House and don’t look at the %53 percent as the enemy.

    • 47percentsolution

      Please. Buy. A. Clue.

      There have always been at least two Americas. Originally, it was white male property owners and everyone else. Then, 150 years later, it was white male and female property owners and everyone else. Then after 40 more years it included blacks, although the last 30 years have been spent attempting to infringe upon the rights accorded to both blacks and women.  

      Your politics are not radical. They are reactionary. Don’t flatter yourself.

      Asshats like you want to reverse the political clock to 1830. You wish there was a magic political time machine that turned the clock black to an era beneficial your specific interest group. Guess what. There’s no such Delorean, McFly. 

      Try reading the secularist founding fathers, i.e., Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, et. al. Fercrissakes. Study a little history once in awhile. It will do you no harm.

      So, two choices.  Either grow up and deal with it or cry in your soup and get the eff out.

      Simple as that.

      • Anonymous

        You know what proves my point? You coming here to gloat Asshole. You obviously have no idea what I want but you could have gained an understanding by reading what I wrote. Maybe you should try that before attempting to lecture me on reading. You, like Obama, only seek to divide and hate. Just read your own dialog asshat. I have no choice but to deal with it. My point is was that I’m done trying to be nice to a bunch of people who seek to separate, divide, and despise even while they have their arms elbow deep in other peoples pockets.

        • 47percentsolution

          So you’ve elected to despise yourself? I’ve heard of self-hating jews like Woody Allen… but self-hating TPer’s? OK. Well, I admire your honesty, so I’ve got to commend you for that. Thanks for the education.  Don’t worry, though. You’re not alone. There are plenty of other people who despise the T.P. as much as you do, i.e., the majority of the American people.

  • Anonymous


    I have some points that I would like to make and I have emailed you twice before never received a response from you so I am posting this on this blog in the hope that this gets to you. a few points that I would like to make:

    1.  The democrats have enabled an election in their favor by this early voting thing.  What is the point have “Election day” when they have the opportunity to bus people in from shelters to get votes and make it a “voting month”.  I would have to think that most conservatives are busy working toward their goals and do not have the time to early vote.  I surely didn’t have the time, even though I attempted to vote early but a thing called work prevented me from voting until election day.  I only see this as an opportunity to exploit the voting process and this needs to be changed.

    2.  This election clearly shows me how uneducated and selfish the American people are today.  Instead of doing for the country, people are looking for “what is in it for me”, more specifically, “what is in it for me NOW”.  In 2014 Obama care taxes go into effect.  What are these same people going to say when they have to pay up?  What are we going to do with this staggering debt?  what are my children going to do?  I am afraid for them.  I am afraid for their security and afraid that they will not be able to live as good of a life as me. 

    3.  We should pass a law requiring people to serve at least 2 years in the military.  I entered the Navy when I was 18 and it taught me a few life lessons (I also earned the GI bill which I used to pay for my Chemical Engineering degree), and especially world lessons that most of the American public does not have this concept.  These people don’t realize how bad other people want to take us down across the world.  A life lesson that would bode well.  Israel has this requirement and it works to keep the right people in office on a much smaller national level.

    4.  Where have the critical thinkers gone?  What I mean by this is inputs and outputs and results.  Garbage in =garbage out.  For instance, if we borrow $6 trillion it will cost us in national security, value of the dollar, which affect oil prices, inflation etc.  Why can’t people think through this, better yet, how do we get people to be required to understand impacts of these decisions?

    5.  I believe that the failure of the family, has resulted in failure at the faith level and has caused an erosion of moral values.  I am a practicing Catholic (I appreciate the program you did to inform them), but many no longer go to church.  The churches do not have as many people at mass on Sunday as when I was a child.  The non-practicing Catholics believe that their vote for president does not enable the deaths of innocent children.  Many people rationalize this murder as “choice”.

