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Hello America,

I’ve been telling you for months that we are facing the most critical election of our lifetime. I truly believe that America will be drastically changed by the choice we all make today in the voting booth. We can either get four more years of big government progressivism (and don’t forget he doesn’t have to worry about re-election this time), or we can get someone in office who might just start to turn things around.

So much has changed in the past four years. When I look back at everything that has happened and how my life and our country has changed…well, the one constant has been that we have always been together. In Washington, DC at the Lincoln Memorial. In Israel next to the Western Wall. In Dallas, TX just a few months ago, at Cowboys Stadium. You’ve been with me in more states than I can count, on three different networks and literally on the other side of the world. I hope you’ll join me, and the entire team at TheBlaze, on this historic night.

But I really want to tell you about what is going to set us apart from everyone else, and that’s our journalists, commentators, and analysts on all the platforms of TheBlaze. Tonight, you’re going to see why we created this gigantic multi-platform experience that encompasses web, radio, and television.

Anyone who has followed our election coverage over the past couple of years knows we like to do things a bit…different. And this year will be no exception.

We’re going to have most of the Real News team here in Dallas, providing expert analysis of the biggest races across the country. Andrew Wilkow, S.E. Cupp, Scott Baker, and a team of journalists will be back in New York at TheBlaze Newsroom updating us on any breaking news. And we’ll have reporters at the campaign headquarters in Chicago and Boston, as well as Washington, DC giving us the latest from the Obama and Romney camps.

If you’re not a subscriber to TheBlaze TV, make sure to start your fourteen day free trial so you can watch all the coverage.

Meanwhile, will be modifying their homepage to make it easier for you to get results and interact with our team of writers, editors and producers. All night long, they will have the latest results and a constantly updating electoral map giving you the latest information on who is ahead in the race. They’ll also be running a live chat right on the homepage where you can join in the conversation with the editors as you watch our television coverage. It’s a unique split-screen experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Bookmark and keep checking in with us all night for the latest on the election results.

As you can see, we’ve got your expert analysis covered. Now for the entertainment portion of the evening…

As many of you know, Pat and I have been on a bit of a food fast. We’ve both given up sweets for the past forty days, and Pat has gone the extra mile and even given up meat. So what better WAY to celebrate (or mourn) this critical election than with an ice cream sundae bar and a giant meat station? Yes, TheBlaze will be the ONLY election coverage with a giant table full of steaks and burgers.

We’ll have comedian Jeff Allen joining us on set, Raj giving us the latest updates from social media, Stu analyzing the numbers as they come in – and so much more.

We are a new network but not one without heart, passion, and truth. Tonight, as you decide which network to watch, please give us a chance. Let us earn your trust and honor the commitment that you’ve made in supporting us. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It will truly be a night unlike anything you have ever seen on television.

Tune in tonight and watch the network you’re building with TheBlaze.

Laus Deo,