The kids and I making banana boats by the fire


Cheyenne making banana boats. Sliced banana, chocolate and marshmallows, wrapped in foil and cooked over the open fire.




Raphe consuming one and dad through the smoke at the fire having sliced apples in coconut palm sugar.


We are reading by the fire every night.  The Work and the Glory by Lund (classic for our faith) and tonight we begin Michael Vey 4.   Final edits are due Monday so I am trying it out on the kids this week for one final tweak.

I am also reading Psalms 91 and as a family we are re-reading Acts.  Tonight we finished Acts 5.

  • Anonymous

    Have a wonderful vacation Glenn. You and your family deserve this. You take so much worry off of us, let us wear it around for a while. God bless!

  • UltimatePatriot

    God Bless you Glenn for all you do. I just got back from Ireland also from a much needed vacation.

  • Anonymous

    These are just a glimpse into the moments that will live forever in your and your children’s memories. Mine are having dad and mom heating pork and beans in the can next to a fire. The cork handle of a fishing pole eaten off by a porcupine. Camping at Dead Man Lake in Gogebic County, MI in 1958. Riding in a WWII era jeep bouncing down an old abandoned rail road grade getting to our campsite. Watching my older brother dive and recover an old axe left over from the big timber days. And stepping on the skull of a dead Northern Pike that was in the lake. Such memories are precious to me, to you, and will be for your children. Make the most of your time, dad. It is a blessing that won’t be soon or easily forgotten.

  • Lori Collins

    WHAAAT?? Michael Vey 4….NOW I’m jealous!! Have a wonderful time!! :)

  • Barnara Apon

    Awesome as always…

  • gee-enn

    My daughter would be so jealous about you having Michael Vey 4 already! She is dying to read the next one :-)

  • Mark Chapman JR

    Have fun! By the way, did the medical researchers show definite correlations between the HIGH levels of ALUMINUM (cooking with aluminum, in some deodorants, some baking powders, some toothpaste) in the BRAINS OF ALZHEIMER’S VICTIMS.
    Oh, by the way, I am almost 70, and I will never have any GrandChildren, my only chance was by my daughter, who died at age 19 with medulloblastoma, brain tumor. I will be 70 in 6 mo. And putting myself up to be adopted as a grandpaw, by some crazy, loving family. Love you crazy Glenn. M.E.C.

  • Tami Lewis

    Love the family photos! Have a great vacation!

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