    6. What are our options now?  Since the country may not be recognizable in 4 more years, I can only think that since Texas is the only state that can secede from the union, to get the paperwork started.  Build a border and test everyone that wants to come in.  If you do not have the same value system, then you are not allowed in.  Okay that is a crazy idea, but what other options exist at this point? 

    7.  We need to pass a law that prevents people from becoming career politicians.  People holding elected office should be required to work in the private sector or the armed forces every 4 years so that we don’t have the same incompetence moving form job to job and branch to branch of government.  It will keep them fresh with ideas and stop them from being influenced by special interest groups.  It would moderate them in a fashion.  How about real qualifications for elected office, like college degrees + years in private industry.  So many of these people just don’t belong in their jobs.

    What has happened in America?  I prayed about this election, I just don’t understand.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    I am not keen on Dems Abortion and or Taxation plat form i.e Health TAX huge error.


    God created good and evil for his own purpose. The far right of GOP must learn a valuable lesson of Moses law and dealing with hardened hearted populist. In America we have faced a few major tribal type cross roads… Slavery-War and Voluntary Taxation with penalty comes to mind. Now (1) Abortion rights and (2) Illegal Alien rights (3) Taxation with Penalty-again. 
    What did Moses do when divorce (tribal issue) was not part of Gods original plan…  Moses learned that humans are all individuals that must independently face God, and that the tribe or it’s leadership can prevent or take away another’s right of free will and or of hoice.  

    Overly Taxing in a collective manner is to be fought but not issues of individuals free will of their own body and soul.  Huge HUGE Vote grab once more by Dems. e.g. Obama flips for Millions of female votes. That 97% will never need to choose over.  

    The Democratic Party feeds on the far right not understanding a similar tough decision that Moses faced far as tribal laws of the land.  To rule frorm or over the harden hearted
    populist… they must face their wanton choices with God and not the tribe.    

    Newt and Rubio have great vision on Illegal issues ect…but GOP needs to sead the
    latino vote too.

    • 47percentsolution

      Great comment, Monkey. 
      I’d definitely recommend that more republican candidates talk about god as much as possible, particularly with regard to anti-choice issues, the rights of women, legitimate rape and the whole “God Hates Fags” thing. 

      Additional recommendations to republicans: Please DON’T READ Thomas Jefferson’s opinions regarding religion or you’ll totally spoil the whole thing. Also, please disregard Thomas Paine’s, Benjamin Franklin’s and James Madison’s religious opinions.

      Thank you.

      Your utter ignorance is appreciated.


      The RNC

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=561124358 John Edwards

    How’s that hatey, unfeelingy thing working out for y’all? Four more years. Suck it up. 

  • Anonymous
  • bucketnutz

    I guess we will find out what Obama meant by his statement to Putin about being more flexible after this election. I think the Republican party is toast now and a replacement party will have to be set up to unite Conservatives and get rid of the cooperators of the squishie middle.

  • Anonymous

    Obamagetan!  Will God help us now–we as a country have turned our back on Him ?  Reminds me of the Old Testament—people turned their backs God and lived through decades of strife all because of self absorbtion.  We need to turn back to God.  This is truely a year of FAITH–we all need to stand up for Our God.  It is certainly going to be a challenge for the Church.  So many will die through Euthanasia–government denial of medical treatment for aged and chronically ill. So many lives to be will be killed out of convenience.  My first thoughts were Where are you God?  After much thought, it occurred to me that God is right here;  it is we as a country who have walked away from Him.  We are a modern day Babylon!  We can come back to God. It is up to each one of us to hold firm for what is right and just;  to live our values; and to show God’s love through our actions.  Dear God  help us on this path back to You!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6HZPUAYEC4OFOEKQWLKGDJTRHY suitnsoxatlanta

      Reminds me of more than just the mythology of the Bible.  Harry Potter for one thing.  Now thats serious stuff.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LCWDPGZ7NWUFAOIEVVYFDMOEWM Sean

    Beck – are you really so stupid that you don’t realise Obama is  a centrist politician ?  Have you and your pathetic followers  ever been to a communist state?
    Are you so stupid that you can’t see how totalitarian regimes can result from giant corporations who buy politicians, just as they flow from mad individuals and a military state.
    Finally, what would you know about any God, any more than any nitwit with a hunch, when you claim that a Romney victory would be His message? God chose Obama didn’t he?

    • Anonymous

      Punishment for a nation which has turned from God.

      Look at yourself. Why did you come here, to denigrate, to diminish, to ridicule. Centrist, I think not. If you knew anything about us at all you would understand that we are driven by values not party, among them constitutionally limited government, free markets, individual liberty. 

      You mean giant corporations like General Electric? 

      Small businesses are being crushed. It is they who are bearing the brunt in favor of large international corporations which recognize no flag. Those corporations who continue to fund leftist politicians.

      I do not need to eat shit to know I don’t want to taste it. I can easily see how people live in other countries and know that it was better here. Of course that is changing.

      What you don’t seem to understand is socialism, even the soft socialism that is becoming a reality here, doesn’t support the poor. It protects the ruling class. It doesn’t value a robust economy. It does not value a high standard of living for the peasant class which they have relabeled as “middle” class. It doesn’t value technological advancement. it only values protecting the balance of power. The fact that our ruling class comes from Harvard instead of direct lineage doesn’t change the outcome.

      So in reality you support the very thing you suggest you oppose.

      And your hatred and divisiveness and vitriol demonstrates perfectly where your head is at. It is the place the O administration is at and you are here to try and shove it down our throats. Great outreach, great way to patch up those hard feelings.

      You are not unusual. Our society has become vulgar, uncouth, sinister, and crooked. You may or may not be aware but the Bible does have a few things to say about that.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/6HZPUAYEC4OFOEKQWLKGDJTRHY suitnsoxatlanta

        Yes it does Ass Telecaster.  It says you are a false prophet who will burn in hell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/covenantstreams Kelly Wheeler

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isa 5:20).
    I have thought about our country and the events that ushered this election in. I was provoked to look at this in the light of what Judeo-Christians understand as the “end-times”. I am saddened that a large block of “Christians” voted for a platform that is so blatantly anti-God and will have to eat the fruit of their labor. The Holy Spirit reminded me that in these end times Israel will be pushed to stand alone and then will be intimidated. That would never happen with a strong pro-Israeli American government.
    This country must start to fade as the systems in place will start to assert in even greater ways. It is sad as I love my country and remember the values instilled. We fought a war and killed massive amounts of our own to end the devilish practice of slavery. What the Black man
     and women went through was real and horrible. We fought an oppressive British monarchy and spilled blood to be free. We helped liberate a world at war and without us Europe would be German and the Asian theater would be Japanese! We were for over 100 years the sole missionary engine to bring the Gospel to the world.And now we are reduced to the last 35-40 years of values being eroded and shredded and the Church was asleep in the light. We now have a dominate party in which Christians cast lots with, and they have no problem with the destruction of children. With gay marriage as the “New Normal”. With God taken out of the platform and suddenly put back in when a light was cast on it. Wealth taken from one class and given to another because it was “Fair”.I see now that the stage is set for our Jewish brothers to truly be alone. It was as the Bible prophesied. This country can not be so strong that the anti-christ system is in check. It will be free to now launch as our current government has shown we will not stop them. When the communist countries, radical Islamic nations and Hugo Chaves endorse Obama you know we are in decline. When the abortion machine and the gay rights crowd run to their camp— you see truly what they stand for.So what do word believers do. We run to the hills from whence commeth our help. We believe that God and not government is where our blessing resides. We pray, prophesy, witness and tell all that in our camp their is no famine! And we do not fear—Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. My caution is to not look to our country for your needs or moral instruction. Look to your Bible and seek wise men and women who have the mind of God. I am excited as I realize we are right in the middle of end time events and what we do now defines our position in the mission.This must needs have happened——-Now let the TRUE church wake up and quit sleeping in the light!!!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6HZPUAYEC4OFOEKQWLKGDJTRHY suitnsoxatlanta

      Kelly.  God says you will burn in Hell.  You are an arrogant false prophet.  I hope you enjoy a pit of fire for eternity you demon.

  • http://twitter.com/MistyRandolph8 Misty Randolph

    Mr. Beck,

    I don’t know how to write to you other than this, but I wanted to say how much I love the work that you do. I respect the amount of time and energy you put into trying to make this nation return to its original standards of love of God, love of family, and love of country. I am so disappointed in the outcome of last night’s election. I am ashamed of my generation.  I am a nursing student in Kansas, and I hear people my age every day selling into socialist ideology. In order to win the next election, conservative professors around the nation need to be stepping up. If people in the other party can teach their ideologies without fear than conservative professors can do the same thing. We need to be preparing patriots to teach at the collegiate level in order to win back the attention of the young voters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carla.denaeyer Carla DeNaeyer

    Glenn I’m still with you. We have to work harder. I prayed alot last night and this morning.I cryed alot as while. Hope we will be ok and god is with us.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HK2MAUSHFAEP7TL5UOKPJM3A7Y Chris

    You need to get over it Beck.  Don’t be a sore loser, you’re nothing but a cry baby like Trump that when things don’t go your way the world is falling apart.  Instead of projecting the worst, do something constructive not negative crap that you love to dish out.  It’s no wonder you keep losing listeners……you are so depressing.  Everything you say and do is to line your pockets and that’s sad.  What a waste of a good radio voice.  The country has spoken and Romney was not the answer, he is hard to like.  He has this fake smile and the lies he spoke cost him this election.  So…..get over it, it is what it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chandler.brooks.940 Chandler Brooks

    What else do we do but double-down and find strength in this defeat? This is a huge enemy. The young fighters out there are mostly lost. The 18-29 year old’s are generally uninformed and in many cases, just do not care. I am ashamed of this generation because it is my generation. My wife and I, are ages 25 and 26 right now, at this pivotal moment in history. We celebrated our 6 month anniversary on November 5th, shared in the tremendous loss of a major election on November 6th and have pledged this day, November 7th, to search out and find those like us and band together. It will most likely be my children and grandchildren that will carry with them this flame that is an outright blaze within my wife and I right now along with those like us. We will be talking one day in the distant future about this moment and how we began this fight on this day and instilled in us and in others what the constitution stands for, how it matters and why God is the only king we worship. On this day I make that pledge.

    God bless us all.

  • http://twitter.com/BrandonWeaver83 Brandon Weaver

    Since Obama got re-elected last night, I’m never going to vote for president again. Because this is the second time I voted against Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rrjlk70prj Robert J Keegan

    Hi Glen from a Union official non Church goer but believe in self Worth and

    always new I was in control of my life the good and bad times. Jesus

    my Lord and Savior and I still do not attend a Church. Have had an out of

    body experience as a young boy with dad holding a pillow over my

    At age 29 my girl got pregnant and we had the abortion. It’s around 40

    years now and still can not forget. I got married to another girl about

    months later and had 3 great children and now have 7 Grandchildren

    and they are a gift that never stops giving of joy and I thank God I every

    day. This gift of life is my greatest joy, so God is more then words

    ever explain. I believe Jesus is coming soon as I remember my action

    of 40 years ago like today and believe January 23,1973 and January

    2013 is the 40 years anniversary of our Supreme Court authorizing
    a Law

    or Rule that Jesus can no longer tolerate.

    God Bless and Pray


  • Anonymous

    There is a scripture ,it slips my mind at the moment, but the pharisees and sadducees were discussing the Way and its followers and one said   there was one who rose in the desert many years ago,hundreds followed but after a while when he died the movement fell apart,as with the one called Jesus if He is a man and doing these things by other than God it too will fail,,,but if He be from God ? do we oppose God ? they all went home to think about this.
       Sorry for my spelling i hope you know the scripture because Today i think we need to realy recommit to message,Christ died that we may live,we, or i should say I know whats comeing..so what is the fight we are to take on ? politics ? me i relized just how much I wanted the republicans to wi ..and so was God, and you and Pat should be ashamed..douting Gods will because you fasted ? not everyone who listens is as strong in faith as others ,you and pat are an example to some( Lord help them )no i beleave in a comeing King who will rule this world for 1,000 years so there is plenty of time for more won or lost man elections ..lets not lose any souls to the biggest Vote people have to make ? to live free,God fearing, fighting for my rights or well justturn on fox  and spend your time getting ready for 2016….wonder what the world looks like then ? …sounds like a speacial for the Blaze to do 

    God be with you my friend 

  • Anonymous

    P.S. i will be resubscribeing to the Blaze i was a insider…but life hasnt ..well i will be back letting jeffy read all the things he cant let others see !! maybe i should upload the Jeffy fights the camel pictures from Isreal…make jeffy the brunt of the joke..i know stu will agree
    thanks again
    Acts 17 : 11

  • Anonymous

    Now that the election is over, maybe GBTV/Mercury should give thought to focusing not only
    on media/educational systems but also reaching out to Latino/Asian groups with the freedom message (50% of Asians, surprisingly, voted for Obama!).
    Perhaps these groups are less “steeped” in the “govt. is the answer” view.


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I feel as if our Lord God allowed Obama to win because he is punishing the American people from turning away from God and Country.  Everywhere I see immorality.  Even the television ads are geared toward sex, lust and greed.  The whole world seems to be in erotic mode with thoughts of nothing else but having a good time dancing and drinking with no thoughts toward family.  We Americans are going to suffer and suffer hard in the years to come because there is no structure anymore.  I am so sad for us all.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/62OLTPPKBOPYPWCY2J4I7T57OI lorrie

    So calling all “Like Minded People” badn together, recommending them to move as a group to the “country” “armed with lots of amunition”… does that make you The Leader Of the American Taliban by default? will we voting? or just stoned to death for thinking about it…  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, We are seeing the results of having so much of our country turn away from God.  If you re-read the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon you will find “It is a land of promise, and whatsoever nation shall possess it, shall serve God, or they shall be swept off when the fullness of his wrath shall come upon them.  And the fullness of his wrath cometh upon them when they are ripened in iniquity; for behold, this land is a land which is choice above all other lands; wherefore he that doth possess it shall serve God, or shall be swept off; for it is the everlasting decree of God. And it is not until the fullness of iniquity among the children of the land, that they are swept off. And this cometh unto you, O ye Gentiles, that ye may know the decrees of God, that ye may repent, and not continue in your iniquities until the fullness come, that ye may not bring down the fullness of the wrath of God upon you, as the inhabitants of the land have hitherto done. Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it, shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.”  It is more important than ever that we get our children into Christian schools and into church.  So many of our young people take Christianity for granted.  They have no clue about why they have the freedoms they have came from and they have no clue about the alternatives. Keep up the good work.  We are passing on what we learn from you as well as we can.  Nancy

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZWOVDUJOLGZVM6X7WJOCECZ4EQ Chris

    Pervasive voter fraud, rigged election.
    From a friend’
    Will of the People Has Spoken and America Died

    The End
    of an Empire



    Constitutional Republic died a peaceful death on November 6, 2012. Having
    reached the point of no return in a comatose state after years of progressive
    and illegal immigration assaults, the fabric of conservative society is now
    completely unraveled and Uncle Sam’s America is no

    United States of America is now relegated to the dust bin of history as a “has
    been” empire. The Shining City on the Hill, the hope of so many millions since
    July 4, 1776, no longer exists. What rises from the ashes is a country that few
    of us will recognize, like, or learn to accept submissively.

    After 236 years of existence, a new country emerges today, run by
    secular progressives who rejected our Constitution, what we stand for, and who
    we are as a nation. The Supreme Court will be forever altered after its last
    conservative members will be replaced by the liberal academics who call
    themselves “progressives.” The rule of law will be implemented by Executive
    Orders, making Congress irrelevant.

    communist motto “Forward” that resonated with so many ignorant Americans will
    plunge us into many years of darkness from which we will never be able to
    recover. We have proven our Founding Fathers right, they did give us a
    Constitutional Republic and we were unable to maintain it.

    forces of the failed communist fundamental transformation that were driven
    underground in many places around the world, resurfaced with a vengeance in the
    United States and have now taken over.
    long we will still have freedom of speech, movement, assembly, and control of
    our private property remains to be seen. Faith and churches will be driven
    underground; allowing secularism to prosper and take deep roots among the
    progressives whose God is Mother Earth.
    welfare dependent Americans, unions, and illegal aliens have chosen for the rest
    of us the dark path of serfdom
    welfare dependent Americans, unions, and illegal aliens have chosen for the rest
    of us the dark path of serfdom to big government and to socialist utopia.

    would have guessed that the very people who were complaining that the government
    is not extricating them from disaster or giving them the help they needed in the
    aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, would vote for the very politicians who turned
    their backs on needy Americans after the lights went dark when the political
    photo opportunities ended?
    would have guessed that Americans were as ignorant and irresponsible as to
    choose fiscal destruction over fiscal sanity for their children and
    grandchildren, secularism and communism over faith, dependence over personal
    responsibility and self-reliance?
    Americans have been protesting for the last four years the dismal
    state of the economy and the direction of our country, the corruption of our
    politicians, and the loss of personal and economic freedom.

    Rallies in support of conservatism overwhelmed venues for Mitt
    Romney while rallies for our bumbling President became scarcer and scarcer. Yet,
    miraculously, at the ballot box, our President won all over the country.

    lost seats in the Senate. Americans chose liars and cheats to be their Senators
    and Representatives, rejecting those who protected the Constitution. The
    candidate from Massachusetts who claimed direct American Indian lineage to
    Pocahontas is now a Senator, having defeated Scott Brown. Representative Allen
    West lost his seat by a narrow margin to the infamous Wasserman Schultz from
    Americans chose high unemployment, reduction of our military,
    communist indoctrination of their children, and loss of personal freedoms unlike
    we have never seen before in this country.
    am saddened by the loss of millions and millions of American soldiers who have
    died to preserve freedom yet we lost it on November 6, 2012. Those buried in
    cemeteries around the world and at Arlington must be rolling in their graves
    today. We shamelessly allowed their sacrifice of blood and treasure to go in
    vain. We have no honor because we let down all the soldiers who fought in recent
    times and returned home limbless with lives shattered from physical and mental
    wounds of war.
    mourn today the loss of my adopted country. I have fought hard over the last
    four years to prevent its overt and accelerated destruction but the darker
    forces stronger than many of us have overcome concerted efforts by millions of
    Americans to maintain the Republic. Mediocrity, sloth, godlessness, dependence,
    cowardice, using the law selectively or ignoring it, and hopeless corruption
    will define the new country. Only God can save us now with his mercy and

  • Anonymous

    do you think Glenn B. even reads these / now days why should he,i do beleave in the Angelic teaching of gen. chapter 6 …but if you want a chance at restoreing your country to christian based values MOVE into the ELECTORIAL college states thats it look at the map…were do all the takers live ? all the workers ? got to retake the ground that we walk on

    P.S. open to suggestions that fix the problem, at the heart of it it is demographics and dont think all those democrats showed up..they had vans in my neighborhood knocking on doors etc. so me i will Pray for the people who are looking up not out to 2016..by then gold 10,000. an oz. ? naw but we do fit into end time prophesy better now when the kings of the East ,South, and north attack we are the ones carelessly in the isiles barry isnt going against his muslim brotherhood,Isreal is Gods Time peace…and i do think that Mr. Romney being of a non-Biblical based religion lost him the election ever seen a catholic president ,

  • Anonymous

    double down on supplies and when no ones working …well they can eat all the paper money they have been printing ..all those poor trees  oh yeah electronic funds mark of the beast

  • http://www.awrittentreasurerarebooks.com/ Nancy Malloy

    I don’t think GB is reading this blog anymore. He has not updated it since the night of the election. I hope he didn’t gave up on us.  :(

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn, You’ve been an inspiration to me to “do my homework” and I have. I am so much wiser and eyes wide open than ever before. So these next words may shock you. I quit.  I haven’t listened to any talk radio, conservative tv or anything since Wednesday. You can’t beat cheaters and liars. I only remind myself that God is in control and coming soon so I’m thru fighting a battle that only my Prince of Peace can win. The world, America, can either choose to follow Him or go to hell. I just don’t care anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I think far too much of you to not respond. I was watching you on the radio show and you said some really bad things about Chris Cristie now I am not fond of him eather but you went over board. Some of us can’t help it if we are fat and I am one of them, so please don’t call him a FAT Basterd on television remember some of us don’t like that kinda of language.

    • 47percentsolution

      I’m sure you’re a lovely, Rubenesque, beautifully feminine woman. Sorrowfully, however, fatness is counter to the Tea Party philosophy. Fat people don’t portray The Tea Party in a positive way, because of the liberal media. 

      Your party-approved Tea Party solution: spend $129 on P90X to improve your Tea Party Acceptability. If you confuse your muscles as much as the Tea Party confuses your brain, Paul Ryan might even like you. So, if I were you, I’d “BRING IT.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Schofield/100001804111681 Robert Schofield

    This is a “Tea Party Event”, if there was one!
    Massive protest tomorrow morning for vote recount for Allen West congressional campaign!
    Early recount showed that Col. West could win this election!!
    Supv. of Elections St. Lucie County, Florida is stonewalling & stopped the recount.
    Your voice is needed – be boisterious, bull horns, signs, etc.
    We stand a good chance of turning this one, if we can show a “groundswell” of public opinion.
    10 AM (Tuesday)
    Protest at:

    St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections
    4132 Okeechobee Road
    Fort Pierce, Florida 34947

    How many can you muster out for this protest?

    • 47percentsolution

      Hehe. “Tea Party Event”  

      Translation for the rest of us: Buffoon Buffet

      Don’t choke on your roast beef, idiots.

  • 47percentsolution

    Ummm, I think the thing that you’re smoking just became legal in Colorado and Washington. Enjoy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1507843916 Jim Edge

    I have followed your logic on the sex scandal,  Lybia and Arab spring. Here is a question your reporting has led me to ask. If Ambassador Stevens was supplying guns to Al Qaida why did they attack the Ambassador? If he was aiding them why was he a threat? 

  • Anonymous

    Is this the best conservative US can offer? Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck? Mr Beck who makes yokes about murdered norwegian social democrats calling them hitlerjugend. F.Y.I. Israel wouldn’t exist without social  democratic movement. Message from sweden.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74K5YQJ4PHW74KA47PIYOSJYRU Thunder

    NDAA is the National Defense Authorization Act.  This was passed by Congress, not an Executive Order.  The NDAA FY2012 Sec 1021 and Sec.1022 are the ones that give the Executive branch the right to hold people indefinably.

  • http://twitter.com/Lurkt Lurkt

    From: Kids.gov Update Date: 10/22/2012Subject: Election Activities Election Activities

    Election day, November 6, is rapidly approaching and the presidential race is really heating up. Here are some election day resources, activities and games you can use in your classroom to teach students about elections, voting, and the responsibilities of being the President of the United States.
     Election Vocabulary – Scholastic
    Election Activities for the Classroom
    Congress for Kids
    President for a Day
    Step Inside the Voting Booth
    Seven Hats Challenge Game 

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